Ocean Fishing Kayak with Foot Pedals- Top 3

When you need to get into the waters for an angling adventure, you may want to use a kayak. Kayaks are a type of canoe that are lightweight and easy to maneuver. If you want to go fishing or simply explore the waters, a kayak is a perfect gear that can get you to all the nooks, crannies and tight spaces because of its easy maneuverability. Kayaks, unlike a traditional boat, also has stealth capability which allows you to sneak up on prey fish. Know the best ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals on the market and use a kayak in your next fishing expedition. 

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Ocean Fishing Kayak with Foot Pedals

Ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals–things to look for in a pedal kayak


Depending on the manufacturer’s goals, kayak sizes may vary. Pedal kayaks can be made to be light and weigh as little as 25 pounds with lengths of eight to nine feet, or they can be as heavy as a hundred pounds with lengths of up to thirteen to fourteen feet. Larger kayaks will be more difficult to store and carry around. 


Kayaks that are smaller and lighter can only seat one passenger. The purpose of these kayaks is to be operated by a single person using pedals or an oar. It is quite impossible to have another person ride with them. The longer and bigger models can sit and be operated by two people at the same time. These two-seater kayaks are a popular model right now. 

Fishing Accessories

Some pedal kayak models are ready for fishing and have accessories such as a holder for fishing rods, transducers for fish finding, as well as storage for tackle. These are attractive for fishermen. These extra features are not necessary for the non-angler and ordinary adventurer. However, fishing using a pedal kayak is becoming a trend since anglers are coming to realize how much more efficient it is than fishing with an ordinary kayak. 


Storage capacity on a pedal kayak depends on the size and design. Those who just want a casual adventure may need just enough storage for the basks such as a life jacket and a cooler. Those who want to go on an all-day fishing adventure may want a kayak with the more spacious cargo area. 


Some ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals will have more padding and support for the back as well as have an overall ergonomic design. One seater pedal kayak may provide just enough comfort for one to a couple of hours on the water. Anglers who will be in the waters all day may need more comfort and support, which is often a feature on bigger and pricier models. 


For many users, especially anglers who are going on long journeys, stability is a factor and is a serious consideration. A good ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals must have stability when the person is sitting. Some manufacturers even claim that a kayak can be stable even when a person stands when fishing as long as the waters are relatively calm and stable. Ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals which offer this kind of stability are often the larger and more expensive models. 

Ocean Fishing Kayak with Foot Pedals

People who are intent on getting ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals must consider primary stability which refers to back and forth motions as well as secondary stability which refers to how easily a boat turns over. Nobody wants to end up in the waters, so stability should be considered when making a kayak purchase. 


The design is the least important aspect when getting a kayak, but there are some who put a primary focus on the visual aesthetics of a kayak. Kayaks come in all colors and finishes. They can be black or basic colors such as red, blue, and yellow. You can also get custom finishes for your kayak as long as you are willing to shell out extra dollars for a pricier model. 

Ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals–Pedal Drive Types

There are two categories for drives of pedal-driven kayaks. They can either be push-pedal or rotational pedals. Each has its pros and cons. 

Push Pedals

The action of this type of ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals can be likened to a hand water pump. It is mainly operated by the feet. Momentum is gained easily and quickly. However, the pedaling motion’s rigidity and repetitiveness may cause health issues that result in leg and feet cramps. Muscles may also get damaged and result in severe back pain. 

Rotational Pedals

This type of ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals can be likened to propeller pedal kayaks. The rotation mechanism is similar to a bicycle pedal movement. This type of pedal rotation causes less stress on the legs and maybe a better option. The main effort is not on pushing and strength, and less effort is needed to propel the system with nonstop exertion. 

Ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals–Major Brands to Watch For

Hobie Kayaks

This is a much loved and well-known brand that seems to be doing everything right in term of design and functionality. Hobie has come up with very good ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals models. 

Brooklyn Kayak

This company focuses on making larger and high-end kayaks for the dedicated enthusiast. They have ultra-large thirteen to fourteen feet models with all the perks. These models have stability, spacious cargo, and seating that is comfortable. Some models are also aimed for the angler with its addition of rod holders accessories. 


This ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals is geared towards making mid-sized kayaks. They make kayaks in-between middle and professional models. Their kayaks are known for being durable, stable, spacious as well as functional for anglers. They are made for solitary fishermen who aren’t looking for upscale kayaks but want something which gives value for money and is stable enough to be enjoyed for an hour or two on the water. 

Old Town, Ocean, and Wilderness

This company which makes ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals focus on small and lightweight kayaks for newbies. They have tons of models available, and those who want something compact and easy to carry can get any of this company’s offerings. 

Ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals–The Pros and Cons of Paddling and Pedaling a Kayak

One sure way to get kayakers passionate is bringing up the topic of paddling versus pedaling. New technologies in kayak propulsion have increased the ways to maneuver a kayak through the water than ever before. Each kayak propulsion will have advantages and drawbacks. 


