Can You Use A Baitcaster In Saltwater? Here’s What You Need To Know

So have finally made a decision to go fishing in the saltwater. Maybe you are mainly fishing only in freshwater and wondering if your current fishing reel is applicable to saltwater also. But, can you really use a baitcaster in saltwater? Well, the answer is on a positive note but it will depend on what type of fishing gear you are using. The fact that baitcaster has advantages and disadvantages when used in certain waters.

If you are the type of angler that is getting serious about fishing and wanting to go beyond freshwater fishing and dabble into saltwater fishing, then it’s time for you to consider some factors. You will need to upgrade your current fishing rod reel into a versatile one.

Don’t worry because we are going to answer the question and also recommend you a list of baitcasters that can be used for saltwater. We also included some guides and additional Infos regarding the topic. Be sure to check it from our featured products all the way to the end.

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Can You Use A Baitcaster In Saltwater?

The answer is: Definitely! You can absolutely use baitcaster in saltwater. This also includes fly reels and also spinning reels. In fact, many anglers with experience often choose the baitcast reel compared to other fishing reels. Also, fisher folks also consider baitcasting as among their go-to fishing method more particularly in smaller inshore fish all the way to the largest offshore fishing activity.

Besides that, baitcasters usually give more line capacity for the usual heavyweight saltwater fishing line. When it comes to performance and design, baitcasting fishing reels are designed with a higher gear ratio which is specifically made for handling extended line lengths particularly in the region of deep water, and also effective landing larger fish.

However, the only factor that baitcaster reels are not good for saltwater fishing if the product description only says that it’s only for freshwater. Because it is not a good idea to test your baitcaster reel that is meant only for freshwater fishing in saltwater. This also applies even to other reels like fly reels and spinning reels especially if your fishing gear is expensive.

This is because freshwater reels are vulnerable to damaging effects caused by saltwater, given the fact that salt water is highly corrosive. Not only that, consider the bigger fish in which a normal freshwater reel can’t handle which is another damaging factor.

This rings true if you used it for surf fishing (which I have used and regret it later). Although it’s okay to use saltwater fishing reels in freshwater but not the other way around.

That said, you will need a better reel. The one which will give you an edge in freshwater and particularly in saltwater given how demanding saltwater fishing is compared to freshwater. Below are currently the best baitcaster that are perfect for saltwater fishing.

The Best Baitcaster Reels For Saltwater — OUT 6 BEST PICKS!

OUR TOP PICK: Ambassadeur C3 Baitcasting Reel

Product Name: Ambassadeur C3 Baitcasting Reel

Product Description: Our number one pick for this product feature is the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Baitcast Reel. The brand is so remarkable when it comes to high-quality fishing gear and equipment. That said, if you are on a search for a baitcasting for saltwater that is distinctive when it comes to strength and style mixed with amazing features and performance, then this is what we certainly recommend. Given if don't mind the price point.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Reeling Ability
  • Performance
  • Value for Money


Designed to meet the angler’s standards with regards to convenience and comfort, the Ambassadeur C3 Baitcast Reel makes sure it has met all those standards. This makes them among the most favorite fishing gear b anglers including our team. The handle material is made of sturdy stainless steel. The ball bearings consist of three stainless steel and one roller bearing which gives a smoother operation. It also features six-pin centrifugal brakes allowing mare consistent brake pressure during its cast.

Not only that, the drag system is a carbon matrix providing a smoother drag outcome. It has an ergonomic design due to its compact bent handle and star. Wind systems are well synchronized improving stability and line lay.

All in all, nothing beats a premium quality baitcasting reel like the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Baitcast Reel. Built to last and make sure it will give absolute performance when using this. It also has anti-corrosive material- carbon ensuring protection from the damaging effects of saltwater.


Built to catch heavy fish
Smooth yet powerful drag system
Has anti-corrosive material- carbon
Top-notch quality
6 pin centrifugal brake


Only for right-hand orientation


Abu Garcia Revo Toro Baitcasting Reel

Baitcaster In Saltwater

Coming right for our second top-rated product is the Revo Toro Baitcasting Reel by Abu Garcia brand. We just can’t get enough with this brand and it’s among our personal favorites just like the first.

