Best Deep Sea Fishing Rod and Reel Combo- Top 3

Angling in deep waters gives a different kind of excitement and adventure. Since you are dealing with a more complicated environment, you will have to employ strategies and use tougher gear to catch your prize. You need to understand the unique features of your gear so you can make the best choice in the style of angling you want to employ. There are many types of rod actions as well as many types of angling techniques to match it. Know the best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo and get your amazing catch. 

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Best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo–Types of Saltwater Fishing Rod Materials

Your saltwater fishing rod should suit your needs. The first thing you should examine in a rod and reel combo is the material used. There are at least three types of materials available on the market.

Best Deep Sea Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


Fiberglass is the more widely used material used in fishing rods. Durability, strength and flexibility are just some of the standout features of fiberglass. It can withstand the weather elements and abuse on boats and rough seas. It is a trusted material that won’t let you down in the middle of a catch. On the downside, it is less responsive and sensitive, and anglers can’t detect barely-there strikes and pickups.  


Graphite is highly responsive and sensitive, so you will be able to detect subtle movements, strikes and pickups. You will also be able to detect what is going on underwater and how gaming fish are fighting over bait. On the downside, this type of rod is brittle. It can get scratches from getting scraped on the boat. The blank portion can get weakened, which will result in damage when this area gets further pressure. 


New composites are new material and a game-changer in fishing poles. They have a lot of power despite their lightweight feature. They are a combination of fiberglass and graphite. Manufacturers try to combine the durability of fiberglass with the responsiveness of graphite. As a result, these rods can pull up 200-pound lines even if they are just a fifteen to twenty spinning or baitcasting rod. 

Best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo –the action

Best Deep Sea Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Factors which contribute to a rod’s power are blank material, wall thickness, and length. However, what is crucial to a rod’s performance is the action. This is determined by how far down the blank the bend of the rod extends to. Essentially rods with fast-action capability have better casting precisions. The hook sets and bigger baits and lures are made for bigger fish. In contrast, medium to slow action is used for casting distance, live baits, and working with smaller lures. There will be actions in between fast action and medium action that can make a rod excel in a specific situation. 

Often confused with fast and extra fast action is parabolic action. Parabolic actions save energy for farther casts. Under extreme pressure, a fast action bends only several inches.

A rod has the ability for powerful hook sets and has the strength to stop and heavily pressure a fish when only a short section of the rod’s tip bends as the rest of the blank remains rigid. 

These types of rods are great with large baits such as blue runners and herring used to catch big fish from big striped bass to sailfish.


For casting precision, fast and extra-fast action, rods give more speed and power to pitch a lure to a target fish. It even controls for wind-related distractions. However, the stiffness and rigidity can vastly reduce casting distance as opposed to medium and slow actions, unless bigger lures or baits are used. 

As an example, a large topwater chugger can be paired with a seven-foot fast action saltwater spinning rod and can be used when dolphin fishing

The weight of the plug allows for considerable casting distances while the fast action of the rod enables better singling out a dolphin in a school.  

When it comes to inshore fishing; however, the loud sound of this lure can scare off fish. A lighter rod should be used in this case while using medium action for casting precision with much smaller baits. 

The bend is more pronounced in medium action rods compared to fast action models. The bend starts at the tip up to the middle almost near the blank, depending on the type and brand of rod and materials used. In slow action rods, the bend is even more pronounced. 


Best Deep Sea Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

It is known that the more obvious the bend, the more energy the rod can load up. This factor determines casting distance. However, despite the load up the lack of stiffness in the rod’s tip causes casting precision to suffer. 

However, the softer power of these two actions or any combination therein, are serviceable when using live baits from a farther distance in catching game fish from barracudas to striped fish. Baits are less likely to fall off the hook, in this case. 

Medium to slow action give better hook-sets when it comes to lighter and smaller lures. When it comes to fast and extra-fast action, anglers will find themselves steering the lure away during the bite because of the stiffness of the rod. 

In contrast, medium to slow action rods give extra time for the fish to engulf a lure fully. The result is solid hookups. 

In addition, when playing with a fish, medium to slow action rods provide extra cushioning which prevent hooks from being pulled. Lines are not damaged or broken when there are sudden movement surges or jumps or when heavy pressure is applied. 

Power factor

Not to be mistaken for rod action is rod power which is how much power the blank has. The line strengths usually determine the power. 

For example, heavy rods can accommodate up to eighty to one hundred thirty pounds. Aside from this, these rods are being used to troll fish from marlin to swordfish. These rods are new-fangled composite rods which are primarily used to target fish from yellowfin to bluefin. 

On the other hand, there are ultra-lightweight rods being used for lines in eight-pound class. They are used for the smaller game from sea trout to red drum

When more balance is needed, light rods are available and mainly used for ten to twenty-pound lines. Medium rods are designated for twenty to thirty-pound rods while medium-heavy rods can be used for up to eighty pounds. 

