What To Do After You Catch A Fish: Stream To Table Guide

Do you find fishing as a fun activity with your friends and family? Are you aware of what to do after you catch a fish? 

Fishing is one of the most interesting recreational activities to do. Nowadays, the world can give you so much stress and this will eventually affect your mental health as well. So, for you to prevent the worst scenarios you need to find an activity that will help you to divert the stress you are experiencing with. So, one of these activities is fishing. You can do this kind of activity with your family, friends and with your kids. 

Fishing is the best thing you can do during your leisure time. You need to remember before fishing you need to choose the best season for this activity. The advisable season for fishing is during summer and spring. For the summer season fish are more comfortable with the warm temperature on the top of the water. The Spring season is also known as the in-between season for summer and autumn weather. So, you can expect that you can get more fish as they like the temperature of the water. 

Not only that most of the people, treat fishing as their livelihood as well. This is where they are able to sell fish that they’ve caught for the equivalent value of money. However, do you know what to do after catching a fish?

Here is the guide where you can choose your own method on what to do with the fish you’ve caught.

Take off the hook to the mouth of the fish

When you are fishing you tend to drop bait to the lake or to the ocean. This will give great attention to the fish, usually, their food was attached to it. It will be a great technique for you to try when fishing. A hook will help you to catch the fish easily, whenever you feel that your fishing rod becomes heavier then it’s time to pull. 

After these steps, what you need to do is to remove the fish on the hook. On the other hand, you can also, get rid of the fish from the net. Removing fish depends on the fishing tool you prefer to use. This is where you can decide whether you want to cook or not.

Process To Preserve And Store Fish After Catching

Put ice on the fish

When you decide to go on fishing, choose the place where catching a fish is never a hard thing to do. Yes, you need patience in fishing but you also need to know the correct information before fishing. Fishing in the right season helps you to meet your expectations, and this is to catch a lot of fish. 

If you decide to go fishing with friends and family, try to bring a container or cooler for you to use if you want to preserve your catch fish. Hence, if you decide to bring the fish at home or to cook it for the dinner meal then you need to keep it fresh. Storing this with ice keeps the fish fresh. This is also the way why fish from the market keeps its fresh and natural appearance because of the ice.

Grill the fish

This is one of the common things most people do after they catch fish on the lake, bay, or ocean. When you and your family decide to go on camping, and you choose a campsite wherein you can also go on fishing, then this method is much preferable. 

After catching a fish, it’s the easiest way and this is to produce foods from the fish. Grilling the fish after you catch it is a good idea! This is where you can taste the full flavor and the freshness of the fish. You can enjoy the smell of the fish when you grill. Most people prefer this as this is their number one reason why they want to go on fishing, to taste the fresh underwater species like fish.

Marinate the fish

After catching one, you can also decide to marinate the fish. Through this, you are able to preserve the fish in the most convenient way. If you’ve caught a fish which is very suitable to marinate then do it for you to bring the fish at home. Make sure when you choose to do this method of preserving fish you have all the ingredients to do so. Salt is one of the most important ingredients to it. 

When marinating just like if you catch the milkfish you can try to debone this fish and put vinegar, pepper, and salt to marinate. You can surely bring this at home when you back from fishing. You can enjoy fresh fish at the same time.

Put the fish on its own water

One of the choices you can make after you catch a fish is to get the same water to serve as their habitat for a long time. This is where they can feel that they’re at home. This is where they stay fresh when you got home. However, choosing this method only limits your time to do so. 

Clean the fish and store it in the cooler.

If you go regularly camping and fishing is also part of your adventure, then probably you are aware of this thing. You need to clean the fish and after cleaning it, you can have a resealable plastic to store your fish. After this, you can store your fish on the container or much preferably on the cooler as you can store ice on it. 

Through this, you can save more time cleaning the caught fish at home.

Cook the fish

Most people don’t know about this fact but cooking is one of the best ways to preserve fish. Say, for instance, you want to cook the fish and you want it to simply fry. Fried foods are great on the campsite as you can easily do it and you can choose to saute them with vegetables the next day! 

