7 Best Tips on How to Cast Farther with a Baitcaster

Catching fish using a baitcaster over other types of rods has several advantages. While there are several other rods that are easier to use, bait casters are more powerful, durable, and accurate. This explains why a lot of anglers prefer baitcasters despite its complexity. However, it is enough to have a baitcaster for you to be able to cast farther? I am afraid not. It is important to know how to cast farther with a baitcaster. Your tool will not be of great use if you do not follow the tips included in this article.

how to cast farther with a baitcaster

Knowing how to cast farther can be an essential aid in the look for more and larger species of fish. In addition to that, farther casts permits you to stay farther away from your prospective target (and the same time lessen your chance of scaring the creatures). Furthermore, what is great about bait casters is they allow specific kinds of baits such as crank baits, to go deeper in the water.

Even though the great factor that affects the casting distance is how much time you will allot in the water, consistent practice is still the key on how to cast farther with a baitcaster. Below are the top ways on how to cast farther with a bait caster.

Some Tips on How to Cast Farther with a Baitcaster – for both Left-handed and Right-handed Anglers!

If you are having doubts about reading this article because you are either left-handed or right-handed and you are not sure if this guide is applicable to you, do not worry, this is for any type of anglers.

First, regardless of your skill level, your goal is to always cast farther for every fishing adventure you will have. While you will still be able to catch small fish with a short, accurate cast, it is still best to know how to cast farther with baitcaster. In this way, you will be able to catch larger fish, regardless of the location of your fishing adventure.

*Properly tune your baitcaster reel for distance

Before anything else, you should make sure that the baitcaster reel is tuned up in order to achieve the best performance. Make sure that you will properly clean the factory grease from the reel and replace it with a mild oil. However, take note that you should not apply this on the gears. This is because these gears need a much lighter grease.

how to cast farther with a baitcaster

Furthermore, give emphasis on the bearing so the ball, as this is where the spool will revolve. Those must be carefully cleaned in water. After that, allow it to dry then apply at most two drops of lubricant oil. As a result, the easily spinning line pool will now need extra control finesse but at the same time will cast longer than usual.

As the spinning reel,it is also best if you are going to tune it. When choosing a spinning reel or line, we recommend using thin line. This is primarily because, with thin lines, you will more likely to achieve farther cast, compared to thick lines. The reason behind this is that with thin lines, the friction is lessened especially when the thinner line peels off the spool. That being said, respool with the tiniest diameter line that is still powerful enough for the fish to you are aiming.

Apart from that, you can also overfill the spool a bit, putting some line right up the side of the rim of the spool. The moment you start snapping off the baits with a greater cast, you must consider using a shock leader.

*Opt for a premium

If you have been fishing for a lot of years now, chances are, several people keep on saying that it would be fine to use average line. While this might be true if and only if you are fine with short or regular casting distance. On the other hand, if you want to know how to cast farther with a baitcaster, we highly recommend using expensive fishing line. Trust us, it is a geat investment.

Never get tricked into purchasing lines that are not branded because most of the time they are unreliable and unstable. They will most likely ruin your fishing experience instead of having an efficient and memorable fishing experience. Even though premium lines are expensive, they are much stronger and durable. Basically they will survive wear and tear especially when it comes to fighting with large species of fish. If you want to stick lower budget, you will still be able to find great lines, but you must look harder. In addition to that, make sure that the lines that you are going to buy is thin because thin lines cast much farther.

Filling a bait caster reel of up to 1/8 inch of the maximum capacity of spool gives sufficient space to thumb the spool to keep overruns from occurring. It would be best to put spinning reels flush on the lip of the spool.

*Always use a shock leader

Based on experience, most anglers that I know do not deem shock leaders as necessary fishing tools. While this is not always, it is crucial if you want to know how to cast farther with a baitcaster. A shock leader is the length of a much thick line that is attached to the end of the mainline to give added abrasion resistance and survive the pressure created while casting.

The primary rule of thumb is that 10 pound test of shock leader per ounce of weight that you will cast. Hence, if you are planning to cast 3 ounces, you must use a 30 pound of shock leader. Normally, fishing s done with 30-70 pound shock leader.

*Take care of your hands

how to cast farther with a baitcaster

This tip is very important. You should not only take care of your gears and equipment, you should also make sure that you are giving an ample amount of attention to your hands if you do not want to stop fishing for a long time.

In order to protect your hands, a thumb guard is crucial since you will be using bait caster. On the other hand, if you decided to use a spinning rod, it is the finger guard. Whichever of the two you are going to use in the future, make sure it has a thumb guard or a finger guard.

Some of the anglers I know choose to wear gloves instead because it provides extra protection especially during fish landing. In addition to that, it also provides protection to your hands in case you need to grip the shock leader to assist the species to the shore. When choosing what type of gloves to wear, any gloves that are made of leather will work just fine.

*Picking the perfect rig

The next tip on how to cast farther with a baitcaster is picking the right rig. This is very important especially if you want to go the distance. For long distancing fishing, your best friend would be the fish-finder. It is also very simple to tie.

Give your shock leader through a sinker tie with a minimum weight of 75 pounds. This weight is strong enough to securely cast a 2-5 ounce weight of a lure or bait.

*Understanding the Brighton cast

how to cast farther with a baitcaster

This method is perfect especially for beginners as it is easy to learn. Aside from that, it is easy to do and in crowd also suitable for bait fishing. To easily explain every detail for this type of cast, I will refer to a clock face with the aim of 12 o’clock. This is for right-handed and if your are left-handed, do not worry because you just have to reverse the step. Stand up wherein your left foot is facing the target and then your right facing towards 3 o’clock. While the sinker is dangling in towards your foot, put it on the floor at 6 o’clock.

Then after that, move the tip behind you. Make sure to keep the tension on the line by using your bent right arm. Form a V with your left hand. Without doing anything else, look at your target and operate the punch-pull.


Practice always make perfect. Even though you have the best fishing tools in the world, if you do not often go fishing, they are nothing. Also, it is not enough that you frequently go fishing, it is also important to practice casting per se regardless of the season. Do not mind if people are looking at you because you are casting during winter, the important thing is, you are honing your skills and trying to improve your casting skills.

Final Words

That is. Those are the simple steps on how to cast farther using a baitcaster. It is not that difficult as long as you are determined to level up your fishing experience and catch larger fishes. While this is not the standard steps on how to cast farther with a baitcaster, we recommend trying these on your next fishing adventure,and you will be surprised of the result.