Best Fishing Vacations In The US: Our Top Choices

Fishing is one of the most undervalued hobbies of modern man. It’s a hobby that can be done almost anywhere, requires a minimum amount of skill, and only asks for small gear. It’s also a social pleasure. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to travel to some of the most remote and stunning places in the country. Also, it’s sophisticated enough to encourage a newbie to do more technical work. In this article, you will know about the best fishing vacations in the US.

Best Fishing Vacations In The US

best fishing vacations in the us

Do you love to fish in the lakes or rivers? Do you prefer deep-sea fishing in the open ocean? Out of a pier or a boat? Have you traveled the globe in search of the best fishing trips, or have you just dreamed of what’s beyond your local pond? 

The United States has some of the most incredible fishing destinations in the world, each thrilling in its own way. Experience the pleasure, relaxation, and sporting spirit of fishing in a new place, whether you’re catching wild Salmon in Alaska or mahi-mahi in Hawaii. Here are the best fishing vacations in the US!

Lake Champlain, New York, and the VT

We’re not going to say that you have a chance to catch Champ on your Lake Champlain fishing trip, but that wouldn’t be a hell of a story if you did. Other than an extinct sea monster, you’re looking at a list of animals that reads like an angling bucket list. Large and smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, chain pickerel, brown bullhead, canal catfish, yellow perch, lake trout, landlocked Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout, and rainbow smelt are the only ones listed in the Lake Champlain Basin System.

If that list wasn’t enough, how easy is it to fish there? New York and Vermont have an arrangement that ensures that fishermen need to bend backward with two countries worth licenses and licenses. All of them is a number. The lake is the northeasterly boundary of New York and the northwesterly frontier of Vermont. I-87 in New York will take you to the East, while I-89 in Vermont will take you to the West.

Lake Pymatuning, PA 

We’re finding states that like to connect the lakes with their state borders. Pymatuning Lake passes through both Pennsylvania and Ohio, and both state fishing permits would allow you time on the water. Pennsylvania is probably the state that is taking the credit with this one, however.

Perhaps more than other journeys, Pymatuning is more about relaxing and mixing nature than anything else. Gas-powered vehicles are heavily frowned upon, if they’re not strictly prohibited, so your ride won’t be disrupted by a speedboat jackass. US 322, US 6, and PA 285 reach the south, north, and east coasts of Pymatuning State Park, respectively. It all depends on where you’re going to position yourself.

Driftless Field, MN, WI, IA, IL

Topographically, the Driftless Region is unique in nature. Somehow it avoided the incredible power of melting glaciers and a few separate incursions. The surrounding area is among the flattest on the globe, while the region itself has cliffs, hills, and rivers that equal some of the most picturesque parts of Europe or Asia.

In the Driftless Area, trout fishing is massive. All four States have ambitious management programs in place, but they still work through these initiatives to ensure safe trout fishing for recreational and skilled citizens alike. As long as you work inside them, you’re going to be in for a fantastic break.

The Driftless Field is covering a few counties, so you’re dealing for a reasonably wide area. The best way to discover is to get to the Scenic Byway of the Driftless Coast. It’s about 100 miles through Northeast Iowa.

Meeker, CO

If recent signs are something to go by, no one needs to be asked to find their way to Colorado. It’s a nice location with lots to come, not least some excellent fishing. Meeker is one such spot, fishing around it in the White River Valley, as well as in the city limits. Meeker promises a perfect combination of public and private fishing. They’ve all got their money. The public is open, but privacy can be a little bit more, well, private. Anyway, you’re not going to be short on big catches.

Meeker has its own terminal, so you can still take a look at the flights there. If you’re less likely to travel to those tiny areas and want to use Denver as your base, you can, but you’re going to be in for a bit of a drive. You’ll head west to I-70 before you turn north to Colorado 13. All and all, the journey is around 4 hours.

best fishing vacations in the us

Salmon, ID, 

The name says it all. Salmon is found in one of the most rugged and isolated areas of the lower 48 and is situated along the picturesque Salmon River. Rainbow, cutthroat, and brook trout fill out the fish you might hope to capture, and Idaho is one of the few US states with ocean-going Salmon and steelhead. 

Set in one of the most overlooked states in the world, Idaho combines a charming amount of ruggedness with creative fishing and a stunning venue. The chance to discover Boise (an overlooked and up-and-coming city) makes a trip to Salmon a perfect destination for urban and rural explorers.

If you want to make the trip as fast as possible, commercial flights are available to Idaho Falls (a two-hour drive from Salmon). Boise has a bigger airport and a longer drive (252 miles).


