Best Rod Holders For Catfishing

If you are on the lookout for the best rod holders for catfishing, the choices on the market might confuse you. Fishing Rod holders is crucial to the arsenal of all kinds of anglers. Some of them are meant as a storage option to keep your rod from being damaged on your boat or truck. Others are used actively during fishing, especially when you’re trawling or handling heavier surf rods at the seaside. Features to look for will depend on the application you will be using your best rod holders for catfishing. Factors to look for range from cost, mount type, as well as adjustability.

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What Makes a Good Catfish Rod? — best rod holders for catfishing

Best Rod Holders For Catfishing

A good rod specially made for catfishing techniques might not be the best for other catfish fishing methods. Choosing the right catfish rod requires you to ask several questions first:

  • What species of fish are you after?
  • How big is the fish you are trying to catch?
  • What strategy do you plan to use?
  • How much money are you willing to spend?

Once you answer these questions, you will eliminate some of the other rods that will not serve your needs and focus only on the serviceable ones. When you look at the range of rods and their features such as their length, weight, and action, you will know precisely which catfish fishing pole will meet the kind of angling you have in mind.

Buying Considerations– best rod holders for catfishing

It is crucial to know the criteria for the best rods for catfishing. Know the type of catfish you are aiming for can greatly influence which rod you should purchase. Discover the different types of catfish rod length, weight, and action and get a heads up on information about common rod construction materials. 

Types of Catfish– best rod holders for catfishing

Best Rod Holders For Catfishing

There at least three species of catfish you will likely catch when you fish in US waters. You can fine-tune your strategy by knowing a little bit about every kind of catfish you are targeting. When you hone in on the species you want to catch and the technique you will be utilizing, the choice of which kind of rod to buy will be extremely easy. The following are the three catfish species:

Channel catfish

This is the most common and widespread variety. The channel catfish is the most common species caught. A majority of channel cats you will be able to pull in will weigh between one and 5 pounds, while the 10 pounders are also common. The species can grow as large as 25 pounds. It may sound big, but the following two are much bigger. 

Flathead catfish

This type of catfish is found in many parts of the United States. The flathead catfish is well known with anglers who are aiming for a trophy-class fish. Many of these species will be around 50 pounds, and they can reach lengths of up to 3 to 4 feet and can even weigh up to 100 pounds.

Blue catfish

Among the three catfish species discussed, the blue catfish is the biggest. Like flatheads, it is commonly caught and weighs 50 founts, but blues can get truly immense, with some going beyond 5 feet in length and weighing up to 150 pounds.

It should be noted that different techniques will work for each type of catfish. The technique you will be using has a lot to do with the specific catfish rod you will be utilizing.

How to catch the different kinds of catfish– best rod holders for catfishing

Best Rod Holders For Catfishing

Channel catfish

Channel catfish utilize their sense of smell, which usually brings them in from distances and convinces them to be lured to your bait. They can be efficiently caught utilizing stink baits, chicken livers, or even cut bait. In some instances, live bait such as sucker shiners and crayfish will be more successful, but you can usually not use live bait. Channel cats are attracted to stationary bait, and they often move into shallow water to feed. The best rod to use when targeting this type of fish would be a 7 feet graphite medium weight rod that utilizes moderate action.

Blue Catfish

These are predatory fish and are more aggressive than channel fish. Blues tend to feed on other fish, with live prey being the preferred food. Many anglers will go after blue catfish with live bait and discover that oily baitfish are the best option. They hang around in deeper waters either on the bottom parts or in suspended areas. With that fact, along with their immense potential, size and predilection for live baits will mean that a heavy-duty catfish rod is called for. An ideal rod to catch blues would be 7 feet to 7.6 feet fiberglass rod with medium or medium heavyweight and utilizes moderate action.

Flathead Cats

Flatheads are nighttime fishes, and they are highly capable hunters. If you present them with a chicken liver or a chunk of dead fish, they will likely ignore it. They want something alive and kicking. If you bait them with something that blues are used to, such as a 2-pound sucker or an extra-large shiner, you will need a seriously massive rod. It is also recommended that when you hook a blue, you might end up with a hefty 130 pound at the end of your line. An ideal rod would be 8 feet long, medium heavyweight Rod of fiberglass material, and utilizes moderate action.

Casting or Spinning Rod? — best rod holders for catfishing

Fishing rods come in two styles, either casting or spinning rod. When selecting an ideal rod for catfishing, both will work equally well, so the only question between the two will come down to personal preferences.

You can obtain both rods with any level of strength and flexibility you desire, so personal preferences come down to which reel type you will feel more comfortable using. A casting Rod utilizes a casting reel, which looks like a small device when mounted on the rod. 

