Bike Fishing Rod Holders

If you live near a body of water such as a lake or river, you may want to go on a weekend angling adventure with only your bike and fishing equipment. You may be looking for a fishing rod holder specifically for a bike to make your trip safe and comfortable. It is crucial to know the best bike fishing rod holders for your bike. Once you have this device, it will take your angling trips to another level. It will keep everything secure and smooth. You can go to remote fishing spots with your bike without any trouble.

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FAQ- bike fishing rod holders

Bike Fishing Rod Holders

How do you travel with a fishing pole on a bike?

It is important to get some cables and put them through the holes in the fishing pole. Afterward, tie the wire to the mainframe of the bike. Remove the extended part of the cable. Now you are ready to put the rod onto the pole.

How do you carry along a fishing rod?

You may want to utilize our trailer fishing rod holder. Mount it on a truck and then transport vertically. You can place the rods in it without worrying about the tackle.

Bike fishing rod holders– buying guide

You may find that selecting the best bike fishing rod holder is stressful. You may be gripped with doubt since you don’t know what will work for your needs. There are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a bike fishing rod holders. These include:

  • Is a bike fishing rod holder worth your money?
  • What are the benefits of buying a bike fishing rod holders?
  • What features should you consider before purchasing the bike fishing rod holders?
  • Why is it vital to put your money on bike fishing rod holders?
  • What are the current models that are available in the markets? What is the best?
  • Why is it important to invest in a bike fishing rod holder, especially the best one?

You probably have a lot of questions running on your mind, and the best way to satisfy your thirst for the information is to look at the reviews and information found online. It is crucial to invest time in research before making your purchase. You will also likely find that our list of best bike fishing rod holders will be substantial in your quest for information.

Look for the following factors before your purchase:

  • Brand Value
  • Features & Specifications
  • Product Value
  • Customer Reviews & Ratings
  • Quality and Durability

How to make your own bike fishing rod holders


Cut a few pieces of PVC into 8-inch pieces using a miter saw.

Prep the End-Caps

Take the two rubber and caps and bore a hole on each one. You may utilize a pocket knife that is extremely sharp but make sure your cutting blade is razor-sharp to keep your blade’s optimal control. Secure the rubber pieces you have cut out of the endcap since you will be using it later.

Attach Conduit Hangers to Rack

You may want to test it on the hanger with the PVC. Draw a line where the hanger will be attached to the PVC. Leave sufficient space for the end plugs that will be screwed onto the bottom of the PVC.

Mark the PVC and set it aside. Cut a piece of the flat plate so that it has five holes. Place a machine screw through the conduit hanger, the outer hole on the flat keys, and a hole in the license plate holder and screw on the nuts. Repeat the same thing on the other side. You can secure it once the PVC is attached, and you can adjust the angles.

Place the first PVC piece with endcap on top of the conduit hanger and tighten it. Make sure you follow the mark you made earlier when you were checking for tire clearance.

Attach the End-Plugs and Bracket

The end plugs are pretty functional. When you adjust the wingnut, it expands the rubber grommet within the PVC and secures it in place. But more vitally, it offers another point for stability for the rod holder.

Cut a piece of a flat plate with four holes in it. Ensure there is a curve in the middle but just enough to fully insert into the PVC. Remove the screw of the end plug wingnut and insert the flat plate. Repeat the same with the other side.

Place the plugs into the PVC through the bottom. Tie the wing until it is firm.

Afterward you can drop the scrap rubber piece within the holder. It will guard the end of your rod and case if it is extremely long.

Make sure your license plate holder can be removed

If your license plate holder’s plug is made of plastic, it can threaten your entire work’s stability. It is crucial to minimize the vibration and movement of the rod holder tubes since it can influence preserving the plug’s life. You may want to utilize the strap for this purpose.

Mount it up

you are now ready to pop your rods on the holder and go on in angling adventure.

A GUIDE TO BIKEFISHING- bike fishing rod holders

Bike Fishing Rod Holders

Choose the right bike

You can choose tons of great bikes from on the market that is good for a fishing expedition. There is always the right tool for the job. It is crucial that your bike can accommodate your fishing gear.

You may want to select a bike that has front and rear racks. It should have the capacity to be outfitted with storage bags. If you are navigating forest roads and rocky terrain and pass along streambanks, fat bikes are the ultimate companion. You may also want to have bright paint for your bike, so the color will pop out in the dense forest, making it easier to spot.

Choose the right bike for your goals. You may want to choose a basic bike without all the rackmount and bags if you’re not going to spend long hours fishing.


