Best Beach Casting Rod

Sandy beaches and scenic coastlines may sound extremely nice. These are just some of the stunning views you will experience in seashore fishing. There are tons of rods, reels, rigs, and even fish species making sea fishing quite daunting for someone who is just starting. You need to equip yourself with the best beach casting rod and other equipment required for beach casting. This article explains how it all works.

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What is the best beach casting rod?

Best Beach Casting Rod

A beach caster is usually a beach rod that is used for sea fishing from the shore. Beach casters have lengths from 12 to 16 and are designed to cast 4-8oz leads.

The classical length of a beach caster is around 12 to 13, but recently the European market introduced longer and lighter rods of up to 16 feet in length. The advantage of this is its greater sensitivity and ability to cast in farther distances. The general rule nowadays is the longer the rod, the longer the leverage, and the larger the spring, which means it can cast further.

To prevent any confusion, beach casters and surf casters are exactly the same. They are just seemingly different from the way they are marketed, which determines their name.

Types of rod action- best beach casting rod

There are plenty of rod actions available, but there are two main rod action types when it comes to beach casting, which are the following:

Fast Action

This type of action is specifically for power casting. The action happens at the rod’s top quarter, which allows the rod blank to really get tight under load and recover quickly during the casting. These rods have longer lengths and will usually come equipped with a sliding reel seat to manage custom reel positions and cast arm distance links to enhance each angler’s casting performance. These rods are created for pendulum and competition casting techniques, which makes them perfect for distance fishing.

Progressive Action

This rod action bends through its entire length. It is typically found in shorter range beach casting rods with a length of 12 to 13. They give more flexibility compared to fast action rods and are easier to cast for amateur anglers. It is perfect for overhead or off the ground casting styles. They are typically used with fixed spool setups. These rods are perfect for closer range activities.

Casting Weight– best beach casting rod

Best Beach Casting Rod

As discussed previously, casting weights are quite broad on beach rods. But there is a rule when it comes to casting weights, which are the following:

2 – 5oz

This is the perfect casting weight for bodies of water, such as estuaries and low to medium tidal swells. It is also ideal for shorter range angling or when fine presentations are required.

5 – 8oz

This is perfect for long-range fishing on open seas and can manage medium to heavy tidal swells.

5 – 6oz 

These are often seen as the optimum casting wait for most anglers. This weight is just enough to steadily hold the bottom while still being manageable to cast even for amateur anglers.

Sea Fishing Reels– best beach casting rod

Two types of reels can be used with a beach caster: the open spool reel and the multiplier reel:


This is a beach caster created for fishing with a multiplier and usually comes with a trigger grip handle for an enhanced and more efficient casting grip. Multiplier reels have a spool that is driven directly by its gear. The reel itself is shaped like a barrel and is held used with a reel facing upwards. The rod guides are also upward facing.

Another means to differentiate a multiplier design rod is the close-spaced and smaller guide sizes than a fixed spool set up. The reason for this is the multipliers pay off line while casting. This type of reels needs your full focus during fishing since you are required to manage the line during the cast because of the free rotating spool. The spool on the multiplier has to be firmly controlled using your thumb while casting. When the rig and weight enter the water, you must halt the multiplier spool with your thumbs to prevent an overrun. An overrun happens when the multiplier spool is still spinning in loops of line and leaves the spool, resulting in the line loops getting tangled, creating a bird’s nest effect. Many beach casting multipliers are right-hand, so make sure you feel comfortable with the reel handle position. Multipliers do take some time to get used to, and it is recommended that beginners start with a fixed spool set up.

Fixed Spool

This is the best reel for amateur anglers and takes less focus and less practice to be done correctly. The reel is located at the bottom of the rod, which raises the ground. The spool is fixed on the front of the reel; hence, the name fixed spool. The spool remains immovable during casting. The line pays off the spool in loops during the cast meaning the fix spool beach caster will need larger guides with further spaces, which reduces friction on the cast. It allows the line to be straightened further as it goes down the funnel effects of the guides.

This type of reel can be used by either right or left hand, which allows the reel handle to be switched onto the opposite side of the reel body. The fixed spool has gained popularity during recent years because of the European market. It is not recommended to wear a finger glove when using these heavy leads when distance casting since the line leaving your finger will be under tons of pressure and will create more friction.

