3 Best Cranking Battery For Bass Boat

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Product Name: Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST Marine Dual Purpose Battery

Product Description: Odyssey is an exceptional company that consistently produces high-quality products. This battery has been included in our list because we love the high-quality design that makes a super long-lived charge possible. Although it's a little expensive, the overall value is also great.

  • Durability
  • Ease of Usage
  • Lasting Power
  • Warranty

It is essential to choose a reliable cranking battery for your bass boat since it will not even start your fishing trip without it. A good cranking battery should provide the power you need under different weather conditions. If your starting point is unsure, continue to read about cranking batteries and which one you should get for your bass boat. What is the best cranking battery for bass boat?

The purchase of a boat can be an outstanding purchase. After all, it can be hard to keep the properties, styling, and prices involved in your purchase when you walk around the boat show and get excited about all the latest models of new bass boats. 

When you take your time and use this guide to prepare your next bass boat, you will have a good head on your shoulders, including what to look for in your future purchase. Then you can take a deep breath and think about whether this new high-tech template is what you need. Let’s start with the basics first.

What Are Bass Boats?

best cranking battery for bass boat

The bass boats are specifically designed for bass fishing, with sleek, low-profile water disrupting for better fishing. Typically these boats can carry two to three passengers or fishers, but some larger models can accommodate four or five people. The bass boats are between 16 and 26 feet in length and have a variety of options between them.

For all the benefits of these boats, the lack of passenger capacity, the lack of crossover options for other fishing excursions, and the relatively high cost to them in comparison to other boat types turn some people off. However, these boats are worth every penny for the true bass enthusiast.

Bass Boat Types

Different types of bass boats for sale include cruising boats and high-performance models for the severe angler. Large and small models are available with the option of fiberglass or aluminum hulls. Anglers can also choose bass boats, usually an outboard engine or trolling engine, based on their engine or motor type.

best cranking battery for bass boat

Be careful to remember that traditional bass boats are not all-purpose boats. They can occasionally be used to fish for other types of animals living in the same water as bass. These include freshwater fish in similar areas where you’d look for bass, but they aren’t very versatile as far as where you can catch and where you can fish.

Of course, people buy these boats for bass fishing specifically, so that it makes sense to customize these boats for that purpose. There are dozens of other boat styles available for other fishing needs. Mini bass models for the solitary angler are available with one passenger seat and room for you and your fish.

What Is A Cranking Battery?

A cranking battery enables a naval ship to start by sending the engine power when the ignition switch is switched on. This is why these batteries are also known as starting batteries. Short and strong energy explosions must be sent from the battery to start an engine.

The more flat surface in the battery, the easier it is to provide the necessary power to that battery. This is exactly why cranking batteries have a large number of small plates; they increase their surface area and make the start of a ship as smooth and reliable as possible.

The same elements that make a starting battery perfect for cranking a motor also make it less than ideal for continuous discharge or “cyclic” application. This is why deep marine cycle batteries are another necessity for boaters.

More Information

Marine batteries can include starters, dual-use batteries, or batteries with a deep cycle. They are often hybrid of start- and deep-cycle batteries with plastic sponge plates, which are louder and louder than battery plates but not as large as real deep-cycle battery plates.

You can hardly tell what you are getting in a marine battery, and the only way to know is to open it. The terms “marine” and “deep cycle” are often used together or interchangeably, which adds to the confusion. For example, the “deep cycle marine battery” battery can be built in the same way as the “deep cycle.” RV battery.

A starter battery is fine for inboard or outboard marine motor but goes on a deep cycle battery if you need a trolling motor.

What Is A Deep Marine Battery?

Deep cycle batteries have thick plates and can be discharged up to 80 percent (deeply cycled). On the other hand, starting batteries produce short high current bursts to crank an engine, which means that only a small part of the capacity is often discharged. 

The main difference between true deep-cycle batteries and other batteries is that deep-cycle batteries contain solid plates, not a sponge. They are most commonly used in industrial backup and solar energy applications.

Once the engine of a boat is starting, it no longer needs the same quick and powerful energy bursts from a starting battery. The boat needs constant, reliable power to troll – including operational electronics such as sonar, GPS, and radios. This is where deep marine cycle batteries come in.

There are several design differences to a deep marine cycle or trolling battery. One key is a plate: it has less, thicker plates that allow the battery to produce continuous power over long periods of time. The deep cycle batteries can be drained completely and recharged many times.

Selecting The Best Cranking Battery For Bass Boat

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best cranking battery for bass boat.


Ampere hours is the capacity measurement unit for marine batteries. With a capacity of 100Ah, your battery will give your boat this value for an hour. The greater the capacity, the longer your fishing trips last, of course.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is expressed as the number of minutes required to discharge the battery at a continuous rate of 10,5V by 25A at 80 ° F. Better because it means that your battery will not die under load quickly. 

It is important to know that it’s a theoretical value, and the battery will probably draw less amperage at another temperature so that the battery will last longer.


Acid spilling is a major marine battery problem. You should consider getting a battery that is spill-resistant. Check the battery specs to see if it is spill-resistant or not.

Dimensions & Weight

On bass boats, size and weight can be a problem, especially because they are small in size. Normally, a larger battery has a greater capacity. It is better to get a battery with enough capacity to meet the requirements of your boat. 

You can check the battery’s specifications and check if they are compatible with the design of your boat. Portability is another consideration, especially if the battery needs to be moved.

