Best Fishing Rod Holder For Truck — Your Go-to Review!

Don’t have any storage left in your track or in your vehicle to put those fishing gears of yours? Well, it’s actually a common struggle for most anglers and you are not alone with this kind of experience. Having a fishing rod holder for a truck cap or even in a vehicle is very important to us. That’s why it’s a must to prioritize a rod holder or rack which is reliable, safe, and easy to install will make your life less difficult.

It’s a good thing you have come across in this article, especially if you are needing a fishing rod holder for your truck cap or a vehicle roof rack. Because we have curated the best rod holder not just for truck caps, but also for sedans, and hatchbacks.

Don’t worry, because we made sure that these features products are of the best quality and reliable enough for you to use in your fishing activities. So better scroll down and see those products we are talking about.

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Best Fishing Rod Holder For Truck — Our Top Picks!

OUR TOP PICK: Portarod Rod Holder

Product Description: Our best pick for our product listing is none other than Portarod Rod Holder. Now is the time to replace your good old fishing rod holder in your truck cap. Because this thing here is the real deal and will make sure you will have to replace this for several years from now. It's got amazing features and this product has a great design system, not to mention its overall quality will guarantee you that you have invested in the right rod holder. Our team personally loves this and also other anglers. Why buy this? see summary section.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


This is one of the easiest ways to transport your precious fishing rods without getting in harm’s way. Portarod rod holder does not need any drilling nuts and bolts making it hassle-free for you and saves much of your energy when installing and removing this. Not only that, if you look closely at the building and structure, you will notice the high quality of it. You will notice that this is extremely durable because it’s made from mill finish aluminum along with stainless screws and galvanized components.

The ratchet support bar is able to stretch from 53 inches up to 84 inches long, this makes it the most versatile and fitting to almost any type of truck you have. You can just adjust this rod holder to your needs.

Why should you buy this? If you are still searching for your ideal fishing rod holder for your truck cap, then you don’t need to look further. Because this product has more caliber, performance, amazing features, that is worth your long-term investment.


It can fit any pickup truck
Features ratcheting action which keeps you from using drills, nuts, and bolts
The aluminum body is weather-resistant


Putting heavier fishing rods will pivot or move the adjustable vertical angles



Fishing Rod Holder For Truck Cap

Our second best-rated for rod holder is a brand by Littlemole. It’s a fantastic brand and some of our team have been using this particular rod holder and it’s universally fit from compact vehicles to full-size cars such as RVs, SUVs, Trucks, and Vans.

What more can you ask for when you have this? Even some of the anglers we know have been using this and be recommending this because it’s durable enough to last long and the quality is superb in this.

It’s a high capacity product that holds up to 4 fishing rods and reels. This will make sure you have an organized fishing rods and reels without cluttering your pickup truck or SUV.

It features a non-slip design. With its built-in rubber and metal structure. This guarantees it can resist any bumpy roads and still maintain its stability and firmness which is meant for heavy-duty use. Besides that, this rod holder is adjustable so it can fit and match the car’s size.

What’s more fascinating about this is its money-back guarantee. They make sure that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can just bring this to them.

Also, they have an amazing after-sales service. Not only it’s a great product but the brand itself has something to compete with and can be leveled with those top-notch rod holder manufacturers.

All in all, no wonder why it’s in our best fishing rod holder for truck caps and even for other vehicles. The quality is superbly built with sturdy materials. It also features non-slip to prevent the fishing rods from rolling over. It’s worth recommending for anglers.

  • Universal Fit
  • Superb quality
  • Money back guarantee
  • Nonslip feature
  • Up to 4 fishing rod capacity
  • None so far

Tight Line Enterprises Fishing Rod Racks

Fishing Rod Holder For Truck Cap

Tight Line Enterprises Fishing Rod Racks is what you need for a brilliant solution especially for those anglers who want an easy rod transport system that is on and off.

This is a must-have for people who are still searching for the best fishing rod holder for truck cap and even on other vehicles as well. This product has amazing features and quality materials that will surely keep your fishing rods out of harm’s way.

This rod holder is so lightweight and a portable double vacuum type carrier system. It’s a suitable option particularly if you own a truck or SUV.

