5 Landing Nets for Pier Fishing – Don’t Let Your Catch Escape!

Fishing on a pier or a bridge isn’t easy due to your distance from the water. Once you hooked a catch, your choice is to reel it in or deadstick the fish before you retrieve it. However, both of these methods are inconvenient, especially if you’re dealing with a large fish and strong currents. In this case, you need a landing net for pier fishing. This will let you retrieve your catch without the hassle.

Unlike landing nets typically used on lake or river fishing, many pier anglers use drop nets. This allows them to reach down below. It bridges the distance between the pier and the water so that the angler can retrieve the catch right away.

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EGO S2 Slider
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Why you need a good pier fishing net?

At first, it seems like any fishing net will work, but wait until you’re using it at the pier. You need one that you can lower to the water surface or an option with a long handle.

Take note that crab traps aren’t ideal pier nets because of their flimsy design. If you use it on a large catch, the rim will snap. Worse, it may even let your catch slip back to the water.

Aside from making it easy for you to retrieve the catch, fishing nets also reduce the damage to the fish. This is very important since no one wants a disemboweled catch. It’s not picture-worthy, and the fish will be prone to contamination.

Also, many piers and fishing reserves require the use of landing nets. This is to protect other marine life from being damaged or killed.

Landing Net for Pier Fishing – My Top 5 Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: Frabill Pre-Rigged Pier Net
landing net for pier fishing

Product Name: Frabill Pre-Rigged Pier Net

Product Description: If you’re looking for a reliable landing net for pier fishing, you should consider the Frabill Pre-Rigged Net. This has a hoop size of 36” and a poly mesh net with 1.5” openings. It’s also 36” deep, which can be used on most catches on a regular pier. Moreover, you can set this net from an elevated spot. Once you land a fish on it, you just have to pull it up. You can even use a reel or lever to do the heavy lifting for you. This pier fishing net also comes with thick 50-feet yellow ropes to lower it down into the water. It’s very tough, and the metal rim doesn’t warp or buckle even when I hooked a large bass. This thing can haul up to 50 lbs. at 40 feet, which is a champ if you’re aiming for the big game.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money


Overall, this pier net is larger than what I thought, which is actually a good thing. It’s tough as nails and surprisingly lightweight to reduce hand strain when retrieving a catch.

Just note that this isn’t made for crabbing. You also have to be careful with the rope as it can get tangled.


Very durable

Pre-rigged with 50-feet rope

Long-lasting metal rim


The rope may get tangled from time to time


KastKing Folding Landing Net

landing net for pier fishing

If you’re fishing on a lower pier, the KastKing landing net would be an amazing choice. This is a collapsible net that you can easily stash on your tackle bag. When expanded, this landing net would be 76” long.

Aside from that, this has a hoop size and depth of 24”, which is perfect for small to medium catches. This also has an aluminum handle and frame so that it won’t warp easily. And since it’s aluminum, it’s lightweight and won’t strain your arms.

Moreover, this has a Madbite folding net with graphite components. Its folding center yoke removes any weak points that may cause the net to sag or break while in use. The mesh material also has a non-absorbent coating, so it remains lightweight even when soaked in water.

You can also choose between two sizes to suit the fish you’re planning to catch. You will also receive a KastKing bag where you can keep the net.

Overall, this is a big net for all-around fishing purposes. I tried putting a gallon of milk on the net, and it held up pretty well even with the handle collapsed. The best part is that this net is quite affordable. You can have two without breaking the bank.

  • Non-absorbing mesh net
  • Infused with graphite components
  • Patented handle center
  • The storage bag isn’t the fanciest, but it works

EGO S2 Slider Landing Net

landing net for pier fishing

Another landing net for pier fishing I swear by is the EGO S2 Slider. This sports the S2 Slider Technology, which allows you to control the length of the handle. It only requires a one-hand operation, so there’s no need to put your rod down.

Moreover, this landing net’s modular handle extends from 29” to 60”, which is useful for low-lying piers. It can handle up to 30 lbs. of fish, which is perfect for casual anglers who are not into the big game.

Aside from that, I like the replaceable hand design of this net. You can remove the net hoop and attach a brush, lure retriever, or boat hook accessories instead.

I also like that the net head floats, in case you drop it from the pier. However, the extension doesn’t float, so you have to be very careful.

Also, I just want to share a tip once the threads of the net head get busted after years of use. Teflon tape will fix the problem. Just throw some of it into the thread and lock the hoop back into place.

You should also rinse this net right away after pier fishing. Saltwater will damage the material if you leave it sitting for too long.

  • Replaceable head
  • S2 Slider Technology
  • Foam grip
  • It’s a little heavy, so I suggest putting a lanyard on the handle loop that you can wear around your wrist.

