5 Best Walleye Trolling Rods For The Money

Are you the type of angler that’s gearing up your fish equipment because you are getting ready for the great walleye season? We understand how you feel and we are also excited especially when it’s walleye season. Regardless of how far the spring can be, as an angler, we are always eyeing on the prize. But before you do that, do you have the best walleye trolling rods for the money right now? Because if you still don’t have, then you will have a problem fishing.

Good thing that spring time is still far and you still have plenty of time to replenish your fish supplies. Or if you have a fishing rod that’s not effective as it used to be, it’s time to replace those trolling rods and invest in a new one. We have actually prepared a list just for you.

All of these are quality and guaranteed it will perform well. Meanwhile, here are the quick highlights for our featured products and scroll down below to see them in full detail.

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Mr. Walleye Series
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Okuma Classic Pro
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Lew's Speed
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Okuma Great Lakes
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Best Walleye Trolling Rods For The Money — OUR TOP 5 PICKS!

OUR TOP PICK: Daiwa Trolling Rod

Product Name: Daiwa Trolling Rod

Product Description: Daiwa Trolling Rod is our best featured product. Daiwa Accudepth has amazing features to offer for anglers who are trolling. Among the rule of thumb when choosing your ideal trolling rod is never skimp on your fishing. So, fishing rods like this should be your priority. This is our best pick because it has a great price point and it doesn't even sacrifice its performance and overall construction. Guaranteed that this will do the job efficiently and with more success. The material used in this is composite blank construction ( a mixture of graphite and fiberglass), this type of material is among the best material for fishing rods. Another great feature of this is it is a telescopic-type rod. As a result, this is more compact and easy to transport wherever you go. Among the fascinating thing about this is you don't need similar accuracy in the rod taper.

Brand: Daiwa



Offer price: 45.99

Currency: $

Availability: InStock

Offer URL: https://amzn.to/3JauTvc

Valid until: 2026-03-31

  • Durability
  • Rod Action
  • Rod Power
  • Value for Money


If you want to fully optimize this rod’s performance, we recommend pairing this with the Daiwa Accudepth line counter reel. because it works well and suitable for luring at certain depths when referring to the lure depth chart. All in all, The Daiwa brand is an amazing rod for trolling. Not just that, the construction quality is superb not to mention its incredible design making sure you have will have increased efficiency and performance when catching a walleye fish.


The handle has air foam grips Rod guides feature aluminum oxide inserts Sturdy material which is made of durable graphite/fiberglass composite blank


None so far


Mr. Walleye Series Trolling Rod

Best Walleye Trolling Rods For The Money

Nearing our first and second-best pick, we have the Mr. Walleye Series Trolling Rod by Norsemen, which is our third pick. Another best walleye trolling rods for the money.

We know this is suitable for anglers because this is built with the right specifications for the job. If you are looking for a quality rod this is what you need for your next walleye fishing hunt. Look further for the details.

This is a perfect choice for walleye fishing. Because of its lightness in weight and the design is slender, this is the ideal and real deal for this type of fishing.

This rod is made of high modulus IM8 graphite and it’s very lightweight yet it has a reinforced technology that strengthens the rod and resulted in a highly durable product. Some anglers said that this is like a finesse rod.

The length of this rod is 8’6”. This can perform very well with planer boards. For someone who is used to sluggish and heavy fiberglass trolling rods, it’s the Mr. Walleye you can count in which increases your chances of catching a fish. In addition, the product is a telescopic rod making this convenient to transport.

All in all, you got to love this product, because it has a lightweight design and the performance is great. Not only that, the material is high modulus IM8 graphite which is impressive in this type of trolling rod. Another best walleye trolling rods for the money.

  • Features high modulus IM8 graphite
  • Slender design
  • Very lightweight
  • Convenient to transport and stow away
  • None so far

Okuma Classic Pro

Best Walleye Trolling Rods For The Money

Coming right next is the Okuma Classic Pro. This rod is another model by Okuma for the great lakes fishing series. This was actually intended for fishing with downriggers, but when we try this it even works pretty well for walleye trolling tactics.

Okuma is a brand that needs to be remembered when you are shopping for fishing gear because they have amazing products which are rated quality level. This Okuma Classic Pro is among those products.

This trolling rod is strong enough with its reinforced structures and well-crafted materials. The fact that it’s made of durable E-glass blank construction making sure it won’t let you down even in the toughest fishing condition.

Besides that, the rod also features titanium oxide guide inserts and the frames are stainless steel. The copper line rod has welded with stainless steel guides.

With that in mind, every part and component of this trolling fishing rod is carefully crafted just to maximize the angler’s ability to catch a walleye fish which can be among the most difficult fish to catch. This has all you need and perfect for other types of fishing as well.

All in all, with its cheap price yet powerful and sturdy construction, it’s hard to say no to this fishing rod. This is worth investing if you are looking for a cheap way to have some extra rods for your boat fishing.