Not just us but even seasoned and experienced anglers know the value of this. This delivers exceptionally good performance and the durability is also worth noting. With this kind of fishing gear, be ready to take fishing seriously.

Revo Toro’s components are made of premium quality making sure you will have the leverage when fishing. It has 1 roller bearing and 5 stainless steel HPCR bearings for extra protection from corrosion. The frame and side plate are crafted with X2 cräftic alloy which is an added point for protection.

With its quality components and sturdy construction, this is great for fisher folks who are want to take the fishing game seriously. the fact that this product is meant for catching a fish trophy for your personal best.

Not only that, the drag system of this model provides adequate drag pressures mixed with par none smoothness and efficiency. The design features Duraclutch for greater engagement and durability making sure this is built to last and increases the efficiency of catching a fish.

All in all, the overall construction of this is an ideal fishing reel for fishing in saltwater and also achieving your fish trophy. It’s made of an X2 frame which is both durable and added protection to corrosion.

  • Well crafted X2 alloy frame and side plate
  • Corrosion resistant
  • The drag system is so smooth and efficient and features a carbon matrix offers comfort even for multiple throws
  • Not good for newbie anglers

KastKing Royale Legend GT Baitcasting Reel

Baitcaster In Saltwater

If you are on a budget mode yet you still want to have an impressive quality baitcaster reel, then we suggest that you take this into consideration. It’s a Royale Legend GT Baitcasting Reel by Kastking brand which is a well-known brand in the field of fishing gear and equipment.

Also, it’s currently the best budget fishing reel on the market right and this is definitely a worthwhile product because of the feel and overall experience you can get from this.

Moreover, it has a relatively new design of the Kastking Royale Legend GT (Grand Touch) series. It’s a low-profile baitcasting reel design and still delivers outstanding performance with comfort and feel. With its dazzling looks comes a very sturdy material. This is made of graphite and the aluminum spool is anodized with colors black and red.

The grip also delivers comfort and feel which is a crucial part of fishing. The handles are mounted on a strong aluminum alloy handle.

Not only that, this has consisted of incredible components. Thisfeatures 8 cross-fire magnets for more casting control and braking efficiency. The braking system runs smoothly and able to prevent line backlash.

Is this worth buying? This is a suitable option if you want to try saltwater baitcasting and who are new to this type of reel. It’s inexpensive yet it delivers performance and smooth operation which is a common trait of a quality brand like Kastking. For us, it’s another excellent find for baitcaster reel in saltwater.

  • Excellent choice for budget mode anglers
  • Perfect pick for those who want to try baitcasting
  • Braking system is efficiently and effectively preventing line backlash
  • Spool tension knob requires regular check-up to keep the tension adjustment

Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

Baitcaster In Saltwater

Our next featured product is none other than Black Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel by Abu Garcia. Obviously, we love this brand and we are getting more and more recommendations with this particular brand which is evident in our featured products.

It’s undeniable that this model has something to offer yet the price is still reasonable. We included this on our best baitcasting reel for saltwater because this is tried and tested. The durability is superb and the overall design is simple yet powerful.

If you are looking for a baitcasting reel that’s for kayak fishing, this might suit your need. It has a superb quality at a reasonable price compared to other top of the line reels, but this still doesn’t sacrifice its durability and design. The reel has graphite construction and it is lightweight which is ideal for a kayak.

The magnetic barking system provides consistent and smooth casting from a small boat without any line trouble or backlash.

With its material, this is also highly resistant to corrosion. Also, what’s fascinating about this is the reel’s drag system which makes it safe and efficient when fighting larger fish from a kayak boat.

Why buy this? The Black Max offers an interesting quality that surely anglers who love kayak fishing will definitely dig. Also, we have tried this and have been using this and until it still delivers superb performance. The drag reel system is one of the finest here.

  • Very lightweight
  • Suitable for smaller boat fishing
  • Quality and sturdy construction
  • None so far

Daiwa Coastal TWS Baitcasting Reel

Baitcaster In Saltwater

Coming right next is the Daiwa Coastal TWS Baitcasting Reel. The Daiwa is among the top-tiered brands when it comes to fishing gear and equipment. Even if you ask anglers regarding the best brand, they will definitely include this.

