Finding the Best Topwater Lures for Saltwater

Want to fish? Some may have this as a childhood dream, some may have found out about this desire to engage in this exceptional sport that involves engaging with nature and being challenged to hunt for some of the most interesting creations of the sea, already late into their age. 

No matter what your age is, fishing surely has something great to offer you. As you find the topwater lures for saltwater fishing that you can use to improve your fishing adventure, let us first see through the different reasons why fishing is an interesting option that anyone may want to explore. 

Many people from all across the globe; fish for sport, for food, or for leisure. But is fishing that big of a deal? Is it as fun as people say it is? Let’s see some of the pros and cons of fishing. We’ll check some of the why and why not’s of fishing.

Let’s discuss the pros first:

 ONE: Fishing is Generally Entertaining

Fishing can be quite entertaining for all kinds of people. That feeling of catching a fish for the first time can be exhilarating! Once you catch your first fish, you could quite possibly get hooked on that fishing line and continue doing it for a while! 

TWO: Fishing is Relaxing

Fishing provides a sense of relaxation and serenity to a fisher. Being out in the water can be very calming and relaxing for anyone who could be looking for an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of daily life. 

THREE: Fishing is Fun to do with Friends and Family

Fishing is fun alone but is even more fun when you do it with some of your friends or family! A lot of people fish with their families to bond with them. Lots of fathers consider fishing to be one of their best bonding times with their children because they get to teach their kids how to fish and how fun it can be!

FOUR: Fishing can be a good form of Exercise

Fishing can help you become a lot healthier. There is a lot of movement involved in fishing which can strain your body. In many ways, fishing enthusiasts find fishing to be a more holistic activity that provides them a source of a healthier option of exercise. How? 

Take for example the scenario of salt fishing. 

Imagine yourself out in the open setting yourself out into the sea. As you start preparing for the sale, you exercise your mind- teaching it how to focus on matters to ensure your success in fishing and of course to make sure of your safety as you travel to your destination for fishing. 

As you start up your vessel and set out for the sea, you continue to challenge your capacity to stay on track and focused on your goal. As you do this, your mind is also eased by the view that your eyes begin to feast on and by the feel of being out in the natural environment that surrounds the sea. 

The breeze of the air, the feel of being out there working with the waves of the sea creates a sense of natural release of dopamine, the happy hormones, that usually result from happy anticipations and excitement that you develop as you go forth and start your adventure. Battling with the ocean waves as you manage your boat may also require physical motions that improve your general exercise. 

Now, as you begin fishing, you will have to focus on your fishing rod, the fishing tools you add to it. You are also expected to think through the strategy that you make from the point of choosing your direction of throw to the actual throw of your line and bait out into the sea- all these require that you joggle your mind based on what you know and what more you are willing to learn during this particular activity. 

As you make your first tackle with a possible catch out in the sea, you begin to strain your whole body especially if you are aiming to catch a large fish. From the point of tackling with the fish to the point of reeling it in, all these motions will require that you use your whole body to make that catch for the day. 

See how the primary activities you engage in when you fish in saltwater? It is one of the best excretive you can engage in. But when doing so, remember to put the time in it. Dedicate a day at least to enjoy the whole activity without having to rush which may contribute to frustration rather than to relaxation. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the cons:

 ONE: Overfishing

Sadly, a lot of people fish too often and fish too much which leads to overfishing. Overfishing is a pretty big problem for nature officials and agencies across the globe. This can be avoided though by fishing responsibly.

 TWO: Endangering Species 

Fishing is one of the causes of extinction for a lot of species of fish. Fishing for sport or leisure can lead to the permanent extinction of fish species everywhere, this can also be avoided by responsible fishing and by coordinating with your local marine life agencies to find out which species of fish are endangered so that you can avoid catching them.

 THREE: Pollution

Unfortunately, there are a lot of irresponsible fishermen out there who pollute our water or damage it due to illegal methods of fishing. Some fishermen use pipe bombs to do their fishing in our oceans and even in other bodies of water. This harms the fragile ecosystems of the fish in the area that are being bombarded with explosions. 

