Where To Catch Red Snapper: Everything You Need To Know

Do you know the various types of fish? Do you know the description of red snapper and where to catch red snapper?

Fishing helps you to expose yourself to the different types of fish that can be found underwater. Aside from you are able to forget your stress with the best scenery of the location, you also know water species. One of the best options, when you decide to go on fishing as for the exploration, is to be with friends and family. It is also recommended for people to be with their kids with regards to this type of outdoor activity. Through this, you are allowing them to know more about nature and how magical it is at a young age. 

Fishing has also the best season to do, and a certain type of fish is available for that season. One of the types of fish that you may catch when fishing is the red snapper. This red snapper has the scientific name of Lutjanus Campechanus which is part of the family of Lutjanidae. Usually, this fish can be found in the Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean sea. Despite it was named a red snapper this is one of the most popular and delicious white fish in the world. If you will prepare this for a meal, you can taste its freshness a combination of sweet and nutty flavor. This must be the reason why most people across the globe know this kind of fish.

Most people wish to catch this red snapper when they go on fishing. However, there are techniques that you should learn before mastering catching red snapper. Here are the things you need to know about the red snapper, tips/tricks in catching this type of fish, and many more. 

Tips You Can Try In Catching Red Snapper 

Look for the rocky floors

This is one of the mistakes everyone commits when fishing. Knowing the fact that red snapper is the type of fish where you can found this in the deep of the water. Thus, without knowing that this also can be found on the shallow part of the water, especially in the rocky floors. Red snapper loves to be with the reefs as just like with the other fish and species underwater this serves as their shelter. 

Knowing this, you can then stop doing the old techniques which are to drop the net or the fishing rod and reel on the deep water. But, instead, look for the rocky floor which you can easily catch red snapper. This is where you will have a great opportunity to not just catch red snapper but as well as the other types of fish as a rocky floor for fish is a home. Believing that they could hide from this formation. 

Also, if you want to know what is the best bait for red snapper click this button.

Look for the artificial reefs

As red snapper wants to live on the reef, then it’s time for you to have the best bait. You can consider these artificial reefs which will help you to do fishing at ease. Red snappers are attracted to the reefs and in response to this look from the market this kind of bait. You can also try a hook to drop under the water when you are on the shoreline, however, the artificial reefs are the most effective strategy. 

Some people are able to make their own reefs. This is very applicable for the people who want to go on fishing with a group, either with their family or friends. They can use boats or canoes in doing this thing. Drop all the artificial reefs on the deep water or in the middle of the shoreline. 

Return to the location where you drop your artificial reefs. 

Of course, when you have the chance to go on fishing and artificial reefs are your chosen bait always remember your location. Always have a mark for the place where you drop it because you will return on them the next day. Red snappers are a type of fish that are known who don’t seek other shelters when they found one. 

Thus, this is applicable when fishing is your livelihood. However, for the people who want this as their hobby then this could be a good technique to apply. 

Watch the current

This one of the most important things you need to know. You need to be aware of the current of the water. The current of the water will help you to know if the particular type of fish is easy to catch or not. Some fishes depend on their availability on the current of the water. So, for you to have ease in fishing then you need to know this kind of information. 

Factors You Need To Consider When Catching Red Snapper

The season 

Despite the fact that red snapper is available the whole year season is also a big factor to consider. June- July is the most popular month where catching red snapper is easy. This is the month for reef fish, wherein you can encounter a lot of red snappers. The month of June and July is the season of summer. To conclude the best season for red snapper is summer and also spring where the temperature of the water is just in the middle. 

The top ice layer on the water.

One of the tools that might help you when fishing during the winter season is the contour map. Some people choose to catch red snapper during this season, where the competition is less. This contour map will help you to locate the best spot in your location where there are many underwater you may find. The top layer of ice will block the way of oxygen to the fish, this is the reason why during the winter season most of the underwater species died. However, there are fish that can survive and one of these is red snapper. You need good tactics in fishing as it will help you a lot and increase the chance to catch big red snapper.