Also, we included this because it’s a suitable option for beginners. Designed and structured well and even experienced anglers use this. It features solid construction and this reel is among those who are low-profile designs.

The Coastal TWS Baitcasting of Daiwa is a great companion for new anglers. It’s specifically designed to assists casting consistency which makes this an excellent choice for trying baitcasting reels. The functionality of this is very easy as well as the design which offers simplicity.

But when it comes to performance, this can match even the intermediate baitcasting reel’s adjustments and functions. That is why anglers choose this as their training reels.

In addition, this product has a solid construction that is made of the aircraft-grade aluminum deep spool. Moreover, this has 8 bearing system 7 CRBB + 1RB. Capable of high strength in gearing material. Also, the reel highlights its T-wing system which ables you to cast farther with only fewer backlashes and also great for long-distance casting.

All in all, Daiwa’s Coastal TWS Baitcasting Reel is a bang for the buck. Great for newbie anglers who want to dabble in baitcasting reels. It has an amazing performance and works efficiently and smoothly when casting. Another superb baitcaster for saltwater fishing.

  • Cast efficiently and smooth especially for surf fishing and inshore fishing
  • Made from sturdy material
  • Very accessible for anglers who are new to baitcasting
  • Not suited for offshore fishing

SHIMANO Curado K Baitcaster Reel

Baitcaster In Saltwater

For our last and very impressive featured product is the SHIMANO Curado K Baitcaster Reel. This may seem last on our list but it’s definitely not the least. Quite the contrary.

As you know, Shimano is among the brands that cater great fishing gear and equipment to anglers for several years. They are known for quality products and superb performance. And among those products is this baitcasting reel which delivers impressive performance and amazing features to see.

This particular product features modern innovation and advanced technology design and it is evident in the reel’s components and the micromodule gearing. It’s a low-profile baitcasting reel that posses reliability and durability which most anglers are always finding.

Perfectly constructed featuring Hagane metal composite construction for guaranteed strength and alleviates vibration and wear when in retrieval. But there is something more about this amazing baitcaster reel.

Shimano’s Curado K series is built with a “Super Free” spool. This feature makes sure it is close to zero friction from the spool whenever casting line. The pinion gear of the spool has a single bearing keeping both spool and gear aligned when casting. It also has x-ship technology which improves its overall performance.

All in all, we picked this because the design and technology are far better than its bait caster reel counterparts. Also, this delivers quite well in terms of performance and casting which is no surprise with brands like Shimano.

  • Pros The drag system is quick and smooth to adjust Very durable which is built to last
  • Well suited for inshore saltwater
  • Drag system can be a problem here due to consistency issues, particularly in deep water

Using A Baitcaster

It’s amazing how top manufacturers make their baitcasting reels easier these days compared to previous years where the inevitable unfortunate circumstance often happens which is the backlash. But experienced anglers know how to prevent that circumstance especially if you know your reel’s components.

And among those are parts from the brake and the reel particularly the tension knob these help fine-tune and adjust the performance of the cast.

The spool-tension knob prevents the overruns by pressuring both sides of the spool. Some anglers tighten the knob making sure that the lures will fall slowly during its free spool via tension control.

Baitcasting can be considered another whole new level and experience for experience and it may seem hard at first. But if you still don’t know-how, there are tons of videos of how-tos such as this one.

Factors that Hinders Baitcaster Reels in Saltwater

Going back to the question earlier, there are some factors why a baitcaster is not good for saltwater fishing particularly the freshwater reels. Although as previously discussed most baitcasting reels are excellent for saltwater conditions just like our featured products above.

However, there are some reels that are not compatible or not advisable to use. That said, we are going to delve deeper and break them into details to make sure there’s a clear distinction between what’s good for saltwater fishing and what is not.

Material and Components

Among the main factors that some fishing reels are not compatible with salt water are the material and components as well as the material type that is being used to make these reels. Keep in mind that a decent quality baitcasting reel usually features corrosion material such as stainless steel.