Promar Deluxe Hoop Fishing Net

If you’re looking for another drop net, I highly recommend the Promar Deluxe Hoop Net. This is made with premium materials that can put up with large catches.

This has a 36” top Zinc-galvanized ring and a 14” base ring. Promar also used durable poly netting to ensure that your catch won’t slip back to the water. The best part is that this pier net is rigged with a 100-feet rope so that you can use it even on a high spot.

Aside from that, it also comes with two white PVC floats to prevent your net from being washed away. It also has three-arm bridles for added stability.

Whether you’re fishing on a pier, on land, or a jetty, this will be an amazing landing net. It will also work for lobsters and crabs since the netting is quite tough.

It’s a bit on the expensive side of drop nets, but I don’t really mind. This net is tough and can put up with regular use. And with the length of its rope, you simply just can’t ask for more.

  • The rings are made of galvanized steel
  • Durable poly netting
  • 100-feet rope
  • I hope they made the rope thicker, but it works nonetheless.

BUBBA Corrosion-Resistant Landing Net

My last pick for this roundup is the BUBBA Landing Net. This is perfect for low piers or if you don’t want to use a drop net too low.

This is made of a 2 mm corrosion-resistant carbon fiber frame and handle that can put up with saltwater use. Aside from that, this has a plastic-free net that can support up to 75 lbs., so you can lift the biggest catch from the water to the pier.

Moreover, the handle of this pier net has a reinforced aerospace aluminum connection. This prevents the net handle from breaking when dealing with a live fish.

Overall, this landing net is 6-feet long with a 24” wide net. It also has a no-slip grip to prevent dropping the net into the water. Nevertheless, this net floats, which is added convenience in case the handle accidentally slips from your grip.

I also like that the handle can fit on most standard rod holders. This way, you won’t have to put your rod down just to retrieve the net.

Lastly, you can get this net in 16”, 20”, and 24” options. The only downside is that it comes at a rather higher price than most fishing nets. Still, this will last for years and even decades with proper upkeep.

  • Plastic-free net
  • Carbon fiber frame and handle
  • 6-feet long
  • Massive and a bit heavy

How to choose a landing net for pier fishing

When it comes to a landing net for pier fishing, the following are the things I consider:


Landing nets often come in two types: a drop type and a dip type.

A drop type is the one often used for pier fishing. It has a bucket design with a rope rigged into the ring or hoop. This allows you to lower the net into the water to retrieve your catch. It’s very versatile since you can use just about any rope length to suit the height of the pier.

On the other hand, there are also dip type nets. Also known as hand fishing nets, this has a long handle connected to the net hoop. It’s convenient to use for low piers and as an all-around fishing net. However, since it has a limited length, not all anglers prefer it when going to a pier.

✔️Size and length

Another thing you should check is the size of the pier fishing net. You should match it with the size of the fish you intend to catch. Aside from the fishing net’s dimensions, you should also check the weight rating or the maximum weight it can support in one go.

Most pier fishing nets I’ve had a range from 30 lbs. to 75 lbs., which is already a champ for most catches on the pier.

You can also opt for collapsible nets if you don’t want to deal with a bulky size. However, the folding design will reduce the durability of the net frame at some point.

✔️Net material

The mesh of the net itself is the most important portion. Make sure that it’s thick and won’t get ripped easily. It should put up with saltwater and the sharp fins of fishes.

If possible, look for a plastic-free net. This is more eco-friendly, especially if you dropped the net into the waters and didn’t manage to retrieve it.

✔️Handle material

If you’re opting for a dip net, you should look for durable handle material. The best options are fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber. All of these are stronger than plastic and can resist corrosion. Make sure that it’s also fitted with a non-slip grip, aside from the length that matches your needs.

For drop nets, you should check the rope length and thickness. It should be strong enough to support a heavy load and regular wear and tear.


For drop nets, try to look for floaters. This will prevent the hoops from sinking, which will come in handy in case you dropped the net too close to the water.

For dip nets, there are models like EGO S2 Slider that have replaceable heads. You can remove the net hoop and fit it in a brush or lure retriever.

Anyway, these are just optional accessories. It’s convenient to have at your disposal since it also adds value to your purchase.


Lastly, consider the cost to value ratio of the landing net you’re going to buy. I personally don’t mind investing a few more bucks to get quality. Anyway, you don’t really have to dip into your savings just to get a decent landing net.

Final words

A reliable landing net for pier fishing will assist you in retrieving your catch. There’s no need to tire yourself reeling in a big fish. You can let the net do its job of lifting and carrying the heavy load. It will also save your fishing rod from excessive wear and tear. Just make sure that the net is sized properly to the fish you’re planning to catch.

What do you think of these landing nets? Let us know below in the comment section!