Best Lubricant for Fishing Reels – Fishing Guide 2021!

Regardless of your reason for looking for grease and oils for your fishing equipment, we always want to end up having our gear lubricated enough. Well, regular maintenance of your fishing gear is generally important including greasing and lubricating. So, as part of it, the ideal solution for this is to look for the best lubricant for fishing reels. This product highly creates a protected barrier over the fishing gear so that it will not be affected by the harsh elements of water and temperature.

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We listed and reviewed 7 of the high-performance lubricants for fishing reels that you may choose from. I personally used and tried some of them during my previous fishing activity. See which one satisfies your need!

List of the Best Lubricant for Fishing Reels

OUR TOP PICK: Yamalube Lubricant Marine Grease

Product Name: Yamalube Lubricant Marine Grease

Product Description: The first on the list of the best lubricant for fishing reels, Yamalube Lubricant Marine Grease is synthetic silicon carbide oil that possesses the best grease characteristic. It will never fail you in terms of lubrication, stability of water, and dielectric features. This lubricant for fishing reels has the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. So, it is not surprising if it can tolerate up to a maximum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit! Functionality-wise, it performs well on reels that are designed on both fresh and saltwater. Aside from that, using this lubricant for fishing reels can generally prevent corrosion. Don’t worry about facing harsh violent boat vibrations as it will not affect this fishing reel lubricant. Another great thing about this Yamalube Lubricant Marine Grease is its remarkable adherence without the risk of washing it off.

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  • Easy to Use
  • Value for Money
  • Durability


Yamalube Lubricant Marine Grease is actually the best lubricant for fishing reels as it perfectly and conveniently adheres to any kind of surface. With either a freehand or application of pressure through a gun, you can generally use this fishing reel grease with great convenience.


• Various ways of application
• Includes corrosion-resistant and water-resistant features
• Suitable for use over freshwater and saltwater
• Ability to survive harsh conditions


• Available in small quantities


Lucas Fishing Reel Lubricating Oil

best lubricant for fishing reels

Compared to the first grease product, the Lucas Fishing Reel Lubricating Oil is noticeably simple yet efficient at the same time. It can easily be kept inside the tackle box due to its handy-dainty squirt bottle. Although presented in just an ounce, having it on the go makes it the best lubricant for fishing reels.

Regardless of your fishing reel is of saltwater or freshwater type, this lubricating oil is highly efficient in lubricating every part of it. Well, big thanks to the special combination of oils and additives that it has. It basically penetrates deeply into all the mobile parts of the fishing reel. The texture is also smooth enough allowing for its easy application.

Aside from that, Lucas Fishing Reel Lubricating Oil easily gets through tight spaces due to its low viscosity. Due to that, it is a good protector of the fishing reel. So, it simply means that this US-made fishing reel grease protects the reel from developing corrosion and rust. Application is also made easy through the presence of a precision needle applicator.

Product Features

  • Available on a convenient bottle for an easy storage inside the tackle box
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in a 1-ounce packaging
  • Controlled application setting due to the presence of needle applicator
  • Suitable for reels designed for both fresh water and saltwater
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Works on tight spaces
  • The tip of the applicator has the possibility of leaking

PENN Reel Lubricant Angler Pack

best lubricant for fishing reels

PENN Reel Lubricant Angler Pack is really the best lubricant for fishing reels as it is made of premium-quality materials. Aside from that, it boasts excellent qualities like high lubrication, load-carrying ability, water stability, and anti-rust properties. This lubricant highly reaches all the essential parts of the fishing reel. So, you may generally guarantee that the ball bearings, line rollers, handle knobs, and worm gears have been reached out.

Another excellent deal that this PENN Reel Lubricant Angler Pack guarantees to provide is its delivery of smoother operations onto the fishing reel. With that, the other aspects of the fishing reel have been extended. This includes the casting power, durability, and effectiveness of the reel.

With an application of a small amount over the fishing reel, you may highly ensure that the reel will go a long way. This means that the small packaging of this PENN Reel Lubricant Angler Pack will be used for a long period of time. In general, this excellent performing lubricant for fishing reels will give you the best results and great value for money.

Product Features

  • Generally used by most professional anglers
  • Created through the premium quality materials
  • Guaranteed durability and quality
  • Superior over other traditional types of greases when it comes to lubrication, loading capacity, rust protection, and water stability
  • Smooth operation ability to provide longer casting and smoother retrieval
  • Highly affordable
  • With both oils and grease on the package
  • Ideal for saltwater fishing reels
  • Comes in a squirt bottle for delivering the appropriate amount of oil
  • Pocket size bottle
  • Small product content

Daiwa Fishing Reel Lubricating Oil

If you are looking for the best lubricant for fishing reel on the go, Daiwa Fishing Reel Lubricating Oil is the perfect one for you. This lubricant is very handy as it has the size that of a pen. With that, it will easily be slipped on your fishing vest or pants pocket.

