Best Spinning Rod Under 100: Our Picks!

Spinning rods are by far the most common type of fishing rod on the market and for a good reason. They are easy to operate, inexpensive, long-lasting, and even good against large fish. A good quality spinning rod will enhance your fishing experience. But not everybody has a budget to purchase fancy composites and heavy-duty designs. Finding a good rod in this price range is quite a challenge, but right now, we have compiled the best spinning rod under 100 on the market. What is the best spinning rod under 100? Find out here!

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Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod
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Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod
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Shimano FXS 2 Piece Spinning Rod
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One of the best ways to get away from daily trouble is to fish in a spot that has no hint of the effort and tension you have to go through. Deriving fun from taking your life may seem cruel, but you’re going to eat it anyway, so it’s better to have fun while you make sure your meal is like the early days. But fishing is not always enjoyable. Imagine sitting under the sun, in the water all day, not catching a single fish. Although this may have been the product of a lake with not many fish, the blame may lie with your technique or your rod, too. You can’t fix a fish-free lake, but you can fix your technique and spinning rod.

Best Spinning Rod Under 100

Our Top Pick!

Product Name: Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Product Description: Be prepared to come across the name of Ugly Stik too much as one of the best sellers of spinning rods. You can guess the consistency and finesse of this Elite rod are made from the brand's prestige. In reality, it was produced with 35% more graphite than its previous versions.

  • Durability
  • Value For Money
  • Ease Of Use

Spinning rods are like a must for the fishermen. It may have been as a beginner or fisherman that a fisherman should have used a spinning reel. Although it’s very useful and easy to use, the wrong one will make your whole fishing trip useless. The great news is that there are so many spinning rods available now; sooner or later, you’ll find a few perfect ones for yourself. But when you look for it, you need to be very speculative and patient. If you’ve got a tight budget and you’re hunting for the best spinning rod under 100, you’ve come to the right spot. Not only will we review ten of the best spinning rods to match your budget, but we’ll also tell you everything you need to know about spinning rods.

a. Best Spinning Rod Under 100: Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

  • Comfortable cork handle
  • ​​Clear tip design enhances performance
  • ​​Efficient reel seat and reel
  • A bit imbalanced or heavy due to the weight

You know the feeling when you unexpectedly come across high-quality items like shoes or wallets at a reasonably low price, so you can throw them in a shopping bag and carry them home? You’ll probably feel the same way when you hear about this product and its price. It’s like one of those low-cost delights that you usually consider to be pricey but find at a very low price in some foreign land where there’s plenty of raw material available for it. Well, enough about how you’re going to feel to know about this product, let’s get to know it.

Be prepared to come across the name of Ugly Stik too much as one of the best sellers of spinning rods. You can guess the consistency and finesse of this Elite rod are made from the brand’s prestige. In reality, it was produced with 35% more graphite than its previous versions. So, what do you expect from the body’s extra graphite? PowerPower and sensitivity. Your prey will have nowhere to run as soon as it touches the lure as you know it and takes immediate action. The core is made of both graphite and fiberglass, so you’ll find the rod very light, solid, and sensitive.

More Information

Apparently, you can use it for a number of purposes and capture moderately heavy animals. The seat of the reel is very robust and solid and can accommodate the moderately-heavy species quite well. You’ll also feel relaxed and enjoy fishing for hours as the handle is super comfortable made of cork. However, some customers found the rod to be a little unbalanced, feeling that the handle was too hard.

Stainless steel guides were also a source of some frustration for some of the customers, as they easily caused harm to the braided lines. With a few cons that can be easily fixed and won’t always be there, this rod is otherwise one of the best available at this price.

b. Best Spinning Rod Under 100: Uglystik Gx2 Spinning Rod

  • ​​It is capable of handling a good range of species
  • ​​​With a medium action reel, it deals with moderate-weight species well
  • ​​​The clear tip helps responsiveness and strength
  • Not a good option for sea fishing

Want to keep fishing in the rain, but are you worried that the rod may feel too heavy? Don’t worry, because if you take the GX2 rod with you, it doesn’t give you any extra weight even under the storm. Although it is perfectly lightweight under normal conditions, the GX2 has an EVA foam handle that is easy to use for long periods of time and in the rain. Apart from that, it has a graphite and fiberglass structure. Although it does not have as much sensitivity as a complete graphite rod would have, it does not split as easily as a graphite rod would have. So, thanks to the fiberglass, you get mild sensitivity with improved strength and durability. Clear tip designs are also helpful in this situation.

