Best Suspending Jerkbaits for Bass – Top 7!

Usually, among the fishing gear, the jerkbaits are one of the essential bass fishing lures. They typically resemble a baitfish far better compared to other lures. Moreover, the jerkbaits are very versatile which are generally useful in fishing using various speeds and styles. Knowing this, you will need to look for the best suspending jerkbaits for bass.

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We reviewed here 7 of the best suspending jerkbaits available in the market today. This guide will generally help you to filter out your jerkbait choices and assist you in your buying decision as well. So, let’s check them out below!

Using the Best Suspending Jerkbaits for Bass Fishing

Generally, most anglers may find it very essential to learn the when and how’s of using a jerkbait bass fishing. Professional anglers usually win over tournaments using their jerkbait attached to the tip of their rods. But, one of the most challenging parts is catching bass on a jerkbait. Here is some of the important information that you must have to know about using a jerkbait.

The Best Time to Use a Jerkbait Bass Fishing

Basically, the best suspending jerkbaits for bass is one of the deadly baits in terms of bass fishing. Aside from that, its name became well-known for catching huge bass. In order to help you determine the best time for fishing a jerkbait, look for the following key factors. Noticing at least one or all of the conditions below means that you should already have to give your jerkbait a chance for bass fishing.

Cold Water

Naturally, the primary action of the best suspending jerkbaits for bass mimics a dying baitfish due to the cold temperature of the water. However, it is highly noticeable that jerkbait can able to catch bass all throughout the year. The colder water may frequently trigger for a better option in catching bites compared to other fishing techniques. In case the water temperature gets 50 to 60 degrees, opt for a jerkbait right away.

Shallow Bass

Having 12 to 15 feet on the water is actually the maximum depths that you can catch a good jerkbait. However, it could be an issue if the bass hangs deep more than 20 feet. Moreover, the jerkbait becomes generally effective when the bass is shallower within water having a colder temperature.

Clear Water

If you are looking for a visually clear water feeding bait, better to opt for the best suspending jerkbaits for bass. It basically works better within smallmouth. Moreover, the dirty water makes bass that does not have the ability to notice any dying movements.

When the water is a little bit stained to clear, jerbaits works better. Aside from that, some jerkbaits have rattles in order to get more attention to fish within the dirtier water. Yet, when things are dingy, opt for some kind of bladed bait.

Ways of Using the Best Suspending Jerkbaits for Bass Fishing

Yes, jerkbait fishing is actually challenging but it entails lots of fun. Those aggressive strikes will generally result in fast ripping and reeling strategies.

Semi-slack Line

Once you completely ripped the jerkbait through the water, it is very crucial for them to stay there most of the time. Basically, the natural dying action of the best suspending jerkbaits for bass elicits a good response for an easy meal in the bass. Just ensure that the line is slack over the top of the water especially when the bait is on pause.

Moreover, ripping the jerkbait using a semi-slack line will highly offer an incredible action of the bait. Additionally, it will also give the jerkbait an imperative pause during the jerking action of it all around.

Rip Variations

There are actually two various ways that can help you to rip a jerkbait. One is to have a fast rip out within the side of the body. Another common way is to point the rod over the bait and eventually rip the tip of the rod down. Actually, varying the frequency of rips and the way the jerk bait will aid in dialing into the appearance of the bass.

Reasons behind Bass Want Jerkbaits

The most crucial principle in understanding the way to enhance the overall bass fishing is the reasons behind bass like jerkbaits. Frequently, the bass will hit a jerkbait in two various methods. Most strikes will generally happen during the pause when there is a suspension of the jerkbait. Basically, the bass will look like a very convenient meal located out in the open that is not actually moving.

Aside from that, the other strikes happen once you quickly rip the bait further from the bass after the suspension of the jerkbait. They usually mimic a baitfish suspending from a bass. It will also trigger the bass to lunge and take a bite on it.

Usually, the initial rips take the attention of the bass. Afterwards, once the bait stays, the bass will still swim near to it to have some examination. Most of the time, when the bass is analyzing the bait and the bait starts to jerk, a bass responds to eat it.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Suspending Jerkbaits for Bass

If there is the best fishing lure for bass ever made, this is, without no doubt, the jerkbait. Once the water begins to warm up, anglers decide to have them early year on. However, they remain as the top bass fishing baits all through the year. Widely available in different colors, buying for the best suspending jerkbaits for bass entails some important factors for considerations.

