Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boat- Top 3

Angling is a sport that requires you to be extremely quiet when you sneak up on your prey fish. Stealth is necessary. Trolling motors are a blessing for people who fish. With a trolling motor, the angler will have complete control of their watercraft every time. It is also possible to move from place to place without much effort. The result is more fish will be caught. Get into the trolling motor shopping bandwagon and find out the best trolling motor for bass boat. 

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Best trolling motor for bass boat–Importance of Thrust to Move Through the Water

Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boat

Trolling motors are otherwise known as electric motors, and they use battery function to move a boat. The amount of force or power needed to prowl through the waters is known as pounds of thrust. This rating is used in all motors being sold on the market. It is an important factor when selecting the right motor that will be ideal for your watercraft. If you do not have enough power, moving your boat against weather elements such as wind and waves will be difficult. 

There are many things to consider when ultimately deciding on the adequate power needed for a performance. Some considerations are: Is your boat heavy, and what is the size of it? Do you have a lot of gear stored? When you go fishing, do you go with more than one person? Do you fish under harsh weather?

The minimum thrust chart below describes the minimum level of thrust needed, which will depend on the size of your watercraft: 

Boat Length in FeetPounds of Thrust Required

This chart shows the fishing condition under normal weather. If you fish in unusual conditions such as your boat gear and passengers are numerous and weigh more, it is crucial to get a motor that has more thrust power to get the ultimate performance. 

Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boat

Many experts say that you should get the biggest motor your budget can afford. Of course, all within reason. A supersized big motor can also be a pitfall if it takes up the space of your boat. You have to choose wisely and think of all the variables. If your motor falls short of what you need, you will only get a lot of headaches and misery every time you venture on the waters. 

Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boat–Four Ways to Keep your Trolling Motor Last

Inspect the Wires and Cables of Your Trolling Motor

Do a thorough inspection of all the wiring and cables of your trolling motor. If you see any dents, holes or kinks, it will require immediate attention. This is also a good time to inspect the terminal of the battery and connections of the wire. A battery wire brush should remedy any corrosion. 

If Your Motor has a Transducer

Many trolling motors with bow-mount have an attached sonar transducer used to sense fish. If this is the case, you should make a visual inspection and look for dirt and damage. Ensure that locks are securely tightened. You can use some clean, mild soap solution and use a sponge to clean the unit

Clean your trolling unit

Weeds and grime can easily build up on the motor of the exterior of your trolling unit. It should be cleaned regularly. A mild soap solution is adequate in keeping it clean. 

Once you have dried the unit spray the shaft with silicon, make sure you have applied a fine coating. Wipe it dry with a cloth afterwards. The spray will ensure that unit will move effortlessly. 

Tighten the Bolts of Your Boat’s Motor

This is applicable only to bow-mounted units. The bolts that secure your motor to the bow part of your boat should be securely tightened. As time passes the constant force of the waves can loosen the bolts. You may have to remove the side plates. It is crucial to do this during the fishing season so you will get some peace of mind. 

Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boat–Which type of motor to choose?


Two kinds of trolling motor are available. A bow mount motor is attached at the front part of the watercraft and a transom type trolling motor is installed at the back. For a bow mount to be installed, you must have a spacious area at the front of your boat. You must also have a mounting bracket to fix the unit. A flat bottom platform is also necessary to fish from to make the entire set-up possible. 

A transom motor type attaches to the stern part of the boat and generally works with any type of watercraft. 

A bow-mounted motor will give better maneuverability and superior control. It allows the angler to fish more conveniently and more effortlessly. If you have a fourteen-foot boat or even larger, you can accommodate a bow mount motor, so you must make that choice. Once you have experienced the benefits of a bow mount you won’t regret it. 

If the boat is smaller such as with dinghies and canoes. Transom mounts are the best alternative. These motors are great for positioning in general as well as for trolling use. They are designed exactly for these uses. Whatever you choose to decide or buy, a trolling motor is better than not having one at all. 

Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boat

Do you Choose a Hand or Foot Control Trolling Motor?

If a bow mount motor is the one you have chosen, the next decision would be whether to use either hand or foot in operating it. Each will have its advantages. However, your best bet will be to try both versions and see what works for you

For most people, they find that foot control models are more advantageous since it gives them a hands-free fishing experience. However, some will disagree and say hand control has more merits. Taking the time to talk to different users will help you get a better perspective that can guide you in your purchasing decision. 

Whether you choose hand or foot-controlled motors, both these choices will require some practice on the water so you can become comfortable using it. Once you have mastered it, though, the possibilities are enormous. 

Shaft length

For the best control of your watercraft, shaft length is important. If the chosen shaft is extremely short, the prop may not adequately sink into the water during rough conditions. If the shaft is too long operating in shallow waters may become a problem. It is crucial to find the appropriate length for your watercraft so you will have safe and effortless boating experience. 

