Best Inshore Casting Rods And More — Cherry-picked Just For You!

To exemplify as among the best inshore casting rods, it should possess a striking balance between performance and affordability in which most anglers find it somewhat puzzling or difficult to look for. But as an angler, you shouldn’t be focusing too much on honing your skill in fishing, but also you need to develop your skill in selecting the best fishing rods. Because they go hand in hand. You cannot fish well if your gear is of poor quality. You are just decreasing your chances of catching a fish. So what then you should do?

So if you already navigate our previous reviews on the best fishing rods for tuna fishing, then this time, prepare to be amazed by the same caliber and impressive features and quality we have yet to offer to you just like the previous article. With that, scroll down further.

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Ugly Stik Elite
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Best Inshore Casting Rods And More — OUR TOP PICKS!

Good thing we have something for you! You don’t have to spend too much time and energy by searching on the internet or paying a visit to any physical store just to see what’s the current best fishing gear for you. Because we already listed we think what’s best for you.

These are the best inshore casting that is worth investing in. We are pretty sure that there’s one or more fishing you will particularly like.

OUR BEST PICK: KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod

OUR TOP PICK: KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod

Product Description: Our second on the list which needs is the KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod. The brand name needs no further introduction as this is the most preferable choice among anglers regardless of skill level. Although it's closer to the heart of beginners but still, this is among the top-tiered brand when we talk about fishing rods. This model competes well along with top brands especially in the aspect of durability, quality, and casting ability. What makes this distinct from other fishing rods is the features and structure. Featuring KastFlex IM6 graphite blanks, this allows you to have a solid and delivers favorable fishing activity. It's lightweight yet able to have optimal performance in all sorts of fishing styles. Plus, the design of this is so appealing but it leaves you an impressive design like no other rods can compete.

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  • Rod Action
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


Also, the guides are stainless steel combined with zirconium oxide rings. Added to that is the superior and comfortable handles making sure it’s slip-resistant and convenient to grip. This is because of the Fold style Superpolymer, which makes sure you have maximum control over the rod. There’s also EVA fighting and aluminum trim.

Should you buy this? Why not? After all, it has an amazing design, and the brand is known for its reputation of being high quality and great in performance and for its excellent value. That’s why it’s in our second list for a reason and making it a suitable investment for inshore casting rods.


Very lightweight

Excellent price point

Easy to transport

Made from IM6 Graphite Blanks


Reel seats not very sturdy


KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

Best Inshore Casting Rods

KastKing is one of the most highly reputed fishing rods and it still standout until now and it’s been everywhere on the market. That’s why we have another product from KastKing, this time it’s the Perigee II Fishing Rod.

This has similar quality with the Crixus model although the only difference is the material and the execution. But when it comes to performance and its capability of catching a fish, this one is among the gear that’s reliable.

The KastKing Perigee II has interesting features. Among those are the materials composed of this rod which is made from quality carbon fiber blank. There’s also a Toray 24-ton carbon matrix and a KastFlex blank technology for strength, accuracy, and power. This means it has a knack for catching fish with ease.

Not only that, this contains several premium components making sure it matches the angler’s needs. It has Fuji O-ring line guides, the reel seats are graphite high strength.

Besides that, the handle has EVA grips, it also highlights the finish carbon fiber for lighter rod blanks. These added features are the contributing factor that makes this superior among inshore fishing rods.

Is this worth investing in? For us, absolutely! Kastking Perigee II may be your absolute choice. It’s got amazing features yet it has the finest value.

This brand offers more than what the product description says, especially if you consider this as an investment. No wonder, this is among our best inshore casting rods.

  • Incredible performance
  • High-density
  • EVA grips
  • Quality carbon fiber blank
  • Best value
  • The handle can be brittle over time

Ugly Stik Elite Fishing Rod

Best Inshore Casting Rods

The Ugly Stik is not what you think as what the brand name suggests. But read further, this is considered “elite” which has earned its honorific name.

This product is considered one of the best because it has a perfect balance between well-built and great performance. This makes sure that you will never miss a single bite. In addition, it has some highlights that most regular fishing rods for inshore don’t have. So better look into this product.

This has more than 35 percent of graphite material compared to its former models. That being said, this becomes more lighter yet it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of being a highly sensitive rod.

What’s more fascinating about this is that it doesn’t affect its overall performance instead, this makes it more durable and robust. The design is looking more appealing compared to its predecessor which is an added factor to this.

Additionally, you will be amazed that the real seat highlights stainless steel hoods. Also, the cork handle is graded super which makes this reliable and efficient especially when casting. Perfect for any anglers that needed an inshore fishing rod.

Why buy this? Because compared to its predecessor models, this is reinforced, and it’s right to be named as “elite”. Making this your perfect fishing gear when you needed a quality yet affordable rod.

