7 Best Surf Fishing Jackets to Keep You Warm

The best surf fishing jacket will protect you from various elements while you wait for a catch. Surf fishing is a challenging technique where you need to wait through saltwater and deal with the waves. So aside from wearing waders, you should also put on a fishing jacket. It’s an added protection, especially for long-fishing sessions on a cold day. 

In this post, I reviewed 7 jackets I swear by for surf fishing. It will keep outdoor elements off your upper body while trapping body heat for warmth.

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Simms Challenger
Fishing Rain Coat
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WindRider Pro Rain
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Grundéns Storm Surge
Fishing Jacket
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Waterproof Hoodie
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Riverruns Wading
Fishing Jacket
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Simms Freestone
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Pro Rain Jacket
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Do I really need a surf fishing jacket?

Most of the time, there’s a need to get into the water if you’re surf fishing. Also, the waves will come crashing at you. Unless you can tolerate being drenched the entire time, I suggest getting a fishing jacket. Trust me, even on a 70F day, getting soaked on a breezy beachfront will make you chilly (at least for me).

Aside from that, it’s not a good idea to let saltwater soak on your skin for too long. It will irritate your skin, and you’ll never know what marine creature will come sticking on your arms.

It can also get rainy while you fish, so a fishing jacket with a hoody is an excellent choice. While your fellow anglers are retreating for shelter, you can stay there and make the most out of your lines.

Lastly, a fishing jacket will also come in handy for other activities like hiking, hunting, or going out in the rain. It’s a versatile purchase that you’d want to have at your disposal.

Best Surf Fishing Jacket – My Top 7 Picks


MY TOP PICK: Simms Challenger Fishing Rain Coat
best surf fishing jacket

Product Name: Simms Challenger Fishing Rain Coat

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best surf fishing jacket, you’ll never go wrong with the Simms Challenger. This sports the Toray Fabric Technology made specifically for fishing. You can wade in confidence, and you’ll remain warm and dry with this jacket. Moreover, this is fitted with an adjustable storm hood with enclosures that protect the neck and chin. Everything is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about casting farther from the shore. Aside from that, this raincoat is made of QuadraLam fabric, a heavy-duty material that will last for years. It also has a micro-porous waterproof coating with a tricot backing. All of these are merged into one material so that nothing will peel off.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Material
  • Size and Fit
  • Waterproofing
  • Comfort


I also like the durable YKK nylon zippers that will not corrode even if soaked in saltwater. The jacket itself is also adjustable using the dual draw-cord bottom hem as well as the 3-point adjustable collar.

When it comes to cleaning, you should only machine-wash this raincoat in a gentle cycle, or better yet, just hand wash it. You can tumble it dry to reactivate the water repellent treatment after each use.


QuadraLam fabric

Fully adjustable fit

100% waterproof


It runs a bit small so consider getting one size up if you’re a big guy.


WindRider Pro Rain Fishing Jacket

best surf fishing jacket

Another fishing jacket I enjoyed using is the WindRider Pro. This has a fully taped hood and seams that will prevent leaks even in the most unforgiving weather conditions. Aside from that, this has double storm flaps and double zippers that will keep the water out while you fish. Don’t worry because this jacket has an excellent venting design that will still keep you cool.

During a cold day, the fleece-lined collar of the jacket will give you added warmth. The collar is also high, and you can adjust the hood so that it will remain in place during strong winds. But if you don’t want to use the hood, you can roll it away so it doesn’t flap around on a windy day.

I also like its storage pockets where you can stash small tackle. There are two deep hand pockets and one large chest pocket with flaps. It also has hand warmers in case you’re surf fishing on a cold day.

Aside from that, it has adjustable inner cuffs so that the water won’t run down your sleeves. It’s a small feature that really makes a big difference when you’re fishing from the shore.

  • Roll-away hood
  • Fleece-lined collar
  • Oversized storage pockets
  • A bit wrinkly at first, but it will smoothen as you break it in

Grundéns Storm Surge Fishing Jacket

best surf fishing jacket

The Grundéns Storm Surge Jacket is an excellent choice for those who want light yet fully functional wear. This is made of 2.5 layers of waterproof nylon that remains breathable and comfortable.

Aside from that, this is equipped with fully sealed and taped seams. Its front zipper is also hidden on a flap to prevent leaks in case you have to wade on the water. In addition, this jacket has double storm flaps to keep outdoor elements at bay.

