The 10 best saltwater fishing apps

The most excellent boating apps can help you improve your nautical knowledge, and the same is valid for fishing—but only if you understand which applications to use to assist you in bending those rods. What are the best saltwater fishing apps on the market today? Here are a few of the favorites.

10 Best Fishing Apps


ANGLR, like many other fishing applications, allows you to keep track of your fishing data, which can be extremely useful over time. It is, however, largely mechanized, unlike many others. Whenever you start, press start, fishing, and it will record information such as your GPS route, temperature variations such as weather conditions and atmospheric temperature (from Dark Sky), and river parameters such as temperatures and flow (via USGS gauges). You can upload items like records and images of your catch to the system and monitor the performance of the various lures or baits.

Tracking via GPS

The ANGLR app will automatically capture your real-time GPS location as soon as you launch it. You can figure out where you’re going by looking at where you’ve been. You can discover new places and plan out existing ones you’ve visited but desire to revisit in the future.

Climate Conditions

A day with the lake might be ended prematurely by a rainstorm, as you appreciate all too well, and also, the ANGLR app recognizes this. That’s why they’ve integrated a built-in climate tracking technology that will track weather patterns minute by minute. Weather data is collected from local buoys and weather forecasting and relayed to the app, allowing you to know precisely when bad weather is on its way.

Savings on the Spot

The ANGLR app will save your fishing areas for you automatically. This eliminates the need to question where you’ve been or what the circumstances were like there. Each location is automatically recorded with the ANGLR app, so you’ll never lose track of where you’ve been.

Bullseye Bluetooth Remote from ANGLR

While using a smartphone is always dangerous, that’s on the water, and ANGLR recognizes this. That’s why the ANGLR Bullseye Bluetooth remote, which is sold separately and used with the ANGLR app, was created.

When you purchase the ANGLR Bullseye Wireless remote, you can use the record button to record your catches. Without taking out your phone, the remote will send the information about the net straight to the ANGLR app. This protects your phone when you’re out on the water.


The fishing adventures will be saved in one place with the ANGLR logbook. The position, personal statistics, catches, weather data, and water data will all be recorded in the logbook.

Trips to Replay

This feature comes equipped with the replay of your saved journeys. This is a crucial function because it displays where you’ve been, your catches, landmarks, and replays images you’ve taken while on the trip.

You’ll start to see patterns when you fish, and also, the information out of each trip is saved. Ways are helpful since they can aid in planning future fishing excursions. This implies you could fish when it’s convenient for you, rather than spending a whole day on the lake when nighttime fishing is best. The trends and patterns will consider the weather changes and the bait you utilized to forecast future fishing expeditions.

Sharing: Private or Public

You can choose to make your profile public to other anglers or keep it private to yourself. When you share your fishing trip publicly, you may talk about what worked for you on your journey while also getting tips from other anglers who have expressed what helps for them.


The FishAngler app includes four fundamental features: mapping, weather forecasts including seven-day marine predictions, logbook function with close to 50 comprehensive catch qualities to document catches and circumstances, and a digital platform to connect with anglers worldwide.


When you initially start the FishAngler app, you’ll see a feed that includes local and global information, such as catches and the setup utilized by the angler. You could also follow various accounts, like those belonging to friends, families, and businesses.


Different colored symbols on the maps reflect different kinds of data in the app’s map area.

  • Green icons indicate catches.
  • Light gray icons represent photos.
  • The orange icon represents a fishing place.
  • Dark gray icons denote a gauge or a station.

Weather Predictions

The current weather, wind, moon phase, air pressure, and fish forecast are all displayed in the FishAngler app. The fish forecast will notify you when there is no movement, medium activity, or substantial activity.


Whenever you log a capture, you can include a photo of the catch as well as the present weather changes and the catch’s position. This will help you keep track of all of your captures.

Store for FishAnglers

Men’s and women’s gear and items are available in the FishAngler store, which you can order immediately from the app and have delivered to your home.


There is a vast community component within the app where you may connect with organizations, sites, and anglers. These are groups for anything from catching fish to fish identification. There is a group for each form of fishing you want to do.

