Fishing Rod Cases for Air Travel – Top 3 Choices

In transporting any kind of fishing gear, you must have to take extra care with its packing. You must have to be precise in doing this so that the fishing gear such as the rod may be taken care in a safe manner. Yet, it is actually disappointing to have a trip finding out that your fishing rod is damaged. So, to avoid this, you must have to use fishing rod cases for air travel during your trip on a plane.

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We have here the list of the top-performing fishing rod cases in the market that are designed for air flights. In case, you are having a hard time on your buying decision, consider checking our list to help you on your rod case needs. So, come on and let us check them out below!

How to Travel with Your Fishing Rod

Actually, there are a numbers of ways that can help you travel your fishing equipment like the fishing rod. Regardless of the mode of transportation, you are using, the main responsibility of packing it is all in your hands.

Modes of transportation

By car

Travel by car may not necessitate you to pack your fishing rods into cases or tubes. But, if you want to protect it from any damage and prevent mishaps, making effort to do so is actually essential. So, it is helpful to buy a fishing rod case.

But, if you do not plan to use such tubes for your fishing gear, consider taking some precautions that you must do:

  • Put the rods altogether in tips upward and butts downwards direction prior to their loading inside the car.
  • Basically, secure them collectively by using loop straps or bungee cords.
  • Afterwards, put a sock over the tips.

Generally, the size of the car determines the place where you can put your fishing rods. One best option is along with the passenger seat within the footwell. Make sure that the butts are facing down the floor and the tips pass through the seats. Once already in place, you can use another cord for added security and keeping the rods on the place. Moreover, dropping the back seat may be helpful if it is quite smaller.

By air

Fishing rods and other fishing gear can also be transported by air. Moreover, there are fishermen that would like to travel along with their trolling rods. Getting into this situation or not, you might be taking about four pieces of the travel rod along the way. Fortunately, travel rods can be taken as hand luggage.

However, once you are already decided about your fishing trip, make sure that you have a concrete idea regarding flying with the fishing rod. Check the following air travel issues that you might encounter with your rod:


Doing this thing is generally the most important thing to consider. But, it seems not easy though. Yet, there are airlines that basically permit the bringing of fishing rod inside the plane; still, the rules vary specifically per company. Usually, the rods are allowed for air travel as long as they can be stored properly within the overhead storage room.

There are airlines that would not impose an additional charge for taking the fishing rod as hand luggage. Yet, this may imply complications and other issues. Possibly, the rod couldn’t fit inside the compartment or there may be times that you may see it leaving somewhere unattended. The good news is that you can carry the rod on your side during the flight and it may be a good way to protect the fishing gear from any damage.


Just like what we’ve discussed, some airlines do not impose any charges in carrying the rod most likely if it fits inside the overhead compartment. But, airlines might still have ways to get clean bucks from your pocket. Basically, the amount would highly vary on the airline. By now, estimating an amount to pay for taking the fishing rod is actually hard as the industry standard for this matter is not yet established.

Knowing this, the best thing to do is to ensure to get a great deal by calling the airlines prior to booking. Take the initiative to have a copy of their handling policy and inquire if taking a rod with you is allowable. Additionally, don’t forget to ask for the amount that they will charge you for doing it.

Basically, secure a copy of your conversation either through email or written document. Doing this will generally prevent airlines from altering their words or adding up costs when at the airport.

Guideline on Traveling with Your Fishing Rod

Below is a guide that may generally help you in protecting the fishing gear as you travel.

1. Pack those rods and reels

Fishing rods are obviously long that’s why travelling with that kind of fishing gear could never be easy. Aside from its length, many parts of it break up easily which might also be pricey to replace. That’s why the most important thing to do is to pack them carefully.

But, the question lies behind which way is the best one to do? Perhaps, the way that you prefer must not depend on the amount of time and money that you might spend.

2. Prepare DIY fishing rod case

If you do not want to spend too much on your travel with your fishing equipment, the best and cheap solution to do is to challenge yourself on a DIY project. Doing this may basically allow you to make your own case for the fishing rod without spending too much effort and money on it. Initially, you need to get all the required materials including a cardboard tubing or PVC pipe, bubble wrap, packing paper, and packaging tape.

Additionally, make a hacksaw ready for cutting of the tube or pipe. Moreover, ensure that there are also end caps available for the prevention of slipping of the rods. Consider placing some carpet for the inner tubes to fit the rod inside.