While it doesn’t have a lot of storage options, you’ll still get a pair of handwarmer pockets and a zippered chest pocket for small tackle. I also like the armpit zips that you can open for cooling on a hot day.

Overall, this is a medium-duty jacket that suits most recreational anglers. It’s also stain-resistant, so maintenance is very simple.

The only thing I notice is that there’s no special lining. This is why I only use it when surf fishing during fall or spring. If you’re out and about during winter, I suggest that you consider other options I reviewed here.

Lastly, I recommend getting one size larger because this jacket runs a bit small. I’m an average-build man, but my size here feels a little tight.

  • Waterproof and stain-proof
  • Taped and sealed seams
  • Lightweight and comfy
  • No internal lining, so it’s not a winter fishing jacket

STORMR Swell Waterproof Hoodie

best surf fishing jacket

If you want something more stylish, you should consider the STORMR Swell Waterproof Hoodie. It’s made for surfcasting, be it in winter or fall. You’ll stay warm, all thanks to its 2 mm neoprene material that beads the water away.

This hoodie also has a cinch cord on the waist area for a tight fit. You can also adjust the fit on the face and neck so that the wind won’t get into your skin.

Aside from that, the neoprene core of this jacket is laminated together with outdoor fabrics. It’s thin and lightweight but very effective in keeping you dry and warm while surf fishing.

For tackle storage, there are two large pockets in front, though there are no zipper enclosures. If you wish to carry more tackle with you on the shore, you can invest in a separate fishing vest.

Just note that this jacket fits large, so I don’t recommend sizing up. As for me, the extra room is perfect for layering up on colder days. It also keeps my hands mobile, especially when casting a line.

Overall, this jacket is like a wetsuit. Keeping you warm and dry is its business. However, it’s only available in black.

  • Made with a neoprene core
  • Glued and blind-stitched for durability
  • Deep front pockets
  • It runs a bit large, but it suits me fine just the same

Riverruns Wading Fishing Jacket

For the avid angler who takes fishing seriously, the Riverruns Wading Fishing Jacket might be a perfect choice. This raincoat/jacket is made of three layers of water material. It’s 100% waterproof to keep you warm and dry wherever you are surf fishing.

Aside from that, this is big in storage. It has nine pockets to bring as much tackle as your heart desires. There are two large front pockets, tool attachment bands, foldable Velcro fly patch, and zippered pockets on both arms. You can ‘lock and load’ all the essential tackle before you cast your line.

Moreover, there are hand warmers right under the two front pockets. The back of the jacket also has zippered storage where you can stash maps and other things. And behind the collar, there’s a ring where you can attach more equipment.

There are more pockets to store important items like your phone, wallet, and keys on the inside. It’s loaded with storage, so you can bring everything you need.

Lastly, the bottom of the jacket has an elastic to keep it nice and tight. The cuffs are also thick and adjustable for your comfort.

If you’re looking for the ultimate surf fishing jacket, Riverruns might be a perfect choice.

  • Loaded with pockets
  • 100% waterproof
  • 30-day return guarantee
  • Mine arrived with a strong spearmint scent, so I had to air it out for a day.

Simms Freestone Wading Jacket

Another Simms jacket I swear by is the Freestone model. This is made for performance wherever you’re planning to fish. It can put up with rain, cold weather, and direct sunlight. The best part is that the Toray material is light, and it won’t affect your mobility.

Moreover, this is a waterproof coat equipped with adjustable seams, YKK water-resistant zippers, and a tuck-away Storm Hood. I also like that the Velcro cuffs are stretchable, which prevents water from trickling inside the sleeves.

Aside from that, this sports two top-loading storage pockets. There’s also an extra pocket inside in case you want to bring more tackle with you. These chest pockets also have retractors and fleece lining for warmth. However, the jacket itself isn’t insulated, so don’t count on it during freezing conditions.

All the seams of this jacket are taped to keep water out. I also like the lining fabric that’s easy on the skin, and it also adds warmth on a cold day.

Sure thing, this jacket costs more than the options I reviewed above, but it’s worth the splurge. It’s made of premium materials with a construction that will last for years.

  • Three-layer Toray fabric
  • Lightweight and comfy to wear
  • Tuck-away Storm Hood
  • So far, so good

FROGG TOGGS Classic Pro Rain Jacket

My last pick for this roundup is the FROGG TOGGS Classic Rain Jacket. It’s the perfect choice for anglers on a budget who doesn’t want to splurge on expensive options.

It’s made of polyester with zipper closures. It remains lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, even on a hot day. Despite its low price, this jacket does the job for surf fishing. I also use this for biking on a rainy day.