  • 35% more graphite than other models
  • Easy to carry around because of its lightweight feature
  • It has increased sensitivity
  • Modern design
  • The stainless steel guides can be prone to wear and tear over time

Fenwick HMG Fishing Rod

Best Inshore Casting Rods

Coming right next is the HMG Inshore Spinning Fishing Rod model by Fenwick. Never underestimate the Fenwick brand because they got something that most regular brands don’t have especially when it’s inshore fishing.

Mainly this fishing rod has superb qualities and among those are performance and power. Because these two are needed when fishing and this rod makes sure that they have what you need. What makes this among the best? Kindly read further.

The Fenwick HMG has a carbon-bound blank with spiral carbon threads. This one of a kind feature offers incredible sensitivity, strength, and even accuracy. All of which are needed characteristics for anglers.

In addition to that, this is made from sturdy materials particularly made of stainless steel with deep pressed frames; and aconite. Moreover, it has durable Fuji titanium guides and a comfortable yet robust AAA cork handle for more gripping power so you won’t lose the handle even in the toughest condition.

But wait, there’s more. It features an Alien reel seat. There’s also a positive lock design which gives a more secure platform for all types of reels. This rod has a wide variety of size selections which is perfect for any type of angler including inshore fishing.

That being said, Fenwick HMG is another fishing rod to consider. It has something that anglers want which is power and performance. Not only that, this has made from sturdy materials which can withstand even in the toughest condition.

  • 30-ton graphite blank
  • It has AAA Cork full grip handle
  • Stainless steel deep pressed frames
  • None so far

St. Croix Mojo Yak Fishing Rod

Best Inshore Casting Rods

St. Croix is among the brand that has garnered a high reputation because of the quality and performance of the product. Besides that, it also gained favorable views from the Amazon customers because of how good the product is especially when put to test.

Among those products that need special attention is the Mojo Yak model by St. Croix. This delivers amazing performance and will likely increase the chance of catching a fish inshore.

This fishing rod is made well crafted that is made from premium, high-modulus SC III carbon construction. It also features integrated poly curve (IPC) tooling technology just like most of their newer models.

As a result, the reinforced materials that are built in this rod increase the strength, and also greater sensitivity. This means the St. Croix Mojo Yak Fishing Rod is designed to increase the angler’s overall performance both in skill and the fishing rod itself.

But wait, there are more features. The rod includes Kigan Master Hand 3D guides, the rings, and black frames are made from strong aluminum oxide.

Plus, the reel seat features Fuji DPS and a stylish black hood, making this look modern and delivers greater performance compared to its counterparts.

Overall, why settle for a poorly-made fishing rod when you can invest in some awesome fishing rod just like this Mojo Yak rod by St. Croix?

The brand is known not because of its sheer popularity but because anglers trust this and each product is created to help all anglers in all skill levels.

  • Very sturdy construction
  • Delivers high-performance
  • Sleek design
  • SC III graphite blank
  • Can be difficult to cast because of the short butt

St. Croix Rods Avid Series Fishing Rod

Best Inshore Casting Rods

Another St. Croix product which also deserves another attention. Many anglers know this brand too well and some of them have an undying loyalty to this for good reason.

This time, we are talking about the Avid Series Inshore which is a spinning rod type. Like the previous St. Croix, this also posses impressive structure and makes sure you have the best fishing activity every time you use this. Plus, it’s known for its durability yet lighter in weight.

Anglers who have bought this never regret this. Well, it’s because this is well crafted with advanced materials from advanced SCII graphite construction. As a result, this delivers more sensitivity yet makes sure it has great durability and high performance.

Not only that, there’s no transitional point that gives greater sensitivity, smoother in action, and increased in strength. Because it features integrated poly curve tooling technology. In short, this fishing rod makes among the best to cast with.

Additionally, the guides are aluminum oxide and built to alleviate tangles. Also, the cork handle is super grade, features a Kigan titanium hook keeper, and the wind check is corrosion-proof. There are several styles you can choose from with this rod. This product has a 15-year warranty.

All in all, gearing with this type of fishing rod is not a bad selection after all. Although, the only downside for this is it may seem a little light for inshore fishing but nonetheless, this will do most of the job. Thus, making this among the best inshore casting rods on our list.

  • Ideal for small fish species like speckled trout or bonefish Comes with a 15-year warranty
  • SCII graphite construction
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Not suitable for bigger inshore fish

Okuma Nomad Xpress Fishing Rod

The Okuma Nomad Xpress may be our last inshore casting rods on the product listings, but in terms of caliber and performance, this is among the top of the line.