When selecting a reel for your beach caster set up will depend on your personal preference. There isn’t much difference between the two, and with proper use, both will cast and perform as well as the other. It is crucial to remember that fixed spool and multiplier systems will have differences. Your best option is to choose both and find out what feels comfortable.

Sea Fishing Rigs– best beach casting rod

Best Beach Casting Rod

There are two major types of rigs that are typically used in beach casting. These are the following:

Flapping Rigs

This type of rig is a great all-around rig that can be utilized to target various species. It is ideal for fishing on the beach since it is designed to be fished in snag-free bodies of water. It has a two-hook rig so you can fish two different baits at the same time, which will increase your chances of a catch. These rigs will come with either 1, 2, or 3 hook length. These rigs are great for close to medium activities because of the rig’s lack of aerodynamics. 

Clipped Down Rigs

These rigs are mainly designed for distance fishing. The bait hook and length are strapped down matching to the rig and hooks clips positioned on the rig. This enhances the rig’s aerodynamics capability and increases the occurrence of rigs getting tangled. Upon impact on the water, the hooks will release and become free, giving you the same effect as a flapping rig.

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The good thing about this best beach casting rod is you can use it in both saltwater and freshwater. When it comes to big water fishing, anglers worldwide choose this best beach casting rod to bring in their trophy fish. This best beach casting rod is best described as being dependable and tough and is made for extra strength. The combination of graphite and fiberglass creates a strong yet sensitive rod.


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Runners Up

Fiblink Surf Spinning Rod

Best Beach Casting Rod

From its length to its action, this best beach casting rod is an ideal choice. It is well-designed and durable and tough enough and casts well into the surf. With a few choices in length and weight rating, this best beach casting rod is a versatile performer. This best beach casting rod is excellent for the best fighting power and flexibility for use with a wide range of techniques. It has a solid and controlling action to manage both lure and bait fishing work for distance casting and the control to handle fish in the waves.

This best beach casting rod is the embodiment of everything right about a surfcasting rod. The guides are made of stainless steel and ceramic. This blend gives durability and frictionless casting. With its elongated rubber-coated grip, this best beach casting rod is perfect for extended casts. This product is offered in 10- and 12-feet lengths, which are both perfect for surf fishing. It is also collapsible into two pieces. This best beach casting rod is classified as heavy-duty with moderate fast action. The only disadvantage of this rod is the plastic material, which may impact its durability.

  • improved performance
  • delivers extraordinary toughness
  • solid carbon fiber construction
  • No negative reviews so far

DAIWA Beefstick Surf Rod


This best beach casting rod is a strong fishing Rod that can battle it out with anything that swims on the water. The Daiwa will meet all your expectations. This best beach casting rod can be described as a medium action rod that anglers can depend on. It is made of carbon fiberglass, which gives strength and power. This best beach casting rod is effortless to use; that is why both amateur and professional fishermen can work lures with optimal ease while using the Daiwa surf Rod.

The stainless-steel material of this best beach casting rod makes it easy to handle both heavy and light fishing tasks, while the rubber handle makes it extremely durable and easy to handle. Although this best beach casting rod is corrosion-resistant, you need to apply good maintenance on this equipment so it can be enjoyed for a longer time. This best beach casting rod comes with a one-year limited warranty, which shows how reliable and trustworthy this rod is.

With this best beach casting rod, you get stainless steel guides and a performer that has great flexibility. You are able to do a smooth casting. It comes in fiberglass for extra sensitivity and super-strong carbon fiberglass blanks. You can get the one-year limited warranty if any issues arise.

  • Innovative technology and materials
  • Durable and rugged build
  • Available in different configurations
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Final thoughts

The open seas offer vast opportunities for fishing. If you are an angler at heart, you will find that seaside beaches offer plenty of fish to catch and scenic views that are relaxing. 

Fortunately, there are tons of choices on the market for the best beach casting rod made, especially for this environment. Choose a rod that has top-quality material and utilizes mechanisms that are suited for your style of fishing. If you are a beginner, go for something basic. Some features to look for when selecting the best beach casting rod aside from the material are the rod action, the rigs, reels, and casting weight.