You could also follow society pages that will provide helpful information about that group. Fly fishing clubs, kayaking clubs, and charter fishing clubs are just a few of these organizations.

You can use the “Discover Anglers” portion of the app to find other anglers to connect with. This will provide a list of anglers with whom you can contact in the FishAngler app.


Fishbrain is among the best saltwater fishing apps on the market, with the most extensive social media network for anglers and more than nine million users on the water. It not only connects you with other anglers but also provides updates on hotspots and what’s biting, as well as a species recognition tool and fishing forecasts. A Premium edition gives you access to more hotspots, crowdsourced bathymetric data, and real-world data to identify the best lures and baits.

Forecasts for fishing

Fishbrain’s fishing forecast tool will forecast the ideal fishing conditions for your day with the water. It will determine the perfect species to target at different year periods.

Fishing Locations

Fishbrain can make recommendations depending on your location if you know you would like to go angling but aren’t sure where to go. The fishing places will list the fish species found in each location.


With the waypoint tool, you can keep track of where you’ve been and what fish you’ve caught. The waypoint feature keeps track of those unique places you’ll want to return to again and again.

Logbook for Fishing

Every trip’s details will be saved in the fishing logbook. It will keep track of catches, trends, and weather conditions from the day’s event.

Maps of Depth

Looking at the different will tell you how to get there fishing at various depths while you’re out on the water. Because the chart is color-coded, you can tell that the pale green colors represent shallow water and the slightly darker ones mean deeper water.


Fishidy provides:

  • A database of over 20,000 freshwater and 180,000 saltwater bodies of water, as well as catch-logging.
  • Climate and fishing predictions.
  • The ability to track other anglers on the water.

Over 27,000 designated hotspots, bathymetric map, and underwater structure recognition are included in the Premium version. Items on the screen can be pressed to reveal more information beneath the water’s surface.


If you’re looking for profound sportfish, FishTrack is the app for you. Sea level temperatures and chlorophyll maps, tide and current information, moon phase, bathymetric data, and weather predictions are all included in this app. And, unlike most other apps available, you can preserve the data so you can keep viewing the charts even if you’re off the grid and without cell service. The Premium edition adds more up-to-date satellite images, improved navigation, and other features.


The iAngler app is a sister of the iAngler Tournament platform, a popular catch-photo-release tournament platform. If you like tournament fishing, there’s a strong chance you’ll use iAngler (and you can use it to find nearby events you might not have known about), and the captured data is stored for scientific reasons. Understanding what was taken, when it was caught, or how it was managed to catch can aid stock evaluations, habitat rehabilitation, and a better scientific knowledge of our fisheries. When there isn’t a competition, the iAngler app operates separately from the tournament edition, allowing people to register catches and catch sites solely for protection and conservation purposes.

Pro Angler is an app that allows you to become a pro

Pro Angler offers a unique twist in that it features (Florida-based) pros contributing to the data pool. Local captains weigh in on what’s biting when it’s biting and where it’s biting. The software includes tide data, air and water temperatures, and weather conditions for over 7,500 locations. Charter boats, A list of land-based items, such as tackle and bait, charter boats, shops, boat ramps, and weigh stations, is also unique. Pro Angler also promises to be the App Store’s best-rated fishing app.

Weekly Updates

Local captains publish weekly reports that provide the most essential and helpful information for the present fishing circumstances. Because the weather might change week by week, that’s also great for sea fishing.

Forecast for the Moon

The solunar prediction will inform you what phase of the moon is currently in, as well as the optimum time to go fishing. The solunar prediction will give you the full month, with the option to filter it down to hour-by-hour. This is an excellent feature in any best saltwater fishing apps because the moon could impact the tides.

Hotspots on the GPS

You could see precisely wherever to go out on the constructed map with GPS hot spots. The map features 60 central locations with 7,500 hot places to pick from. You’d have to travel uncharted regions without this software in the hopes of discovering an excellent honey spot for angling.