These power descriptions vary from each brand, material used, and purpose. 

Composite rods which are innovation are made lighter and thinner than classic rods. They also tend to have a considerable range with their own power rating. For example, heavy versions will have 130 to 200-pound capacity. 

Length Matters

The strength of the line determines action and power you will be using. The type of fish you will be catching with your rod is also a determining factor. The main purpose of the rod is crucial when you are trying to determine the length.

It is a general rule that the longer the rod, the longer the casting distance. Shorter rods, on the other hand, provide better balance

For example, a seven-foot light to medium rod with medium or fast action is great for casting eight to twelve-pound lines. 

When power is more crucial than casting distance, a shorter rod is a better option. 

This is the reason why many rods for trolling and jigging are still in the six-foot range while rods for stand up fishing and new-fangled composite spinning rods are still on the shorter side. 

Choose a six-foot, medium-heavy rod with extra fast action and you will gain an advantage on large and powerful fifty to one hundred pound lines. 

It takes some analysis to select the most appropriate rod for a specific situation. It isn’t just a matter of knowing which fish you plan on catching. 

Best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo–how to take care of saltwater fishing rods

  • Rinse the rods in freshwater thoroughly. Take special care of the guides and reel seats. Use a towel to dry.
  • From time to time, remove the reels from the rods. Apply some lubrication on the reel sets, fasteners and guides. 
  • Examine the guides for signs of corrosion as well as the guide wraps for signs of wear and tear. 
  • To check for nicks, put a thin piece of sock over each guide. A guide is broken if the sock hangs even slightly. 
  • When you are on a boat, have rack rods in place so they won’t collide with hard surfaces or other rods in turbulent waters. 
  • New rods have a shiny finish. Apply a light coat of wax to help preserve its slick and polished look.

Top 3 Best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo

Our Top Pick


Product Name: St. Croix Mojo Inshore Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

Product Description: St. Croix Mojo Inshore Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo is great for any type of fish you want to catch. The casting range is excellent but also has enough fast action to make presentations and hooksets easy This best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo is made from quality SCII level graphite. This is a durable rod that will last you for the long term. It has power and durability but is responsive enough so you will feel all the bites of jumpy fish It has premium aluminium oxide guides with 316 stainless steel frame which is more durable than lower-rated stainless steel. Choose from either seven-inch or seven-foot six-inch rods. Each rod will differ in casting distance, and maneuverability and either one can be a match to your specific needs.

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  • Material
  • Durability
  • Efficiency


This best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo is great for anglers who want great performance without the high price. This rod uses a graphite fiber with a better strain rate than common fibers. The material is lightweight, durable, and responsive. 

The ergonomic grip makes sure you have a tight hold on your rod when the time comes to fight with the fish.


  • Premium graphite construction
  • Light, strong, and sensitive
  • Has great weight and balance


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod best deep sea fishing rod, and reel combo is one of the best-reviewed on the market. It features the manufacturers’ exclusive super volume fiber graphite technology which gives this rod strength and above-par flexibility. Take your angling to the next level with this rod.

The alconite ring guides, and custom Daiwa reel seat and micro pitch finish make this rod more than capable of getting you the big fish but is also comfortable for all-day use.  


This best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo tournament rod will take your angling experience to new heights. Exclusive Super High-Volume Fiber Carbon Technology gives increased durability and strength. The innovative design that is exclusive to this brand makes this rod ultra-lightweight. The blanks are made with strong and sensitive micro pitch tipped with alconite guides. The reel seats are lightweight, and grips are ergonomic. 

  • Light and sensitive rod
  • Build quality is outstanding
  • good purchase
  • No negative reviews so far

OKIAYA COMPOSIT Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod

OKIAYA COMPOSIT Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod

OKIAYA COMPOSIT Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo make dreams happen. Every deep-sea angler is raring to catch a trophy which requires heavy-duty gear. This rod is designed for the big game and has strength and durability in its construction. The alloy composites ae aircraft-grade and wraps around the rod for extra strength.  

Stainless steel rollers are reinforced to give this a powerful platform that can complement the extra heavy lines for deep-sea fishing. The one-piece design means your entire gear will be reliable, and there won’t be any weak points. 


This best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo is your best support when you are in the middle of a struggle with a trophy fish. The design is an industry class with aircraft-grade alloys that give strength and superior durability. The main fiber shaft gives increased responsiveness. The stainless parts give it durability and stunning looks that will last from year to year. 

  • Built solidly
  • Has an amazing finish
  • Great for shark fishing
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

Deepwater fishing takes you to a new level of complexity in your angling so you must have the gears to match. The best deep sea fishing rod and reel combo will ensure that you will get your trophy fish on the boat without any hitches. Have fun catching all kinds of big fish in the deep waters and increase your level of skill and experience.