Best Ice Fishing Float Suit: 4 Picks to Stay Warm and Safe

When you decide to opt for ice fishing, you always want to be careful. The last thing you need are accidents that can lead to injuries or freezing. As part of making sure you are protected, there is the need to get the best ice fishing float suit.

A float suit is good in terms of improving your safety just in case you fall through ice. In addition, such suits will have more benefits such as keeping you warm, waterproof, windproof, and more. If this sounds as something that you would enjoy, then check out this guide for more information.

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How to Choose the Best Ice Fishing Float Suit


When you opt for ice fishing, you need the best ice fishing float that is waterproof. We all know what when you get wet while ice fishing can lead to dangerous consequences. It is why we recommend that you take the time to check the waterproof features of the suit.

We recommend that the suit should also have a water-repellent surface.

A nice way of learning more about the waterproofness of the suit is by referring to the hydrostatic head test. For a product with a waterproof rating of 0 to 1,500mm, it is good for keeping you warm during light rain. For ice fishing, the rating needs to be from 10,000 mm to 20,000 mm to keep you warm even during heavy rains.

The Insulation Properties

Another thing you need to keeping when picking the best ice fishing float suit is the insulation properties. This will ensure that you remain safe and comfortable even in extreme weather conditions. Look at the lining of the suit to see if will be good for keeping you warm even if it is cold on the outside.


This is another important consideration to make when choosing an ice fishing float suit. The floatation capability is essential for keeping you safe in case of dangerous circumstances. Such include when you fall through the ice while fishing. If the suit has the flotation capability, then you should find yourself feeling safe using the suit for your next fishing trip.

It is common to find many brands that make such suits will have this feature. This is important for keeping the anglers safe all the time.

Suit Mobility

Sometimes you might get that the manufacturers concentrate more on making the suits waterproof, have better insulation, and flotation, but they forget about mobility. Having too many features can sometimes make it hard to end up with an ice fishing float suit good in mobility.

So, look at the flexibility of the suit to see if it will provide you with the best mobility too. This feature is important to have especially during ice fishing where it can get too cold.

Reflective Tape

The reflective tape or patches are important for visibility in low light conditions. This helps other people to see where you are in case of an accident. This is an important safety feature that you are likely to get many locations around the world that make it a standard requirement before admission to ice fishing grounds.

Padded Knees

Your knees also need an extra protection if you plan on ice fishing more often. No one likes to kneel into the ice. It can get uncomfortable fast. It is then best to get a model with padded knees to reduce the discomfort as much as possible.

The last thing you want is to end up with hypothermia. So, compare various models to see what each offer in terms of keeping you warm and comfortable.

Top 4 Best Ice Fishing Float Suits

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: WindRider Ice Fishing Suit

Product Name: WindRider Ice Fishing Suit

Product Description: This is a complete suit including the jacket and bib. The result is that you can use this suit to stay warm and comfortable the next time you decide to do ice fishing. This suit is made of 3M thermal insulation material to help in keeping you warm. Both the jacket and bib have double zippers that will keep you warm and sometimes open a bit to help prevent overheating. Anyone who is going for ice fishing would also want to know about the flotation of the suit. Many people understand the dangers of falling on ice. Do not worry as this suit will help you float just in case you go through ice. It can be one thing that saves your life in the future. Another thing that appeals to many users should be the storage. The pockets are crucial when it comes to ice fishing. This is one suit that has many pockets that you will like using more often. The pockets are also large so that you can store as many things as possible. Looking at its usability, you will like it on overall. To make it better, the manufacturer made it to have extra padding so that you can feel warmer. Also, the product has reinforced knees so that even if you kneel, it does not harm your knees. Still as part of usability, the inner chest pocket is easily accessible without necessarily opening the whole jacket. As such, you will always remain warm.

Availability: InStock

  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Storage
  • Flotation
  • Quality


Ice fishing can only be fun is you have the right gear. This model stands out as being a top choice for many users because of its features. Looking at the features, it is to note that the suit will keep you warm and safe. Since it is a float suit, it will help save your life just in case you go through ice.

We find that the float suit is also good in terms of storage. With the many pockets on the jacket and bib, you should have enough storage for your supplies. Still, the usability is enhanced in a way that makes it easy to use the float suit.


