Top Places To Fish In Colorado Springs

Places To Fish In Colorado Springs

Colorado has unique geography making it a wonderful spot for angling adventures; it is a popular destination in for fishing due to its rivers, lakes and streams all teeming with various species of edible fish. There are countless lakes and rivers to choose from in Colorado if you want to spend a weekend hunting for some fish to fry. You have to be mindful of the rules and regulations in each fishing spot, though. Rules may allow all types of fishing or allow limited fishing only. Nevertheless, there are a great many places to fish in Colorado Springs, and the following are the top places to visit and some tips to make sure you get an unforgettable Colorado fishing adventure.

Places To Fish In Colorado Springs

Places to fish in Colorado Springs–best lakes and rivers

Rio Grande River

The weather in this river is rather windy. The river starts in the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado and ends in the Gulf of Mexico. Fish are most abundant in the San Juan Mountains in the town of Del Norte and South Fork.

Fish hatches are most active from June to July. Visit anytime between these months and fill your buckets with fish caught in the Rio Grande River!

Gore Creek

This is one of the top fishing destinations in Colorado even if the stream looks rather small. There are various fishes to be found in its waters from, cutthroats to rainbows.

Large trout can also be found in this relatively small creek. You can fish at any part of the creek from the mountains of Lake Gore to the bottom part of River Eagle. It should be noted however that Upper gore creek and lower gore creek are the two main fishing spots.

Spinney Mountain Reservoir

You don’t just get to fill your bucket with fish when you visit Spinney Mountain Reservoir you also get to behold amazing landscapes, shorelines and fantastic views of the lake flanked by awe-inspiring vistas. Anglers go on a trip to Spinney Mountain Reservoir for the many fishing adventures from fly-fishing to trolling.

Within the waters of Spinney Mountain Reservoir are exceptional trout and salmon. This places to fish in Colorado Springs offer consistent fishing adventure all year round but the best time to go is during the summer month of June.

North Platte River

North Platte River best places to fish in Colorado Springs is considered a legend. The rivers start at the plains of North Park and extend to Wyoming.

However, the part of North Platte River that crosses the Colorado state is considered to be the most popular fishing spot than that in Wyoming. It should be noted that some areas of the river can only be reached via boat or kayak, which makes angling in this section even more adventure-filled. Plus, the most delectable trout in the West can be found in its waters.

Upper Arkansas River

Places To Fish In Colorado Springs

This river is located a hundred miles from Leadville. The river passes through mountainous meadows, rock canyons, irrigated plains, and even a desert.

A popular fishing spot is the deserts section where there is an abundance of trout and rainbows.

Fryingpan River

This fishing spot has gained international fame for fly and lures fishing. Colorado state has protected this fishing habitat. In some section of the river, it is easy to catch up to ten-pound rainbows.

The best fishing spot in Fryingpan River is between the reservoir of Ruedi and the section of Roaring Fork. This spot has crystal clear waters that are teeming with fish. You will also get fantastic views of mountain vistas and the surrounding river.

North Delaney Butte Lake

This best places to fish in Colorado Springs is one of the three mountain lakes in the State. The healthy and abundant trout population in the waters of North Delaney Butte Lake make it a popular fishing destination. It should be noted that trout eggs are harvested here to increase the trout population of the State. North Delaney Butte Lake is easily one of the top fishing locations in Colorado.

South Platte River

This river starts at South parka and ends in Denver. The part which they call the dream stream is the best section of the river. This section starts at a mountainside and flows through the reservoir of Eleven mile. Fish teems in the waters of the dream section, especially during migration season in spring. South Platte River best places to fish in Colorado Springs is a top fishing location and gets a lot of visit form anglers who come to fish each year.

Gunnison River

This best places to fish in Colorado Springs provide great fishing opportunities in the State. The best fishing section of the river lies at Black Canyon in Gunnison National Park.

However, the weather can be challenging in this river and be prepared to meet windy roads leading up to the steep canyon. After your hard journey to make it to Gunnison river, your angling experience will be worth it. You can also reach the river by going on a hike in the inner canyon path. However, before you hike, you will need a backcountry permit.

Animas River

Animas River best places to fish in Colorado Springs is named by Juan Rivera, a Spanish explorer. The name literally translates to a river of lost souls in hell. However, there is nothing scary or hellish about the river at all. In contrast to a hellish landscape, the river has beautiful landscapes and is also teeming with fish. To access this river, you need to go to a route via the city of Durango. The river is exceptional since it has wide sections that are at least a hundred feet in measurement.

Places to fish in Colorado Springs—3 best places to fly fish

The South Platte – The Dream Stream Stretch

Monster trout can be caught In South Platte with its consistently temperate waters and food sources. The South Platte stretches for four miles, and you can catch at least three types of trout: brown, rainbow, and cutbow. The cutbow trout, in particular, can be as huge as twenty-two inches During fall, you can even catch some kokanee salmon.