Apparently, the rod feels very light, and you’re going to be able to capture preys weighing from 1/8 to 5/8 Oz. Other than that, thanks to the medium action reel, you can easily target moderate-sized animals. Although most of this rod’s features are satisfactory, many are not satisfied with the guidance material. It appears that the stainless steel in the guide is not the most efficient material for it. Since the braided lines will either inevitably be destroyed or the guide itself will be destroyed sooner or later.

c. Best Spinning Rod Under 100: Shimano Fxs 2 Piece Spinning Rod

  • ​​The foregrip and reargrip lengths help with responsiveness
  • ​​Capable of handling heavier species and mild current
  • ​​​Comfortable to use
  • Not very flexible

Look for a rod that can withstand a little more aggression? The Shimano FXS rod can handle a lot more than you’re planning. When we speak about Shimano, it would be a sin, not to mention its creator, who has unceasingly held a vision to produce the best products in the world. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the consistency or nature of this rod. In reality, it has the perfect combination of materials to give you the sensitivity you need and the strength and comfort you need.

Apparently, it has an Aero glass core that makes it very durable and also improves its performance. In addition, with the strong lock graphite reel seat, you’ll never have to worry about the reels getting loose once you repair it securely.

With a total length of 8 acres, it has a foregrip of 5 inches and a rear grip of 13. As you know, the shorter foregrip increases your control and sensitivity. With medium-heavy PowerPower and swift action, this rod can easily handle all kinds of lakes and milder currents. In reality, you can target species that weigh from 3/4 to 4 Oz.

You’re not going to have any trouble using the aluminum oxide guides that come with this rod. Apart from that, you can spend days putting the EVA foam handles on the water and be completely relaxed. So, if you’re looking to upgrade to a stage where you need to deal with mild currents and larger fish, this rod is a great choice to hold.

Best Spinning Rod Under 100: Buying Guide

Here’s a list of stuff without thinking which you’re likely to end up with the wrong spinning rod.

What Kind Of Fish Are You Targeting?

If you buy a little stick thing to catch something like a shark (hypothetically), you’re going to end up being the food. So, you’re not doing it here. You need to weigh the size of the species you’re going to fish and choose the length of your reel, PowerPower, action, etc. (all of which we’ll discuss later here). For example, you can find it possible to fit smaller species with a long, lightweight rod. On the other hand, if you mistakenly eat the wrapper with a pastry, the larger species can snatch your lightweight and long rod from you.

Where Are You Going To Be Fishing?

Well, this is something that becomes very clear when you answer the first question. When you’re fishing in smaller water bodies with lesser currents like streams, you’re more likely to face smaller species. So, you don’t need a rod in those bodies that can survive whirlpools, do you? And there’s hardly any present at all. On the other side, when you are fishing in the oceans or other powerful bodies, you have to take a rod that can withstand both the current and the larger fish.

What’s Your Rod Made Of?

Generally, the blank or heart of the spinning rods is made of fiberglass or graphite. They’re both quality products, but you’ll find that they shine in different ways. First of all, a fiberglass rod can give you the toughness and strength you need, but you might not understand the connection to action as it is not very sensitive. Second, the graphite rods are extremely sensitive, so they are likely to get bruised, or worse, broken. Therefore, fiberglass is a great choice in cases where minimum casting and sensitivity, and maximum strength are required. For example, when you need to catch the big fish. On the other side, graphite rods are useful when you need to feel the slightest touch of prey.

However, graphite and fiberglass rods are now being made. While they are a great choice if you fish random organisms, individual materials have the best value in other situations.

How Secure Are The Handles, And How Effective Are They?

