Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance – Here Are 3 of the Great Options!

Surf fishing is one of the most exciting fishing activities. Yet, as part of the preparation process for a good catch, you must also equip yourself with the right fishing gear. In case you are just a beginner in this field of fishing and do not have an idea about surf fishing, you just landed on the right track. We reviewed 3 of the best surf spinning reel for distance available today. Find them out below and check what suits your needs.

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What is the best time to go surf fishing using the best surf spinning reel for distance?

Basically, to be successful in terms of surf fishing highly depends on the preparation and timing. In terms of timing, the best time to go surf fishing is at the becoming of the incoming tide prior to the dawn. Yet, opting to catch larger seawater creatures, it is ideal to do surf fishing before dusk when the tide disappears.

Moreover, aside from the perfect timing, tides may generally do have a great effect on surf fishing. The tides basically depend on the rise and fall of the water level of the sea. Moon’s gravitational pull, the sun, and the lunar timetable may all contribute to the seawater level.  

A minimal current usually results when there is an incoming tide. Due to this, small baitfish like striped bass, weakfish, channel bass, and bluefish are very dominant. Meanwhile, when the night is coming near, larger fish species are present getting closer to the bay.

Anglers are commonly fishing in the middle of the night during the full moon. This is due to the fact that the full moon attracts higher tides which lead to more active fishes. Knowing this scenario, it guarantees that it is the best time to cast your best surf spinning reel for distance to have a great spin.

Factors that Affects Distance of the Best Surf Spinning Reel

Actually, there are some factors that influence the distance and ability to cast a lure. Check the following factors below:


Basically, the rod gives off a true heavy power and action. Likewise, it doesn’t have the ability to bend and load too much. A moderate action or a medium power rod will provide more for loading. 


The most basic principle basically means that a longer rod will offer a longer cast in return. 


In case the line is denser, it typically means that reel may be easier to pull. Perhaps, a thicker line may not able to cast anyway.


Remember that a braid weighing 30-pound can throw farther compared to the 20-pound of fluorocarbon. 


Basically, once the lure is heavier, the distance to achieve may typically be more. 


In case you have a more aerodynamic profile, remember that it can cast far better unlike to those fishing lures that have a bulky sprawling profile. Keep in mind that a lure profile can avoid the casting ability.


Attempting to have a maximum distance level, a wind may generally affect it. Well, the wind can either be a friend or an enemy in terms of casting. 

What to Look For When Buying the Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance?

Below are the things to consider once you decided to buy the best surf spinning reel for distance:

Suits your needs

A large reel is pretty much applicable if you are longing to catch sharks and tuna. However, if your target is just around 20 pounds, this large reel is not ideal. Moreover, in case your objective is to have a long-distance reel, then look for the one that has the ability to cast on a long distance.

Additionally, a longer reel may not be perfect if your goal is not to have a far casting. Keep in mind that a reel with extra length may compromise other aspects of the best surf spinning reel for distance. Aside from that, the bigger the reel doesn’t mean that it is better.  

Reel size

Actually, the size of the reel entails a variety of ranges that typically starts at 1000 counting its way higher. The size of the reel is basically in direct proportion to its number. For example, the larger the number it indicates, the bigger the reel is.

Yet, in terms of freshwater fishing, a small reel size typically performs better. On the other hand, extreme saltwater fishing needs a larger reel with drag systems that is really stronger. In addition to this, the line capacities and the spools that it has are larger as well.

Strength of the drag system

Among the other factors, the drag system is relevantly crucial for consideration especially when you are buying the best surf spinning reel for distance. Actually, when you search the market, you may find out that there is a little number of reels that can cast up to 300 feet or above it without utilizing the appropriate rod.   

Knowing this, it is essential to opt for a fishing reel that offers a great drag. Never mind the line capacity as drag strength actually wins most of the time. Typically, the reel with a minimum stopping power of about 20 pounds is the best surf spinning reel for distance. Always remember that when you plan to target a larger fish species, then it basically calls for a greater drag power.

