Most Common Difference Between Baitcaster and Spinning Reel 2020

When it comes to fishing, there are different methods to choose from. Normally, anglers choose their method of fishing depending on the species of fish they want to catch, the location, and sometimes on what method they are most comfortable using. In addition to these methods, there are also several kinds of casting method anglers use. The most popular would be the baitcasting and spin casting. In order to understand each method, it is important to know the difference between baitcaster and spinning reels.

In this article we will compare the two tools in order for you know which one is best to use.

Difference Between Baitcaster and Spinning Reels

*Spinning Reels

If it is your first time fishing. it is important to understand what is the difference between a baitcaster and spinning reels. Among the two types of reels. the more popular is the spinning reels. Spinning reels or spinners are commonly known for their basic operability. This is what makes them popular especially among beginners. With spinning rods and reels you don’t need expertise or skills to use them as they are very user friendly.

difference between baitcaster and spinning reel

To use spinning reels, you just simply have to flip the bail, place one finger on the line and cast, close it, them easily turn the handle to put it back on it original position. It is important to take note though that it does not reel upside down. If that is the case, expect that you will not make friends. Always remember to go for clockwise direction with the handle.

In addition to that, spinning reels are extremely useful when using light lures and bait because the casting is limited by how farther or hard you want to cast the lure. Another reason for this is that the line flows off the spool without any drag limitations. As a result, the light baits will launch much farther. Also, another difference between baitcaster and spinning reels is that, with spinning reel, you do not need to worry about the problem of dealing with backlash, which is very likely to happen if you use a baitcaster reel.


On the other side of the spectrum, baitcaster are perfect for casting crankbaits and spinner bait with accuracy. In line with that, one of the major difference between baitcaster and spinning reel is the durability, power, and accuracy. Unlike a spinning reel, a baitcaster is more accurate which make them very popular among professional anglers. However, if you really want to use this tool, you need advanced skill set because it is not easy to operate unlike spinning reels.

difference between baitcaster and spinning reel

If you are beginner in fishing, we do not recommend using baitcaster reels as you will have a hard time. Take your time using the spinning reel first until you get used to it and the act of fishing. After a while, you can just change to baitcaster if you think you are ready to level up your fishing experience. If you are decided to change your reel to a baitcaster, take not that extra resistance and skills are needed for you to successfully thumb the spool as line flows off.

Normally, if you are to use baitasters, you can cast farther compared to a spinning reel. This is primarily because the line passes directly straight to the spool aside from a circle motion with that of a spinning reel. On the other hand, baitcasters demand extra time, effort, and dedication from the user to comfortably use the fishing tool. An individual who is an expert when it comes to casting a baitcaster will have expertise over distance and accuracy as time goes by after several practices. To put it simple, spinning reels are recommended for people who are inexperienced while a baitcaster for an average angler who wants to level up his fishing skills.

*Other Difference Between Baitcaster and Spinning Reels

Aside from the above mentioned information, other difference between baitcaster and spinning reels is where the rod and the direction of the spoon is located. As for the baitcasting reel, it sits above and has a spool which is parallel with the fishing rod, On the other hand, the spool of a spinning rod is below the rod and is perpendicular wiht it.

Difference Between Baitcasting and Spinning Reels: When to Use, Pros and Cons

*Understanding Spin Casting

difference between baitcaster and spinning reel

Spin casting is simply casting using a spinning reel. The placement of spinning and spin cast reel is underneath the rod as mentioned earlier. In addition to that, the line of a spinning reel will surround the spool and pass through the roller or small wheel commonly known as power roller before it continues up through the rod guides.

In order of you to cast using this fishing tool, you need to move the bail arm up to free the line and let it to not spool. This is commonly known as the opening the bail. In addition, you should take note that the spinning reel’s spool does not always spin when you are casting. That being said, you should be able to make sure that the line is tight by using your finger to pull on the line before you cast.

**Spinning Reel and Spincast Reel Pros

  • Budget friendly. An inexpensive spinning reels do not mean that they do not have good quality. Just look carefully for a spinning reel that offers the best value of money
  • User friendly. Perfect for beginners and even teenagers who want to learn fishing
  • NO backlash. This is one of the most common difference between baitcaster and spinning reels. You do not need to deal with the troublesome backlash.
  • Perfect for lightweight line and lures.
  • Normally comes with simple to switch left and right hand preferences

**Spincast Reel Cons

  • Bulky and heavy. This makes them not suitable for travels.
  • Not as strong as durable. Another main difference between baitcaster and spinning reel is that the latter is not that strong which is why it is suitable for lightweight lures
  • Line can easily get tangled or twisted. Sometimes you cannot do anything about this.
  • No distance control. This is not surprising since the features of a spinning reel is very limited.

**When to Use a Spinning Reel-

Spinning or spincaster reels can be used in several different situations:

  • When you are aiming for tiny species of fish
  • If you have lightweight baits and lures
  • When you are tight in budget and you cannot afford a baitcaster
  • If you are new to fishing
  • When you have a class or group and you need to provide them gear

*Understanding Baitcasting

difference between baitcaster and spinning reel

To know more about the difference between baitcaster and spinning reels, it is important to understand what is a baitcaster and how baitcasting works. A baitcast reel is usually placed above the rod so that the pool is parallel to the rod, instead of perpendicular, like the spinning reel. Another difference between baitcaster and spinning reels is is that the ring is placed on top of rod. Unlike the rings of spinning reel, those of baitcast reels are larger. It requires more skills from the angler to keep things under control and to avoid backlash.

Backlash or bird’s nest is what makes the baitcaster complicated. Professional anglers will normally use their thumb to brake and control teh lines while they are casting.

**Baitcaster Pros

  • Durable. This is one of the major advantage of baitcasters over spinning reels. They are made of high quality materials for long term use.
  • Lightweight. Aside from being durable, a baitcaster is also lightweight. This makes them ideal for people who frequently go fishing to different locations.
  • Suitable for heavier lines and it can also hold longer lines
  • Can deal with heavier fish. With bait casters, it is safe to target heavier species of fish. Since the the reel is durable, the line is heave, it can survive the fight with fish
  • Can handle heavy fishing baits and lines

**Baitcaster Cons

  • Way more expensive than a spinning reel
  • More complicated to use’
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Complicated learning curve; needs expertise and experience
  • Most likely to experience backlash or bird nest
  • You cannot switch hand orientations from left to right

**When to Use a Baitcaster Reel

  • When you have been fishing for a long time and you already have plenty of experiences
  • When you are goal is to catch heavier fish, you need a fishing gear that can cast farther
  • If you have the budget to buy an expensive fishing tool
  • When the weather is not nice and you need a more durable powerful reel
  • When you are the type of angler who fish more often and you need a much lighter reel.
  • If you are used to a rod holder, you will surely appreciate how lightweight a bait caster reel is, overtime.

Final Words

These are just some of the primary difference between baitcaster and spinning reels. If you are having time deciding which reel to use, you can refer to this article to know how they differ, their pros and cons, and when you should use each type of fishing reel.