When it comes to fishing, you need patience and time. And, if you’re not relaxed, it’s very hard to be patient. So, make sure that the key part where you’re in touch with your rod-the handles are comfortable for you. Spinning rod handles are typically constructed from EVA foam or cork. Both are fine alternatives, but EVA foam resists stains and is more convenient for longer sessions. You’ll also find better rods that have all the materials in their handle.

Apart from that, you can opt for smaller foregrip sticks. The smaller the foreleg, the more responsive you are too minor motions since you have to hold a part of your hand blank on your rod.

The Reel Seat Quality

If the reel is not working properly, the spinning rod is absolutely useless. And, if the reel seat can’t keep it correctly, the reel will never function properly. You can only sense and appreciate the discomfort of a loose reel when you deal with it or when you deal with other mechanical equipment with loose pieces. So, when you pick or check the reelreel’s seat, make sure that it embraces a variety of reels and suits perfectly when tightened. In addition, the seat of the reel must be exposed to a lot of tension as it is at the junction. So, you should be sure that the reel is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure and is also robust.

The Reel

It’s obvious that you need to find the correct reel after trying out the reel seat. When it comes to the reel, you’ve got to see if it’s right for the reel seat, if the style suits you, and if it’s able to fit the string. Usually, you’ve got to fit smaller reels with lightweight rods and medium reels with heavy-weight ones. It’s not a rule. It’s common sense. As for the theme, you can choose the type of face closed or the type of face open. Finally, check if the reel will handle the full length of the line you are willing to use.

Length And Weight Of The Rod

These factors depend on our first two questions about where and what you’re going to be fishing. If the smaller species are in, the smaller, calm water bodies, a long and light rod would be in order. This is because you’re supported by longer rods while casting. And, the rod does require smaller species to catch the casting. On the other side, you would need shorter and heavier rods to capture larger animals since shorter length and more weight provides stability and strength required to cope with larger animals. Apart from that, you can select average lengths with average weights for multipurpose fishing. However, the best outcomes are when you use a particular rod for a specific position and species.

The Rod Motion 

In reality, the rod’s motion is something that can tell you how much pressure the rod can take and how easily it can return to its usual resting place. The content, length, and taper all influence the rod’s action and hence the consequential name of this feature. There are essentially three types of acts that you can choose from-fast, slow, and moderate. The quick-acting rods can bend at the end of the length of the rod; thus, they are very versatile and can withstand currents. Moderate action rods bend around the middle portion of the length. They are, therefore, suitable for medium-sized species found in relatively calm water. Finally, the slow-acting rod bends over the entire length, making it a perfect choice for long, gentle casts. It is entirely up to the consumer, however, which rod best suits him in any condition.

The Line

You’ve got to pick the line with the right weight for the rod. Apparently, the rod is going to tell you the maximum weight, usually in kilograms, of the line suggested for it. Based on that, you’re going to choose aside. Then you have to consider the length and material of the line. Nylon is a common line material, and the length of it you need depends entirely on you and where you’re fishing.

Durability And Price

With a plethora of bars open, you’ll certainly find one that offers the best value for the price within your budget. However, you’ve got to dig hard to find the unique one you’ve got to do with your life partner. So, price is not much of a concern when it comes to rods, but reliability is a concern. Whatever style, form, and specification of the rod you choose, you need to make sure that you will be able to use it for a significant amount of time. If you’re just putting half of your line in the water, it’s just not worth it, is it? So, keep a close eye on the building and materials and sometimes on the company’s credibility.

Final Words

You’ve got enough trouble in your daily life to deal with. So, when you get away from it, it’s important that you don’t face any trouble as it can disturb your peace of mind. You don’t want your rod to malfunction or be inefficient, particularly while you’re fishing. Therefore, not only do you have to check the quality of each part, but you also have to make sure that you’re buying the most efficient rod to achieve your goals.

If you do not leave any of the nooks and crannies of consideration alone, you will certainly be awarded the best spinning rod under 100. The challenge is also overwhelming because it is difficult to find low-cost, high-quality goods. But it’s not impossible, either.