Also, if you are going to compare freshwater and saltwater baitcasting reels, the latter have added design and features which tend to have a solid body frame. The fact that saltwater is considered highly corrosive, manufacturers have adjusted their certain products to be able to withstand the damaging effects of fishing in saltwater type.

Also, a good takeaway is the fewer parts in the reels mean there’s less chance that it can cause major damage and that saltwater can seep into the inner parts of the baitcaster reel.

When it comes to the inner parts, quality baitcaster reels for saltwater also feature stainless steel and some are sealed well enough, unlike reels that are meant only for freshwater. In addition, some are even coated with a special coating which gives added protection from saltwater. There some saltwater reels that are completely sealed which have no access point for the moisture to get in.

While freshwater reels don’t need those special coating and other added features because freshwater is not as highly corrosive as saltwater has.

Size of Reels

Normally, saltwater baitcasting reels are usually bigger compared to their freshwater counterparts. In addition, they have larger spools that are capable of holding more fishing lines because saltwater fish sometimes go on a longer run than bass and other kinds of fish in freshwater.

While you can absolutely use of types of freshwater spinning and baitcasting reels to go fishing for flounder, trout, redfish, and others in Intracoastal waterways and even in the bays, your freshwater reel wouldn’t probably cut it for the larger fish species found around saltwater areas such as reefs and wrecks of offshore.

Freshwater baitcaster vs Saltwater baitcaster

As an angler, you should determine where are you going to fish. Are you near the oceanside or near an area of freshwater? Regardless of which water you will choose to fish, there are actually specifically designed gears and tools for certain water.

It’s important to know your fishing gear and equipment so you wouldn’t encounter trouble when you are fishing. Right now, it’s important to know the difference between freshwater baitcaster vs Saltwater baitcaster. In this section, we have listed their differences.

Saltwater Baitcaster:Freshwater Baitcaster:
Bulkier and bulkierTypically it’s lighter in weight
Highly resistant to the high corrosiveness of the saltwaterVulnerable to the damaging effects of saltwater
Can be used for heavyweight fish speciesNormally used for fishing with 20 pounds of weight
Heavy drag systemDrags are lighter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is baitcaster better than spinning reel?

A: Baitcasters are capable of handling heavier lines and able to give longer casts compared to their spinning reels counterparts in both size and range. Small baitcasters have the ability to provide longer casting distance and can handle well the lines. While on the other hand, a small spinning reel has a narrower and smaller spool which can affect the fishing gear with large diameter lines.

At the end of the day, there are no “x” is better than “y” because each has its own advantage and disadvantage and it will also depend on the choice of anglers and their type of fishing.

Q: What is the advantage of a baitcaster?

A: Among the advantages, you can get from baitcaster reels are accuracy and more control. As you might know already, baitcaster can handle heavier and stringer types of lines. This is very crucial when you are targeting a monster fish or fish with thick cover.

Q: What should I look for when buying a baitcaster for saltwater?

A: There are some key factors that you need to look for when buying a baitcaster in saltwater. So if you are considering buying one, we have some key factors for you to consider.

Key factors:

  • Profile: Round or Low
  • Drag Systems
  • Line Capacity
  • Durability and Corrosion
  • Braking Systems
  • Gear Ration
  • Hand Orientation
  • Affordability
Q: What’s the best line you use on a baitcaster?

A: For beginner anglers, we recommend using a Monofilament for your baitcaster reel. This is because it’s much easier to cast with this compared to fluorocarbon or braid. Also, keep in mind that most baitcaster reels are not designed for light lines, so it’s suggested that you use 10 pounds and beyond. Although, picking the best line is a matter of personal preference. See what best fit in your baitcasting reel.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have discussed and filled the blanks about the baitcaster. Also, the bottom line, a baitcaster reel has different use whether it’s freshwater or saltwater. When it comes to saltwater fishing, expect that it should match the requirements given that saltwater demands other features in order to withstand the damaging effect of saltwater.

But if you don’t know what’s the appropriate baitcsater for saltwater fishing, just refer to our featured products. The products above are among the best deals you can get on the market right now.

Let us know your experience with the current baitcasting reels you have and also what you have chosen in the products we have listed by dropping on our comment section below.