The packaging container of the Daiwa Fishing Reel Lubricating Oil is generally transparent. It allows you to have a glimpse of the amount of oil inside the pen bottle. That way you will never experience that worst moment of running out of fishing reel lubricant.

Application of this fishing reel lubricant is actually easy and convenient. With the use of a thin needle applicator, you can already lubricate your fishing reel getting you ready for fishing. Since the applicator is generally thin, the lubricant easily penetrates even in tight spaces with great convenience. Aside from that, you can also able to put on the right oil quantity that you need.

  • Includes a slender and long needle applicator providing convenience in application
  • Comes in a pen-shaped design for easy storage and compactness
  • Also applicable for use as lubricant for other outdoor tool such as firearms and knives
  • The applicator easily clogs

SHIMANO Premium Fishing Reel Lubricant

best lubricant for fishing reels

SHIMANO Premium Fishing Reel Lubricant is actually the best lubricant for fishing reels when you consider the budget and your personal preference in looking at products like it. You might notice that this lubricant has a different size, filling method, and pricing. But, performance-wise, this lubricant for fishing reels provides extreme smoothness when applied over the fishing reel. This should be highly credited to the mixture of its Dura-Ace components.

Aside from that, that said component is also the one responsible for the highly exceptional water barrier features of this lubricant over the fishing reel. With that, you will definitely be sure that rust and corrosion won’t build up all over the fishing reel. Moreover, that feature also prevents any water to penetrate deep down the reel’s bearings.

The Dura-Ace components of this lubricant also permit this product to be thin enough and runny as it lowers its viscosity. Although the coating is basically thin, it is also powerful as well leaving longer time protection over the fishing reel. This is even applicable once the reel is exposed deep down saltwater.

Product Features

  • Functions as water barrier providing great protection of fishing reel bearings within the water
  • Results with thin coatings yet low viscosity
  • Provide high corrosion
  • Highly resistant to rust
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Grease consistency is basically good
  • Smooth running during application
  • Premium quality grease
  • Heat tolerant
  • Stays in place of application
  • Quite expensive

Ardent Fishing Reel Lubricant with Cleaning Tools

best lubricant for fishing reels

Generally, the thing that draws our attention when it comes to lubricating products is their performance. Although the brand name has an impact on it, still the way it works is the most important thing for this lubricant. Ardent Fishing Reel Lubricant with Cleaning Tools comes in a form of a greased butter that is widely available with a complete set of cleaning tools. This way you will clean and, at the same time, lubricate the reel in a truly effective way.

In terms of packaging, this lubricant for fishing reel comes in a small container making it highly convenient to be stored inside the tackle box. The complete package of Ardent Fishing Reel Lubricant with Cleaning Tools gives you oil and grease for the reel and also a reel cleaner. It also has synthetic tipped swabs, a cleaning cloth, and a brush.

Mainly, the function of the brush is to scrub out the external portion of the fishing reel. Meanwhile, the other swabs have the ability to reach the inner parts of the nooks and fishing reel’s crannies. Moreover, with its rust and corrosion inhibitor, all parts of the fishing reel are protected. Thus, it results in an incredible lust helping the reel to function on its optimal potential.

Product Features

  • Comes with a complete set of cleaner and cleaning tools
  • Grease and oil in the form of butter are also included providing post-lubrication effect as a part of the complete maintenance
  • Also includes two pieces of screwdrivers of headed type
  • Available in a convenient size which is highly suitable for storing inside the tackle box
  • Ability to clean tight spaces due to the presence of synthetic swabs
  • Effective in removing dirt and preventing corrosion
  • None so far

Interflon Lubricant Aerosol

The good thing about the Interflon Lubricant Aerosol is that its mode of lubrication delivery can generally take up to ten times. With that, its performance is truly long-lasting than those of the other same lubricants for fishing reels. Generally, this best lubricant for fishing reels is formulated to inhibit moisture, dirt, and dust.

Interflon Lubricant Aerosol generally has two great qualities to boast for. First, it has a lubricating action and the other one is its coating ability through dielectric protection. This fishing reel product has a transparent appearance making it a non-staining and odorless one. Additionally, with that, a non-sticky solid film that stays in place even in harsh conditions will be the result upon drying.

Using this lubricant for fishing reels will guarantee that rust and corrosion will be prevented. It even kills the development of rust so its distribution will be hindered. Lastly, this lube is generally smooth and has a runny consistency allowing it to penetrate easily down the tight spaces.

