When is Snapper Season in Florida? The Best Season of 2020

Are you fond of catching a Snapper? If you are an avid fan of this red finnies, you can find and catch them within Florida and the other states included within the Mexico Gulf. However, you may ask when is Snapper season in Florida for this year? In case you are planning to book fishing for the Red Snapper, below are the Snapper season schedule in Florida for the year 2020. 

What is Red Snapper and why they look for it during the Snapper Season in Florida?

Basically, anglers find it enjoyable to fish Red Snapper because of the extreme experience that it offers upon getting into the boat. Aside from that, Red Snapper really tastes good. This fish has a red color with a triangular face that is pointed. In addition, the name snapper is due to its large canine teeth. 

The state record of Florida regarding the weight of the Red Snapper is around 4 to 6 lbs or 8 oz. Yet, numbers of anglers definitely find Red Snappers having a weight of 6 to 8 lbs within their fishing session. 

Actually, Red Snapper is a reef fish in which they commonly habituate the deep waters. From 30 to 600 feet deep waters around the Gulf of Mexico, anglers can find this excellent water creature. Moreover, they will also fish Red Snapper along the eastern line of North America, Central America, and the northern part of South America. 

In the east coast, it is in Georgia and Florida that cradles a healthy population of snapper. But, Carolinas will give you disappointments when it comes to fishing this red finnies. 

when is snapper season in Florida - fillet

Generally, Red Snapper is a famous white fish and they are really common in making fillets and grilling. Red Snapper, on the other hand, also tastes good when boiled, baked, steamed, and fried either deep or pan. This fish can really offer a palatable meal by squeezing on some lemons, sprinkling few spices, and keeping some veggies on the sides.  

State and Federal Waters that affect when is snapper season in Florida

Basically, determining the dates when is snapper season in Florida varies on the state and federal water seasons. What are these two seasons and how do they affect the snapper season in Florida?

Actually, each individual state within the Gulf of Mexico is responsible for handling the first nine nautical miles within the sea area. After the completion of such, you will then encounter the Federal waters. Once you hit that Federal water area, you may find the biggest fishes in the ocean as they generally live there.

Meanwhile, the permits for Federal reef fishing within the Gulf do not have enough supply. That’s the reason why it is difficult to look for a federally-licensed captain most likely during the Snapper season. Fortunately, you can still find great fish species within the State water areas.

When is Snapper Season in Florida – 2020 Red Snapper Season for State Waters   

Catching Red Snapper entails various dates depending generally on each state. Actually, this is somehow confusing, yet the best solution is to plan your trip at the right time. Moreover, you can still have the time to have a good catch of Red Snapper within all other states inside the Gulf. The question is what are the Red Snapper seasons for this year, 2020, within the state water and when is Snapper season in Florida?

Basically, the Snapper season in Florida for the year 2020 started on June 11 and will last until July 25 on a daily basis. This generally applies to the waters within the state of Florida in Mexico Gulf. Aside from the date when is Snapper season in Florida, below are the other snapper schedule for other states within the Gulf of Mexico.

  • 2020 Red Snapper Season in Alabama – May 22 up to July 3, 2020, every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the week
  • 2020 Red Snapper Season in Louisiana – May 22, 2020, until such time it meets the recreational quota; the schedule is every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • 2020 Red Snapper Season in Mississippi – May 22, 2020, until such time it meets the recreational quota
  • 2020 Red Snapper Season in Texas – this is open for the whole year-round within the state

Generally, these seasons for the state water are applicable to private anglers and those anglers whose fishing within the licensed for-hire charters. These charters fishing locations are typically within the state waters area.

Moreover, the limit per bag on a daily basis is about two fish for every individual. Each fish should have a minimum length of around 16 inches. Except, in Texas, the daily bag limit is around four fish per person with a minimum length of 15 inches per fish.

Meeting of the state quota is the indication that the season will close. However, anglers would be happy in case the season will extend. Actually, this happens for some time especially when the estimated quotas are not reached. 

When is Snapper Season in Florida – 2020 Red Snapper Season for Federal Waters   

This time, let’s determine when is Snapper season in Florida in terms of the federal waters. The federal season for Red Snapper will basically run for about 62 days. It actually started on 12:01 am of June 1 and anglers was allowed to fish within the areas of the federal waters. This will generally last until 12:01 am of August 2, 2020.

The schedule dates for the Federal waters Snapper season is actually applicable to recreational anglers who tend to fish from charter boats within the waters of Mexico Gulf. Keep in mind that they only allowed those charters securing a federal permit to fish for Red Snapper within the fisheries of the Federal waters. Aside from that, the bag limit requirement is still applicable within the Federal water season and you must have to strictly follow it as well.

