Best Grease for Fishing Reels

Oiling fishing equipment is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to its caring and maintenance. It would help if you greased your reel spool as well as your drag washers. You may be angling often, but when you come home after an adventure, you immediately stash away your rods and reels and forget about it until the next time you need it for fishing. Depending on the quality of your fishing equipment, it might be able to withstand this neglect. But eventually, something will go wrong in the gear parts, and you will be forced to either get rid of it and buy a new one. It is crucial to oil your fishing equipment ever so often using the best grease for fishing reels. Your equipment may just die on you at the most inopportune times, such as when you’re hauling in the fish.

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What is Fishing Grease? — best grease for fishing reels

Best Grease for Fishing Reels

Fishing Real Maintenance

If you’re just starting out greasing a spinning reel, you may not have an idea of how to apply it properly. Experts and tutorials online can tell you how to lubricate your fishing equipment properly, and they will often recommend that you take the pieces apart.

First off, it is crucial to grease your reel’s internal workings so that it will be free from friction. Over time these gears can start to corrode, which will eventually result in broken internal components. Without applying grease on your reel, you can expect to eventually start getting the feeling that your equipment is getting tighter and having a grinding sensation. You may sense that there is increased friction when turning the handles, and finally, the crucial reel part is completely breaking apart.

In some instances, your fishing line may have been put under too much tension due to the reel working improperly. The consequence is lost fish and crushed expectations.

Grease aids in keeping everything inside your reel lubricated and working optimally. However, since it is so sticky, it should only be applied to the internal parts. Do not apply it on the outer parts of a reel since it will cause a sticky mess.

Additionally, factor in whether you will be fishing in saltwater or freshwater conditions. They are different from each other, and you should be treating your gear specific to each.

What are the Benefits of Fishing Reel Grease? — best grease for fishing reels

Best Grease for Fishing Reels

Fishing Reel Oil

The most crucial benefit of greasing the reel properly is the increased lifespan you will get out of it. If you purchased a high-quality reel, you would want to get its full potential. However, without proper reel maintenance and lubrication, your reel may not last long.

As an angler, you never want to let the fish escape, but you definitely don’t want to lose one because you forgot to put reel lubricant on the gears. Invest some time and make sure that the internal system of your reel are grime and dirt free. Additionally, apply products needed to ensure that those gears last for years.

Good Lubricating features

Select a product that has good lubricating features. Grease is a soap and oil mixed so choose a soap that holds the most oil. You can see this by examining the label of the bottle under per millimeter of grease.

Low Separation Rates

Also, note the rate the oil separates from the soap. Lithium soap grease will not result in oil escaping, which just leaves the soap behind. As an added issue, the soap will begin to harden if you do not use your reel enough, which will result in corrosion much faster.

Corrosion minimizing Properties

Water can be very corrosive to your gear, especially if you’re fishing in saltwater conditions; thus, it is crucial to check that the grease has good corrosion stopping property.


Ensure that it is also water-resistant. You don’t want something that will be rinsed away after a couple of uses on the water.

Thermal Stability

If you’re only angling during the warmer months, then you don’t have to worry about this step. However, anyone who enjoys fishing in colder temperatures should read the following info. Make sure that the grease has optimal thermal stability. You do not want the grease to harden within your reel. If it does, it can cause extensive corrosion on your gears, and you will be either going online or some brick-and-mortar to buy a new reel.

Fishing reel grease versus oil — best grease for fishing reels

Both products are used to lengthen a fishing reel’s life, but they do have different processes. Both are used for lubrication, but oil is mainly used in harder to reach areas such as the crank handle or the bail. The reason it is used in tighter spots is its consistency is thinner.

This gives you the ability to penetrate deeper and get into all the nooks and crannies. In contrast, grease is sticky, heavy, and can stick to parts effortlessly. This is why grease is utilized in larger easy to reach areas such as the internal gears.

How to choose the best fishing reel, oil, and grease? — best grease for fishing reels


Certain things need to be examined carefully while purchasing a reel oil. The following are some of the details you should look for:

Corrosion Resistance

The top feature that you need to examine in a solution is if it is resistant to corrosion. It becomes even more crucial when you’re fishing in saltwater conditions, and the chances of corrosion is increased. There are many instances where the reel can be damaged due to corrosion. Ensure that this feature is in the product you are considering.

Water & Thermal Resistance

The next major feature to consider is if the grease has the capability to deal with water and cold temperatures. A majority of these products will be resistant to water, but it is recommended that you double-check before purchasing. One requirement of thermal resistance is that it stays liquefied at extremely harsh temperatures.


The color will depend on the buyer’s personal preference, but expert anglers choose bright-colored grease in most instances. This is to make sure that they can see where the grease is already applied. Other typical colors sold by manufacturers are yellow, red, and bright blue.


