Best All Around Fishing Rod and Reel Combo- 3 Top Choices

Fishing is a great pastime that allows you to be close to nature and test your skills as a master of the waters. Angling is a great pastime since it lets you test your ability to strategize and use the best all around fishing rod and reel combo to get the big catch. When you are out on the waters, you have to be able to “read” nature and make the best possible choice to guarantee yourself a catch. It takes enormous skill, patience, and even luck to reel in the big fish. If you do catch your prize the exhilaration you will be feeling is worth it. Plus, of course, unlike other sports and hobbies, you get to eat your big fish after a long hard day.  

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Best all around fishing rod and reel combo—what to look for

Best all around fishing rod and reel combo


You have to determine the type of fishing you will be catching. Not all rod and reel combos are created the same, and some are made for specific types of fishing. Some are made for fly fishing while some for ice fishing. Before you start looking for the best all around fishing rod and reel combo you have to know where you will be using it. 


Beginner anglers are better off with a rod and reel combo since they need something that is easy to control. They need to be in and out of the water as efficiently and as quickly as possible. If you are a more top-level fisher, you may want to purchase your rod and reel separately. However, if you really want a combo, some models are worth looking into. There are a ton of options out there, and you may just chance upon that one model that has all the features you need. 


Rod and reel combos are on the more affordable spectrum without being dirt cheap. There are tons of budget-friendly rod and reel combos that can get you started in angling in no time. As you gain skills and experience your needs will change, and you may want to invest in pricier models that offer durability and advanced features. These rod and reel combos will be better for your angling experience in the end. 

Fiberglass Fishing Rods

Fiberglas is an extremely flexible material and much heavier compared to graphite. However, it is also more brittle and less sensitive. Fiberglass rods tend to bend in parabolic-like arc, so the entire rod bends when a weight is lifted at the end of the line. The action of the rod is determined by the distance of the area from the rod’s tip and where it flexes.

Rods made of fiberglass are considered slow to medium action rods. Fish have more time and opportunity to get to the bait before you pull it away with a slow action rod. Novice anglers are better off with fiberglass rods because they are more affordable and tougher than graphite models. 

Graphite is more flexible and sensitive as well as firmer compared to fiberglass. 

Graphite Fishing Rods

Best all around fishing rod and reel combo

Graphite rod models are differentiated by the degree of firmness or stiffness they offer. This is referred to as the modulus. Modulus refers to the stress a material can handle in its finished process state. If the material is stiffer, the higher the modulus. As a result, manufactures can achieve the same stiffens, even by using less material. As an example, IM8 graphite will have a lighter weight compared to an IM6, although they will have the same level of stiffness. Graphite is sensitive, and it gives you the capacity to detect baits more. The rigidity of the rods also allows for stronger hook sets. Since the material bends less, graphite rods are more appropriate for fast or extra-fast action. 

Composite Rods

Composite rods are a mixture of both fiberglass and graphite as well as other fibers. The mixture of materials in these rods give them the advantage of being more sensitive than fiberglass. The downside, however, is they have less power when lifting big and heavy fish.  

Top 3 best all around fishing rod and reel combo



Product Name: PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

Product Description: PLUSINNO best all around fishing rod and reel combo is made of durable construction using a mixture f carbon fiber and fiberglass. This combination has been proven to be effective in making a rod that is strong and flexible. Soft plastic and steel are used in the smaller parts, which give it a nice feel and makes it saltwater resistant. It can withstand any kind of water, so you are guaranteed versatility. Expanding and folding it is easy, so storage is efficient. It is lightweight and compact, so it is a great choice for hiking and camping trips. Carry this rod anywhere you go. This best all around fishing rod and reel combo come with an HA3000 model reel model. The spool is made of aluminium, and the body has undergone non-corrosive treatment. The reel is lightweight and has an anti-reverse handle. For a practiced angler hooking a fish shouldn’t be so difficult since there is enough space. The unique oscillation design gives the combo a smooth reeling in action. The balanced rotor system further enhances this. You will experience less jerking movement in your angling adventures.

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Efficiency


This best all around fishing rod and reel combo have perfect elasticity and density. It uses a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass, which results in a hard and durable fishing pole. All the other metal parts have been applied with an anti-seawater corrosion treatment. The grips are ergonomic. This best all around fishing rod and reel combo is portable and closed length design make it easy to carry anywhere. 


  • Suitable for saltwater fishing
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Strong and sturdy


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

PENN Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

PENN Battle II

This best all around fishing rod and reel combo is great for some inshore fishing. It has great sensitivity which makes it efficient when casting from the shore. However, many anglers find that durability of this rod is not so desirable. When larger fish are at stake, it can become damaged. It may be better to stick to smaller freshwater fish when using this rod. 