  • Built with durable E-glass blank construction
  • Frames are stainless steel
  • Fairly low price point
  • Trolling od guides are stainless steel
  • Some reviewers say it won’t last long over the time of usage

Lew's Speed Trolling Walleye Rod

Best Walleye Trolling Rods For The Money

Unlike other Lew’s Speed models, this type is specifically meant for flat line trolling. Meaning this rod does not need a planer board. This is another impressive product we have included due to popular demand from anglers and its affordable price.

The performance of this Lew’s Speed Stick is superb and its materials are sturdy and great for rugged activity. Investing in this will surely improve your chances of catching walleye knowing how difficult to catch those fish.

This particular rod is made of premium IM8 graphite blanks. The real seat is also graphite. The grip features a full-length cork and foregrip which has Duracork inlays that offer premium convenience and comfortability when in use.

In addition, fishing rod guides are Fuji O concept and also highlight deep pressed aluminum oxide inserts. Also, this rod has a shrink tubing grip allowing you to remove the rod holder easily.

We have chosen this particular 6’6″ rod because it has a nice balance of performance and versatility. The fact that this rod length can be mixed well with other rods that are long enough to use with some planer boards.

Also, this fishing rod is quick and easy to set up and helpful when you are changing direction with your boat.

Why should you buy this? For those anglers who love a stark balance between performance and versatility, this is worth your investment. Also, it’s made of IM8 graphite blanks which will do the job in most of your walleye fishing.

  • Made of premium IM8 graphite blank
  • Features Fuji concept O guides with aluminum oxide inserts
  • Custom Lew’s reel seat
  • None so far

Okuma Great Lakes Trolling Rod And Reel Combo

Lastly, our best walleye trolling rods for the money is the model Great Lakes Trolling Rod by Okuma. You know when it’s an Okuma brand, it has an impressive quality that leaves you no disappointment but sheer excitement due to its capability.

Also, this is filled with features that are extremely durable and designed for heavy-duty use. Also, this model is a rod and reel combo making sure you have the optimal usage of this.

Perfectly designed for trolling as a fishing technique, this delivers favorable performance. Also, it’s worth noting that this is made from sturdy materials which are E-glass construction which provides more blank strength.

Not only that, this trolling rod has double footed aluminum oxide guides and the hooded reel seat are made from stainless steel. It also features an EVA foam grip handle for optimal performance and convenient grip while fishing.

If you are looking for the quality type trolling rods this is what we can recommend for you. There’s also machine-cut brass gearing.

The spools won’t let you down due to their corrosion-resistant and graphite material. The design is not that impressive yet it still possesses certain qualities which make this among our best list.

All in all, this may be in our last featured product but this will impress you. Buying this is a preferable choice especially if you are amazing for a successful catch n fishing. Also, keep in mind that this is a durable and well-made product.

  • E-glass construction design
  • Guides are double footed aluminum oxide Eva foam grip
  • None so far

What Makes the Best Walleye Trolling Rods for the Money?

Choosing the best or maybe an ideal trolling rod for you can be a difficult task especially if you are starting out as an angler. Of course, you don’t know where to begin although it’s normal. But you should research more about the different types of fishing rods and learn as much as you can. But if you don’t have the time for searching for your ideal trolling rod, don’t worry.

Because we have listed the main attributes in looking for the best walleye trolling rods for the money. SO be sure to read the below to gain more knowledge and to make a sound decision.

Rod Power

The fishing rod has different power or sometimes it’s known as the rod weight. Rods are categorized from from very-light to ultra-heavy where lighter rods bend easier than heavier rods.

heavy rods are great for catching big fish. Normally they are used in deep-sea fishing anything that is larger fish species. While on the other hand, the lightweight rods are designed to catch smaller fish. Usually, they are pickerel, trout, bass, ad others.

This is important because you need to determine what sort of rod power you want for your trolling rod.

Rod blank material

Another important attribute to consider is the rod bank material. Usually, fishing rods have three common materials and they are fiberglass, graphite, and composite ( mixture of graphite and fiberglass). Normally trolling rods are made of fiberglass the fact that this material is known for its flexibility and durability compared to graphite. That said, fiberglass is always the go-to material in terms of trolling fishing rods.

Although graphite has become so good that some of the newer models are becoming durable just like fiberglass and some are even more sturdy and durable. But at the end of the day, it’s your own choice that will determine the right material for you and also consider your type of fishing.

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how trolling rods are becoming better and better. Some of those better products are included in our featured products above. So, if you are preparing for the walleye season, better gear up and always prepares carefully so that by the time the walleye season officially opens, you are well equipped with high-quality gear. This will also increase the chances of catching some walleye fish.

Have you tried one of these trolling rods? What’s your experience with it? You can drop your comments at our comment section.

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