Top 5 Best Youth Fishing Poles for the Money in 2020

The youth also love to enjoy some fishing time whenever possible. To make this happen, then they need to get the best youth fishing pole.

Keep in mind that the youth can easily get bored with fishing, so the fishing pole should be good. If you are trying to introduce your teen to fishing, then you have to do a good job of selecting the right kit for fishing.

With several kits in the market, sometimes you might not be sure which one is the best youth fishing pole. Do not worry as that is what we look at in this guide. Also, we look at the tips to consider when buying such type of fishing pole.

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What to Look for in the Best Youth Fishing Pole

  • Complete Kit

You might be targeting to get the best youth fishing pole, but it is better if you go for a kit. This is because a kit will have all the important accessories that you need for fishing. This can include the lures, hooks, reel, and more.

Buying these accessories as addons can quickly increase the price of the fishing pole package.

  • The material

Look at the material used to make the fishing pole and any of the accompanying accessories. The material will determine how easy it is to use, durability, and much more.

The most common material would be carbon fiber. This material is all about durability. You can find a lot more people buying it knowing that their fishing pole will last for years to come.

Sometimes the manufacturers can combine carbon fiber with fiberglass. The result is that you now have a strong fishing pole that is still lightweight. No one wants to use a heavy fishing pole.

Graphite is still a nice material that manufacturers would use for making the best youth fishing pole. Such a fishing pole will also be lightweight.

  • Design

Look at the design that the manufacturer incorporates into the fishing pole. The idea is to end up with a fishing pole that is easy to use.

There are manufacturers that now use a telescoping design for their fishing poles. The aim is to make it so easy for the user to customize their fishing pole to the correct size.

A telescoping fishing pole is something that you will see in many kits in the market right now. Still, you need to look at the overall size of the fishing pole. This ensures that you buy a fishing pole that perfectly suits your size.

  • The power

The fishing pole that you get should have the right power to use it for the fishing activities. There are those who get weak fishing poles that cannot handle the wrestling of a fish and even the heavy lines. This might make someone disinterested in fishing fast. Go ahead and check out the various options available in the market first before settling for one.

To understand more about the power, look at what people say about it. This includes the reviews. If there are more positive reviews about the fishing poles, then you would know it is the right one for you.

  • Portability

This is not something that you can ignore when looking for the best youth fishing pole. Consider that someone will have to carry the fishing pole around, so what are those features that make it easily portable?

Some of the models will have a carrier bag. This should give you the chance to carry the fishing pole plus its accessories to where you want and get down to fishing.

Also, the telescoping feature is a nice addition to the fishing pole design. This is because you can fold it into its smallest form factor for portability.

Top 5 Best Youth Fishing Poles

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: BlueFire Fishing Rod Kit

Product Name: BlueFire Fishing Rod Kit

Product Description: This gets to be a top choice because of the many accessories that come with the fishing pole. We find that it is has a fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing lures, hooks, and a carrier bag. For many, they find its accessories to be a perfect gift for the youth who would love to get into fishing. The telescoping fishing rod is another thing that makes it even better. This is because it is made of high-density carbon fiber. The carbon fiber material is lightweight, sturdy, and durable all at the same time. Having the telescoping design makes it easy to carry and store the fishing rod. You also get the chance to choose the correct length of the fishing pole depending on your height and size. Having the spinning fishing reel feature boosts its activity while fishing. It is for this reason, both beginners and those advanced in the world of fishing will find it ideal for their applications. It is also solidly built to eliminate any doubt about durability. The smooth guide rings are designed to remain anti-corrosive so that you never have to worry about them breaking down soon. They are also made to dissipate heat faster while at the same time reduce friction

Availability: InStock

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdiness
  • Giftable
  • Value for money
  • Sheerness


It is not expensive to have your kid develop a fishing interest as this kit is one of the cheapest in the market. Even if it is cheap, the kit will give your kid all the essentials needed to get into fishing.

The telescoping fishing rod is good since it can be adjusted to suit the needs of youths and help them enjoy fishing.

The carry bag makes it easy to carry the whole kit around with ease.


✔️Impressive build quality

✔️It comes with a telescoping fishing rod

✔️The smooth guide rings offer the best heat dissipation


❌Setting it up for the first time is not the easiest

Runner’s Up

ShinePick Fishing Rod Kit

It is hard to go wrong with this best youth fishing pole kit since it has everything someone needs to get started in fishing. Some of them include fishing rod pole, spinning reel, lures, hooks, and much more. All of these are packed in a carrier bag for ease of transportation.