Here are the cooking fish recipes you can try on the campsite:

  1. Fish Cilantro with garlic 

This is very simple camping food for you to try after you finish fishing. Camping while fishing makes anyone crave foods that are easy and fast to cook. If you’re one of them then try this recipe! 

You just need to combine all the ingredients including the following, cilantro, garlic, lemon, salt, and pepper. Additional herbs depend on you. Making this is very easy which is suitable when you go on camping. You need to remember whatever type of fish you can use for this kind of recipe.

When you’re at home you can do this recipe with your oven, you can bake the fish with all the ingredients. But for the campsite which has limited amenities, then you can try to steam your fish with the ingredients. Another option that you can do is to pack the fish on the foil together with the ingredients. The foil will keep the fish intact and helps the fish to cook easily. You just need to be resourceful when you are on the camping site. 

  1. Escovitch Fish 

One of the easiest recipes to do when camping. After catching a trout, largemouth bass, and other types of fish you can cook this kind of recipe. The main ingredient of this is the fish. The dish is mainly foods from Jamaica. This is very tasteful. You just need to fry the fish you prefer. 

While frying the fish, your next step to do is to prepare your sauce and top on it or keep the fish on the sauce. For the sauce, you will need garlic, ginger, onion, carrots, and other vegetables you prefer to have when cooking. If you are with a large number of people when camping, then this fish recipe is perfect for this activity. 

Everyone can enjoy the freshness of the fish and the tasteful sauce! 

  1. Fish In Oil

You can try to cook this during camping days. What you need to know is to bring a container for you to store your cooked fish and put the oil on it. The ingredients are very simple you just need the fish to be steam, the half cook is much preferable, salt, olive oil, and bay leaf. Also, it’s optional if you want to put pepper and chillis for more flavor on the fish. 

Most of you might think that it is hard to do this recipe especially if your equipment is limited. But, you just need to be resourceful.

Given that you have a knife with you and a cooking pan then what you need is simply cut the fish into small pieces. Steam the fish and then put the oil on the fish and sealed it with the container cover. You can take out this from your camping, and you can preserve the fish well. 

  1. Salted fish recipe. 

This is very common in most Asian countries. One of the simplest recipes you can do and help you a lot in preserving fish especially if you get a lot of fish in a day. The salted fish recipe helps you on camping sites to preserve the fish in the most practical way. 

You don’t need to spend money on a lot of ingredients as you only need two which are fish and salt. This is a basic technique when you want to preserve your foods and after drying your fish you can already cook it.

5. Ceviche fish

This is simple yet very common for a lot of us. Ceviche is very simple to have, you just need citrus-based to remove the odor of the fish. You just need to mix the ingredients all together. 

The ingredients include onion, tomato, ginger, lemon, or citrus for an aroma. 

Tools For Fishing

Fishing rod and reel

There are many fishing rods and reels available on the market. You need to have this equipment to prepare your bait. On the edge of the fishing rod where the hook is located. There are many features you need to consider when buying this. Make sure that the fishing rod is enough durable to support the weight of the fish. 

When you decide to go fishing with your kids, you can buy them a smaller one. 

The Fishing line

This holds an important role in your fishing. What you need to know is the fishing lining is responsible for carrying the fish when pulling from the water. If the fishing line is not strong and durable then you might have a big problem when fishing. You need to understand that when fishing you have the chance to get a bigger size of fish on the lake, bay, and ocean. 

You need to choose the lining which you think suitable for your needs. 

Your Preferred Bait

The bait is the food for the fish which can attract them. You need to have this so that fishing becomes more convenient and effective. Usually, people who love fishing try live bait. Thus, there are people who prefer to feed another fish when they drop the fishing rod underwater. 

This is where to anticipate that you can get big fish. You can prepare your bait by buying this at the supermarket or you just prepare yourself for this. If you don’t have a baitfish will not come to you and you might have a hard time fishing. 


A hook is where you put your bait here. You can get a big and small hook for your convenience. What you need to know is first the place where you want to go on fishing. This is to know as well the possible type of fish you can have. So, for you to prevent any problems in the future while fishing you need to stock different hooks. 