Pack the rods inside the DIY tubes

In packing the fishing rods inside your own-made tubes, ensure that each rod is wrapped carefully with bubble wrap and securely tape it. In case there will be more than one rod to be placed inside the tube, make sure that the rods have the same length. Moreover, position one rod in a facing up direction and the other faces downward.

The said technique will give the rods a close fit within the tube. Through the use of packing tape, secure all the rods after they are all wrapped up. Shake the tube to check if the rods are not moving inside it. In case there is still an extra space, place something soft on both ends. Once finished, tape the end caps to secure it.

3. Purchase fishing rod cases for air travel

In case you allot too much budget for your air travel and engaging on DIY projects is not your thing, then you can generally buy fishing rod cases for air travel. There are various products under this category that you may choose. Actually, the best advice and the most economical thing that you do in terms of fishing rod cases is to stay away from the cheap one as you already invested bucks for your rods.

Basically, good fishing rod cases for air travel will resist any scratches, breaks, and dents because of the inside pads that they have. However, if you are looking for the fishing rod cases for air travel on an affordable cost, that maybe something made out of fabric and typically soft. This may be already good enough if the mode of transportation for your fishing rod is through the car.

Yet, travelling through air or transporting the rod through a courier demands investing in fishing rod cases for air travel that is made of a hard shell. This can generally withstand any drops that it may experience. Besides, hardshell cases come with an easy to pack feature, safe, and can generally fit any rod.

fishing rod cases for air travel
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Helpful Tips in Carrying Fishing Rods for Air Travel

Getting a case for your fishing rod will basically provide additional safety for your fishing gear. Knowing this, you really like to be extra careful in packing and transporting the rod case. But, regardless of your method in carrying the rod case, always remember these tips:

  • Don’t think that they will be given much care

Once you decide to pack the fishing rods, you generally do it and expect for the worst-case scenario. Always think that the fishing rod case will be tossed, get scratches, and mishandled. But, good thing that most of it won’t happen, you still need to ensure that you are already ready with the said damages ahead of time.

Moreover, this also means that travelling with the rods on-air should not need to carry your best and favorite fishing rod. Meanwhile, take caution in packing the rod case to give a little space for the rods inside. Basically, it prevents the bumping of the rods from each other and within the sides of the case.

  • Be aware of theft

Leaving the fishing rods in the checked baggage might have the possibility of it being misplaced or stolen. Yet, this case may be uncommon, but it still happens. Basically, you do not want your fishing rods to get lost. However, bringing the rods on board with you may be inconvenient while you are on the flight.

What to Look for When Buying Fishing Rod Cases for Air Travel?

To be able to end up buying the right rod case for you, here are the important things that you must have to consider before buying the fishing rod cases for air travel.


Just like other products, the fishing rod cases for air travel with excellent quality represent extended life span. Additionally, quality also dictates the product’s durability.


Basically, the material of the fishing rod cases for air travel is a crucial feature to take into account regardless of your needs. This could be given much attention in order to protect the fishing rods. In case you are more concerned about water resistance and accidental damages, better to opt for stronger materials. On the other hand, nylon is the material of choice when you want to store the rod case when not in use.


In terms of the size, big size of the fishing rod cases for air travel is actually logical most likely if you have more than a couple of fishing rods. Basically, this permits you to organize all of your fishing equipment no matter if they are just for storing or for travelling purposes. However, when travelling via air, the size and the weight is really essential as there may be some restrictions.


Carrying your fishing rod case on a far distance or for a long time period would need to consider the comfort that it gives. That’s why it is better to look for fishing rod cases for air travel with good shoulder padding to reduce the discomfort.


Since fishing has lots of essentials to carry, having extra storage is very important. Now, if this is your concern, go after fishing rod cases for air travel that have extra storage. This will basically allow you to keep the bait near you or store some personal things such as the keys.


Fishing rod cases for air travel with wide opening permit accessibility of storing and removing the fishing equipment inside it. So, basically, this would also be an important factor to consider when you opt for this kind of product.


Having a TSA-Approved lock will generally allow your fishing rod cases for air travel to have security. Aside from that, it would keep away from the eyes of inspection personnel ensuring not to have delayed flights. However, bear in mind that using this may not guarantee that security personnel won’t stop you for inspection.