The entire stream is open to the public. There are several parking areas near the river, but the best place to park is in the middle of the stretch. You can fish either upstream or downstream and follow where everybody else is fishing.

The dream stream is located at an elevated spot at least nine thousand feet above. You will have to contend with strong winds. It should also be noted that the fish here are pretty smart so you will have to use a combination of good gears and smart strategies to hone in your catch.

The Arkansas River – Great Fly-Fishing adventures

The fishing scene in the Arkansas river is more dynamic. There are great trout to be found in its waters. The stretch of the river is home to an abundance of fish predominant of which is the brown trout. There are rainbow trout as well.

The Arkansas River has changing features, and it flows through high meadows to fast water canyons, You can choose to fish upstream where you can chance upon and get lucky with its pockets of fish population. During the summer months, upstream is the ideal section for fishing.

If you are fishing in the colder seasons, it is important to have layers of clothing as well as waders. Bring some extra water and snacks if you are fishing in the summer months.

Whey you are fishing in Arkansas River make sure you do not get stuck in one place,  travel through the stream and drifts and try to move up to search for better fishing locations.

 The South Platte

This fishing spot can be accessed through the small town of Deckers. This river has consistent temperatures which allow you to fish all year round. You can even fish up to wintertime if you are courageous enough for the winter chill of the Rockies. You can expect to catch a huge rainbow and brown trout. They will be twelve to eighteen inches long. If you are lucky, you can even catch a fish as large as twenty-four inches, so better carry a tough and durable reel and let it start singing.

Places to fish in Colorado Springs–fishing tips

Worst fishing locations in Colorado

Although Colorado is known as a fishing hotspot, sadly a number of its waters and reservoirs have been overfished through the passing of the years. It is crucial to know the condition of the fishing spot you are going to so you will be prepared and know what to expect.

Chatfield Reservoir State Park Colorado Fishing

Fishing conditions vary by the weather and the season. A fishing spot may have nary a fish one day and then suddenly have tons of fishes the next day. If you want a comfortable and quiet fishing spot avoid Chatfield Reservoir State Park Colorado Fishing as well as the reservoirs Cherry Creek and Boulder’s. These are overpopulated fishing spots, and the crowds and trash they produce can be a problem

However, every fishing location has its good and bad days so the place where you choose to fish is not determined solely by what you can get out from the water but also how you want to spend your day.

Types of fish found in Colorado

Many types of fish can be caught and found in Colorado waters. It should be noted however, that some species of fish will be more famous than others. The cutthroat fish is the state fish of Colorado and rightly so because it is an indigenous fish caught exclusively in Colorado waters.

Trout also abound in the rivers and lakes of Colorado. Trout species range from brown to lake trout. The type of fish you will find in Colorado will depend on the region. In Northwest Colorado and in the Front Range trout is the common fish species to be caught. In plain reservoirs, walleyes are abundant and are popular.

Every region of Colorado has bodies of water teeming with fishing opportunities for fishers. If you are looking for a trout lure, it may not be easy. You should do your research and find the time to read articles to get knowledge from experts and get the most appropriate trout lure for your region.

When to fish in Colorado


You can fish in Colorado all year round. It should be noted that each season carries with it some advantages and disadvantages in fishing. Summer is the high season for fishing and anglers converge in the best places to fish in Colorado Springs during this season.

During the fall, the crowds will begin to thin. Fly-fishing is ideal during fall because waters are at their lowest. During winter ice-fishing is a popular pastime.

What you need for a fishing trip

There is a huge number of fishing gear out there which is quite amazing. It is a good thing however, that you really don’t have to pack every type of gear or tool when you fish in Colorado. You can have a wonderful adventure with just a basic rod and reel. You will be spending all day with this equipment so make sure you choose a durable and high-quality one. Find a good model that will be a match to your needs.

If you are just starting out, you can choose an all-purpose rod and reel that can work with any type of fish. This type of rod will give you versatility. The next crucial gear to bring is a tackle box which contains all your lures and baits. Once you are done with the set up of your tackle box, prepare your live bait and hooks as well as your fishing line. Throw in a pocket knife in your bag, and you will be ready for anything. 

You have to wear appropriate clothes when you go fishing. Waders are comfortable and ideal for fishing in Colorado waters. It is especially comfy in sections where there is limited shore access. A cushion that has padding will be useful when you have to sit for hours waiting for that precious catch to bite.

Final Thoughts

Colorado is one blessed State where you can have tons of angling adventures. There is nothing like being close to mother nature beside waters teeming with fish waiting to be caught. Unlike other pastimes and sports, angling in Colorado gives you one yummy fish to eat after a long hard day. Be sure to visit the best places to fish in Colorado Springs and be prepared for a day of adventures that ends with a hard-earned good meal.