The location

You need to research the best location where the red snapper is always present. In some countries, for the convenience of the people, they promote ponds for the easier way of catching red snapper. The location will give you a hint whether you need to bring extra patience with you! 

However, in a more serious mode, the location will always give you the hint of how many red snappers you can get. Another is how good a red snapper you can catch. Sometimes, people prefer to choose the location where they can do various activities such as camping while fishing. 

Best Fishing Spots In Florida To Catch Red Snapper 

One of the most popular states in the Southeastern region of the United States holds an important role in catching red snapper fish. There are a lot of writings about this state that covers its various underwater species. Red snapper is one of the species you can catch here with its great water flow and rich coral reefs as a fish habitat. 

#1 Florida, Fort Myers

This is one of the most popular fishing spots in Florida where everyone loves to visit. Located in the Southwest part of Florida, where you can catch various types of fish including the red snapper. Other than that you can also catch fishes like cobia, goliath grouper, redfish, cape coral, tarpon, and various sharks. This place can offer you great sceneries and as well a great spot to start fishing. You can feel the convenience when you are fishing in this place either with your friends or family. 

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#2 St. Johns County 

If you are an individual who likes to be with nature in a quieter way then this place can offer you. The structure is an ancient style where it is near the shoreline. This is the 17th-century port, where you can enjoy the peace and the scenic view while fishing. 

The St. Johns river is abundant with it comes in underwater species such as trout, tarpon, black drum, flounder, gag grouper, and of course red snapper. Other than that, you can also catch the seabass, mahi-mahi, marlin, tuna, and sailfish. With its long offshore line, you can catch fish as long as you want and anytime. You just need to have your spot to do this activity. 

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#5 Naples

This place holds also a significant role in the ecosystem. The place has a lot of mangroves where there are thousands of species that treat this plant as their shelter and habitat. Naples is located on the paradise coast and considers as the heart of Florida. 

This place reached its popularity to the public because of the natural beauty of the beach. This is where you can see the blueish color of the water wherein you can have a great encounter with different types of fish and other underwater species. 

You can choose to book your fishing activity here with the circle of friends you have or with the whole family. This is where you can catch fishes like trout, big-mouth bass, and red snapper. You can see that the place is well-protected for public use and enjoy the perks out of fishing in this destination. 

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# Daytona Beach

This is also considered as one of the tourist attractions in Florida people can try to visit. There are many opportunities and fun activities you can do on Daytona beach. You can have a picnic with your family while fishing. You can see the wide front beach, without knowing that you could visit the other are from this. The Halifax River is perfect to visit when fishing and pretty sure it has red snapper as the water is so calm and reefs are all in a good structure.

This, you might consider another kind of experience of catching fishes like sheepshead, black drum, snook, red snapper, and trout. If you choose this destination for fishing make sure that you book an earlier trip so that you might have the chance to explore the beach area. 

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#7 Jacksonville

This place is perfect for fishing as it is facing the Atlantic ocean and the mouth of the St. Johns river. This could give every individual who loves to fish a combination of freshwater and saltwater at the same time. The reason why you can get fresh underwater species. Mill Cove, Amelia Island State, and Nassau Sound park, here in Jacksonville these are the few destinations you could also visit as it’s just nearby. 

You could expect that you can catch fish like black drum, cobia, red snapper, redfish, and the king mackerel. Also, here in Jacksonville holds one of the largest tournaments in Florida which is the Kingfish. Wherein there are over 300 boats that would sail to the water for the money. 

Whether your a professional fisher or you just treat fishing as your hobby during your leisure time, this place suits you. You can always have the best spot in here and will definitely introduce you to various underwater species. 

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#8 Miami

This fishing spot can offer you a great view of the city especially during the night. The place can’t only give you fishing spots but as well as tourist destinations and many more. No wonder why Miami is one of the places everyone loves to visit! 