Best Fishing Rod Cases for Air Travel

OUR TOP PICK: Booms Fishing Folding Rod Case

Product Name: Booms Fishing Folding Rod Case

Product Description: One of the great fishing rod cases for air travel that basically holds your rods and reels is the Booms Fishing Folding Rod Case. This actually helps to protect and organize the rod and reel altogether. It has a standard measurement of 4.6 ft in terms of the length which can usually hold around a couple of rods and reel. Additionally, it has lightweight which makes it convenient to fold for ease of storage and transport. Moreover, there is an adjustable strap which is padded within the shoulder as part of its feature. The material comes from nylon fabric makes the Booms Fishing Folding Rod Case highly-resistant to abrasion. For added protection, this rod case also includes internal cushioning foam.

Availability: InStock

  • Lightweight
  • Convenient
  • Adjustable
  • Abrasion on resistant


If you are looking for a bag that can generally protect your fishing rod from damage, this Booms Fishing Folding Rod Case is a perfect match. You can bring along a couple of your fishing rods inside this rod case. Its adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry your fishing equipment with great ease.


Product Description:

Size:  4.6 ft.

Weight:  425 grams

Material:  Nylon and foam cushion

Capacity:  1 to 2 pieces of rods and reels


  • With safety feature
  • Ease of transport
  • Includes adjustable straps with pads over the shoulder


  • Very narrow
  • Poor zipper


Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Professional Rod Case

fishing rod cases for air travel

Another great fishing rod case for air travel is the Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Professional Rod Case. It similarly looks like a Plano case that has a measurement of 6 inches in diameter. The design is basically telescoping which permits the case to fall anywhere under 73 to 102 inches long. But, sad to say, the locking mechanism for its telescoping action is generally locking which may allow you to change the case length even the top portion is locked.

What makes this Flambeau Outdoors Bazuka Professional Rod Case a good choice as fishing rod cases for air travel is due to the presence of hinge doors. This basically makes the getting in and out of rods to be at ease. Using a standard lock, the door can be locked fully.  

Moreover, both ends come in padded foam to provide additional protection for the fishing rod. If a simple tube design is what you really opt for, this fishing rod case is a great option.

  • Comes with a telescoping design
  • Made with durable polymer material
  • Holds 6 more rods and reels
  • The latch is made of plastic

Flying Fisherman Travel Fishing Rod Case

Basically, the Flying Fisherman Travel Fishing Rod Case is perfect if you want to take your rods with you within the aircraft during the flight if it is allowed by the airlines. You might be surprised that this one of the fishing rod cases for air travel does not have hardshell material. Rather, it comes from Cordura and surrounded by removable pads or foam inserts.

Moreover, the shoulder strap that it has makes it easy to carry around. This fishing rod case has a dimension of 30 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches which allows the storage of rods to a maximum of 12 pieces. Yet, it does not have any lock included but the two zippers can be locked using a separate padlock.  

  • With foam inserts that are removable
  • Includes shoulder strap that is highly adjustable
  • Dimensions are not included

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Even though dangerous, fishing lures are generally permitted to take along as a carry-on provided that they are properly wrapped and stored securely. It is actually okay to store in within your carry-on while on the flight as long as the fishing lure that you’ll bring are not too big and well-secured.


A: Basically, fishing equipment including the fishing rod should be checked within most airlines under the category of special baggage with fees. There are actually some airlines where the special baggage can be carried without any cost as it will fall within the allowance for free baggage at the checked baggage.


A: Collapsible fishing rods are basically perfect for those who want hiking, backpacking or travelling. It is a good choice for minimalists.


A: Definitely yes, but you have to pack these things inside a checked bag as multi-tools include knives of any length.


A: Sharp tackle for fishing is actually dangerous. It includes the large fishing hooks so they must be sheathed, wrapped securely, and packed properly in a checked bag. Similar to other valuable objects, you can also pack expensive reels or tackle that does not have any security threat.

Final Thoughts

The fishing rod cases for air travel generally help you to protect your fishing rods as you carry it during your air flight. Basically, there are various ways on how you can travel fishing rods and other fishing equipment. Moreover, you must have to consider some factors when you opt to buy this product which includes quality, material, size, comfort, additional storage, and other features that may come along with it.

Additionally, in terms of the fishing rod cases, you must have to look for a high-quality one to consider as part of your investment in the long run. So, rather than buying a cheap rod case, it is crucial to choose the one that can keep its durability over a long time period.