1. Size

Basically, knowing the actual size of the baitfish that bass are eating is the easiest and most effective ways to get the appropriate size of the jerkbait. Keep in mind that if the bass tends to eat small shad, consider using a smaller jerkbait as well. Moreover, bigger baits are more appealing to huge bass that are looking for a full-sized meal. However, in case you do not have an idea on the size of the bass that you will have to catch, then go for medium-sized bait which measures about 3 to 4 inches.

Moreover, there are also best suspending jerkbaits for bass that have a deep-diving feature. Yet, they work best when the water is generally 25 to 40 feet deep having visibility of about 4 to 6 feet. On the other hand, the 10 to 20 feet water that is generally clear needs shallower baits. However, take note that there may be times that either a small or big size jerkbaits will do the job or when a specific color on the back is the key.

2. Color

Another important factor to consider in choosing the best suspending jerkbaits for bass is the color that should also be based on the actual color of the baits that the fish are eating. Water clarity takes place this time again to pick the appropriate jerkbait color. Moreover, the general rule of thumb lies in the fact that clear water requires transparent-colored jerkbaits. You can choose among spring blue, ghost pro blue, and ghost minnow colors.

In case, the water is basically stained, remember that you need jerkbaits with solid colors and have some flashes to perform better. Additionally, if the water is muddy, using the jerkbaits is not actually a good option as they can draw fish in long distances to have a strike. So, you basically need a jerkbait that has opaque colors like ayu, shell white, or sexy shad. Typically, this is the normal situation, but there are times that bright jerkbaits perform well under clear water.

Take note that it is actually better to do your experiment with the color. Doing this will allow you to know the right color option that may generally change within the day depending on the change of condition. Also, keep in mind that the fish must have to notice your bait but not up to the point that it looks really good making them realize that it is not actually real.

3. Diving Depth

Basically, jerkbaits are available in various depths and some of them usually suspend while the other float within the surface. When it comes to the appropriate depth, it should come naturally on the depths of the water you are fishing. Generally, there are widely available best suspending jerkbaits for bass that has the ability to dive below five feet and below. This basically works well on water as deep as ten feet which is a great choice for deeper water.    

List of the Best Suspending Jerkbaits for Bass

OUR TOP PICK: Spro Stick Jerkbait

Product Name: Spro Stick Jerkbait

Product Description: Generally, the Spro Stick Jerkbait has a unique design that is highly suitable for tournament bass anglers. The materials used come basically from premium-quality and durable materials. Because of this, this one of the best suspending jerkbaits for bass can get bass having a size like a trophy. It can also suspend during the early and late season of bass fishing when the water temperature is on its lowest. Yet, it also operates during the warm season. The treble hooks are also made of Gamatsaku material which is actually a sticky and sharp one. This generally ensures a solid and durable hooksets. Moreover, this Spro Stick Jerkbait contains functional red eyes and acts to resemble the baitfish. Aside from that, this jerkbait is available in 19 colors.

Availability: InStock

  • Versatility
  • Design
  • Sturdy


Ensuring more solid hookups that can suspend basically on lower temperatures of the water, the Spro Stick Jerkbait is one of the best suspending jerkbaits for bass to choose from. It is generally adjustable in case you desire to use it under aggressive season on a warmer temperature.


  • Highly adjustable
  • With solid hookups
  • Applicable for a tournament angler


  • None so far


Rapala Jerkbait XR10

best suspending jerkbaits for bass

The most popular among the jerkbait is the Rapala Jerkbait XR10 due to its wide lure varieties making its way on our list of the best suspending jerkbaits for bass. Most professional bass fishermen generally used this jerkbait in order to catch bass fish having trophy-winning sizes. This best suspending jerbaits for bass feature aggressive action and it suspends and rolls while on rest. Due to this action of the Rapala Jerkbait XR10 basically trigger the fish bites coming from bass fish and other fish species.

Generally, the measurement of the depths of this jerkbait is about 3 to 8 feet. Allowing for long-distance casting, Rapala Jerkbait XR10 features an integrated long-casting mechanism. Moreover, it contains rattle in order to attract more fish bites. Aside from that, you can also see this jerkbait available in 10 various colors having a weight of 0.4375 ounces.

