Best Halibut Fishing in Oregon – 8 Charters to Book!

Did someone said ‘40 lbs. halibut’? If so, Oregon is the place to be! These sea giants may not be easy to find, but the right charter will increase your chances of hooking a large catch. In this post, I listed and reviewed 8 of the trusted charters in the state guaranteed to give you the best halibut fishing in Oregon for a low cost.

While you can always launch a boat and fish on your own, nothing beats having a local guiding you. These people know where to find the biggest fishes and how to hook them. Trust me, your fishing experience would be more enjoyable with the right charter. I’ve been with some of them before, and I’m never disappointed. The following are some of the Oregon halibut charters I recommend:

1. Yaquina Bay Charters (Newport, OR)

best halibut fishing in Oregon
Photo Credits – Yaquina Bay Charters

If you’re looking for the ultimate halibut charter, you should book a fishing experience with Yaquina Bay Charters. They can bring you right where the fishes can be hooked.

You can reserve a private charter for your group or joint trips with other anglers. For their halibut charters, you can book a 12-hour trip.

Their two vessels can carry 12 anglers each without being too cramped. Also, they will provide the fishing rod, so you can fish even if you forgot to bring your tackle. You’ll also fish the whole time, and there’s no queueing or waiting on the boat.

I also like the Yaquina Bay Charters because they offer a free crabbing experience on their halibut trips. You just have to secure a crabbing license. However, you should note that this bonus is highly weather-dependent.

As for the pricing, offshore halibut fishing costs $240 together with crabbing. For 10-hour nearshore trips, it will only cost you $165. However, you’d have to pay an extra $20 for crabbing if you wish.

Contact info: 1-866-465-6801 or (541)265-6800 |

2. Garibaldi Charters (Garibaldi, OR)

best halibut fishing in Oregon
Photo Credits – Garibaldi Charters

For those who are headed near Tillamook Bay, the Garibaldi Charters is a smart option. They offer deep sea fishing charters, whether it’s for halibut, tuna, salmon, and more. Also, they have a large team headed by Captain Chad, Captain Tamara, and Deckhand Terry.

Their halibut fishing trips cost $250. It already includes a 12-hour trip for up to 30 miles offshore. They will also provide all the tackle and filleting after the trip. Please take note that they fish as deep as 800 feet, so there’s a high chance you’re going to hook large flat fishes.

Aside from halibut fishing, Garibaldi Charters also offer rockfish, lingcod, crabbing, salmon, and tuna fishing. If you want, you can also avail of their whale watching trip for $600. They also offer eco-tours and ashes at sea.

Contact info: 1-800-900-HOOK (4665) |

3. Sharkys Charters (Charleston, OR)

best halibut fishing in Oregon
Photo Credits – Sharkys Charters

Located in Charleston, OR, Sharkys Charters is the perfect choice if you’re bringing the entire family for a fishing vacation. They also offer individual bookings for various fishes, including halibut.

For their halibut trip, you’d pay $350, which includes the tackle, bait, and bottled water. You have to pay for the cost of the tag and the license, which is pretty reasonable. Each trip will last for 8 hours or once the angler catches one halibut, which is the bag limit in Oregon.

Take note that halibut fishing is always weather-dependent. In case the weather doesn’t permit, Sharkys Charters will switch to bottom fishing for a smaller fee.

Once you’re done fishing, your catch will be processed and packaged. This will cost $10, which includes vacuum packing, storing, and freezing.

With Sharkys Charters, the fishing boat will be manned by Captain John Blanchard. He has a degree in marine biology, and he will help you find the best spots for halibut.

Contact info: (541) 260-9110 

4. All Depth Charters (Newport, OR)

Photo Credits – All Depth Charters

If you’re looking for a charter that takes smaller groups, you should consider the All Depth Charters. They offer various ocean trips, including two halibut fishing packages.

You can choose from an 8-hour nearshore trip for $225 and a 10-hour all-depth trip for $275. Take note that the nearshore fishing trip is only available from June to October, while the all-depth package is offered from May to August. Also, they require at least two anglers for the trip.

They utilize drift fishing, so make sure that you bring a change of clothes as well as snacks.

Aside from halibut, they also offer trips for salmon, rockfish, and crabbing. They also offer river trips for steelhead fishing, which is available from November to April.

All the trips are headed by Captain Gregory D Niles, who boasts of 25 Tons Masters from the USCG. You’re guaranteed safe under his watch, not to mention his exemplary knowledge of halibut fishing.

Contact info: 541-961-8037 |

5. Big Johnson’s Guide Service (Tillamook, OR)

Are you visiting Tillamook, OR soon? Make sure that you book a fishing charter with the Big Johnson’s Guide Service. They will take you to the most halibut-rich spots in Tillamook Bay. You’ll also get to hook steelhead, sea bass, and more.

Moreover, they have a 16-feet fishing boat with enough room for four anglers. Captain Jamison will be heading the trip, and he’s also the one to fillet your catch right after.

You can book private or shared full-day trips with Big Johnson’s Guide Service. All trips are 8 hours long and start at 6 am. Just note that these are seasonal trips and highly weather-dependent.

For the halibut trip, you’re going to pay $200 for each angler. It’s one of the cheapest charters you can find in Oregon, not to mention the personalized approach you’re going to enjoy.

Contact info: +1 503-812-6403 |

6. Woody’s Northwest Fishing Fun (Depoe Bay, OR)

Depoe Bay is one of the most prolific spots in Oregon when it comes to halibut fishing. If you’re headed here, you might as well book a fishing trip with Woody’s Northwest Fishing Fun.