You don’t have to spend several hours in installing this because this features a quick and easy mounting and removal process. So you won’t need to re-rigging rods especially when you are going from fishing hole to fishing hole.

The Tight Line Enterprise rod holder is able to accommodate four fishing rods of any type, this includes heavier surf rods and fly rods.

Just attach the magnet to your truck or vehicle whichever you want your rod to be positioned and just snap them with the built-in reinforced bungee cords.

The Tight Line Enterprises is without a doubt a suitable choice if you want something more such as versatility and functionality. Although you may want to stretch your budget a bit with this product.

Why buy this product? Because it has a distinct style of the mounting system and it’s much easier for you to install and remove this rod holder without compromising its durability and sturdiness.

  • Fit any type of fishing rods
  • Magnets are powerful to secure the rods
  • Can be removed and install quickly
  • Higher price point
  • Won’t secure fiberglass and aluminum roofs/hoods

LUXHMOX Rod Holder

Coming right next is the LUXHMOX Rod Holder. This rod rack has an impressive capacity which is great if you want to store many fishing rods with you. Considering its large space, you won’t believe that this is lighter in weight and it’s durable enough to last long.

In addition to that, this brand fairly rivals with KastKing rack. This has a great design and it’s surprising to know that this doesn’t consume too much space. Hence, we have included this in our featured product.

The Luxhmox rod holder is carefully designed and structured to withstand rugged activities and for longer usage.

This is is it’s made from lightweight MDF board. It also has three metal rods and two discs for added strength and the ability to hold even heavier rods. This does not need several hours of your time because this can be assembled so easily and it can only take up to 5 minutes more or less.

This can be used in your boat, garage, and other storage areas. It’s great to have one of these so you don’t have to worry about losing your fishing rod because it will make sure your fishing gear and equipment are well organized and in place. What’s great about this its capacity which can hold up to 24 fishing rods.

All in all, the Luxhmox rod holder has a great performance and will surely make your rods organized especially while you are traveling. In addition, the capacity of this is impressive which holds up to 24 rods yet it’s lightweight and sturdy enough to last long.

  • High-quality craftsmanship due to MDF board
  • Up to 24 fishing rod capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space saver
  • None so far

ATeamProducts Rode Holder

We understand absolutely that you are needing an affordable yet delivers quality performance and material fishing rod holder for your truck or vehicle.

That’s why included this rod holder by ATeamProducts. Although the brand is not popular, we still think this is suitable for budget anglers out there.

The design is simple as well as the install and removal process. This rod rack is compatible with any vehicle or truck cap regardless of length which is another favorable factor for buyers.

With its simple structure and built, it features two suction cup mounts. There’s also space for four rods which gives you the option to space their part according to your own liking.

Shorter vehicles like sedans will probably need you to split the rods in half, but for long vehicles like hatchbacks or trucks, you can maximize the space and rods at full length.

As you can see, the four-rod slots are slim, you will be able to put only four rods, instead of four combos in this particular rod holder.

Be careful if you are going to put heavier rods or surfcasting casting combos. This will likely overstress the grip strength of the slots especially if you are on bumpy roads.

All in all, if you are on a tight budget, then we strongly recommend this one. Although it’s not suitable for heavy rods and only suitable for freshwater spinning rods. But if you don’t mind complicated design and complex installation and for practical use. It’s a must-have for any anglers in that category.

  • Fair price point
  • Up to 4 rods
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Not suitable for heavier rods or surfcasting combos because it can’t hold the weight

Brocraft Rod Holder

The Brocraft is another tough and reliable rod holder for your fishing activities. This may be last on our last but doesn’t mean it has the least quality.

Well, we still think that this is among the decent fishing rod holder you can get for a fair price point without compromising the quality. And the manufacturer made sure of that. Unlike its cheap rod rack counterparts, this has amazing features to astound any angler customer.

This rod holder is a space saver for your truck, vehicle, wall, and even on your boat, and can be mounted easily. Made from sturdy material which is molded polypropylene construction. In addition, it’s corrosion-free and very tough, and can withstand your rugged fishing activity and for daily use. Also, the rack has integrated slots for two pairs which are knife storage and pliers.