Having various hooks will help you a lot and it’s very beneficial to have. 


Sinker helps the fishing rod and reel on balance when dropping to the water. However, you need to have a great sinker not too heavy not too small. Look for the sinker which is in the middle type. Through this, you are able to pull the rod easily and you don’t need to worry that much whenever you caught a big fish as this will not affect the weight at all. 

There are many brands of sinkers you might need to research before buying. 

Nose Pliers

This is responsible for ensuring that all metal components of the fishing rod, reel, hook, and swivels are well-locked. You need to have this equipment so that your fishing equipment will become more sturdy and strong at the same time. 


This fishing tool will help you a lot along the way. Swivels will ensure that your fishing line will not spin around and your fishing rod is in a good position. You might be in a panic if the fishing rod is under the water and pulling the fish lining is trouble. So, to ensure this thing not happen you need a great swivel to ensure that everything is perfectly fit before fishing. 

Line cutter 

This equipment is responsible that you don’t have any problem when you change your fish lining on the spot or whenever you want. The line cutter will help you to prevent knots on the fishing rod and reel. You don’t need to spend more time fixing your fishing line to the rod and reels.

Guide For Fishing While Camping: What You Need To Bring 

Both camping and fishing tools/ equipment. 

If you plan to do this kind of activity in a group, then you need to pack your things in the most organized ways. Prepare a list where you are able to know what is the supply you need from top priorities to the least one. For fishing, you need a separate list from this as you need to be more specific in preparing things. 

Thus, always organize things in the most complimentary ways for both recreational activities. Say, for instance, you want to go on fishing, anticipate that you already have the fish so you need a cooking pan, grilling tools, and knife to do so. Another is when you want to store your fish, you need to have a cooler. Thus, a cooler is needed for camping for your frozen goods and at some point, you can use this when fishing as it you have a container to store your fish. 

Choose the position which is near the lake, river, or bay. 

There is a lot of campsites which offer amenities for the people both for camping and fishing activity. You need to choose the position where you can both do this activity. Choose the place where it has a great view, sunset for your camping purposes and for your fishing activity choose the position on the campsite which is near on the lake. Another is you can have an option if you want to stay on the shoreline. 

Both of this activity is very beneficial on your mental health and this is the reason why a lot of people prefer to do this. A great view for perfect shots and at the same time feel free to relax.

Make sure that you have suitable protective gear for both camping and fishing. 

When camping you need to choose the best season to do this recreational activity and so on fishing. You need to know that the best season for you to catch a fish is during summer and spring as well. Hence, you both need protective gear when camping while fishing at the same time. 

When you decide to go on camping during the summer then you need to have sunscreen lotion for protection against UV rays. The fact is you can also use this when fishing, especially if you want to carry your kids to the campsite. Always consider this thing as it will help you a lot. 

Make sure that you bring your first aid kit. 

Whatever recreational activities you choose never forget to bring your first aid kit or emergency kit. This will help you a lot throughout the whole activity. When you go on camping especially if you have kids with you. Accidents are unpredictable so you need to be ready anytime to prevent the worst scenarios. 

For both camping and fishing, you need a first aid kit to prevent any problem on the camping site. So, prepare this right away before the activity!   

Ask the locals and do some research before camping while fishing. 

There are places where you can do both of these activities. This is where you can camp while fishing in just one place. They offer amenities for both of these. Say, for instance, the campsite has a kitchen where there is a grilling area. You can absolutely utilize this area when fishing as well, this is when you catch a fish. You can easily cook in this area. 

It is good for you to first look for the place where they both offer camping and fishing at the same time. Ask the locals what is the best season to do these activities. Knowing the fact that going on fishing is also seasonal. 

Final Thoughts

Fishing is a natural therapy you could give yourself. You can enjoy this with your friends and family. For fishing, what you need to know is proper equipment is a great factor to consider. Most people love to go on fishing to explore their other skills. Catching a fish is such an achievement for most people. This can give a different kind of adrenaline. 

So, are you planning to go on fishing today?