One of the best fishing grounds in North America, Homer, not only offers a scenic location and escape from the urban environment, but it also provides access to amazing Salmon (including spawning in the nearby river). Nearby, Kachemak Bay also offers a lot of halibut, ling-cod, and rockfish if you’re trying to diversify the haul. Alaska is really the last US boundary and the perfect escape for the outdoor man. Beautiful scenery, wild nature, and a special community make Homer a desirable destination.

It’s a little bit of a hike, but it’s worth the effort. Homer is about a five-hour drive from Anchorage, Alaska. If you want to fly, there are regular flights from Anchorage to Homer (the flight takes about 45 minutes).

Venice, LA

Located on the mouth of the Mississippi River, Venice provides one of the only areas where you’re sure to capture trout. Bass, redfish, and speckled trout round out the freshwater variety and keep you occupied for days to come. But if you’re having a day out on the coast, Venice also provides plenty more saltwater options, including marlin, sailfish, and tuna. 

Louisiana and then Venice delivers one of the most unusual cultural and topographical settings in the world. The presence of New Orleans is an additional advantage. You fly to Louis Armstrong International Airport and travel 90 miles to the west side of the Mississippi River.

Fields of Mammoth, CA

Surrounded by the magnificent Sierra Nevada Range, this spectacular place in Central California offers stunning scenery, a plethora of events, and some of the finest trout fishing on the West Coast. Placid lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Mammoth Lakes offers not only great fishing, but also mountain biking, climbing, and skiing. It’s also an open spot that can be accessed all year round.

Mammoth Yosemite Airport is just a 10-minute drive from downtown Mammoth Lakes and allows year-round commercial flights from LAX (Los Angeles).

TX, Lake Branch

Located 65 miles east of Dallas, in the Piney Woods area of Texas, Lake Fork provides some of the finest bass fishing in the world. You’re going to Lake Fork for one reason and just one reason: to catch some fish. Bigmouth and white bass keep swimming and have fun for your whole holiday. The Holy Grail of freshwater fish is the bass, and Lake Fork is the bass fishing mecca. 

The chance to invest some time in cowboy-centric Fort Worth is a good perk if you’re trying to diversify your break. You’re flying to DFW Airport and renting a car for a quick hour’s drive to the bass fishing paradise.

Lewes, DE

Delaware beaches are regularly highly rated for the overall standard of holidays, so you’re already beginning with what’s almost a certainty that you’ll enjoy the region. Lewes is a little farther north than the normal Delaware beach suspects, which can keep you away from any of the bigger crowds without losing access to fantastic ocean fishing spots.

Flounder, tuna, and marlin are all popular catches in ocean fishing off the coast of Delaware. There are also freshwater and bay fishing areas nearby, if that’s your style. You get to unwind in a nice little town when you get back to the beach.

Delaware is almost precisely halfway up the East Coast, which means that if you can reach I-95, you can reach Delaware, but you’ll still need to turn to Route 1 to get to the city. If you’re trying to fly, Philly is a decent airport, but New Castle County has a smaller one that also has cheaper flights in and out.

Best Fishing Vacations In The US: Best Fishing Resorts

Near to everything, these are the best fishing vacations in the US: fishing resorts, where sports lovers can enjoy their passion for the water.

Montana: Paws Up 

The Resort in Paws Up, an unusual resort in the wild Montana area that popularized the glamor trend, is an angler’s retreat in the Golden Triangle of West Forelian Fishing. The Cliffside and Pinnacle Camps are both tents for honeymooners and even unmarried guests who bunk in the blend of nature, luxury, and romance.

Emerson Resort & Spa, New York

Situated two hours from New York City in the north of Catskill, opposite the stored Esopus Creek trout dam, Emerson is an Upper New York gem and an oasis of peace and quiet. 

In the nearby town of Phoenice, you will have the opportunity to take up anything you need, and the Memorial Angling Collection of the Phoenicia Library Jerry Bartlett includes books, rods and memorabilia, seminars, lectures, and special events celebrating the heritage of Catskill trout fishing and clean water. Non-Anglers should go to the resort spa or to the art and shopping scene near Woodstock.

Lake Placid Cabin, New York

Lake Placid Lodge is one of only two New York state properties sponsored by the leading fly fishing authority Orvis and is a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux Community, which means superior accommodation and simply fine cuisine. Choose a one-bedroom suite on the lakeside with a wood fireplace and a luxurious soaking bathroom.

Cheeca Lodge, Florida

The eco-friendly Cheeca Lodge, the sports fishing capital of the world in the Florida Keys, is 1 200 feet from the palm-fringed beach. 

The resort organizes fishing and diving for guests if they want to go for a relaxing holiday in the backcountry after a fantastic game of blue sea fish or hunting snook? Only cast a line over the fishing pier of the resort. The Presidential Sailfish Tournament, which takes place every January, is also held in Cheeca.