Product Features

  • Long lasting lubrication effect
  • Aside from fishing reels and rods, this is also suitable for bicycles, guns, and other operational tools
  • Offers an extremely low friction which results in repelling dust, moisture, and dirt
  • Dries out on a solid film without producing any residue
  • Transparent and odorless
  • Non-sticky
  • Strong lubricating power
  • Not actually effective for fishing reels

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Lubricant for Fishing Reels

Regardless of the product that you will be buying, there will always be a list of features that you should have to consider. When it comes to fishing reels lubricant, the following are the essential factors that you should have to look for:


Basically, one of the most important things for a lubricant is its lubricating performance over the fishing reel. So, it only means that you must have to choose grease and oil that possess extreme lubricating power. Although considered as lubricants, both the grease and oil should be thin with low viscosity. Aside from that, it should also be smooth and a little bit runny.


In terms of the separation rate of the fishing reel’s lubricant, keep in mind that it must be low. This is also an important factor to take into account as it determines the separation of the oil from the soap. Since grease is composed of oil and soap, you will be sure of its high functionality at a low rate.

Remember that the moment the oil separates from the soap; there will be a hardened material as a result. That would also give highly dysfunctional grease. Moreover, in the real setting, the fishing reel will be more at risk if the separation rate is typically higher.


Fishing reels are used not only in freshwater but also in saltwater fishing. With that in mind, lubricants for fishing reels should possess an inhibiting and resistant ability when it comes to corrosion. Grease and oils for fishing reels should also have the ability to produce a protected sheet that inhibits the water from penetrating. Aside from that, one of the best characteristics of the lubricants is the stoppage of rust and corrosion from distributing within the fishing reel. This feature must always be on the lookout when you are buying a lubricant for the reel.


The excellent quality of the best grease and oil for the fishing reels is its property of being insoluble or not easily washed out by the water. This is primarily due to their ability to produce a durable solid film within the reel’s surface in order to provide their protective property.


When we are speaking of the thermal stability of the fishing reel, we are talking about its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind that the best lubricant must not easily get hard due to the low temperatures during winter fishing. This is most likely essential for the internal parts of the fishing reel.


Generally, you want a fishing reel lubricant that is easy to apply. With that, it is actually better to look for grease and oils that come with applicators. That way its application becomes so easy and tough to reach parts seems possible. It is also important to consider a good seal because no one wants to deal with a leaking product, especially lubricants, inside the tackle box.


Well, we all know that greases and oils are both under the lubricant category. However, many used these two terms interchangeably most of the time. Yet, the truth is they both have different purposes. Although both can act as lubricants, one tends to be better than the other in terms of this function.  

In general, the oils are actually better when you are opting to lubricate hard-to-reach parts such as the crank handle or bail. Aside from that, the consistency of the oil is quite thinner allowing it to easily penetrate into the nooks and crannies.

Meanwhile, grease is a little bit thicker. In terms of adherence on the surface of big pieces of the fishing reel, this type seems better.

Alternatives for Fishing Reels Lubricant

It is actually a good idea to opt for the best lubricant for fishing reels when you want to head out into the water. However, the good thing is there are others that you can also choose from in case those lubricants are not generally available. Some usually consider the following as an alternative for fishing reels lubricant:

3-in-1 Oil

With just a pinch, the 3-in-2 oil can usually work at its best. Yet, the problem is that this oil is not reliable when it comes to long-term use. The nature of the 3-in-1 oil is not totally synthetic which allows the fishing reel to develop rust once get exposed to saltwater. Reel jam can also be experienced once the 3-in-1 oil is used continuously.


Degreaser and solvent are the two main functions of the WD40. However, many people are using it as a lubricant. Well, it avoids rusting because it has the ability to get the grease off the reel. Yet, it doesn’t really keep the things lubricated or oiled. Basically, using the WD40 on the outer part of the reel is good enough, using it on the inner part of the fishing reel is no good at all. Keep in mind that using WD40 may wear out the inner parts of the reel.


Vaseline is well-known for its excellent lubricating property. However, you should allow its use as a lubricant for fishing reels. It has a greasy characteristic which may cause stiffness into the moving parts of the reel. With that, it will end up to the difficulty of using.

Final Words

The lubricant for fishing reels has the ability to improve the overall quality of the fishing equipment. Aside from that, this fishing product also made its way to boost its overall performance and strength over the fishing reels. The truth is, products like this may lengthen the life span of the fishing equipment. However, you must be very keen on choosing the best lubricant for your gear and always take into account those factors that may affect its performance.

What do you think of the fishing reel lubricants we reviewed here? Is there any other grease and oils you are using that you think should be included in the list? Your thoughts would be highly appreciated here!