Customizing a Kayak for Fishing – Fishing Hacks 2021!

Whether you’re out of the water and engage in any water activity or just want to bring out your inner creativity, you may come to a point that you will want to modify your fishing vessel. And doing that will always provide you the needs and comfort that you will get from customizing a kayak for fishing. It can also be a helpful and useful DIY project that can give you more storage options and spaces, bringing more personal touches, and living with it in an innovative way.

In this post, I listed here 15 helpful suggestions on modifying a fishing kayak that I’ve personally tried on my own fishing vessel. See which one really caught your interest.

Different Hacks in Customizing a Kayak for Fishing

Well, aside from fishing, if you also have a DIY spirit, you can always engage yourself in customizing a kayak for fishing. Besides, seeing some fishing kayak customization that you did on your own gives a great sense of satisfaction and convenience in fishing. But, before that, check these tips that can help you in customizing your fishing vessel:

  • Initially, check the fishing kayak and all the materials that you will have to use before proceeding to its modification.
  • As much as possible, consider using track mounts so that you will not need to drill any holes inside your fishing kayak.
  • You can also opt to watch tutorial videos on how to do some fishing kayak hacks in order to figure out what you really want to do with your vessel. Also, it will show you ways on how to properly do the modification process.

Now, it’s time for you to learn some helpful ways in modifying a fishing kayak. Check them below:

Kayak Fishing Hack #1: Mounting a Camera

One great part of the fishing experience is to capture every moment while on the water. And that could only be achieved when we bring a camera during the kayaking adventures. But, having a camera with you, it is also important to look for a safe place where you can store the camera. In fact, losing it in the water could be a pain especially if it is something valuable for you.

For this, a camera mount is the best solution in customizing a kayak for fishing. This device can be placed into the vessel in a secure way. Its main function is holding the camera for you while your hands are preoccupied with paddling or reeling a fish. You can actually find various types of camera mounts available in the market today.

A good example of it is a suction cup camera mount which snugly fit over a flat surface. With this, the camera mount can stick basically into the kayak without any other accessories or auxiliary tools. Generally, installing a camera mount is an easy and detachable way of fishing kayak customization.

Kayak Fishing Hack #2: Anchor it away

customizing a kayak for fishing

Basically, being on the water and holding your position is really a challenging task. In case you want to make a stopover a fishing pole or you want to keep on your current position as you spot amazing view holding your kayak in place with your hands full is toil. To be able to help you in staying in the same position, an anchor is actually essential.

So, if you want to have some custom modification of a fishing kayak, you need to put an anchor system so that you float away through the current or blowing wind. The models of anchors for kayaks that you see in the market come in compact sizes. Sometimes, there are foldable models that feature extra convenience. That way, there would only be lesser space to be taken up from your fishing vessel.

However, to enhance your DIY spirit, you may also consider doing an anchor trolley system project on your kayak.

Kayak Fishing Hack #3: Kayak fishing – fish finding

Well, your main goal in kayak fishing is to get a fish! For you to be able to successfully do that, customize your fishing kayak by installing a fish finder in it. It will generally be a big help for your fish hunting activity. In case you are using a pedal kayak, you must have an idea about the depth of the water you are fishing into. Moreover, having that idea, you can drive your fishing vessel without running aground.  

Kayak Fishing Hack #4: Take the water inside

Some kayaks have interior water storage as part of their feature. However, this may not be the same for other fishing kayaks. Yet, you don’t need water storage that can be easily incorporated inside your fishing vessel if you want. And, it will generally offer a great benefit to your vessel.

Aside from that, the water storage is available in different sizes so you can generally choose the size that you prefer in modifying your fishing kayak. There are some models of water storage that highlight accessories like tether or keychain clip. These are helpful in securing the water storage into the fishing kayak.

Now, having that fishing kayak customization, you can already drink your water while over the water. But, you can also use that water storage for other ways like storing snacks or other fishing accessories that you need to bring to your kayaking activity.

Kayak Fishing Hack #5: Crating things in

For a successful kayak fishing trip, it is very important not to forget to bring your fishing crate. Well, a fishing crate is a good and helpful idea for modifying a fishing kayak. It generally helps in storing those rod holders or other fishing gears.

Like the anchor system, you can also bring out the creativity in you and consider making your DIY fishing crate with the help of some PVC pipes. But, if DIY is not your thing, you can still buy those crates over the market. Some models already come with fishing rod holders and designated storage for fishing accessories like the tackles.

Kayak Fishing Hack #6: Kayak seat modification

customizing a kayak for fishing

Seating comfortably on a fishing kayak is one of the things that you should consider when you are looking for this fishing vessel. Yet, some of the fishing kayaks out there generally lack this feature. So, if you are planning to buy a fishing kayak, it is better to invest in a comfortable seat in it. Keep in mind the benefits that you can get from having a good seat on a fishing vessel.

Generally, a comfortable kayak seat supports your back and gives a cushion on your behind. That way, you all have the reason to stay longer over the water. This also means that adding a comfortable seat on a fishing vessel is one good idea for customizing kayak fishing.

Kayak Fishing Hack #7: Outriggering your stability

At quite some time, the fishing vessel may become quite tippy. Well, this depends on the water conditions or on your water activity. To properly deal with this, you need to have good stability while on the fishing vessel. Well, all this can be achieved through the addition of outriggers.

The outriggers basically work by distributing some weight inside the kayak to the outer sides. With that, you can create more stability on your fishing kayak. Actually, you can buy those outriggers in different stores. But, making your own is also an easy option in modifying a fishing kayak.

Basically, you only need to have floats and connect them directly into the PVC pipes. And that’s it! You already customize your fishing vessel while making it more stable for your standing and fishing needs.