One thing that defines this best all around fishing rod and reel combo is the use of the brand’s distinct drag washers. The design of the washer is the spool can be used on each side of the washer, so larger drag, longer casting range, and smoother intake are all possible. These washers also have an anti-corrosion treatment to prevent rusting and to increase longevity. 

  • Great for inshore fishing
  • Has great responsiveness
  • Unique drag washer design
  • No negative reviews so far

Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcast Combo

Ugly Stik GX2

This best all around fishing rod and reel combo have been well-known in the angling world for a long time. There has been a lot of design upgrades since it was first launched in the seventies. The colors have been changed to be aesthetically pleasing with its black matte and red and silver detail. Beyond its appearance, this best all around fishing rod and reel combo also use prime materials.

It is made from a mixture of graphite and fiberglass to create a sensitive rod with just enough power. Stainless steel guides are used for increased durability and have an anti-corrosion treatment. On the downside, this best all around fishing rod and reel combo is known to be heavy so an angling adventure may wear you out if you hold this for the entire day.  

  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Great for beginners
  • Needs lubrication

Best all around fishing rod and reel combo–Facts

Who Should Buy a Rod & Reel Combo?

A rod and reel combo is best suited for beginner anglers. Advanced anglers are more adept at finding their way around a tackle shop. Buying best all around fishing rod and reel combo means you won’t have to look for a rod and reel separately. The paring decision will be up to the manufacturer, and buyers, especially beginners, will have less error in tackle decisions. 

A beginner will also have more chances of finding a gear that can work right away. If rod and reel are bought separately, there may be the nasty surprise that the reel doesn’t fit into reel seat or docking point of the rod. There may also be other compatibility issues that can cause frustration. 

Another instance where buying a combo will be good is if you just want to stick to one brand. This is crucial when repairs and troubleshooting are needed. The customer only has to go to one location, either the manufacturer or the tackle shop, to get their problems resolved or to make customizations. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy a Rod Reel Combo?

Combos are not exactly the best choice for experienced higher-level anglers. This is especially true for anglers who already have a lot of gear. Combos match reel and rod exactly, and this may be a hindrance when they want to use a specific tackle. 

For those with the budget, or for true enthusiasts willing to invest in equipment, combos can be a hindrance. More often than not, experienced anglers already had tons of successes with their rod, and it is even more improved with a high-end reel of their choice. 

High-end technology is applied to rods and reels purchased separately, and it will be a long time before these advancements are done on combos. 

However, combos can still work with anglers who have plenty of gear made for one specific technique. For example, some anglers enjoy spinning, and they may have tons of spinning rod tackle and lures. They may just want one more rod to play with on the waters and they can get a lot of use and convenience with a spinning rod and reel combo. 

What are the Benefits of a Rod and Reel Combo?

In most cases, rod and reel combos help bring down costs. Since rod and reel are matched, manufacturers make sure that buyers stay with their brand. As a result, less money is spent on marketing. The end price is reduced for the customer. 

Group packaging also makes things more affordable. 

Combos make a lot of sense and bang for the buck for people shopping on a budget. Warranties are also easier to claim in case there are a faulty rod and reel.

Having a gear under the same manufacturer saves tie and stress locating independent manufacturers for information such as how to redeem a purchase and how to keep a gear properly maintained and in good working condition. 

Combos also assure that there is utmost compatibility between parts in one gear. For example, baitcasting rods, although compatible with spinning reels, aren’t really meant to be used together. Using the two means applying a more complicated strategy when casting and handling the rod. Beginners will tend to shy from this tedious task. 

Best all around fishing rod and reel combo

Overall, the biggest benefit to a combo is the time element. If you are an eager new angler, you don’t have to wait for all the necessary components to come and you don’t have to waste time on parts that are incompatible and resolving your case with different manufacturers. 

What are the Drawbacks of a Rod and Reel Combo?

Customization and choice are the biggest hurdles if you have opted for a rod and reel combo. If you are locked into one brand for rod and reel, your fishing technique may become restricted.

Experienced anglers choose separate rod and reels from combos because they already stocked up many types of rods and components which they switch up often. The chance for experimentation and versatility is considered by more experienced anglers to be one of the more exciting aspects of the sport. 

You can learn more about angling when you buy components separately. Researching materials are all part of the fun and knowing the interplay between the different elements that go into making rod and reel and how this technology impacts fishing can be an eye-opener. As a result, one can increase the tricks up one’s sleeve and craft more sophisticated strategies that can give you an edge.

Combos also take the joy out of discovering things. Since the brand makes a choice for the buyer, their freedom of choice gets taken away. For some anglers, missing their chance in the decision-making process can be very frustrating. 

Final Thoughts

Great angling adventures are not reserved for experts or those who have been in this sport for years. The best all around fishing rod and reel combo can get you started in no time and all and at an affordable cost. Buy your first gear and catch your first prize fish as a beginner. Experience all the pride and exhilaration of angling now.