Idaho: Ranch Wapiti Meadow

Wapiti Meadow Creek is convenient and accessible, near to the Salmon River South Fork, a major spawning place for chinook salmon. This log cabin resort does not overlook the other pleasures of a holiday in addition to providing fly fishing instructions. Among the offers: cycling, wildlife tours, hiking, walks in nature, and more.

Georgia: Sea Island Cloister

This five-star resort comprises the manor-like Closter, the manor-like Cabin, the casual Inn, the cottages’ privacy, and Broadfield’s seclusion. The Cloister is a popular retreat renowned for its Southern hospitality. It provides access to some of the finest fishing holidays on the East Coast. You can fish and crab right outside the pier, or go fishing Hobie kayak on the salt marsh. Charter a Cruise and bring home tuna, marlin, mackerel, cobia, barracuda, or sailfish for an underwater adventure.

Best Fishing Vacations In The US: Reasons For A Fishing Family Holiday

best fishing vacations in the us

If you’re looking for a perfect family holiday, a fishing trip will give your whole gang excitement and adventure. People of all ages will enjoy the time spent in water, creating memories with loved ones. No matter if you are an experienced angler, check out the following advantages of a fishing lodge holiday.

1. Period of bonding

After you put lures on the hooks and cast out the lines, it may take a while for the fish to bite. Luckily, this leaves a lot of time to chat and catch up with your children, your spouse, and other family members. Teaching loved ones how to fish would also result in a lot of fun and unforgettable mishaps.

2. Relaxation 

One of the key reasons for your family holiday is to relax and relieve yourself of the everyday burden of life. If you’re sitting on the edge of the serene waters of the lake or cruising on a cruise, your stress levels will easily dissipate. In reality, the whole family would profit from being present with nature and from letting go of their electronic devices.

3. Exercise yourself.

Although fishing is a low-impact sport, you can still have a good workout by trying to catch fish. You and your family are just going to do a lot of walking along the river shore. This sport often includes the regular use of fine motor skills, which help to keep the mind active. Best of all, fishing is a perfect exercise for the arms and back muscles while tossing lines and catching fresh catches!

Best Fishing Vacations In The US: The Advantages Of Fishing Vacations

There are so many health benefits that you can derive from fishing. So, when you’re sitting at home and preparing your next family holiday this summer, why don’t you suggest a week-long fishing trip to the 10,000 Islands with your dad? It’s a fun way to avoid the hustle and bustle of life, and it can also give you and your family a multitude of health benefits that you might not have considered before.

These health benefits include: enhancing and increasing the whole body and upper body strength; fostering greater relaxation that contributes to lower stress levels; helping to strengthen the immune system; helping to enhance cardiovascular health while burning up to 200 calories per hour; improving balance, flexibility and core strength; and eating the fish you catch provides lean protrusion.

In all these health benefits, you can also experience a great family bonding time and master the art of resilience and self-reliance. It’s exactly what the doctor sometimes ordered to getaway. What better way to relax and enjoy nature and the great outdoors than by trying your hand at fishing?

More Information

Fishing is also a perfect way to show your kids the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, and it will keep them away from the distractions and mind-blowing video games, laptops, and mobile phones that all kids seem to be addicted to these days.

Many mental health benefits associated with fishing can also be found. Fishing can help improve self-confidence, teach problem-solving skills, foster critical thinking, and further enhance social interaction.

There are a lot of fishing spots in the 10,000 Islands region that will be the ideal place for a weekend, and you’re sure to catch something that’s worth a shot. Moreover, there are so many different places and locations to choose from and a variety of different species of fish that you will have the opportunity to catch in the warm summer months.

There are so many rivers, wetlands, and island areas you can choose from, and you can most likely experience and capture fish from more than a dozen species on a single trip. You can also charter a cruise for your next holiday and see more than the islands have to offer. There’s no lack of fun or fish when you want to take advantage of the mental and physical benefits that you will see from a fishing trip with your family this summer.

Best Fishing Vacations In The US: Why Fishing Is Popular

Nowadays, fishermen fish for a multitude of purposes. Although many people choose to engage in the sport to catch an evening meal, others actually enjoy fishing as a hobby. So, why are there so many people fishing?

1) It’s a major stress reliever.

Life is hectic, and fishing is a perfect way to get back on track. It encourages people to slow down and consider the world around them. Being outside and talking to fellow anglers helps tension melt away.

2) It’s good for your physical and mental health.

Besides being a great stress reliever, fishing can be meditative and the perfect way to relax. Because fishing is an outdoor sport, anglers are exposed to mood-enhancing sunlight and are more likely to experience the physical sport.

3) It encourages bonding.

Fishing is not necessarily a solo sport. The Angler also loves socializing. In addition, fishing is a perfect sport for families and groups of friends.