Kayak Fishing Hack #8: Accessorize it with your gear tracks

Mostly, those basic and the traditional type of recreational fishing vessels are the ones that highly need modification. This is because this type of fishing vessel does not have gear track features in it compared to the new models. Usually, the gear tracks let you incorporate more of other fishing accessories. You can place rod holders, fish finders, or camera mounts in it.

Generally, the addition of gear tracks is a great way of custom modification of a fishing kayak in an easier manner. It will not necessitate you to look up other points in the vessel for you to place it. You can basically mount any fishing accessories into the gear tracks.

Kayak Fishing Hack #9: Protecting your hull

Some kayak fishers generally used their fishing vessels for years. Moreover, they typically dragged it on sands and rocks that may damage your kayak. In order for you to protect it, the best solution is to modify a fishing kayak with the addition of hull protection.

However, most of the hull protectors are made of high-density polyethylene. It is usually a non-stick material so you can only get a permanent adhesion on this which is very challenging.

Because of that, other kayakers used Gorilla Tape in coating the kayak areas already worn out. Using the Gorilla Tape can also do the job greatly without compromising your budget. However, the drawback of this tape is that it can chew up easily over rocky terrains and has the potential to release glue under the water.

Kayak Fishing Hacks #10: Maximizing carabiners and cordage

Most of the time, the carabiners and cordage are fishing gears that should always be available on hand inside the fishing vessel. This is primarily because of a very few situations over the water that you prepare yourself for having a carabiner with you. Generally, the function of the carabiners is to get the gear closer to you.

Aside from that, the carabiners also offer a big help in tying up your kayak to the trees on the shore. It also helps to secure rescue gear when throwing to those in trouble on the water. Well, there’s more than carabiners can do. You can generally use it in custom modification a fishing kayak.

Well, carabiners and cordage are useful in fixing the anchor trolley system into your fishing vessel. The advantage of using carabiners and cordage in the anchor trolley system is that drilling any holes in putting up the anchor is not already needed. What you’ll need is basically to prepare all the required materials.

Basically, the cord should be twice as long as the length of the kayak. Additionally, you also need to have small pulleys and metal rings to support the anchor trolley system. Usually, carabiners and cordage are great when you opt to make your DIY anchor.

Kayak Fishing Hack #11: Tying it all together

Another easy way of custom modification of a fishing kayak is to use roping or strapping materials in tying fishing gears or even your fishing vessels. Here are some examples of materials that you can use in tying your essential fishing gears down the boat:

*Knee braces

This is generally a webbing tool that is lengthy enough to maintain your legs secure while sitting on top of your kayak. That’s why this tool is also called thigh straps. It provides you with additional control over the fishing vessel. Aside from that, the thigh straps can get you in direct contact with the kayak so that you can have easy navigation over the water.


Bungee cords are other tying tools that can help to secure your fishing gears down your vessel. Aside from that, it can also be a big help in modifying a fishing kayak. It is basically nice to know that plenty of kayak manufacturers market bungee cords in kits or packages.

Kayak Fishing Hack #12: Small items in Velcro

Using Velcro is a good way of fishing kayak customization. Basically, Velcro is a tool that is lightweight and easy to place over a fishing vessel. Moreover, Velcro is an ideal way to maintain small items in place without mounting a gear track or drilling any holes. A Velcro can also be placed in any spot inside the fishing kayak using stick-on strips or patches. However, there come some limitations in storing things up on a Velcro.

Kayak Fishing Hack #13: Piping it up with a PVC

If you are also a DIYer, you may know that PVC pipes are the most common materials used for these kinds of projects. Moreover, custom modification of a fishing kayak is strongly supported by the use of PVC pipes. It can actually accommodate the weight of this fishing vessel. Another advantage of the PVC pipes is their versatility in terms of creating about anything. Moreover, you can easily fit its pieces all together.

Here are some of the popular projects that you can do with your PVC pipes:

  • Transport fishing kayak cart
  • PVC kayak storage rack
  • Kayak rod holder

Kayak Fishing Hack #14: Help it out with pool noodles

Custom modification of a fishing kayak would never be easier with the help of pool noodles. These are highly affordable, readily available, and buoyant tools in making many DIY projects. They have the perfect shape and good floatation features making them really ideal and helpful in doing any project.

And most of the time, PVC DIY hacks necessitate the use of pool noodles or other foam tubing insulation. They are basically wrapped over the pipes to guard the kayak against getting any damage. However, pool noodles may tear and wear down for some time period. Luckily, it is very easy and highly affordable to replace.

Moreover, below are some other uses of the pool noodles:

  • Tuck it over the hull protector to add more floatation and buoyancy
  • Wrap within the roof rack to protect the kayak from scratches
  • Cut some while transporting the fishing rods
  • Fun hack options as floatation device out of your kayak

Kayak Fishing Hack #15: Buck it all with a plastic bucket

There are some fishing kayaks that cannot able to accommodate a milk crate. With this, a good alternative fishing kayak modification is the use of a 5-gallon bucket. It’s a cheap and highly available way to store your fishing gears. Mounting your rod holders in it also made it easy. And, you do not need to worry about bailing water because there is always an available bucket around.

Final Thoughts

Customizing a kayak for fishing is another creative way in turning your fishing vessel into a totally unique personal property over the water. There are actually lots of options that you may consider here. However, the important thing is to check your fishing vessel and the gear before you dig in doing any alteration. Make thorough research and learn from other people’s approaches and experiences about this kayak modification.

In case you opt to buy a new fishing kayak, it is better to look for models that have a mounting system on them. This fishing vessel feature allows for perfect kayak customization afterward and changing it without drilling could be highly possible. Once you already customize your fishing kayak, take a pic with it, and please feel free to share it with us!