Ball bearings

Generally, the function of the ball bearings in a fishing reel is to guide the smooth casting and retrieving. The speed and flawlessness of the cast and retrieval ability may be typically determined through the number of bearings present. Basically, if the fishing reel contains more ball bearings, it operates in a smoother way. 

Moreover, if surfcasting really matters to you, then better opt for the best surf spinning reel for the distance that has lots of excellent quality bearings. Aside from that, a fishing reel that has bearings with an anti-reverse feature is really an ideal one. This basically, prevents the back play during setting of hooks in challenging conditions.

Gear ratio

Actually, most individual shopping for the best surf spinning reel for distance often neglects the essence of the gear ratio. Yet, it is better to keep in mind that this factor is a great indication of line retrieval and cranking abilities. Generally, it comes with this principle: a higher gear ratio will produce a lesser cranking power that has a faster rate of line retrieval.

Meanwhile, in case the gear ratio is typically lower, the cranking power is greater thus the retrieval of a line is slower. However, if your target for reeling is a giant fish, remember that a little retrieval speed will be compromised. Perhaps, to achieve a good balance, an average gear ratio may result in a decent retrieval with a sufficient quantity of cranking ability for large fish.


Another important aspect to consider when you want to buy the best surf spinning reel for distance is its durability. It is actually a no-no if the reel breaks while hauling a good catch. That’s why it is crucial to look for fishing reels from materials that last for a longer period of time. For this, you may generally consider stainless steel and aluminum which is a great corrosion-resistant material.

Corrosion resistance

Actually, the primary concerns in terms of fishing reels used within saltwater are its quick wearing out due to saltwater. A corrosion-resistant fishing reel is the main thing to consider when you decide to have surf fishing. Remember that your fishing gear will have to withstand the long-lasting exposure to the outside environment.

Moreover, the best surf spinning reel for distance generally made of corrosion-proof materials. These fishing reels may work better in controlling the damaging effect of the sand, surf, and saltwater. Additionally, water-sealed fishing reels are perfect for avoiding the corrosion given off by saltwater.

Top 3 Best Surf Spinning Reel for Distance

OUR TOP PICK: Millionaire Surf Spinning Reel

Product Name: Millionaire Surf Spinning Reel

Product Description: Our top pick for the best surf spinning reel for distance is the Millionaire Surf Spinning Reel. Basically, this is really complex fine-tuned equipment made out of extremely lightweight aluminum. With a carbon-swept grip that lessens the weight of the product, the Millionaire Surf Spinning Reel is well-balanced and effective. Moreover, its weight reduction does not compromise the traction and convenience that it may offer. Basically, you can have full control of this best surf spinning reel for the distance the moment you cast using one of the included reels. Aside from its body and side plate made out of aluminum, the Millionaire Surf Spinning Reel also includes EVA double-handle knob.

Availability: InStock

  • User-friendly
  • Accuracy
  • Ease of handling


The Millionaire Surf Spinning Reel has a power handle and an anti-reverse feature which affect the reel action for having a massive catch. Interestingly, it contains a spool that has a speed of around 30,000 RPM. It has a distinct Magna Force-Z technology that has a smooth magnetic brake for entire control. Additionally, this will also allow you to have greater control over different casting scenarios and depending on the various distinct casting approaches.


  • Ideal for use of left- and right-handed individual
  • Gives accurate result due to its factory tuning method
  • The handle is made of EVA foam for excellent comfort


  • Somewhat heavy for all-day use


Slammer III Surf Spinning Reel

best surf spinning reel for distance top 2

Another best surf spinning reel for distance on our list is the Slammer III Surf Spinning Reel. It entails various sizes which range from 10400, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 6500hs, 7500, 8500, 8500hs, and 9500. The size is directly proportional to the size of your target species. Meaning, once the size of the relevance is bigger, the target species you may get may also be bigger.