 FOUR: Fishing Can Be Particularly Expensive

The fishing equipment that you would need when fishing could potentially cost you. Fishing rods, bait, and other fishing equipment can be quite expensive. So before you decide to fish, make sure that you have a set budget for the equipment that you would need to fish.

So overall, fishing can be quite fun. As long as you keep in mind the cons of the sport, you can be a responsible fisher who would create many pleasant memories for yourself, your friends, and your family!

Convinced to go out fishing out in the vast saltwater yet? 

Here are some of the topwater lures for saltwater that you might want to explore: 

ONE: Soft Plastic Paddletail 

Paddletails generally mimic the movement and features of a real-life fish. The soft plastic makeup of a paddletail makes it even more realistic to the eyes of the target fish in saltwater. 

If you do not have a very specific target, the soft plastic paddletail can give you that boost in saltwater fishing that you need to make that catch for the day. 

At the same time, as the paddletail is being retrieved, the natural motion that this lure creates makes it easier for the line to be reeled in fast once you feel the toggle from your lure to your line- which signals your catch. 

Another feature that makes soft plastic paddletail one of the topwater lures for saltwater is that it is light enough to enter the water smoothly without creating an unnatural commotion that may signal fishes that it is just a lure, but it is also capable of going lower covering different levels of depth in the ocean. 

TWO: Gold Spoon 

Any saltwater fisherman has a gold spoon in his tackle box. Considered as one of the most basic tools that any fisherman could have, the gold spoon looks like a real-life fish. It is one of the most effective lures as it appeals to different species in saltwater. 

Now, there are different types of gold spoon lures based on their hook make, their color, and their general form that has been customized now and then to fit the demands and expectations of fishermen. 

Anglers have different preferences when it comes to choosing the right gold spoon for their fishing activities. Depending on the location they are targeting and the fish species they aim to catch, 

THREE: Shrimp Lure 

Saltwater gamefish often eat shrimp. The gulp shrimp creates a general effect of interest to saltwater fish targets. 

Applied in different forms of situations in saltwater fishing, shrimp lures are certainly getting attention from both amateur and old-time game fishers. 

FOUR: Bucktail Jigs 

Known for their playful colors and crazy flairs, you will surely have fun choosing the bucktail jig that would fit your fishing demands. 

Often attracting a wide variety of fishes from both fresh and saltwater, white bucktail jogs still provide the most effective form of attraction that a majority of fish species respond to. 

FIVE: Topwater Lure 

A 4.5 to 5-inch topwater lure is best to create an interesting entry into the water that immediately gets the attention of target saltwater fish. 

Here are some of the topwater lures available in the market today: 

Aborgats Jitterbug 

  • This topwater lure is known for its first-catching machine system. 
  • Among the fishes attracted to this form of jitterbug include the bass fish. 
  • This topwater lure is known for its steady but loud entry into the water that creates an almost rhythmic cadence that appeals to a general set of game fishes including those found in saltwater.
  • This lure is known to work best after-hours. This means that it works best for night fishing. The vibration that it creates in the water is simply irresistible for many game fishes found in both freshwater and saltwater locations. 

Heddon Zara Spook 

  • Introducing the walk-the-dog motion, this topwater lure for saltwater and freshwater fishing performs on a steady and consistent retrieval of the catch. 
  • Used in open water, the Zara Spook works well with schools of bait fishes because of its realistic feel and feature that appears real to the eyes of the target fish. 

Mike Shaw Slammer 

  • This topwater lure for saltwater and freshwater fishing creates a natural action that makes it seem like the real thing in the eyes of the target fish. 
  • This was originally designed for catching large bass. Later though, anglers found this topwater lure to be fairly effective in catching pike and stripers as well. 

Smithwick Devil’s Horse 

  • With its proven performance, this topwater lure is quite popular among anglers. What is best about this lure is that it has adjustable parts making it more workable on the part of the fisher as he tries to catch different types of game fishes out in either the saltwater or freshwater resources. 