Product Features

  • Contains an extra-ordinary attitude such as aggressive target action
  • Has irresistible rattle in relation to the integrated long-casting mechanism
  • Allows slow fishing on cold water and fast fishing within warm water


Using a jerkbait usually necessitates you to create the action during fishing. This basically means that Rapala Jerkbait XR10 highly depends on the water area visibility. In case the water becomes murky, creation of presentation is generally possible.

  • Available in various colors
  • With mid-depth suspension
  • Internal rattles to attract fish
  • Front treble is too large

Lucky Craft Suspending Jerkbaits for Bass

best suspending jerkbaits for bass

Another best suspending jerkbaits for bass which is basically a well-trusted fishing gear brand from Japan is the Lucky Craft Jerkbait. If you are looking for the lures having detailed and more focused attention, this jerkbait is good for you. This is also a popular jerkbait having particular brass weights to ensure a low gravity in the middle portion. Due to this, the lure will wobble and vibrate once it is retrieved or stops thus triggers the fish bites.

Moreover, this best suspending jerkbaits for bass has a depth of about 4 to 5 feet. You can also experience a bass-calling vibration on this jerkbait even on its suspended mode. Aside from that, there is also what they so-called a walk-the-dog feature by simply twitching the fishing rod. The Lucky Craft Jerkbait has 22 available colors having a real-life detail resembling baitfish.

Product Features

  • Features a fish-attracting vibration
  • Can elicit a walk-the-dog function even under the water
  • Gives more real-life attention to detail


Due to its special brass weights that elicit a unique design giving more focus on the very low gravity within the center, the Lucky Craft Jerkbait is actually a good choice. To add on this is the amazing bass-calling vibration feature that it has made this jerkbait one of the best in the market.

  • With a very low center of gravity
  • Contains a special brass weights
  • Hooks easily gets broken

Strike King 2-Hook Jerkbait

best suspending jerkbaits for bass

The Strike King 2-Hook Jerkbait is not only one of the best suspending jerkbaits for bass but it is also a great deal with other fish species as well. More perfect strikes were triggered because of its excellent bait feature. It generally attracts fish through rolling, wiggling, and flashing actions so that it may resemble a wounded baitfish.

One of the great features of the Strike King 2-Hook Jerkbait is that it has a weight transfer mechanism that allows both maximum distance and balance fishing during casting. Aside from that, this jerkbait contains 3D eyes resembling the bait appearance. Strike King 2-Hook Jerkbait is widely available in 21 various colors which are fitted with hooks having high-quality black nickel enhancing the hook set.

Product Features

  • Contains real-life 3D eyes and amazing detailing enhancing its great-looking appearance
  • With two extremely sharp treble hooks
  • Has the ability to act widely on each side travelling on the jerk
  • Elicits more erratic wiggling and darting feature
  • Comes in wide varieties of chip-proof colors


Using the Strike King 2-Hook Jerkbait could generally let you experience an amazing combo of roll, wiggle, and flash. Due to this, attracting fish could never be a difficulty as it also acts to increase the lure’s castability by its weight transfer mechanism. Generally, this best suspending jerkbaits for bass could trigger a maximum action that you should watch out for.

  • Really attracting
  • Treble hooks are extremely sharp
  • None so far

Yamamoto D Suspending Jerkbaits for Bass

best suspending jerkbaits for bass

A good feature that makes Yamamoto D Jerkbait one of the best suspending jerkbaits for bass is its extremely good size that stands out over the lakes and rivers where bass usually respond on high-speed retrievals. Another thing that this jerkbait has to boast for is the D Shad formula that it exclusively contains. This feature allows the jerkbait to stay down even on an aggressive state due to its density.

Aside from that, on its paused state, the D Shad formula of Yamamoto D Jerkbait also sinks having a good wobbling action. Moreover, rigging this best suspending jerkbaits for bass is not a real worry as it only requires less lead compared to other plastic jerkbait. The color selection that it has also come in a wide range option.

Product Features

  • Highly made from soft plastic-type material
  • Measures 5 inches
  • Have 9 color variations available
  • Looks naturally and elicit a more realistic feel over the bass mouth
  • Makes a harder strike


Generally, the Yamamoto D Jerkbait can quickly dive into the water to have a great bass catch. So, getting more cast in will never be a problem with this best suspending jerkbaits for bass making it a good choice among others.