Woody’s will provide all the tackle you need to hook a large catch. The only thing you have to do is arrive with a fishing license and excitement to cast your line. This charter will take you to Tillamook Bay and surrounding bodies of water for fishing.

Aside from halibut fishing, you can also go crabbing with Woody’s. One of the highlights of Woody’s is their fishing trips in the Pacific Ocean. It will put your angling skills to the test. You’ll also get the chance to experience whale watching.

All the trips with Woody’s last for 8 hours for $225. It’s a package where you can hook halibut, steelhead, tuna, and other bottom fishes.

Contact info: 503-812-4031

7. Pastime Fishing Adventures (Portland, OR)

Photo Credits – Pastime Fishing Adventures

Are you going around to Oregon for the ultimate fishing vacation? If so, you should contact Pastime Fishing Adventures. They provide guided fishing trips all the way from Newport, Lincoln City, Tillamook, Depoe Bay, Astoria, Willamette, and Columbia River.

For their halibut trips, the boat will be manned by Captain Don. In the past years, Capt. Don has seen 35 to 75 lbs. of halibut hooked into his boat. He has more than 15 years of experience guiding anglers who wish to hook a large catch in Oregon.

Since Pastime Fishing Adventures is quite popular, you should book your angling ahead to secure your slot.

Don makes you feel like a friend, so you’ll have a great time fishing. He always goes above and beyond with the tips and techniques to ensure that all anglers on the boat will have a catch.

With this charter, you can choose from three packages. There’s a shared full day fishing for $200. For those on a budget, there’s a half-day fishing package worth $125, where your catch will be bagged and filleted for you.

Meanwhile, for those who want to splurge with a group, the $800 private charter is undoubtedly worth it. It’s good for four people and 8 hours of fishing.

Contact info: (503) 510-1100 |

8. Caleb’s Guide Services (Portland, OR)

My last pick for this roundup is Caleb’s Guide Services. He provides guided fishing trips all over Oregon and Washington for as low as $225 per person with four anglers on board. For half-day fishing, Caleb Runyan charges $175 per person and $300 for private trips.

If you wish private guidance, you can book ahead but for a higher cost. Nevertheless, Caleb will provide all the tackle, including rods, lures, and bait. You’ll go home with sturgeon, steelhead, salmon, halibut, and more on your bag.

Caleb has over 10 years of experience fishing and guiding anglers. While younger than other captains, Caleb will give you a memorable and prolific fishing experience. You won’t go home without a catch!

Contact info: 503-680-1429 |

Tips in fishing halibut

For the best halibut fishing in Oregon, you should keep these tips in mind. These are just some of my secrets that help me hook a large catch:

  • Use fillets for baits. When it comes to halibut, steak baits aren’t the most appealing. Instead, use fillets since it releases more odor to the water. It’s likely to get you aggressive bites from hungry halibuts.
  • Sharpen your hooks. You’ll never know when a 60 lbs. halibut will come biting at your bait. When that time comes, your hook should be sharp enough to dig through the fish’s flesh securely.
  • Big fish, big bait. If you’re aiming for big fish, you should cast an equally large bait. Otherwise, smaller fishes will come snacking right at your line. Just imagine using a salmon head as bait. A small halibut won’t spend too much time trying to nip into it. The bigger ones will bite right through.
  • Wait for the right season. In Oregon, the recreational halibut season kicks off in the last weeks of April and throughout May. It happens again during August, where you’ll likely get a large catch.
  • Take it easy with reeling. It’s easy to get excited when a large halibut bites your hook. However, reeling it too fast may just break the line. Instead, use constant pressure and reel in it bit by bit. Once the halibut is on the surface, gaff it into your boat.
  • Utilize a chum bag. Is your catch scarce lately? If so, throw a chum bag into the water to attract large fishes. It has a strong scent, but avoid using rotten or spoiled fish as the awful smell will put off any fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you catch halibut in Oregon?

A: Yes, you can hook large halibuts in Oregon during the right season. Usually, May and August are the best months. You should book a local charter to ensure that you’re going home with a catch. Also, the charter can lead you to the area where halibuts are often spotted.

Q: What is the limit on halibut in Oregon?

A: In Oregon, the daily bag limit for halibut is just one. An angler can only fish and bring home one halibut a day. This is to ensure that the fish population won’t be depleted fast. As for the size, there’s no limit, but authorities encourage putting small ones back to the water.

Q: How old is a 100-pound halibut?

A: A 100 lbs. halibut is a rarity. To know its age, you need to count the rings located on the fish’s otolith. It’s a bony structure right at the inner ear. The larger the fish is, the older it will be. However, the only way to tell its exact age is by slaughtering the catch and checking a special structure on its head.

Q: What does halibut taste like?

A: Halibut has a sweet but mild taste on its white flesh. Compared to cod, halibut is firmer and a bit thicker. This is why halibut is often cooked with bolder seasonings to balance its rather bland taste. Nevertheless, it will be a delicious fish in the hands of a skilled cook.

Q: Is halibut high in mercury content?

A: Unlike salmon, halibut is in the mid-range of mercury levels. Still, you should consume this fish in moderation, especially if you have sensitivities with the metal.

Final words

The best halibut fishing in Oregon is possible with the help of charters and guided trips. Instead of going on your own, you’ll be safer with a local taking you around. Also, it will guarantee that you’ll bring home a catch. Before you know it, you’re already enjoying a sumptuous halibut dish that you caught yourself.

Have you been in a halibut fishing charter before? How’s your experience? Let us know below!