What Fish Are Biting This Time of the Year? Fishing Guide 2021!

The different bodies of water are very rich in various species and creatures. There are abundant numbers of fish that can be found swarming the lakes, waterbeds, river-mouths, or rocky shorelines. Luckily, for every season there are fish species that can be caught successfully using your specially baited lures. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you will definitely find one to bite on. But, what fish are biting this time of the year? Let us see below!

WINTER: What Fish Are Biting This Time of the Year?

Winter officially starts from December to February in which you may feel the coolness of the breezy air. However, the freezing cold doesn’t make sense for serious anglers to put away their rods. In fact, most of them are really excited to find more species during winter. Does it sound challenging for you what fish are biting this time of the year? Well, let’s find out!


Basically, cobia is the best prize that you can get during your winter fishing activity. This fish is actually elegant and is a great trophy to lure for using different baits and heavy jigs.


Fishing on the south portion during this time of the year will let you find some crappies. If you bet to fish more crappies in winter, well, you’ll definitely win! Minnows, small spinners, and some pieces of plastics are perfect to have more crappies bite.

3-Channel Catfish

If you are looking for more challenges while fishing in the winter season, channel catfish will give you that. Since they are one of the most active fish when the cold months come in and they tend to be very aggressive, catching channel catfish is not easy. You may find yourself battling on this water creature just to caught them biting on your lure. But, if you’ve them, it will definitely be fun.

4-Northern Pike

Like the channel catfish, the northern pikes are also aggressive and generally active most likely when the water is on its coldest. But, they dominate the majority of the lakes within the north. While other fish species are not attracted to artificial lures, the northern pikes enjoy biting on it this time of the year. They will feed on minnows, so throw your rod with it and they’ll definitely bite on it.


Once you traverse Canada’s frigid waters, you’ll surely have plenty of perch biting this time of the year. Perch is a fish species that easily bite even on icy water and they would definitely be the first one to bite on your lure before any other. Feed them with maggots and blood worms to catch them successfully in the cold.


what fish are biting this time of the year

Well, snappers are commonly found swarming along the warmer waters. However, some of them can be found in shallow waters and inshore areas. Look over the reefs and wrecks and you may find them hanging out there in the cold.


It is actually in winter when trout maintain an enormous level of activity because of their metabolism. This is actually the main reason why they swim under the coldest water area and maybe biting during this time of the year.


Walleyes are aggressive feeders within the Midwest area during the cold months. River and lakes are their favorite hang-outs. Put in the cold water slow dragging jigs and they’ll definitely bite on them.

SPRING: What Fish Are Biting This Time of the Year?

Generally, spring is one of the most awaited seasons to have some good catch for dinner. The changes in the water temperature and its clarity are great ways to make fishing easier. You’ll surely catch a bite when you go out for fishing during the spring. But, what fish are biting during this time of the year?


The catfish are generally hungry and tend to look for food when the spring starts. So, you may usually find them searching for food to take in. That’s why for most anglers, catfish are easy to catch in the springtime. Yet, the challenging part of it is finding the perfect spot to fish. But, once you get a bite, a fried catfish is a perfect way to satisfy your cravings.

2-Largemouth Bass

There are actually plenty of bass varieties swarming over the water and entice most anglers to catch them. During springtime, the largemouth bass gears toward the clearer water. Search along the rocks and other water structures and you may find these fish are biting on your lure.

3-Rainbow Trout

One of the favorite sport fish, having trout biting this time of the year requires changing your fishing strategy. It is highly recommended to fish for trout in the latter part of the day when the sun is high.

4-Smallmouth Bass

what fish are biting this time of the year

Another popular sport fish within the North American waters is the smallmouth bass. It is actually a famous fighter that generally holds extra benefits. Getting a bite of them during this time of the year needs you to use vibration on the water.

So, it is advisable to throw out weighted blade bait and surely the smallmouth bass will love the vibrating movement on the water. Moreover, occasionally jerk the bait off the bottom through a sturdy rod to make it notice by the smallmouth bass.


The walleye fish usually spawn on the grounds during the springtime. They congregate on shallow waters and low-current zones. Due to that, anglers find this fish species as the best bet. During fishing, the walleye commonly notice colored lures and generally respond to attractants. In case you want to have a bite of the walleye in springtime, throw your rod with a bright red-colored lure with some enhancers on it.

SUMMER: What Fish Are Biting This Time of the Year?

As time changes, seasons also change. From springtime to summer season, fish species also tend to alter. Along with this are the fish species biting this time of the year, but what are those? Here are the best bites summertime fishes:


Actually, there are varieties of bass that can be commonly found biting within the summer heat. The most common bass fishes that are biting this time of the year are the largemouth, smallmouth, and white bass. Usually, largemouth bass is aggressive during summer so consider cranking down a jig on a grass line to successfully have them bite.

Meanwhile, the smallmouth bass is abundant in the most country making them the highlight of many anglers during summer. Since they are considered as hardest-fighting fish on freshwater, try comb the rocky shorelines with some jigs or spinnerbaits. The white bass, on the other hand, comes along in massive schools, so feed them with minnows and you would surely have plenty of bites.