The Best Cranking Battery For Bass Boat

Here are some of the bast cranking battery for bass boat that you should check out!

ProductImageRatingCheck Price
Optima Batteries 8006-006 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery
Check Price
Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery
Check Price
Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery
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Optima 34M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery

  • Reserve capacity of 100 minutes for constant performance
  • Optimal starting power even in bad weather
  • Fifteen times more resistant to vibration for durability
  • Issues with Stock

In addition to a CCA rating of 800A, the Optima 34 M BlueTop Marine Starting Battery has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes, which is more than enough to start most engines even in cold days. Like the Optima 31 M, this battery has the same spiral cell technology in the Optima 31 M battery, which offers more power than other flat plate batteries.

It also takes less time to refill. Its rate of self-discharge is quite slow and can last a long time. The battery is, therefore, suitable for uncommon boaters. Finally, they offer a guarantee.

The 34 M is just a cranking marine battery, so don’t expect hungry fishing electronics to run off it. Use this instead to squeeze the outboard and power a few accessories such as pumps and lights. Then get a secondary battery just for finding fish.

The 34 M is a good starting battery. Do not worry. It just isn’t big enough for fishing boats with all the bells and whistles.


Installing an OPTIMA AGM battery on your RV or boat means up to three times more charges. Three times more power will be available to your trolling engine and RV. It offers a remarkable running time and comfort at the same time.

In addition to its excellent resistance to vibration, the Optima Blue Top provides an efficient energy supply. It means that you have more time to have fun. You will have 15% vibration resistance compared to the rest of the other battery.

Above all, all Optima batteries are maintenance-free. This means you don’t have to make sufficient effort to keep it. We all know that this type of cell requires a lot of maintenance to do well. So, isn’t that a big advantage?

This battery, with 750 cold-cranking amps, provides sufficient power for applications. Also, this battery has optimal power even at cool temperatures in any weather. This feature makes it a confident battery backup.

Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery

  • Reserve capacity of 90 minutes for constant performance
  • Optimal starting power even in bad weather
  • Case material is Polypropylene
  • Lasts for months to a year

It is the Red Top Start Battery of Optima. It provides a strong power burst, no matter how old the engine is. Also, it features spiral cell technology, like most modern Optima batteries.

The battery starts your motor, regardless of how bad the weather is. The reserve capacity of 90 minutes ensures constant performance. It has high vibration resistance, prevents premature failure and frequent maintenance. The recharge time is pretty fast in comparison with other batteries.

Use this battery for the normal engine start, if an alternator constantly monitors the charge state and provides the battery with sufficient energy whenever necessary.

The most impressive feature is the Six-Pack design of spiral wound plates. The individual cells consist of a pair of pure sheet metal covered with lead oxide of 99,9 percent. According to Optima, the technique for spiral wounding the plates improves the output while providing better vibration resistance.

Using pure plates, the battery is denser to provide stronger start power in any weather.


The Redtop offers 15 times as much vibration resistance as conventional batteries because of its unique design. It has a maintenance-free design, with conventional car batteries up to two times the lifespan. And since the Six-Pack cell design packages a medium punch, Redtop also offers stronger starting explosions and faster charge.

The Optima Redtop also looks better than conventional batteries. If you’re the type of car owner who appreciates the clean look of a motor bay, Optima batteries will add the bling to your vehicle.

Its 100% spill-resistant design rocks. This also means that the battery can be installed without sacrificing performance in any position. Optima claims that Redtop is intended to resist harsh launches, extreme corners, and daily abuse.

Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST Marine Dual Purpose Battery

  • Better warranty
  • Longer cycle life
  • Highest recharge efficiency
  • Mounting flexibility
  • Non-spillable design
  • Battery terminal location changes

As its name implies, Odyssey’s Navy dual-purpose battery can be used with outstanding efficiency both as cranking and as a deep cycle battery. It offers 1150 CCA (cold crank amps), which allows it to start any inboard or outboard recreational motor even in cold days.

It also has an impressive profound cycling capacity. Moreover, it can last up to 400 cycles at 80% discharge depth. It takes no time to recharge this battery. Within four to six hours, you can receive a full charge.

The AGM design of the battery means that you do not have to cover it with distilled water or deal with spilled acid with other wet batteries of low quality. In addition to a low rate of self-discharge, AGM batteries also have better shock and vibration resistance.

Although it is a bit on the expensive side, it is still a cheaper solution to buying two separate batteries for cranking and deep cycling.


Overall, fishermen who went to this battery were very happy with their choice. The most important praise of this particular model is the long battery life that certain users say is much longer than any other battery they have tried. Several purchasers said that they wanted this smaller and lighter Odyssey battery to fit into small boats.

Odyssey is an exceptional company that consistently produces high-quality products. This battery has been included in our list because we love the high-quality design that makes a super long-lived charge possible. Although it’s a little expensive, the overall value is also great.

This Odyssey battery would add a slightly larger boat which needs a lot of strength not just to start its engine, but also to deliver juice to fish finders, GPSs, radios, etc. all day long.

Final Words

In conclusion, we hope that this article will give you a glimpse into dual-purpose sea batteries and which model is best suited. There are many battery choices, but you should be one step closer to finding the perfect fit for you with the knowledge of how a large dual-purpose battery should work. If you already have a reliable, deep-cycle battery, a dedicated cranking battery would be cheaper.