10 Best Fishing Vacations In The World

While most of us fish on our own backyards, we dream of traveling to some of the best fishing destinations. Dreaming and planning are two very different things, and sometimes it helps to have a list of the best fishing vacations in the world. 

Whether you’re an expert fishing angler or a fan of temperate waters, a fishing trip is an excellent way to relax with friends and family. That said, an extraordinary place to tackle the activity is a must. What are the best fishing vacations in the world? Here’s what you should know!

Best Fishing Vacations In The World

Whether you usually flip bass off the Atlantic oceans in Arkansas or bottom fish, these best fishing vacations in the world are on your bucket list.


best fishing vacations in the world

There’s plenty of ground to cover here, and literally. Maybe you’ll be most attracted by mooching for king salmon or sinking halibut appetizers in the Inner Passage. Perhaps you’d prefer fly fishing for squid fishing at the edge of the Arctic and perhaps casting silver lures on a shoreline river. 

Whatever you can pump your blood is sure: clean waters, majestic mountains, and an untouched Alaskan wilderness call all fishers. 

In addition, there are innumerable guided and self-managed opportunities across the state, so you can get insider knowledge or do things yourself, as you choose. Keep your eyes peeled in these areas, and you are very fortunate to spot wildlife like bears, moose, and bald eagles.



If you want to fish flats for bonefish, permit, and tarpon, make this your next destination. The country is easy to travel, only a few hours away from the south of the United States, and has better protected and preserved the fragile flats than anywhere else. 

In addition, if you move into deeper waters, from snook to grouper, you will find everything. Or head offshore and marlin, sailfish, and so on can be targeted. Belize is the only place in Central America in which English is the official language, so your guide is easy to understand.

Cairns, Australia

best fishing vacations in the world

This is a top location for big game fishers searching for a black marlin with more than 1,000 pounds. Called “grander,” this size is more giant black marlin than elsewhere in the world. As a result, an established, experienced charter fleet exists. 

There are great possibilities for fishing for the reef (coral truffle, barracuda, clumping), surfing (barracuda, permit, queenfish), and also fishing freshwater (barramundi, grunter, jungle perch).

Chesapeake Bay

frozen chesapeake bay

Striped bass is the most common gamefish on the eastern seashore, and those hunting for a trophy must visit the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland in the spring trophy season. This is when the large bruiser, some with a weight of more than 50 pounds, leads to freshwater to spawn. According to NOAA scientists, from Canada to Florida, 70% to 90% of the Atlantic shoreline stockpiles of migratory striped bass spawn in the Chesapeake region. 

Fishers can troll on stripers, cast jigs with a lighter tackle, or use cut bait in the open bay, and keep one trophy a day. Anglers who catch and release only thrills and pictures can go into certain areas closer to the spawning ground and cast their lures for these lunars. 

While in Maryland, try official and incredibly delicious food, such as blue crabs. People harvest it from the waters of the Chesapeake.


best fishing vacations in the world

This may be quite a great fishing destination, but the waters off the central coast of Kenya have one thing else you won’t find: the most significant array of fish. It is not impossible here to hook in blue marlin, marlin striped, black marlin, sailfish, swordfish, and spearfish — all on the same day. 

There are several resorts, including some with charter fleets. As this is a popular European fishing destination for decades, there are plenty of experienced, well-respected guides and charter boats to choose from.

Illinois, Chicago


Free-flowing water may be the general expectation of a fishing trip, but fishing in a landlocked frozen lake is awesome. In particular, the Midwest and Lake Michigan have some of the best-frozen fishing areas in the USA. And while the wide lake has lots of options, we prefer Illinois — namely to make a hole in the Fox Chain O’Lakes.

Salmon River, New York

Salmon River

If you’re looking for top class salmon fishing, just look for the Salmon River in New York. A huge sport fishing spot, the river is popular in spring, winter, and fall among competing anglers. Camping is permitted on the shores of Lake Ontario if you decide to sleep where you fish. 

For those who like to combine sport with comfortable accommodation, we recommend that you drive for three hours to Buffalo, where you can choose from a variety of hotels and take advantage of the good fishing on Lake Erie, home to steelheads, salmon and trout.

Khao Thong, Thailand

If you like the fresh cold air of the Salmon River, then the tropical climate of Khao Thong in Thailand will be much more to your liking. Krabi Province and the legendary Gillhams Fishing Resort are among the world’s largest tropical fishing destinations. 

The majestic lakes in the area are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and mountains and are full of a variety of species, from catfish to Siamese carp.

Florida Keys

best fishing vacations in the world

The Florida Keys have covered you with some of the best fishing in the world between Key Largo, Marathon and Islamorada. Throw yourself into a great climate, a beautiful landscape, and hotel options, and you can see why this fishing destination is so popular all year long. 

Boat charters are easy to organize, and hotels are often prepared to bring you to the best places with their own expert guides. The range of fishes, from big barracuda to the more modest snapper, is suitable for all skill levels.

Great Abaco Island, Bahamas


Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas is the place to go for those looking for marlin. The main attraction here is sea fishing, with first-class sailors who cater to the large number of boats that look for the ultimate catch. 

The resorts on the island often have fisher guides and staff experts to take you to the best places. Fly-fishers will enjoy the incredible saltwater flats around the island of Abaco.

Planning The Perfect Fishing Vacation

You want your fishing holiday to be your best experience. It can be one of the few times the whole family can get together and relax on the water, with busy work and school schedules. If you wonder what kind of things you can do or break your fishing holiday experience, consider each of these proposals while you are planning.

Further Research

Advanced research means asking for recommendations from friends and other knowledgeable anglers. 

Read online reviews while limiting your choices and call or email to ask about the conditions you plan to travel for. It is essential to learn about the best seasons and consider the tides in coastal fishing spots.

Consider The Nature

Mother Nature, you can not predict, but you can take proactive action. You may want to consider buying travel insurance covering canceled flights or lost equipment. 

Plans also to reach your holiday destination with a full day to spare before your fishing trip. Note that flights and transfers can change with little to notice whether you are fishing with a guide or in a new area alone.

Fishing Equipment and Fishing Gear

Think about the type of fishing gear and the level of experience you are used to. If you would like to go on a fly fishing trip to Florida, ask what kind of fishing gear is supplied (or if you will have to bring your own) and what level of expertise you need in order to be able to catch a fish. 

Consider the weather conditions as different conditions may require you to bring additional equipment, such as a rain jacket or additional clothing layers.

Be Ready 

As you prepare your fishing holidays, ask for customary tipping procedures at the resort or lodge, and contact the guides or captains with whom you plan to fish. Make sure you inquire about any fishing licenses, permits or regulations you may need or should know about.

Have Backup Plans

Have a backup plan and the possibility to be flexible if the weather does not cooperate or if there is a shortage of expected fish species. This means that you are flexible enough to change your offshore fishing schedule into a coastal day. 

Or maybe it means bringing lures that will work for various fish species if the particular species you hoped to catch are not as active as you had hoped.

Final Words

Many people go fishing, and when you ask people why it’s their favorite hobby, they answer that fishing relieves them from stress, and they feel free. When you go fishing for a river or for a pool, you experience and see a completely different environment than your everyday life.

Therefore, if you want a great fishing trip, start planning exactly what you want and how much you are prepared to spend. Do it right, and you can have an unforgettable fishing trip at the best fishing vacations in the world.