Species Identification Number

You may occasionally capture a fish of which you are doubtful of. You can use the species finder to determine the type of fish by taking a picture of it. Once you’ve unhooked the fish, the variety identifier will offer you instructions on how to handle it securely. If you want to capture the same kind of fish, the type identifier will provide bait suggestions and information on how and where to capture them.

Local Attractions

A map of local places, such as boat launches, bait shops, fishing excursions, and weigh stations, is included in the Pro Angler fishing app.

Baits, rigs, and lures

In the Pro Angler fishing app, there is a section devoted to lures, baits, and rigs. This part will teach you how to tie various fishing knots and when to utilize various lures and baits.


This app function provides you with recipes for the fish you catch. The formula also contains nutritional information, so you’ll know just how much of what you’re eating is good for you.

Fishing Permit

Most countries have a wildlife agency that allows you to purchase and save fishing licenses online. By including a space immediately within the app for you to keep your fishing license information, the Pro Angler app eliminates the need to open another app whenever you need to retrieve your fishing permit.


RiverFlows is a good choice if you want a simple program that does just what its name implies. It shows lake and river water levels across the United States using USGS, NOAA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Colorado Department of Water Resources, and the California Data Exchange. You can observe river flows in graph form or cubic feet per second, as well as water temperature data.


Terrafin is an ocean temperature app with downloaded charts, the ability to establish waypoints, obtain directions and lengths, and show altimetry and chlorophyll graphs. This is another app that maintains things simple. Rather than attempting to be all things to all fishermen, it simply provides offshore anglers with easy-to-understand ocean temperature and chlorophyll information.

Troll Master Depth Calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate the depth. 

If you adore trolling, you’ll appreciate the Troll Master Depth Calculator, whether you fish in rivers, lakes, or the deep blue ocean. This program calculates the depth of your lure by considering various factors like line length and texture, lure type, mass, speed, pole height, and much more. On-the-water level gauge testing has confirmed the physics-based calculations, and more lures are continually being added for more comprehensive coverage of particular popular attractions as well as broad lure types.

6 Must-Have Fishing Apps

Fishidy is the best for detailed maps

Fishidy, a map-based fishing software available for both ios and Android, is an excellent tool for anglers of all skill levels. It includes maps of over 20,000 aquatic and 180 salt waterways around the United States, each with fishing spot markings and statistics on annual fish patterns and catches trends. Angler activity reports that are updated in real-time ensure that you never lose out on the excitement. The app also functions as a logbook to keep track of your catches and share them with other anglers. Weather factors are done automatically when you do so. 

You can also keep your personal fishing sites to yourself or share them with a small group of buddies. The app’s easy-to-use UI and efficiency in eliminating guesswork have been praised by users, allowing you to get the most from your stay on the water. There are two types of versions available: free and premium. Accessibility to GPS coordinates outlining established fishing hot areas, as well as extensive map overlays that provide information about aspects such as undersea structure and base composition, are among the advantages of subscribing to premium. 

Compatible with the Best Fish Finder: Deeper Smart Sonar

The app is available for free. Deeper Smart Sonar was created to work with Deeper’s famous cast spell fish finder. It shows live data from the transducer on your smartphone screen, allowing you to see vital information like water depth, temperatures, bottom topography, fish position, and more. The software can customized in a variety of ways. You can adjust the display appearance and switch among narrow and wide-beam scans and make different fish and depths alerts. 

Onshore, ship and ice climbing all have their modes. The onshore option allows you to construct bathymetric lakes maps, whereas the underwater way enables you to monitor your lure & identify ice holes. Even without a transducer, the software may also use. Which is a huge plus. A solunar calendar and weather information feature (helpful for scheduling your next trip) are among the highlights, as are downloadable charts that you could use to bookmark your favorite sites offline. Use the notes tool to keep track of your catches and the camera function to upload pictures of your catches with other anglers.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time is a great time to plan a trip

Hunting and fishing Solunar Time employ solunar theory to anticipate the migration and eating behaviors of all kinds of fish and animals. The solunar theory proposes that mammals and fish move following the position of the moon and sun in respect to their bodies. It can be used to figure out when the optimal time is to go fishing at a specific place. Which the software can pinpoint via manual intervention or automatic GPS. You could save your favorite fishing spots so that you can get solunar forecasts with a single click.