Where to Go Fishing When the Snapper Season in Florida Starts?

There are actually five states within the US Mexico Gulf where you can reel amazing Red Snappers. Included in these is the state of Florida where has been visited by many anglers when the snapper season in Florida starts. Let’s have a quick glance around those great fishing charters in Florida and to the other states in the Gulf of Mexico.


when is snapper season in florida

Fishing within the state of Florida is really enjoyable during the weekend. Opportunities are widely open in Florida for fishing activities like the Florida Panhandle, Fort Walton Beach, and Pensacola. You are also welcome to fish within Destin, which is the state’s fishing capital, and to Panama City Beach. 


Basically, the Florida Panhandle offers a great fishing adventure and an excellent angling action. It generally gives off shallow flats and even deep waters in the offshore as it resides within the northwestern region. Within the Florida Panhandle, you can actually see the following wonderful bays like the Apalachee Bay, Apalachicola Bay, and the Choctawhatchee Bay.

These bays are the home of healthy water creatures so you can never be disappointed to catch Bull Redfish, Snappers, Mackerel, Spotted Seatrout, Sheephead, and Flounders. Moreover, during its season, you can also able to see some Tarpons there. Other water creatures that can be found within Florida Panhandle are the Tuna, Amberjack, Cobia, Groupers, Wahoo, Marlin, and Sailfish.

  • Rules & Regulations in Fishing within Florida Panhandle
  1. Fishing with a licensed fishing charter
  2. Catching a fish while being accompanied by a professional guide

Travelling to Fort Walton Beach only takes around 12 miles from Choctawhatchee Bay. This fishing charter offers lots of amazing things to enjoy. It includes the inshore bays to reefs within the nearshore and also the Gulf deep waters. 

when is snapper season in florida - red snapper

Within Choctawhatchee Bay and Santa Rosa Round, you can experience a great catch of Gator Spotted Seatrout, Bull Redfish, great-tasting Flounder, and the Sheepshead. Moreover, during summer, you can also have the opportunity to get along with the Tarpon. Moreover, along the East Pass, there can be found the Blue Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Cobia, Amberjack, Gag Grouper, and Kingfish. 

  • Rules & Regulations in Fishing within Fort Walton Beach
  1. Fishing with a licensed fishing charter
  2. A professional guide will be monitoring the updated bag and size limits 

The actual location of Pensacola is within the end of Florida Panhandle in the western part. Actually, the primary angling spot in Florida is the Pensacola. Bays, grassy flats, and reefs can be wonderfully found within the sandy beaches. Moreover, Pensacola has great things to offer once you access the deep waters offshore. 

There is an abundant population of the Bull Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Flounder, and Sheepshead. Additionally, during the summer season, Mackerel and Pompano are engaging within the mouth of the bay or you can also find Tarpon. When the Snapper Season in Florida hits the state, all the focus emphasizes to the reefs. Aside from that, you can also take home good meats of Amberjack, Cobia, Groupers, and Triggerfish.

  • Rules & Regulations in Fishing within Fort Walton Beach
  1. Fishing with a licensed fishing charter including those on board
  2. Strictly follow the designated fishing season and the bag and fish size limits
  3. A professional guide will also be available to assist you in staying within the law 

The other Mexico Gulf States to Fish In


Having a total of 27 Red Snapper schedules last season, Alabama has lots to offer within this year. You may experience great fishing activities within the Orange Beach or Gulf Shores in this state.  


Louisiana generally provides great Red Snapper fishing activities and various local charters. It is here in this state where the Red Snapper world record had been found. It actually has an amazing weight of 50 pounds. Within Louisiana, you can also find Venice which is a great launchpad among recreational anglers.


Among the other states within the Gulf, Mississippi also contains a shocking Red Snapper track record. Moreover, you can have a great opportunity to bring home large-sized Snapper once you explore the Biloxi or Gulfport.

when is snapper season in florida - mississippi

The state of Texas has been very famous for Red Snapper season within the state waters all year-round. There reside Galveston, Port Aransas and South Padre that generally offer good catches of Red Snapper.

Wrapping Up

Snappers are amazing fish which belong to the large-sized fish species. There are actually good tasting that’s why many anglers are opting for the Snapper season every year. Within the Mexico Gulf, five states are homes of healthy populations of Red Snappers. Florida is one of these states where Snappers can be seen. 

But, when is Snapper season in Florida for this year? Basically, Florida’s Snapper season is different from other Mexico Gulf states. And there also have other fishing rules and regulations including to this is the bag and fish size limits. However, engaging in this fishing activity, you can really enjoy catching a Red Snapper.