Moreover, this jacket sports a tuck-away hood as well as E-Z Push cord locks. You can also adjust the waist for a comfortable fit. The front zip of this jacket is fitted with a snap-down flap so that the water won’t get inside.

The bonus part here is you can choose from a variety of colors and prints. I got the Mossy Oak version, which I also use for hunting. You can also consider designs like Realtree and Stone. This is also available in colors black, blue, gray, and khaki.

The only niggle I have over this jacket is its small buttons to close the coat. You have to be careful to snap them together. Other than that, this affordable jacket is worth the try.

  • Tuck-away hood
  • E-Z Push cord locks
  • Available in different colors/prints
  • The snap buttons are a bit small

Surf fishing jacket buying guide

When it comes to the best fishing jacket for surf fishing, you have to consider some aspects. Here are some things I usually check when buying a new fishing jacket:

🎣Size and fit

The most important part of purchasing a fishing jacket is its size. You have to make sure that the jacket fits you well with enough room to move your arms around.

The tricky part is that each brand has its own sizing chart. So even if you have your usual size, I still recommend checking the specific sizing chart of the jacket you’re planning to buy. Take measurements of your body if you must.

Also, I always read customer reviews to know the proper fit. Some jackets run small while others run large. From there, you can decide whether you need to size up or down.


Another thing that you should check when buying a fishing jacket is its material. Many brands use proprietary materials like Toray, QuadraLam, and so on.

The goal here is to find a material that remains breathable and durable on regular use. A waterproof layer or coating is also a must to keep you warm and dry while fishing.


I love fishing jackets with lots of pockets. It allows me to carry lures, baits, tools, lines, and other items I need so I don’t have to run back and forth the shore.

For the most part, I always look for at least two front pockets. Inner and back pockets are just bonuses, in case you want to bring more items with you.

Handwarmers, tool holders, and D-ring are also good additions. Nevertheless, I don’t see it as a necessity for surf fishing.


The hood of the fishing jacket should cover not just the head but also the neck area. This will prevent water from trickling down your face and into your neck when it’s raining. Also, this construction will keep the wind out of your skin.


If you’re surf fishing during winter, you need a fishing jacket with insulation. Fleece and Thinsulate are the most common options. However, expect these jackets to be bulkier and heavier than most. Also, it tends to be more expensive.


The surf fishing jacket you’re going to buy should be waterproof but also breathable. This will let you use the jacket across seasons. Armpit zips are a good addition since it adds ventilation to the jacket whenever you need it.

🎣Price and warranty

Lastly, always check the value for money of the jacket. Expensive ones are usually made of premium materials that will last for years. It also has more storage, adjustable features, and better warranty terms.

Nevertheless, a budget find is also a good choice as long as you check the quality of the jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you surf fish at night?

A: Yes, it’s actually easier to catch fish at night when you’re surf fishing. Also, only a few anglers brave the nighttime, so there’s little competition for you. However, make sure that you wear the right gear ad clothing to keep you warm. Also, wear a headlight or some type of illumination, so other people will know that someone is on the shore.

Q: How do I know if I have a surf fishing bite?

A: It can be tricky to know when you have a bite while surf fishing. The tugging effect of waves can give a false sense of bite. The only way to know if you have a catch is by putting your finger on the line and feeling for vibrations. If the line vibrates and wiggles rapidly despite the waves, you likely hooked a catch.

Q: What is the best time to surf fish?

A: The best time to go surf fishing is two hours before dusk. For morning persons, the early hours of dawn up to 10 am would be terrific. Usually, it’s not a good idea to surf fish in the middle of the day or the hot afternoon as the fishes would usually go deeper to avoid the increasing temperature.

Q: How far do you need to cast for surf fishing?

A: For surf fishing, you need to cast for at least 50 to 70 yards. This will give you better chances of getting a bite. Other anglers go further, and in this case, you should be wearing waders and jackets to protect yourself from the water.

Q: How does the wind affect surf fishing?

A: When surf fishing, the north wind is your bosom buddy. During the fall season, the north wind will blow cool air that will encourage fishes to go near the shore. On the other hand, the west wind will usually drive away fishes as it spreads the plankton away from the shoreline.

Final words

With the best surf fishing jacket, you can cast your line in confidence. You just have to pick the right option that suits your needs, budget, and expectations. If you’re an avid angler, you’ll never regret investing in a premium option that’s made to last.

What do you think of the fishing jackets I reviewed above? Let us know below!