This rod is your go-to when you are having fishing on the go and want a quick and easy setup. The fact that this can be broken down into multiple pieces. Meaning this makes it easy to transport whenever you are going for a fishing trip. In addition, the features of this are stunning.

This fishing rod is a graphite rod blank construction. Additionally, this features a European Spigot Ferrule connection.

Besides that, Nomad Xpress inshore can be broken down into 3 sections to break down easily for transport which is ideal for traveling and camping. Moreover, the handle is pretty convenient due to the comfortable EVA foam.

Going further, there’s also a cork grip and non-slip rubber gimbal for every boat model. There are also aluminum oxide guide inserts. This makes a suitable option especially for inshore and for the quick fishing activity that doesn’t need enough tweaking.

All in all, there’s no other fishing rod than the Okuma Nomad Xpress Inshore Rod. Although it doesn’t say much with regards to performance when it comes to portability this is your answer to your ideal fishing rod. This is still among our finest selection.

  • Very portable and can be breakdown easily in parts
  • EVA handle
  • Includes waterproof travel bag and with shoulder strap
  • None so far

What Is Inshore Fishing?

Inshore fishing is a kind of fishing activity that is done in the ocean. As the name suggests, you are situated on the ocean shore or close to it. Your target is obviously saltwater fish. Among the fishing spots considered are jetties, flats, rock shorelines, beaches, and islands.

That said, inshore fishing can is within a distance of few miles of shores, or you should at least fishing with less than 30 feet deep. In addition, the common tackle you will have in here is light and you will need more casting with the use of dead or live bait. You don’t need to have any equipment at hand.

Among the notable fishes, you can catch by fishing inshore are sea bass, tarpon, speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, and more. And the usual fishing gear that should be used is lightweight and has adequate sensitivity and durability to match the fishing experience.

What Makes The Best Inshore Casting Rods? — A Buying Guide

A lot of times when we scour on the internet and search on Google about “best inshore casting rods”, there will be plenty of results that can be daunting. Added the fact that if you also visiting some physical stores and looking for suitable fishing rods.

Of course, a lot of review guides say their products are the “best”. Although we can agree they are the best. But if you are going to evaluate internally, what makes the best inshore casting rods? The short answer is: it’s within yourself.

You know why? Because at the end of the day you will buy the product according to your own preference. So, in order to make your ideal fishing rod becomes the “best”, we have listed some of the main key factors to look for when searching out for the best fishing rods on the market. This will make sure that you will have the best product with the best judgment in mind. Scroll down to see them.

The Rod Action

Action is among the key factors that need careful consideration. Because like any other main attribute, this will define the performance of the fishing rod. In addition to that, the action of the rod will depend on where and how much the fishing rid will bend.

Moreover, this also controls the speed of the road from being “loaded” and going back to the original position. This is where the slow, medium, and fast comes to play.

So what are those three rod actions?

Slow Action

Slow or sometimes called light action. The rod should be bendable from the top to the butt part. This action gives you impressive casts. But, keep in mind, you need to make sure that your lure size should match up to the rod when casting. Generally, you may use the smallest lure that will make sure you will have a good cast.

Slow action is great for lightweight catches. Also, this needs time in lodging the hook in the fish’s mouth. Fast-moving lures such as spinners or rattle baits are suitable choices for slow-action rods.

Fast Action

Or also known as heavy action which bends at the uppermost part which is right below the top. Fast action rods are sensitive even to the lightest nibbles which you can feel the vibrations straight to your hand. When it comes to action, this snaps back quickly making this suitable for a stronger hook setting.

Rod Power

Another important factor is the rod power. Following the logic of rod action, rod power is the capability to hold up the pressure. Put it simply, the heavier the weight of the fish, the heavier the rod you will need to have. Normally, there are two common types of rod power which are heavy and light.

Usually, heavy rods focus on heavier and stronger lines and lures. This can also lift heavier weights and able to give much momentum you need when tugging the bait or fish through various hindrances in the water. Obviously, heavy rods will quickly tire you out especially when it’s loaded and you have been fishing for a long period of time.

While on the other hand, lighter rods are suitable for thinner lines and smaller lures.

Rod power has a wide variety which is from Ultra Light, Light, to Medium, Medium Heavy, to Heavy and Ultra Heavy. Also, each of those fishing rods has its own advantage and disadvantages. So, like other features, this one is among the key factor to look upon when searching for inshore casting rods.


Fishing rods have a variety of shapes to choose from, although there are only two that are most commonly used. These are the trigger stick and pistol grip. This is also important because it will determine what type of fish you will want to do.

The trigger stick has a longer handler which gives you more casting with both hands. This also allows to cast further compared to the pistol grip, and these are typically ideal when battling larger fishes.