The adequate shaft length is determined by the height or the bow of the stern. Boats with a deep v will need a longer shaft while the shortest shaft can be used in canoes. 

Best Trolling Motor for Bass Boat–Trolling Motor Features You Should Consider

Trolling motors are using technology extensively, and new features are becoming available from year to year. 

Built-In Battery Gauge 

Batter gauges built in the housing or head of the unit are available in some trolling motors. An angler gets to check ho much power is left by checking these gauges. Because of this, how much time left for fishing will be a no-brainer, as well as knowing when to clamp the charger on. 

Digital Displays

Digital screen with readouts of speed and depth have now become standard in most high-end models. These features come at a price, though, but the new technology can guarantee you more fish. 

Self-Directional Motors

This feature allows completely freehand and foot operation. This is an interesting feature that follows shorelines and depth contours on its own. When the winds are turbulent, it will even navigate you to a straight line. 

Thing to look for before making your final buying decision:

  • Stainless steel and composite material will be able to withstand more shock and abuse compared to weaker materials. 
  • The prop should have no weeds, and the replacement blades should be available for your specific model. 
  • Make sure that the mount is heavy and strong. It will be better if it has fewer plastic parts. 
  • If you are planning to use the foot control pedal in the boat, the cable should have sufficient length for your craft’s size. 

Fishing adventures get a new dimension with trolling motors. It gives perfect boat control. Now, you can fish in inaccessible areas and sneak up on fish. This ensures added enjoyment and more fish caught for the angler who is open to experimentation. Look for various motors and shop around. Test drive it and look into the details. Great days on the waters will await you. 

Top 3 best trolling motor for bass boat



Product Name: Minn Kota Ultrex GPS-powered Trolling Motor

Product Description: The Minn Kota Ultrex 112 best trolling motor for bass boat has both functionality and luxury. You get these amazing features on your boat. You will have the dream of being totally hands-free in your operation so you can have the ultimate fishing experience once you install this best trolling motor for bass boat. Minn Kota Ultrex GPS-powered Trolling Motor has a GPS control and steering that is highly intuitive and responsive. It helps you maneuver your way in fishing spots. It records and retraces your path. Speed and steering are also easy and effortless. This best trolling motor for bass boat also allows you to control the motor at the touch screen. You can enjoy remote operations through the functionality of a remote which is sold separately.

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Motor
  • Durability


This best trolling motor for bass boat gives you intuitive steering with GPS powered automatic boat control. The trolling motor features a state-of-the-art power steering foot pedal that is made for all-day convenience and exact control. 

This best trolling motor for bass boat pedal’s spot-lock button helps you stay on a fishing spot without ever touching your motor. When you take your feet off the pedal, the motor head remains on the exact spot you left it with no recoil. 


  • You can operate it using a remote control
  • Suitable for freshwater 
  • Has sonar imaging


  • Not suitable for saltwater

Runners Up

Endura Transom Mount

Endura Transom Mount

This best trolling motor for bass boat is a legendary performer. This is an affordable motor for all your angling adventures. This is a unique type of motor with great features that can take your angling expedition to another level. 

You will have less waiting and more fishing to do with this motor on your boat. Responsiveness is quick compared to other best trolling motor for bass boat in the same bracket. With the push of a button, your motor will be all set in giving you the fishing experience of your life. 


This best trolling motor for bass boat has solid ten position bracket feature lever lock and material that fights against flexing, warping, and damage by UV

The telescope tiller in this best trolling motor for bass boat gives intuitive operation for your trolling motor. There are also five-speed settings for forward movement and three for reverse movement. 

  • Quiet motor
  • Energy efficient
  • Has a long shaft
  • The small motor is suitable for smaller boats only

The Traxxis

The Traxxis

The Minn Kota Traxxis 80 best trolling motor for bass boat is one of the most famous trolling motors for angling. It has high-quality materials that will ensure that it will have a longer lifespan. This best trolling motor for bass boat is easy to install, and this works instantly. 

It also has lower noise so you can enjoy the fishing experience knowing you are not spooking the fish away. In addition, this best trolling motor for bass boat allows you to set up the speed you desire based on five-speed settings. This gives you the chance to cover a wide area in a short time. At the same time, using a motor decreases the strain of a paddling system. 


This best trolling motor for bass boat has a shaft made of composite material which flexes making it more durable. A single charge of the digital maximizer makes it run five times longer. It has a patented weed less wedge two power control and a versatile steering tension control. It is remarkably simple, easy to use, and has a one-hand mechanism. 

  • Features variable speeds
  • Has digital maximizers for full control
  • Adjustable transom mount
  • Replacement parts are expensive

Final Thoughts

Take your fishing adventures to the next level and add the best trolling motor for bass boat as one of your arsenals to catch big fish. These motors give you better control and stealth when you need to sneak up on unsuspecting fish. Plus, you can maximize your day because you will have better chances of covering large bodies of water.