Paddling used to be the only way to maneuver a kayak. Although more options are available now paddling still has some notable benefits compared to pedaling. 

Paddling Provides Stealth

The ability to sneak up on fish prey is the most notable reason for choosing paddling method. Fish are sensitive and can sense when something threatening is coming their way. They will quickly vacate the area when something is strange. Paddling requires quietly gliding the oars on the waters, and this causes less perturbance which gives anglers the chance to catch unsuspecting fish. 

Fish in Shallow Waters are spooked by Paddling

One of the pitfalls of using a pedal system is the extra space needed beneath the boat. Some anglers who use pedal boats maneuver their fins in shallow waters. However, if they are after shallow fish like red fins, anglers may have to flip the fins over or completely remove the pedal drive. Doing this will need more accommodation in deck space, and constantly switching may prove frustrating. 

Make Adjustments While Standing with a Paddle

Fishing from a standing position gives you an advantage no matter what type of fish you are trying to catch from tailing reds to bass. Standing on a kayak allows for longer and accurate casts. It also gives the ability to flip and pitch baits too. The paddle provides a guide on how to adjust your position to present the bait to fish the best. It is crucial to keep the paddle close by. 


Ocean Fishing Kayak with Foot Pedals

Hobie company presented the first innovation in kayaking with the Mirage Drive in the late nineties. Since this new invention, other kayak brands have launched their own ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals, and each will have certain advantages to paddling. 

Pedaling Gets You Places Fast

Pedaling, whether it is rotational pedal or push pedals with fins, gives speed and efficiency. Anglers who are successful in tournaments are notable for getting to their fishing spot first. These anglers can cover large bodies of water and will use their day efficiently. A pedal drive gets them to their destination in no time. 

Top 3 Ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals

Our Top Pick


Product Name: BKC PK13 13’ Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak

Product Description: This ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals uses a rotational pedal drive that has a propeller under the kayak. Paddles are not needed, and you can get optimum trolling for more angling capabilities. Easier transport is allowed by removing the propulsion system. You can pedal for longer distances without exhaustion with the lightweight design and efficient propulsion mechanism. It is comfortable and easy to use. The ergonomic seating is lightweight, padded and have enough support, and are fully adjustable. It is perfect for long hours on the water. This ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals come with rod holders for fishing hands-free. The pedals come in handy and also offer control when holding your rods. The storage areas are watertight while the front and rear cargo areas have bungee straps to secure any additional equipment.

  • Materials
  • Durability
  • Comfort


Brooklyn Kayak Company, BKC PK13 ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals, was made for cruising. The bicycle-style designed pedals are an efficient propeller which allows you to tuck your paddles away and go hands-free. Hand-operated rudder controls will keep your tracking and enhance your steering. This feature allows for sharp and quick turns. 


  • Has ergonomic seating
  • Offers watertight storage
  • Equipped with rod holders


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak

Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak

The Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals is exceptional due to its unique design. This model has been exceptionally manufactured to achieve stability and above-par performance. It also comes with great angling features that is expected from a kayak made for fishing. 

The company describes this ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals to be the ultimate for angling. This kayak has a comfortable design with an ergonomic shape to make it glide effortlessly on the waters. 

Expect quality with this ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals. The color design choices of blue and gray are especially classic and sharp looking. 


This ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals is the ultimate fishing kayak. It is designed with an ultra-high seating position. It has loads of angling features such as under-seat junk storage, traction pads, bow hatch, and hull scupper. 

  • Moves effortlessly through the water
  • Designed to store a lot of equipment
  • Offers comfort and luxury
  • Difficult to paddle and doesn’t track well

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 Pedal Fishing Kayak

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 Pedal Fishing Kayak

The Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals is the most lightweight 10-foot pedal fishing kayak on the market. The weight is only 62 pounds. The kayak can be easily maneuvered and is practical to carry and store. It can be tucked on the back of a pickup or top of most cars. 

Since this kayak is lightweight, it is also fast. It can cover up to four miles with effortless pedaling and up to five miles with faster and intense pedaling. The pedal moves both forwards and backwards, so there is no need to make awkward turns to change direction. 


This ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals is large and gives extraordinary stability and ample room for movement. This kayak is perfect for sight casting with plenty of balance to haul in the catch. This boat has easy to reach rod storage that is equipped with rod tip protection.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Fast on the water
  • Rudder needs a redesign

Final Thoughts

Angling is a sport that requires you to make strategic use of gear and technology. The best ocean fishing kayak with foot pedals give you a new way of enjoying angling by getting to hard to reach fishing spots in no time. By using these kayaks, you can enjoy a full day of adventure in the water, exploring every swathe of waterscape to catch the perfect prize.