8 Best Steps on How to Spool a Spinning Rod

If you ask every angler that you know regarding the most important fishing tool for them, the majority of them will say spinning rod. This is probably because you will not be able to catch a fish without this tool. In addition to that, spinning rods are excellent in catching large fishes. With spinning rods, you do not need to worry if you are using a big or small bait because it will normally work just fine with any type of bait. One of the most important things to know when using a spinning rod is you must know how to spool a spinning rod.

how to spool a spinning rod

A spinning rod is an amazing tool with a very simple design. The mechanics of the standard reel is very simple but the main concern that will make make several anglers not want to use this tool is when they need to load it up with some new line. To a lot of anglers, they consider this as a major problem.

In the event that your old fishing line gets tangled or damaged, your job of of respooling can be a major troublesome and a waste of time to some anglers. On the other hand, if you know how to spool a spinning rod, you will save a lot of time. Also, those people who know very well how to spool a spinning rod are those who spend most of their time fishing. If you are a beginner, we will provide you with the necessary steps in spooling a rod.

How to Spool a Spinning Rod: The Main Benefits of Using a Spinning Rod

Before we move on to the steps on how to spool a spinning rod, let us list the reasons why a lot of anglers prefer using this type of tool.

*They can throw lighter lures or baits much farther

For beginners, they need a rod that will help make their job easier. On the off chance you use bait or lure that only weighs 1/4 of an ounce, a spinning rod will throw it the farthest. As a matter of fact, no type of rod can beat a spinning rod when it comes to the distance.

In addition to that, you will be surprised to know that even those people who are expert when it comes to fishing and use bait casters say that they still prefer to use spinning rod over more advanced rods, such as bait caster. On the other hand, they also emphasize how important it is for an angler to know how to spool a spinning rod. This is because if you always go fishing, you will encounter these types of problem.

*Spinning rods are much easier to use

how to spool a spinning rod

When you ask someone who is an expert in fishing what type of rod did they use when they first started fishing, most of them will answer spinning rod. Spinning rods are the easiest type of rod to use. That being said, if it is your first time fishing, it will surely help you a lot.

In addition to that, spinning rods comes with limited features. Meaning to stay, you need not to learn or practice it first before you start the actual fishing. As a matter of fact, even kids can enjoy fishing using a spinning rod. On the other hand, unlike the more advanced rods like the bait caster, a spinning rod does not offer you strength, durability, and accuracy.

*Spinning rod are more powerful and effective if it is windy

Unlike other rods, a spinning rod works better if there is a strong wind. This is the main advantage of a spinning rod and reel. If you are using a bait caster and the wind is so strong, it will most likely lead to backlash or birdnest. Casting across the into the wind using a spinning rod is much more productive compared to having a normal wind especially if the bait or lures are on the light side.

*The Pendulum Effect

This is actually the most overlooked advantage of using a spinning rod. Also, people who decided the change their rod and reel to other kind are not aware of the pendulum effect. One of the amazing advantages of a spinning rod is that it permits the lure to sink down deeper and much straighter without the pendulum effect of the rotational spool that is commonly found in bait caster.

Normally, when the lure sinks in to the water using a bait caster, it almost always experiences resistance by pooling the rotational spool. This will then cause the pendulum effect to occur. This explains why anglers who prefer to use a a bait caster in deeper water levels strip line off the pool with the hand.

*Works with people who are either left handed or right handed

Are you left handed or right handed? Do not worry, it does not matter because spinning rods are made to use even by people who are left-handed. In addition to that spinning gears, specifically spinning reels are interchangeable from left to right, depending on which side is more comfortable for you.

On the other hand, if you decided to use baitcasters over spinning rods, remember that there is no switching sides. It is either you will purchase a right-hand unit or a left-hand unit and you are stuck with it forever. Apart from that, you will not be able to lend it to people with different preferences.

*Easily adjusts during a fight with a fish

how to spool a spinning rod

Lastly, before we move on to the steps on how to spool a spinning rod, such fishing tool’s drag can be adjusted easily while you are fighting with a fish. Regardless of the position of the drag, this tool is usually easy to adjust, providing you with total range of adjustment during the fish fight.