Spro BBZ-1 Rat Swimbait 

  • This topwater lure for saltwater and freshwater fishing is known for its appearance which resembles a rat. 
  • It does provide the fisher an option to use the walk-the-dog motion while also providing a fast retrieval action. 
  • To the big fish, this topwater lure looks like a swimming rat. To the carnivore’s fish, this is certainly a feast making it an effective lure for huge, heavy, and speedy game fishes out in the open water. 

Booyah Bait Company Pad Crasher 

  • This is a hollow-bodied topwater lure that mimics the body of a frog. 
  • It is usually used when fishing for bass.        
  • To make it look more realistic, this lure is made up of a very soft body that exposes several hooks to secure the catch once the target fish bites in. 

Heddon Lures Crazy Crawler 

  • Mimicking the looks and motion of crawlers and creepers, this topwater lure for saltwater and freshwater fishing is known for its unique design. 
  • Its bright colors are surely noticeable even from afar making it rather attractive for any type of game fish. 
  • Its metal wings create that splashing motion on both sides as if representing a creeper or a crawler that is trying to escape the waters. 
  • It also creates a churning sound in the water that copies the usual sound of a crawler or a creeper once it hits the water. 

The topwater lures for saltwater and freshwater fishing featured in this post certainly represent different creatures that are mimicked by each lure to get the attention of the targeted game fishes. 

Fishing in either saltwater or freshwater requires a certain sense of creativity on the part of the angler. If you are new to the fishing game, you can pick just one to three of these topwater lures noted herein. Depending on the game fish you target to catch you can choose which one of the ones listed here in your target will react to. 

When engaging in game fishing, it is not just about the adventure and the idea of gaining experience as you go along the way. Your fishing adventures will certainly be more satisfying if you spend time researching more about your game fish target and observe your target location better. 

Being able to get the attention of your target fish faster depends on your willingness to spend time understanding its behavior, its habitat, and its interaction with other existing species around the area where you plan to fish. 

Serious anglers found it rather rewarding to expand their knowledge about the sport they intend to master. Later, when you have had enough chances of exploring different water sources and understand how different game fishes respond to different lures, both live and artificial, you will surely be able to develop a vital skill, a fishing signature that is all yours. 

As mentioned earlier, saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing present different forms of challenges. Being able to handle these challenges more efficiently is critical to the success and satisfaction that you would gain from this sport. Then again, enjoying every step of the way is key to the evolving interest you would develop in this activity. 

SIX: The Soft Plastic Fluke 

Flukes attract fish strikes by different types of game fishes from different types of waters. 

Whether you are fishing out in the saltwater or freshwater, a fluke will certainly get the attention of target fishes. 

According to the desire of the fisher, this type of lure can be customized because of its versatility. 

SEVEN: Suspending twitch bait 

Designed to create a picturesque glass minnow, this lure is effective because minnows are natural baitfish especially within the coastal area.

The performance of the lure is best known for being able to handle expected results based on different depths out in the water. 

Key Takeaways 

Engaging in fishing as a sport is certainly exciting and satisfying. Of course, like in any type of sport, the first times of engagement may seem rather too challenging and grueling especially when you are doing it on your own. 

Nonetheless, if you have the right knowledge, the right motivation, and of course the right tools to use, you are surely going the get the best out of this experience. May it be for leisure or should you choose to engage in fishing tournaments later, it will surely help if you would be able to find ways to explore the different tools used in effective fishing. 

As noted in this post, the best topwater lure for saltwater and freshwater fishing are designed to mimic the real-life creatures that game fishes often feed on. Relatively, your choice of topwater lure for saltwater and freshwater fishing will depend so much on what you already know and what else you are learning as you fish in different forms of water. 

Researching your target game fish, their background, their behavior, their habitat, their food resources, and their motion when it comes to responding to lures will help you get a better picture of what to expect once you already set out to engage with your fishing adventure. If you have friends who are also fishing enthusiasts or perhaps are anglers themselves, it pays to learn from them. Through time, they surely have already developed different styles and strategies of fishing that will surely help you reach your goals as well and enjoy fishing more through your achievements and the fishes you catch during every after fishing adventure.