4) It’s very fun.

For many, fishing is just a really fun pastime. It’s a break from reality, a chance to sit back and forget about their troubles. Plus, it’s fun to pull in a huge catch! Lots of people just fish for the excitement factor.

5) Everyone can do that.

Fishing is a wonderful sport for people of all ages. Parents and grandparents will teach children new skills that will lead to adulthood.

Best Fishing Vacations In The US: Fishing Basics

If you are a beginner, here are some basic tips you should know when visiting the best fishing vacations in the US.

Freshwater fishing

Whether it’s a lake, a marsh, a stream, or a river, you’re most likely to have a freshwater location nearby. Great for beginners, freshwater fishing needs very little equipment and can be enjoyed on land.

About 40% of the fish is a freshwater form. That include crappie, Salmon, walleye, catfish, bass, and trout. If you can choose to fish on land or from shore, you can also fish by boat or from a bridge.

Saltwater Fishing

From shore or by boat, saltwater fishing can be a great opportunity for beginners. Depending on the fish you intend to catch, you may need special equipment, so it’s best to consult a professional before venturing. Fishing from the beach is an excellent choice for first-timers. The types of fish that you can catch are practically limitless.

best fishing vacations in the us

Sea Fishing 

You can catch fish from almost any sea. This method of fishing is perfect, whether you have freshwater or saltwater in the area. Check with a local fisherman to find out what kind of fish is biting in your town. This will help you decide what kind of bait you want to pick up.

Catch and Release

People who fish for fun or relaxation can opt for catching and releasing fish, which simply means throwing fish back after catching. This style of fishing allows the angler to take extra care when extracting the hook from the fish.

Fly Fishing

You’re going to need a fly rod, reel, and artificial flies to try your hand at fly fishing. This form of fishing can be carried out in both freshwater and saltwater locations. Depending on the type of fish you intend to catch, you will need to learn a few techniques and pick up some special equipment.

Ice Fishing

You may be keen on ice fishing if you enjoy cold weather. The ice needs to be dense enough to walk on, and you’re going to have to pick up some special equipment and learn a few techniques for ice fishing. You’re going to need an ice ax, for example, to dig holes in frozen waters. Many ice anglers are bringing portable shelters.

Boat Fishing

Fancy a day out on the beach, huh? Fishing by canoe is a perfect way to take in the local scenery and catch some fish in the process. Canoes are pretty easy for beginners to navigate; you’ll need to know how to float, paddle, and land your boat while you’re out on a canoe.


If you’re looking for a challenge, give up paddleboard fishing a try. Not only are you going to catch fish, you’re going to get an incredible full-body workout. Kayak fishing and bass fishing are also very common.

Best Fishing Vacations In The US: Fishing Essentials

If you’re fishing from land or the ocean, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on your first trip. There are, however, a few important things that you may need to pick up. This shall include the following.

A license to fish.

Each state has its own rules and regulations. Find information about the rules for your state, along with links to buy a license here.

A rod and a reel

For adults, use the spinning rod and the reel. Choose a rod/reel combination for girls. Choose a rod that fits comfortably in your palm. Many beginners select close-facing reels, though open-facing models are still available and are mostly preferred by experts. The telescopic rod is suitable for those who appreciate portability and comfort.

Fishing line

A monofilament fishing line is recommended. Look for a line with an 8-pound test on the label when catching small fish.


You’re going to need clippers to cut your fishing line. Easy nail clippers are going to do that.

Hooks and weights

Combo kits are a great choice for beginners, as they contain a range of different types of hooks and weights. Look for hooks between sizes 6 and 10 for small fish. Note: If you’re looking to capture and release, try finding ring hooks that are more fish-friendly than most other hooks.

Split shots

These tiny metal weights clip on your fishing line.

Plastic nozzles

These cheap bobbers are floating and will let you know when the fish begin to bite.


Many sports goods stores and shops sell live bait, which is suitable for most fishing locations. You should be able to find minnows, crickets, and nightcrawlers in most supermarkets. Ask for advice on bait for nearby fishing spots. If live bait is not an option, opt for a fluffy, plastic artificial bait.

Final Words

There are a lot of places to fish, and they’re probably closer than you think. Including a variety of national wildlife refuges! Look for a weedy or rocky place where the water is a few feet deep. Look for places where the bottom changes in some way — from sand to gravel or sand to mud. Keep quiet and don’t interrupt the water, or you can scare the fish away. First, bait the hook. Swing the bait as far away from the shore as you can and watch the bobber. When a fish bites, fasten the tip of the rod to set the hook and roll your catch in. 

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for fishing at the best fishing vacations in the US. If you’re only looking to spend a few hours relaxing on the water or hoping to pull in a record catch, head to one of these top destinations to make the most of your next fishing trip.