The telescoping fishing rod comes made of carbon fiber composite. The aim is to make it strong, durable, and reliable to countless fishing trips. In addition, it also has an ergonomic handle to make it fit comfortably in the hand so that you can fish with ease.

People will also find it having a powerful spinning reel. The DS3000 spinning fishing reel boasts of its precision matched gears. This feature makes it important for improving the fishing experience. You will also find it being great for supporting even the large lines.

Being lightweight and portable means that you can always take it to where you want and get down to fishing.

  • It comes with a bag for transportation
  • It has a powerful spinning reel
  • The rod is telescoping for customizing the size
  • Not the best for advanced youth anglers

PLUSSINO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Being a fishing rod and reel combo makes it the best youth fishing pole to get someone more interested in fishing. So, this package includes a fishing rod and reel. It might not be much accessories like the other models above, but it for sure lives up to your fishing experience.

The carbon fiber mixed fiberglass makes the feel of your fishing pole even better. Most people will find it having the best flexibility and elasticity. In return, it should always feel like a sturdy and durable fishing pole.

The construction of the other parts of the fishing pole is in a way that prevents corrosion. This might be a common problem with other models when using them in sea water. That is not something you have to worry about when using this model.

The EVA Fore Grip is all about giving you the best comfort. This means that the fishing pole is not likely slip from your hand while fishing.

  • The fishing rod has the perfect elasticity and durability
  • It comes with instant anti-reverse
  • It is built to resist corrosion when used in seawater
  • You have to buy most of the accessories separately

FISHOAKY Fishing Rod Kit

One thing that will make more people like this model should be that it is a complete fishing kit. This makes it the best youth fishing pole because it comes with everything you need to get into fishing. Yes, this includes even the lures, hooks, and other important accessories.

Having the telescoping fishing rod means that you can customize it to fit your needs. It could be the height, size, and much more. The rod is also made of graphite composite material. The result is now you have a fishing pole that is lightweight and corrosion resistant.

You will find that the fishing pole is also lightweight and easily portable. The presence of a carrier bag should make the job a lot easier. You can now easily fit it in your car trunk and take it to different fishing trips just as you want.

With all these features, you would think that it is expensive. However, this is an affordable kit that would make anyone interested in fishing get started easily.

  • It is a complete kit for fishing
  • A telescoping fishing pole for adjustability
  • Lightweight and portable kit
  • Not the best to use with heavy lines

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combo

This is another best youth fishing pole that comes as a complete kit that you need for fishing. This means that it also has all the necessary accessories for you to get started with your fishing hobby.

Looking at the rod’s construction, we find that it is made using high density carbon fiber mixed fiberglass. The result is that you have a highly durable and hard fishing rod. Even if it is durable, it remains lightweight because of the carbon fiber and fiberglass materials.

As for the reel, it comes with 13+1 corrosion resistant smooth ball bearings. The same thing applies to the matched gears. You can now experience a smooth gear operation while at the same time not worry about corrosion.

The handle in easily interchangeable. As such, you can either use it if you are right or left-handed. You never have to worry about choosing the right handle depending on your dominant hand.

  • It is a lightweight kit improving portability
  • It comes as a complete fishing kit
  • The reel has precision matched gears for smooth operations
  • Some feel it could use more lures and hooks


What are some of the things to think of when buying the best youth fishing pole?

Getting the best youth fishing pole should not be hard as you need to focus on the length, the type of fishing you need to do, the build quality of the pole, the maintenance needs, and the overall use of the fishing pole.

How would a youth get easily hooked to fishing?

The first thing is the interest needs to be cultivated over time. This is because youths can easily get bored with fishing if they do not get the best introduction. Also, the fishing pole needs to be great in terms of usability. No one wants to spend the whole day trying to figure out how the pole works.

What makes a good fishing pole material?

A lot goes into making a good fishing pole and that includes the material that the manufacturer uses. The most common material would be carbon fiber. The use of carbon fiber is common because it is good in terms of durability, sturdiness, and lightweight. The other options include the use of fiberglass and graphite.


The best youth fishing pole does not need to complicated. For most people, it needs to be easy to use, lightweight, easy to setup, and durable. These are important considerations to always keep in mind if you hope to end up with the right product.

From the various models mentioned above, it should now be easy to find one that can work great for you. So, go ahead and choose the right one for you.