Generally, the material of this best surf spinning reel for distance is full metals within the side plates, bodies, and even the rotors. The technology behind this Slammer III Surf Spinning Reel entails a CNC gear engineering approach. This makes this surf spinning reel to have a high-quality performance.

The best feature of this best surf spinning reel for distance is that the entire body is sealed thus it resists the water from getting inside the equipment. Due to this protective covering, the Slammer III Surf Spinning Reel is not prone to damage. In addition, it uses a Dura-Drag system having ball bearings of 6+1 stainless steel. This system results in an extreme performance level.

Furthermore, the Slammer III Surf Spinning Reel usually performs a heavy-duty fishing activity. This is actually ideal for use either onshore or off boat fishing. This best surf spinning reel for distance boasts its award being a trusted fishing reel by the professional charter fishermen internationally.

  • Also applicable for freshwater fishing activity
  • Offers different speeds and sizes to choose from
  • User-friendly
  • The drag strength is minimal even after the removal of the drag cap

Dr. Fish Saltwater Surf Spinning Reel

best surf spinning reel for distance 3rd

Our list for the best surf spinning reel for distance wouldn’t be complete without the Dr. Fish Saltwater Surf Spinning Reel. Unlike with the Slammer III, the Dr. Fish Saltwater Surf Spinning Reel only has two size options. Yet, these are both perfect for offshore casting. A good feature of this spinning reel is that it includes strong drag washers that are pretty perfect against monster fish. In addition, a high-density anti-corrosion substance is incorporated with this best surf spinning reel for distance to prevent the harsh effect of saltwater.

Dr. Fish Saltwater Surf Spinning Reel also has the ability to manage all types of wear and tear. Moreover, this fishing equipment is perfect for matching with a wide range of rods weighing medium-heavy and from seven feet up to fourteen feet high. Because of this, it is also ideal in targeting all fish species. The ball bearings that it contains have highly accurate dust-resistant stainless steel of 13+1 which guarantees smoothness all the time.

Additionally, the container of the bearing is an easy channel for anglers to constantly win the battle against the target. This version of the Dr. Fish Saltwater Surf Spinning Reel also entails rotors and side plates that are generally water-sealed. Because of this, it basically protects smaller parts to fall out of the water or get the inside reel to get damaged.

Furthermore, avoiding line breakage can be easily achieved through this best surf spinning reel for distance due to the bail wire made from the very strong Piano wire. This also results in reliable and consistent fishing experience. Aside from that, it is not that difficult to gear up this reel using an extreme braided setting because it has a strong spool made of aluminum. Lastly, for extra convenience, the reel’s handle comes in the foldable form.

  • The gear ratio is around 3.9:1
  • Ball bearings contain 13.1 stainless steel
  • Have a sturdy and strong front drag
  • There are reports that the bail is somehow flimsy

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, the weight required for surf fishing is the weight that maintains the rig stable in place. Usually, a lead of about 4 to 5 ounces is sufficient to achieve the task. Yet, for really strong current, the leads of up to 8 ounces or 230 grams are the ideal one. 


A: The standard reel size for beach and jetty combo is actually 5000 or 6000 for a rod with a length of 9-foot. More or less, a backbone should be included in order to introduce a 2 or 3 ounces lure toward the surf. However, keep in mind that the lure must not be overkill to smaller fishes.


A: Basically, the best baits to be used for surf fishing includes the following:

  • Clams
  • Crabs
  • Cut bait
  • Menhaden or Bunker
  • Mullet
  • Sand Fleas
  • Shrimp
  • Squid

Final Thoughts

Basically, the best surf spinning reel for distance may be of great help for achieving a great fishing activity either on saltwater or freshwater. Moreover, there are lots of factors that greatly affect the choice of having the appropriate fishing reel. Even a single factor may not be ignored or neglected as it may have an impact over the casting distance and the casting power.

So, in buying this type of fishing equipment, it is highly crucial to take every aspect in high consideration. What do you think of the spinning reel we reviewed here? Please share your thoughts with us!