While on the other hand, pistol grips are usually shorter contoured handles. In short, a trigger stick is ideal for casting with more accuracy and precise jig movements.

Although there are no big differences between the two, it’s just a matter of what type of fishing you are going to have. It’s important to know this also otherwise you will end up choosing the wrong one.

Fishing Rod Material

Inshore casting rods are mostly made from graphite, fiberglass, or composite (a combination of the two). Knowing which material is best for you is another key factor to have as they also have their own advantages.

Not only that, the material in fishing rods plays a huge factor when it comes to performance and the overall experience. So, it’s best that you are knowledgeable about the certain material that will affect your fishing success.

Fiberglass Fishing Rods

Fiberglass rods are the most commonly used material and they are also among the oldest materials used in the fishing gear. Known for their enduring and strength, these rods can impress you to any kind of beating.

What makes this an excellent choice among anglers is its affordability and they are easy to make. This material is also a beginner-friendly type.

Although due to its pliable in nature, these give little feedback and lighter bites are fairly difficult to detect.

Also, fiberglass rods are significantly heavy which makes them not preferable especially if you are fighting fish for a long time. But they are a good springboard for newbies who want to get the feels of fishing.

Graphite Fishing Rods

They become widely popular in the 70s because it was an excellent alternative to fiberglass fishing rods. If you ever come across with graphite rod, you will encounter those odd markings such as IM6, IM7, and IM8.

You may be wondering what are those. These are the identifiers for certain degrees of modulus or stiffness. Generally, the higher the rating the stiffer the material can get.

Among the strength of graphite materials are they are so sensitive to fish bites. Also, its sheer lightweight affects the casting and overall performance amusing. Among the common downside of these graphite rods is the price which is steeper, unlike fiberglass. When it comes to performance, the drawback here is due to its stiffer trait, these can be more brittle.

Composite Fishing Rods

If you are looking for the fishing rod’s performance above all else, then neither of the two above won’t have the same caliber as the composite rods.

Composite materials are a synthesis of fiberglass and graphite. Combining these will make the fishing rod increase its overall performance. In addition to that, it’s lighter in weight and has the same sensitivity as graphite yet it still delivers more flexibility compared to the two.

Due to their versatility, this is your ultimate when it comes to fishing in different waters. The only downside of this is the price, in which as you expect, it’s much more pricey compared to the two materials above.

Other Materials

Not just the fishing rod material per se that needs to have a closer look. Another key factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the components or other materials. Because to be considered the best fishing gear, it needs to possess quality materials even from the mini details which most anglers often overlooked.

Among those are the handles, rod guides, real seats. When it comes to rod handles, it should at least have a nonslip grip or much better if it’s an EVA foam or AAA cork handle. These are your best choices. In rod guides, it should have a ceramic coating which rod guides these days have. This makes sure it reduces the friction on the line which ables the line to move smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use a freshwater rod in saltwater?

A: Well, you can. However, it’s not advisable to use fishing rods in saltwater that are only intended for freshwater, given that salt is highly corrosive.

It’s better to use the fishing rods that are specifically designed for saltwater, that way, it will give you more advantage and will have to use the fishing rod at an optimal level. So, look for the product specification for if the fishing rod is only for saltwater or for freshwater. Although, some rods are extremely versatile and can be a bit pricey.

Q: What reel is best paired with my inshore rod?

A: Firstly, you should have a reel that features corrosion-resistant materials which are meant for saltwater inshore fishing. Keep in mind that don’t skimp with reels especially if it’s a saltwater fishing type of activity. You will have to invest more than cheap products and look into more decent to high-quality products.

Also, a good rule of thumb, if you want the best pair for your inshore rod, make sure your hand is comfortable and you can control it effectively.

Q: What’s the ideal length I should use for inshore fishing?

A: It actually depends on what kind of fish you want to catch. But generally speaking, most anglers prefer 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches because it’s suitable for all-rounders and they are common in every fisher folks. You need to figure out what rod length it will be. shorter fishing rods are accurate but the casting distance is not good. While a longer rod will make your cast further but it’s less precise.

Final Thoughts — Best Inshore Casting Rods And More — Cherry-picked Just For You!

Whether you are a beginner or you are into the game of inshore fishing, it’s important to always gear up whenever it’s needed. Having picked among the best inshore casting rods or spinning rods that are specifically designed for saltwater is going to make you sure that you will have an incredible experience and will increase the chances of catching a fish.

You must always remember that you have to ensure that you are knowledgeable about the key features because it’s a crucial step in identifying what’s best for you and what isn’t. It’s important to do your research and always find the time to visit the physical stores to know what you are getting at.

Much better if you refer to our buying guide section and frequently asked section to get to know more about inshore fishing and getting the right fishing gear for inshore.

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