Moreover, when it comes to the design, it’s super straightforward. Also, it’s simple yet built to last and meant for frequent use. Just slide your fishing rod in the hole and you are all set.

There is no strapping, no lock needed, which is an added benefit. Especially if you are always in a hurry and don’t have time for anything. Although the downside is that short freshwater rods and fly rods don’t perfectly fit in this product.

All in all, the Brocraft rod holder is a great fishing gear to have. The materials are sturdy enough which is good for any rugged activities. It can be easily installed and remove within seconds. Another great find if you are looking for this particular product.

  • Made from sturdy polypropylene construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be mounted quick and easy on a wall, boat, vehicle, or truck
  • There are several capacity options
  • Don’t have added cover which leaves your rods unlocked and vulnerable against other elements

What Makes The Best Fishing Rod Holder For Truck Cap Worth Buying? — Buying Guide

As they say, not all products are created equal. Some are able to stand the test of time but some aren’t and only have a short-lived life span.

This is because the quality varies from product to product. In addition, it also depends on what type of fishing rod you are going to put in your ideal rod holder. Also, there are some other key factors you need to consider in order to make the rod holder considered the best.

So, we have listed some of the main attributes to help you determine what’s really best for you. Check them out below.


In every style of the rod holder, there are certain advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind that you should be wary of those things especially if you are still looking for your product. Some styles only prefer certain kinds of fishing rods, which means some are meant for lighter fishing rods only and not for heavier rods, and other rod holders are great for any type of rack. This is important because it will determine what kind of fishing rod you are using.

Materials and craftsmanship

Among the most important factor to consider is of course the materials and craftsmanship of the rod holder. Your ideal rod holder is able to withstand bumpy roads, all sorts of weather conditions, and from other elements. The materials used in rod racks will reflect on how long will the product last.

It’s fortunate to know that the market today offers good materials for a rod rack and commonly they are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Although you should still be careful on buying either of the material, they should exhibit sturdy construction.


Another important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked in the design. Your ideal rod rack system should be designed carefully making sure there’s no damage to your fishing rods. Besides that, the design should keep the fishing rods secure and snug fit at the same time it won’t get in the way of your other fishing gears and equipment.

After all, the roads you are always traversing are bumpy and rugged terrain which sometimes causes damage to your rods. Especially if the rod holder is not designed for rugged conditions. Among the recommended rod holder design is the lever design. Because they are adjustable and can hold your fishing rods at a certain angle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are fishing rod holders important?

A: The foremost reason is that you need an organizer such as a rod holder to keep things in order especially if you are putting it in your truck cap. In addition, rod holders will make sure sure that your fishing rods are in safe storage, particularly during transport. The last thing you want in your fishing rod is to have damage due to the disorganized fishing items you have in your car. It will also damage your car when you hit bumpy roads.

Q: Does the rod holder fit any type of rods

A: Ideally, it should fit all sorts of fishing rods. Usually, rod holders or rod racks are universally fit to any car and to any type of fishing rod. But be sure to always check the product specifications first so you won’t have any trouble fitting your fishing rods on the rod rack. You can also refer to our featured product above if you are on a search for a fishing rod for a truck cap.

Q: What is the ideal storage position for rods?

A: Actually it depends on your own liking. Rod holders offer a selection that is diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. You have to make sure that it’s compatible with your car or truck cap. So they will not sustain, get damaged, or bend from the incorrect position while storing this.

Also, as you might know, the quality of fishing rods deteriorates especially if they are not stored properly. Due to circumstances like bumpy road, a rollover from the truck or they bump into heavy items. So, you need a sturdy rod holder and store them properly.

Final Thoughts

Did you find what you are looking for? Hopefully, you are satisfied with our product reviews. We made sure that these featured items are the common needs and ideal for all sorts of anglers out there. Also, we believe in quality means more success and that includes even the rod holders.

If you are still in doubt, we recommend investing in one of these. This is to make sure you will have organized storage for your fishing rods especially if you are always on the go.

However, if you still don’t know what you are looking for, we advise that you head to our buying guide section in order to give you the knowledge and to help you decide on choosing your ideal fishing rod holder for your truck cap.

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