Fishers who are professional enough in doing this thing, you can choose to do the deep-sea type of fishing. You can expect that you can catch big size fish such as tuna, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and red snapper as well. Choose to be with your friends or with your family as you may catch lots of different types of fish as this place has abundant coral reefs.

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#9 West Balm Beach

One of the best fishing spots in Florida. There is both onshore and intercoastal this place could offer every fisher can enjoy. With its onshore, you can enjoy various types of fish through the lakes and canals as well. This is perfect for your summer getaway where you can enjoy the perks of fishing. 

In the Intracoastal waterway which you can find here the fishes like, snook, redfish, and tarpon. And if you want to go on the north, you just need a boat ride for you to get there. 

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#10 Florida Keys

This place is perfect for your road trip and spots for the destination. These are the fish you can catch here in the place, tarpon, snook, permit, bonefish, milkfish, variety of snappers but the most common are red snappers. 

Going to this destination will have your access to the deep offshore of the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Wherein you can get here the large size fish like mackerel, tuna, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and marlin. 

The good thing about it is that you can have one of these in just half a day on the sea. This has the best view you can fully enjoy and wait for the sunset.

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#11 Marco Island

Popular for fishing because of its breathtaking scenery. If you plan to be with your friends and have a good time out of fishing then this place is perfect! Fishing here is not a challenge as you can use the inshore of the place and able to catch black drum, redfish, speckled trout, ladyfish, tarpon, and red snapper as well. 

Then if you want to explore the deep water, this place can allow you and this is where you can see and even catch different types of fish. Just like kingfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, and many more.   

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#12 Tampa

This is known as having inshore fishing and you can get various types of fish. You can get these fish like the following, black drum, redfish, spotted seatrout, sheepshead, jack crevalle, and also red snapper. 

The water from Tampa is perfect to serve as a habitat for a lot of underwater species. Another about this spot is you can also enjoy offshore fishing. You are able to catch mackerel, tuna, and many more. 

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#13 Panama City Beach

This is where you can experience the white sand beach. You can go here for fishing and at the same time picnic during your leisure time. You can enjoy the inshore fishing which you can be with the crowd. This is where you can explore the whole beach and fishing opportunities as well. You can catch various fish such as speckled trout, sheepshead, redfish, and red snapper as well. 

Another activity you can also do here is fly fishing and sight fishing of tarpons. You are able to see the artificial coral reefs and their natural beauty. These are just a few perks you can enjoy by visiting this beach! 

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#14 Cocoa Beach

You can catch here the biggest size of Gator trout, which is considered as one of the most popular types of fish. You can explore the whole area of the beach and experience the great view at the same time. With it comes to the kind of fishing you can do, you can try inshore and get the chance to catch various types of fish. 

The following are the fish you can catch here, redfish, jack crevalle, tarpon, red snapper, and mangrove snapper. 

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Final thoughts

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable things to do in an all-around year. Whatever the season your location has, you could also enjoy watching and catching different types of fish. You can explore different places as well if fishing is one of your hobbies. This activity will help you identify underwater species and be aware of what are the edibles and what is not. 

The growth of red snappers in every part of the world has become less because of the things humans do. Knowing the fact that the habitat of red snapper is coral reefs. We all know that there are extreme activities that we humans do in exchange for civilization and even for livelihood. The reason why there are only a few red snappers across the globe. Also, the factor of pollution and garbages from the city transfer to the water bodies are the cause why fish can’t stand to stay in one habitat. 

On the bigger screen, this will have an effect on a particular place where the water is not healthy anymore and there are no coral reefs to stay. The reason why the supply in some areas of the world has the shortage in supply of kinds of seafood particularly to fish. 

So, in order to prevent this to happen to the future generation, we need to be responsible enough citizens and do not go beyond the limits of the community policies. 

Are you planning to go on fishing today? Try to enjoy and try to be a productive individual at the same time.