Another extremely aggressive fish species of the freshwater is the bluegill. They are really easy to catch and they will never fail you to have a bite when anyone else does. However, don’t be surprised if your string would be stretched out enormously by the aggressiveness of the bluegill. Usually, they hang mostly on shallow covers like grass beds, laydowns, and docks. So better to find them there and they will generally save your day out fishing during the summer heat.


Catfish are generally bottom feeders, and aside from getting a bit from them in winter and spring, they can also bite excellently during the summer days. However, you may usually put on a battle with this fish species. Find them along the deep holes on river beds and most creek channels within reservoirs. Don’t forget to bait your rigs with some chicken livers and surely you will have them biting on.


Abundance, the urge of biting, and the great tastes are all that you can get from a crappie bite. Many anglers are looking after this frisky fish species during the summer heat within the country. You may commonly find them hanging on deep brushes, logs, and laydowns with 6-12 feet depth. Lakes are also a good place to catch crappies. But, always get ready with small plastic tubes on jig heads and live bait rigs surrounded with minnows.

5-Northen Pike

Northern pikes maintain their extreme activeness all throughout the summer season. To them biting this time of the year, try to look after them in shallow covers as they are patiently waiting for something to dart out and prey on. Gear up your rod with minnow resemblance such as crankbaits, spinnerbaits or swim jigs.

FALL: What Fish Are Biting This Time of the Year?

When the summer heat already ended, the cooler weather gets in along with the beautiful colors of autumn. In connection to this is the amazing fall fishing that most fishermen are also waiting for. So you will not be able to miss out on the best fishes within the year, here are the fish that would be biting this season.


Smallmouth and largemouth bass can also be found abundantly during the fall season. These bass varieties are biting this time of the year on lakes and reservoirs. However, they can be a hundred yards farther from any structures in the water. That’s why it is better to use sonar in locating them. Aside from that, look for circling and diving birds because it indicates the location where you can find the baitfish.


Shallow weeds and rocky shores are the favorite hangouts of the bluegill during the fall season. Use live bait to have them biting on. Consider using a sinking fly as it may be of big help during midday fishing and while bugs are hatching.


This fish species generally focus within the standing timber that permits them to move either on shallow or deep water. The movement of the crappie is highly dependent on the water and weather conditions. Catching and aiming the crappie for biting this time of the year requires a special fishing strategy. Consider using small tubes about 2-inch in measurement and you will catch them without fail especially on lakes in Michigan.


Generally, big muskies that can be seen during the fall season are in line with the schools of baitfish. Their favorite hang-outs are the clear weedless water such as the rocky shorelines, river-mouths, or open water weed beds. Muskies that are biting this time of the year will not run after the fast-moving lure. So, the best strategy for this is to go after big, slow-moving baits.


The perch are attracting yellowfish species that tend to gear towards shallow waters. Water temperatures usually reduce during the fall. With that, the perch come out to feed on schools of tiny baitfish. Muddy areas are what they love to be into.

To catch them successfully, feed them with small minnow baits with plenty of movement near to the structure. Use colorful baits and try chartreuse or bright red shades because it comes effectively within clear or stained water.


Usually, the pike roams around the lake during this time of the year because the temperature of the water cools down. Shallow waters are their favorite place to go in order to chase after baitfish. Aside from that, they also like to feed on some large bait fishes by fall.

Begin your quest on letting this fish to bite in by casting large topwater baits close to shallow area of weedline or sharp breaking points. Once the bait was engulfed, it means that baits are there and the battle will begin. However, there are days that fishing needs to be dealt with great effort. With that, consider using diving or floating lures.


When the water temperature cools down during the start of the fall season, the walleye usually move to shallower areas in the water. You can mostly find them feeding within the day. Moving on to the latter part of the fall, walleye move on the deeper water area because the temperature of the water starts to drop off.

Generally, all throughout the fall, the trolling crankbaits work best in making the walleye to bite your lure. However, you need to change your fishing strategy or trolling presentation because it may depend from one location to another. Trolling is basically helpful in finding the location of the walleye.

Mostly, walleye are highly visible near areas where there are big structures. Moreover, it is actually effective to use big baits because they are generally abundant during this time of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Actually, you can catch fish all throughout the day. But, depending on the time of the year, you can successfully catch them best. Here are the best times of the day wherein you can have fish biting:

  • Early in the morning between 6 am to 9 am
  • Late morning to afternoon between 9 am to 1 pm
  • Afternoon to dusk between 1 pm to 5 pm


A: The direction of the wind does not have a direct effect on the biting of the fish. Yet, there is a reason why the wind causes the fish to bite on. For instance, right after the big cold front, the east wind blows out. The chop of water due to the blowing of wind reduces water visibility making the baits unnoticeable by the fish.


A: Most often than not, fishing when it is raining is better than normal days. Yet, the rain is not actually the reason for that bite.

Final Thoughts

There are generally plenty of fish species that you may find penetrating every part of the water. Regardless of the season, there will always be fish that are biting any time of the year. The important thing is that you know the location where you can find those fishes and the best time of the day that they can be found in plenty of numbers. Moreover, establish the best fishing strategy and try to modify it depending on the season and on the fish species that you will be fishing.