Take note, we are not saying that bait casters are not easily adjusted. As a matter of fact, there are some bait casters where you an adjust the drag without any hassle. It always depends on the model that you will choose. Also, it is just that the location of the drag is near the handle and trying to rotate or adjust it while fighting with a fish is a bit complicated.

How to Spool a Spinning Rod

1.Make sure to match the fishing line with the Spinning Reel

Before anything else, make sure that you will be able to accomplish this first. In the event that you do not have a fishing line, you should buy one first. Do not just buy any type of fishing line you online or in a physical store, it is important to make sure that it is perfectly fit on the reel, otherwise, it will not work. Of course, you would want for the reel to willingly accept the new line when you buy it and proceed to spooling. If you do not want to encounter a ton of problems, do make sure that they are fit.

That being said, take all the time that you need to determine what line your reel really needs. Normally, there is a labelling system included in the spinning reels that tells you exactly what you need to do unlike other fishing tools out there. Luckily, majority of the reels will tell you what kind of line you need to buy and how much you will need.

2. Farewell to the old line

how to spool a spinning rod

The next step on how to spool a spinning rod is pretty obvious. Of course, you need to say goodbye to your old line before introducing a new line to your reel. On the other hand, several anglers prefer no to get rid of the old line primarily for them to save fishing lines. We recommend getting rid of the old fishing line because it will cost you a ton in the near future. Another reason is that the old line can really be a troublesom.

It does not matter how you are going to remove it. The most important this is that you will get rid of it. If you want to save plenty of money in the near future, you may opt to choose a much cheaper fishing line.

What you do not need to do is to use the old one just to be practical. Take note that any form of water or moisture that gets in between the old and new fishing line will cause you a lot of trouble. It can cause corrosion and even ruin your reel.

3.Treat your reel with tender, loving, care

Another important thing to know on how to spool a spinning rod is to handle your reel with love and care. Be gentle with it to avoid complications. The moment you removed the old line, treat your reel and rod with your utmost care. This is not always applicable but it will definitely extend the life of your fishing tools. This applies not only to rods and reels, but to other fishing tools as well.

4. Identify the direction of your Reel Spin

When learning how to spool a spinning rod, you must never forget about this part. Make sure to find out in which direction your spinning reel spins. Normally, spinning rods spin in clockwise. That being said, the direction of your spinning reel is most likely the same, but it may still be different. So it is important to carefully identify the direction.

Having the line to come off of the spool in the same way that it is going on to the reel will get rid of line twists and other problems accompanying it. Take off the empty reel and properly clean the reel, then eject it from the rod if you still have not. After that, you can move on to reeling th reel handle.

Carefully handle the reel that is in front of you. Observe and take note the direction of the reel spin. Whatever the direction is, it does not really matter. What is more important is the line that you are spooling off will in the same way. For instance, if the the direction of your spin is clockwise, must set your spool of fishing line down on the table in order for the line come it clockwise direction too.

5 Tie a good quality fishing knot on the arbor

how to spool a spinning rod

By this time, you probably the important thing to learn on how to spool a spinning rod. But it does not stop there. While this step is not that crucial, it can still leave a positive impact. Whether you are planning to go fishing in freshwater or salt water, you should have an arbor knot. An arbor knot is one of the best types of knot that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. From the term itself, it is literally used in the same purpose. It securely attach the fishing line to the spool or what we call the arbor. In addition to that, it is also one of the most durable fishing knots.

I am not actually saying that you should use this specific type of knot. It always depends on you.

6. Reel Your New Line onto the reel of the rod

The last step on how to spool a spinning rod is securely fastening the knot down. It is now time to reel the line in an average pace. Hold the line in the middle of your thumb and index finger with sufficient amount of force or pressure.

Make sure not to do this in bare hands because the rope may burn on your fingers. We recommend using a damp rag especially when you re putting pressure.

Final Words

Spinning rod is one of the greatest inventions when it comes to fishing tools. They are very easy to use and they are capable of doing anything. An angler will come to a point in his life when he needs to replace the line. Knowing how to spool a spinning rod will get rid of twists, cutting line, and stress.