Fishing reel grease is available in various viscosities. If you want to target heavier places, then choose heavier greases. However, it is recommended to go for lighter versions if your goal is to reach tough spots.

The criteria for choosing the right oil is different than with grease. Things needed to be checked in the fishing oil, such as the following:


Always choose an oil that comes in a high-quality applicator since it makes it more effortless to reach hard to reach areas. Furthermore, it will ensure that no leakages occur.

Thermal Performance

Next, check the reel oil’s thermal performance. It becomes very crucial, especially in colder environments.


Always buy oils that are TFE free. This ingredient may be bad for your fishing reel. It has microscopic solids that may cause jamming in the reel system.

Top 3 best grease for fishing reels



Product Name: Interflon Fin Super 300 ML Can

Product Description: This best grease for fishing reels is a high performing lubricant as well as a protective coating spray. The best thing about this product is it doesn’t have to be specifically used for fishing equipment. It can be used in similar items such as change bearings, rails, as well as hinges. Apply this best grease for fishing reels and anything you want to be rust free. It is perfect for those small moving pieces on your fishing reels, such as the bail and handle. This best grease for fishing reels even gets rid of extra moisture as well as rust. The technology utilizes micpol, which is patented by interflon. It is a particle that is smaller than a human hair and is polarized to give off a negative charge, which means they will be magnetically attracted to any positively charged particle on a surface. This best grease for fishing reels is also simple to use. First, you must clean the area, then spritz the product on, and then finally air dry.

Brand: Interflon

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  • Materials
  • Viscosity
  • Water Resistance


This best grease for fishing reels is a super high-performance lubricant and protective coating spray with patented technology. Manufacturers of this product call it a multi-tool in a can. It bonds well to all types of surfaces allowing it to last much longer and keeps everything cleaner than other products on the market.


  • Lubricates up to 10 Times Longer Than other Lubricants
  • Ideal for use fishing rods, guns, tools, and anything that moves
  • Repels moisture


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Ardent Reel Butter Grease

This best grease for fishing reels is a high-quality grease that will stop corrosion and is thick enough to attach to any moving part inside of your reel system. This grease is made especially for fishing reels, so it is similar to grease.

It will work on both saltwater and freshwater reels. Since this best grease for fishing reels is 100% synthetic oil, it can act as a rust and corrosion inhibitor, meaning it will protect all your internal systems from the corrosive power of saltwater.

It also bonds well to brass, steel, and plastic material and comes with a UV tracer. When you think you need to refresh, all you have to do is shine a light on top of it to see the spots where you need to apply a bit of extra real butter best grease for fishing reels.

Use this best grease for fishing reels for both saltwater and freshwater fishing reels. The 100% synthetic lubricant is created to outlast other lubricants on the market to protect your reel system and extend its life span. The patented super smooth additive maintains the reel will work at peak performance. It is crucial to note that regular reel maintenance is important to keep your fishing equipment performing optimally for the long term.

  • For use on fishing reels and other equipment
  • This lubricant bonds to most materials
  • Long-lasting formula
  • No negative reviews so far

Interflon Fin Grease

This best grease for fishing reels can work in both saltwater and freshwater reels. Fin grease best grease for fishing reels is a high-performance lubricant for your fishing equipment. It sprays on the oil, and then once it settles in, it will expand as grease, making it perfect for those hard to reach spots on your reel.

This best grease for fishing reels also resists cold temperature; it is the perfect companion to wintertime fishermen who want their gear’s longevity. The secret to this best grease for fishing reels are the magnetic particles. It provides a stronger bond than regular viscosity can give. All of these features together create an optimum lubricant that can repel water, protect the gear from wear, and can last up to 10 times longer than other products on the markets.

Fin grease utilizes micpol, which has an outstanding penetrating and lubricating capacity. The micronized lubricant particles immediately seep into all cracks, crevices, and pores, building a smooth, even coating with the lowest possibility of friction.

The polarization of lubricant particles makes sure that strong adhesion creates a stronger bond than simple viscosity.

The result is a super lubricant that is wear-resistant, water-resistant and lasts longer than competitors on the market.

  • Significant Reduction of Friction and Wear
  • Protects Against Water
  • Inhibits Rust and Corrosion
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

The care and maintenance of your fishing equipment may already be on your mind. However, you may not know the steps to take or the products to use. It is crucial to oil your fishing gear from time to time to ensure that all the wheels and gears are running smoothly. You especially need your fishing equipment to be in optimal condition when a fish has taken a bite. Your fishing gear needs to be prepared for the battle before you. Apply the best grease for fishing reels on your equipment so it will last long and serve you in top shape in every angling adventure.