You will want to select the best shoes when you go on an angling expedition. Choose lightweight shoes since you will be traveling in challenging terrain, and you don’t need extra weight. You may want to choose footwear that is good in and out of the water and fast-drying. Choose lighter footwear as a way to save on weight and space and give optimum comfort.


fishing requires that you have every possible equipment you will ever need on hand. It is crucial not to bring extra weight and use the space on your bike optimally. Enhancements in bike packing bags have made carrying everything more effortless.

For short trips, you may want to utilize a waterproof backpack and wear a basic fly vest. When it comes to traveling overland, the overall rule is that there should be as little weight as possible on your body until you get off the bike.

Top 3 bike fishing rod holders



Product Name: A team Products Bike Fishing Rod Holder

Product Description: This is one of the most popular bike fishing rod holders in the past few years. It will allow you to go to local fishing spots without any stress. This bike fishing rod holders are extremely convenient than other products on the market. You can easily mount this bike fishing rod holders in just a second. If you are a beginner angler, this product is perfect for you. You can easily use your bike either with or without the rod rack. You can place your surf fishing rod on it. This bike fishing rod holders have multifunctional use. First off, the rod holders will make your journey safe. It will ensure that you have freedom of movement. Both of your hands will be on the handlebars all the time. These bike fishing rod holders are easy to install. It has four bolts that can hold it securely. It also gives you the option to clip it off the bike instantly. The rod is made with top-level materials so you can use it all year.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Materials
  • Design


Best of all, these bike fishing rod holders comes at an affordable price. This product only weighs 1.4 pounds. It is not a drag to bring along and will not make your bike heavy when you drive. Its attractive design will make you more stylish than others. Overall, these bike fishing rod holders might just be the perfect gift for the passionate fisherman in your life to make their pastime enjoyable.


  • Easily mounts on and off the bike in less than a second
  • For the occasional fishermen that want to use the bike with and without the rod rack
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars.


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

All-Rite Products Bike Spinning Rod Holder

Bike Fishing Rod Holders

If you’re looking for bike fishing rod holders that are affordable and make your bike fishing smoother, then this is the product you are looking for. It is a great combination of price and security. The unique feature of this bike fishing rod holders is its spinning ability. You can easily set it at your desired angle when you need to. You can also utilize it as a peer rod holder. The holder will allow you to make your journey safer while you carry your rod on your bike.

You don’t need to worry about these bike fishing rod holders getting loose our falling out. You will also put your rod in the correct place since this rod holder comes with a catch and release system. However, it should be noted that the holder will protect your rod in another way as well. All you have to do is add the mounting block with 2 bolts, afterward attached to the rod holder. Finally, you are all set.

This bike fishing rod holders allow you to attach it in multiple areas. You can put it to the seat, or the chain stays, or even at the axle. This bike fishing rod holders is specifically designed for the person who loves to fish and hunt. This bike fishing rod holders are just the right size for most bikes. It also works for ATV vehicles.

  • Safely carry your fishing rod behind you
  • Patented Catch & Release system locks rod into place
  • Attach the mounting block with the 2 included U-bolts
  • No negative reviews so far

All-Rite Products Double Spinning Rod Holder


This bike fishing rod holders is the best on the market. The rod holder comes with features that make it superior to the competition. The rod holder can hold a couple of rods at the same time. It will give you an advantage if you are a serious angler. Additionally, it will boost your opportunities in fishing. Another great feature of this bike fishing rod holders is the added safety system.

The holder holds the rod safely. It has a mechanism that allows the reel to slide down and lock it into the correct place so you can go to your fishing area without any hassle. Furthermore, this bike fishing rod holders secure the rod in two ways with the patented micro-grooves on the mounting block’s foot. It keeps the rod from moving, so your rods are kept safe as you drive. It is the best bike fishing rod holders for most bikes.

You can attach the holder to the rear axle as well. This rod Holder is also effortless to use. It utilizes the same system common to other holders. These bike fishing rod holders are affordable and will truly satisfy your needs. Its weight and size are perfect for travel. The only downside of this product is it doesn’t fit surf rods and bait casters. However, this is the best bike fishing rod holders when you are setting out on long distance fishing spots.

  • Patented micro-grooves on the bottom of the mounting block
  • All hardware included mounting to either an ATV or UTV
  • Can be attached directly to the rear axle of a bicycle
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

If there are many good fishing areas in your location, you may only need to bring a bike to reach these spots. It is crucial to travel light and only bring the necessary equipment for fishing. A bike allows you to travel hard to reach areas where prize fishing spots are. However, it would be best to travel lightly and smartly, making sure that all your equipment is secured. Utilizing bike fishing rod holders is a safety system that allows you to focus on driving your bike. You have the assurance that all your fishing gear, even the unwieldy ones, will arrive in one piece.