✔️It has multiple pockets for storage

✔️It is highly durable and effective

✔️The suit is available in many sizes


❌It is pricey

Runner’s Up

Navis Marine Offshore Sailing Jacket Bib Pants

There is no doubt you would want the best ice fishing float suit if you want to enjoy ice fishing. This is another choice to consider right now. One that makes it the best for ice fishing should be that it is waterproof. It is also exceptionally windproof and remarkably breathable. It is easy to see that it will be great for any ice fishing application you might have in mind.

Another thing you will like about this product should be the reflective details. There are several patches of retroreflective plastic material on the suit. This includes the patches on the sleeves, shoulders, and the hood. Having these reflective details are essential to make you visible even in low light conditions.

It is good to know that the suit is available in several size options. This is essential so that you can pick something that will fit you better. For even better fitting of the suit, the shoulder straps, waist, and Velcro ankles are all adjustable. You can now have them adjusted to fit you a lot better.

So, where else can use this fishing float suit? The manufacturer recommends it for sailing, fishing, inshore, racing, cruising, powerboat, and so much. So long as you need maximum rain protection, then this suit can be a nice choice.

  • It is waterproof
  • Impressive windproof features
  • It is a highly versatile suit
  • It can start to fade quickly after some time

STORMR Men’s STRYR Jacket and Bib

If you are still looking for the best ice fishing float suit, then this can be another great choice too. It is designed to be an all-weather jacket to get for yourself right now. Many people find it being a great choice for the rain, ice fishing, and when they need something windproof. Thanks to its construction, the jacket can handle the worst that nature throws at it.

Considering that the suit is made of impressive neoprene core technology, we find it being waterproof, windproof, and so much more. It must be why many people find it being a great choice for insulating them from the harsh conditions outdoors even better.

This is the suit you get when you want to defy the elements. Both the jacket and bib are designed to be great for the wet conditions. Since the manufacturer uses neoprene core technology, the model stands out for being strong, durable, and lightweight. It is also good at floating in case there is an accidental immersion in the water while ice fishing.

The product stands out for being superior in terms of warmth and comfort. Even when you like to go ice fishing, you will quickly notice that it will provide you with the best warmth and comfort to prevent freezing. That is not all as the suit is still breathable. Even if you wear it for hours, it will wick the moisture away leaving you feeling comfortable.

  • It is a highly durable float suit
  • It is good for all-weather performance
  • The suit has the best breathability
  • The suit could use more adjustment options for a snug fit

Frabill I2 Waterproof Insulated Suit

This best ice fishing float suit is for those who are not ready to compromise on their safety if they go ice fishing. The manufacturer made it to be highly durable, effective, and easy to use. As such, you will find it being quite a versatile insulated suit to buy today. The manufacturer recommends it for both inside and outside ice anglers.

The suit is good in terms of wind and waterproof. With such features, it is going to be a top choice for ice fishers. In case you end up falling through ice, you will be comfortable knowing that the suit is waterproof. The same suit is also good for handling other types of weather conditions. It is why more people use it in heavy rains.

To help in keeping you comfortable, the model is made of breathable 300 denier nylon taslan shell. You can be sure that it will give you the best performance while at the same time remaining comfortable. As much as you want to keep warm, no one loves overheating while wearing a suit. It is why breathability is important.

As part of making it better, the hood comes with sun visor. It is an interesting feature that not many other float suits have. You can get more protection when you have this type of float suit while ice fishing. The hood is also adjustable and removable. It is now easier to tailor it to your needs while outdoors.

  • It is a breathable floating suit
  • It is a durable floating suit
  • The suit has multiple pockets to make it good for storage
  • It could use more reflective strips and patches


What should you wear under the ice fishing float suit?

As much as the fishing float suit is designed to keep you warm and comfortable, it is advisable that you also wear warm clothing underneath. This can include sweatpants, hoodies, and thick t-shirt to provide an additional layer of insulation.

What else should wear when you go for ice fishing?

We recommend that you also consider wearing insulated boots, and layers of thick socks. These two are meant to provide you with the best insulation while at the same time keep you dry. The last thing you need is having wet feet.

How do you know that the ice fishing float suit is the best quality?

We always recommend that you look at the materials used to make the suit. It is from the materials that you would know if the float suit is good or not. You can also read reviews from other users who might have a detailed description of what you are getting with the float suit.


The best ice fishing suit will always give you the best protection that you need while outdoors enjoying your time. From the guide above, it is now easy to identify something that will work for your frequent fishing activities. The same suits will be good for keeping you warm when you are in the icy weather conditions. Go ahead and pick one that you feel it is worth the money and good in terms of the features.