Spinning Rod will be open-faced, and the features are revolving bait to wind the line. When it comes to the size that is suitable for catfishing, either type of rig has the ability to haul heavy baits into optimum position and battling catfish. This allows you the freedom to go with what you know. If you feel more comfortable with spinning gear, go for a spinning Rod for catfishing. If you prefer casting gear, choose a hefty casting rig for managing hungry catfish.

Materials– best rod holders for catfishing

Most of the best catfish rods have graphite or fiberglass material, with some being constructed from several materials combined, including graphite, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Most of the cheaper workhorse rods you will find on the market will have 100% fiberglass or graphite blanks construction.


Catfish rods made from fiberglass are extremely popular because the material is tough and can withstand rough use. Traditionally they are a little heftier compared to graphite rods, but modern fiberglass material undergoes manufacturing techniques that have completely diminished the difference. 

Although fiberglass blanks are tailor-fit for the sort of moderate action you need in a catfish rod, they are sensitive compared to graphite blanks.


If you are using catfishing strategies that need more sensitivity, go for graphite. This option might not be as durable as fiberglass, but graphite allows you to feel more.

When it comes to catfish rod selection, the bottom line is what kind of fish you want to catch.

If you are after tiny channel catfish, graphite is a good option. When aiming for large channel cats, blues, and flatheads, fiberglass rod is your optimum choice

Top 3 best rod holders for catfishing



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Product Description: Plussino best rod holders for catfishing is a popular name that has made some amazing fishing products over the years. Their best rod holders for catfishing is a guaranteed hit. It comes with a clamping holder that can be clamped on the side of a boat kayak rail or anything else. These best rod holders for catfishing is made from ABS plastic, which is Eco friendly. It can withstand high impact and is a heavy-duty material that is ideal for boat outings and affordable for many consumers. These best rod holders for catfishing are able to fit different types of rods, which include spinning casting and rotate casting rods. It is a versatile best rod holders for catfishing that can also turn 360°. These best rod holders for catfishing comes with a one-year warranty, which is something unheard of in manufacturers of fishing Rod holders. Should an issue arise with your holder within the year, you are guaranteed to get a replacement at no cost, but make sure it wasn’t you or anybody else’s fault.

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  • Material
  • Durability
  • Installation


This best rod holders for catfishing can manage spinning casting and is 360° adjustable. This rod holder makes it effortless for you to access your rod and put it into the optimum position.


  • Made of high quality and eco-friendly material
  • Strong and anti-corrosion
  • Constructed with high impact resistant heavy duty ABS


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Runners Up

Scotty Power Lock Rod Holder

Best Rod Holders For Catfishing

Scotty best rod holders for catfishing comes assembled and doesn’t come with unnecessary bells and whistles. These best rod holders for catfishing can store any fishing rod, whether it be casting or spinning type. It also can turn 360° so you can pull and masterfully haul in the fish as if the rod was still within your hands.

These best rod holders for catfishing are made of high-grade nylon making it reliable, resilient, and strong. You can depend on this rod to last you for the long term and serve you through dozens, if not hundreds of adventures on the water.

Take note that this best rod holders for catfishing is rather large and many anglers do not like this fact. With that in mind, lightweight rods do have a risk of slipping right out of your grasp and into the water. Simply because it is huge doesn’t mean that it cannot manage to protect your rod.

These best rod holders for catfishing is designed to be multifunctional for a wide range of large, medium, and even small fish species. It is made for virtually any watercraft.

  • Value priced
  • Open style rod holder
  • The universal cradle holds almost any rod and reel setup.
  • No negative reviews so far

Cannon Downrigger Rod Holder


Canon manufacturer has created an effective yet affordable best rod holders for catfishing that is worthy to look at. It is a mount style holder that utilizes sleek ABS plastic.

The spring-loaded knob of this best rod holders for catfishing allows adjustments to be made speedily and tolerably so you can direct rod in the best angling position possible. You can turn this rod 360°, and this best rod holders for catfishing can be affixed either on the top or side of a rail, whichever works best for you.

These best rod holders for catfishing was created so that the rod stays in and comes out at the right time. The most pressure is around the middle part of the rod’s handle so that it stays firm and never falls out on its own.

This best rod holders for catfishing is flexible.

The three-position configuration of this best rod holders for catfishing levers fast. The spring-loaded tension knob provides quick rod adjustments. It has a 360° bass, which can be top mounted or side-mounted.

  • Three-position configuration
  • Spring-loaded tension knobs
  • 360° base
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

Catfish are delectable but are tricky to catch because of their immense size. If you decide that this fish species is your target, be sure to load up on angling essentials that are high-quality so you can haul in this fish successfully. It is crucial to get the best rod holders for catfishing, so when your big catfish bites, you are ensured that your equipment will not fail you.