  • With molded built-in weight
  • Faster diving action
  • Have the potential to breaks up easily

Yo-Zuri Suspending Jerkbait

Yo-Zuri Suspending Jerkbait is another well-trusted name of fishing equipment within the industry that allows the creation of a real-life jerkbait in order to have a successful big bass catch. It generally features a built-in prism out of 3D design together with a wave-motion vibration that triggers bites. The unique wave-motions and vibrational sense gearing toward the fish should be highly created on the ribbed belly part that it has. Basically, this one of the best suspending jerkbaits for bass exhibits an erratic motion plus the imitation of an injured baitfish.

Moreover, the realistic appeal of the Yo-Zuri Suspending Jerkbait is due to the high-quality components and more detailed parts such as the scales and fins. Additionally, it also has light-refracting colors incorporating more real looking bait. The black nickel hooks and split rings are also present within this suspending jerkbait for bass. There is also a Mylar tail that gives an additional flash and real-life fin motion.

Product Features

  • Excellent baitfish profile mimicking various forage
  • Having a 3D pattern
  • Contains a Mylar tail hook giving a real-life looking flash and fin
  • Treble hooks are made of round bend black nickel


Generally, the appearance and the diving depth of this best suspending jerkbaits for bass make them perform greatly. Using this Yo-Zuri Suspending Jerkbait is generally a must-try.

  • Ideal for use over shallow water
  • With a more realistic look
  • Weak hooks

Smithwick Perfect Fishing Lure

If you are looking for the best suspending jerkbaits for bass that can go deeper underneath ten feet and beyond, the Smithwick Perfect Fishing Lure is generally a great pick. It features rogue roll the gives off thick strikes through eliciting side-flashes. Moreover, this jerkbait quickly dives into the water and creates a more erratic motion that triggers the fish to have frequent strikes.

Product Features

  • With extremely sharp and highly durable hooks
  • Dives on the water within 10 feet underneath and more
  • Available in new innovative color styles
  • Comes with a classic rogue roll giving off thick strikes


Basically, the Smithwick Perfect Fishing Lure has the ability to dive quickly deep into the water. It creates a good flash to allow drawing the fish attention. Due to this, the Smithwick Perfect Fishing Lure is one of the best options for suspending jerkbaits.

  • Highly applicable for fishing striped bass
  • Performs great over deep water fishing activities
  • The available bright colors display flash during sunny days
  • The low weight which can generally affect the diving action

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Basically, even if the body of the jerkbait and the crankbait are highly different from each other, they have the same purpose. The crankbait generally has a shorter and wider body while the jerkbait displays a sleeker and longer structure. But, among the two, the jerkbait tends to be more useful depending on the type of fish to catch.


A: Generally, suspending bait is buoyant bait that neutrally suspends and neither sinks nor floats once the retrieval stops. The suspension is actually a tremendous action that elicits the fish to bite on especially over the cold water. Usually, the natural prey fish suspend over the water as they paused or stopped swimming. 


A: Jekbaits are widely known for getting bites within cold water which makes them very popular during the early spring and fall. The bass typically slows down in the cold water and you can basically work slowly on a jerkbait in order to have a successful catch.


A: Typically, a jerkbait is a lure that comes with a minnow-shaped design. This catches fish but it performs best during snap-pause retrieval. Due to this, the result is actually an erratic darting motion that makes the bass generally wild.


A: Jerkbaits, for fishermen, are generally effective within the winter season. But, it also works during the summer. The only difference is that their speed over the water. In the winter, the water is colder making the jerkbait to work slowly compared to the warm water in summer that makes them work fast.

Final Thoughts

The best suspending jerkbaits for bass are basically helpful to successfully have a great bass catch. Having a jerkbait that mimics a none moving baitfish will allow you to experience an extraordinary bass fishing. Moreover, buying this fishing gear entails several things to consider which includes the size, color, diving depth, and other feature that may come with it.

Aside from that, when we speak of suspending jerkbaits, opting for a premium quality product is one of the good ideas of investment to successfully have a good catch. Rather than buying a cheap jerkbait, it is really ideal to buy the one that keeps its performance during your bass fishing.