These forecasts depict minor and major feeding or activity periods for individual fish species. Moon phases and moonrise, new moon, dawn, and sunset times are all available. With an update to the app, saltwater anglers may also see tide maps. Because weather influences animal and fish behavior, the app also includes current weather data and a five-day prediction. There are both free and paid versions available.

Pro Angler is the best choice for saltwater anglers

The Pro Angler app serves as a one-stop-shop for all the knowledge you’ll need to improve your saltwater fishing apps. This offers GPS coordinates for over 7,500 angling hotspots across the coast of the United States, as well as over 1,000 relevant services such as local bait shops, public launches, and weigh stations. Weekly position reports from seasoned captains keep you informed about the latest fishing news.

To determine the optimum time to fish, use the app’s real-time weather predictions, tide charts, and solunar data. For 220 saltwater species, an identification guide includes a list of tried-and-true fishing approaches. Another highlight is the simple Federal and State laws list, providing fish recipes, a shared catch record, and license information. There is a premium Live-Action update available for the basic version of the software.

What are the best saltwater Fishing Apps and How Does It Work?

The best saltwater fishing apps are tablet or smartphone application that improves your adventures somehow. The following are some examples of possible functions:

  • Detailed fishing maps are available
  • Using a transducer shows you the underwater topography and the fish’s location.
  • Keeping track of catch data for competitive fishing.

Is it Possible to Use saltwater Fishing Apps to Determine the Best Time to Fish?

Yes, is it possible to use saltwater fishing apps. To correctly estimate the optimal time to fish at any given area, the Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time app leverages the theory that all wild animals migrate with the location of the sun and moon.

Is it possible to get specialize apps for different types of fishing?

Yes, of course! Many apps are tailor to a particular sort of fishing. For saltwater anglers, we recommend Pro Angler, and for competitive tournament anglers, we recommend iAngler Tournament.

Why Do You Require Saltwater Fishing Apps?

As you can see from the several apps described above, saltwater fishing apps can provide you with a wealth of information that you would not otherwise have access to. Access to GPS hot fishing area locations is one of the most valuable aspects of a fishing app.

Understanding where the local hot spots are will help you spend less time on the water looking for the best places to catch fish. With the fishing app’s GPS desirable spot locations, you’ll know exactly where to go and how to get there.

The other characters with the most benefits are the forecast tracker information, which will tell you when the fish are biting the best. When you combine this function with the GPS hot spot locating tool, you’ll know exactly which hot place to visit and when.

Many saltwater fishing apps are free, while others need a fee. Installing the fishing app on your phone and seeing how much access you have to the free version is a good idea. Most apps that need a paid subscription will provide you limited access to a particular app’s functions. You may be able to get by with the app’s free version without purchasing a subscription. To find out how many features you have access to and for how long, you’ll probably need to download the app.

The next option is free trial subscriptions. If a fishing app offers a free trial period, take advantage of it. You will have the option to cancel before the trial period ends, avoiding paying for the membership. It also grants you access to premium services you may only require for a single weekend.

Let’s imagine you’re hosting a fishing tournament and would benefit greatly from the assistance of a premium fishing app. Without needing to pay for the app, you can have all of the premium material for that day on the water with a free trial. You can cancel your app – or buy a subscription – once the event ends.

Users can choose from various payment and subscription alternatives in paid apps. If you don’t fish year-round, opting for a monthly subscription for the few months you will be on the water will save you money. If you feel in competitions all year and spend a significant amount of time on the water each month, a yearly membership to the app will save you money.


There are numerous fishing apps to pick from, and not even all of them need a paid service to provide valuable and high-quality content to enhance fishing adventures.

It propose that you try out each of the apps on this list to see which one is best for you. Compare what content is available for free and what stuff requires a membership. This will assist you in determining what fishing app is perfect for you.

Now you know the best saltwater fishing apps. You could be sure to have a good day fishing with most of these most saltwater fishing apps.