Can You Catch Fish In The Winter: Tips And Guide You Should Consider

Do you love fishing that much? Do you know the best season for fishing and can you catch fish in the winter? 

Fishing is one of the activities you could spend with your family and friends. This is a connecting bridge activity to your child and you as a parent. Sometimes, it’s not all about the number or how big type of fish you can catch but the time and creating memories with them. Fishing is just like harvesting seasonal fruits. But on the lighter side fish is always available, thus some type of the fish is seasonal as well. During the winter season most people who love to go on fishing probably have this question, “ Can I catch fish this season”? 

Knowing the fact that the perfect season for fishing in both the summer and spring. This is where the water temperature is perfect for different types of fish to be around. However, during the winter days catching fish is a bit challenging. So, you need proper equipment and protective gear for you as winter temperature is sometimes brought unbearable cold. 

Here are the things you need to be aware of consists of tips, guides on how to catch fish properly during the winter days. 

Tips For Fishing During Winter Days 

Look for the best location/spot for fishing. 

This is one of the most important details you need to prioritize when you want to go on fishing. If you have kids with you, make sure that the location you’ve to choose is kid-friendly. Look for the perfect spot where you are sure you can catch fish. The fact is there are only certain fish you can catch during this season. Such as perch, crappie, cobia, northern pikes, and many more. 

Going back, location is an essential thing as you need to be motivated when fishing. If the location offers enough amenities for the whole family and a scenic view then it’s perfect for the activity. Most of the locations where you can go on fishing during winter help the public and usually use social media to spread awareness. They post about the schedule, policies, directions on how to get there, and the other things that you need to know. 

The protective gear you have to bring

Bearing with the cold during the winter days is not easy. Even you are at home you need gears that will help you survive the season. Thus, even the weather won’t stop you from being adventurous. When you decide to go on fishing with your kids you need to bring extra clothes for them. You can have snow pants, a coat, a warm hat, and boots for the adults. Aside from that, you can also wear sunglasses and sunscreen at the same time. It will help to protect your eyes and skin at the same time. This is the usual outfit in whatever activity you choose to do during winter days. 

This is for you to prevent hypothermia, which is the worst-case. Another tip from choosing the protective gears you wish to have chosen the waterproof one. Here are the other things you might want to have with you that serve as your protective gear as well. 

  1. A life jacket is one of the most essential types of equipment especially if you will choose to ride a boat during winter. There are other bodies of water that the top layer of the water is not covered by the ice, the reason why people can use canoes and boats. A life jacket helps you to survive to incase you fell on the water. Choose the one that suits you and at the same time durable enough to do its purpose. 
  2. Mittens, this will help you not to feel the cold temperature within your body and particularly to your hand. When you go on fishing and you find an ease this is because you don’t have a protection in your hands from the cold breeze air. Look for the mittens that will allow you to hold your fishing rod and reel firmly. Another is look for the type of mittens which is waterproof and able to protect you whenever you will have a contact with the water because of pulling the fishing line. 
  3. Warm hat, this is very disturbing kind of feeling when your head exposed to the cold weather. So, in order to prevent freezing ears, nose in result to chilling with your lips you need a warm hat. There are hats today which are intended for the snow season. This has great insulators which helps you to feel warm even the winter season. So, for you to be protected from head to toe look for the best warm hat in the market. 

Get the chance to have a contour map.

Usually, this is one of the common mistakes in fishing during the winter season as everyone forgets about it. But, this has an important role you should remember always. This contour map will guide you where is the best spot on the location that is perfect for fishing. For you to have this contour map, you need to have a connection with the locals or the private owner of your chosen locations. You need to ask whether they can provide you a contour map for your convenience when fishing. 

This contour map will help you figure out the deep layer of the ice on the water if there is. So, if you’re currently planning to go on fishing, help yourself and your friends with this contour map!

Bring the proper equipment for fishing. 

You need to have the proper tools that will help you in catching fish. Choosing the right equipment is a must as this will affect your entire experience as well. You need to get the one that is durable enough. For the adults your fishing rod and reel, you need the one that can support the fish’s heavyweight. 

Proper equipment is equal to great performance in whatever activities you want to do. So, set your standard on the tools you will be needing. Here are the two tools you might also consider having when want to go on fishing. 

  1. Radio, this tool is very common for the people who likes to camp, climb a mountain and especially for the people who wants to go on fishing. This will help you a lot as most of the radio today has NOAA features which enables you to get an alert about the weather. Radios today are multi-purpose especially those radio intended for emergencies. This can have flashlight for you, digital LCD on it, external antenna, USB cable for you to use to charge your mobile phone and other gadgets. 
  2. Chairs. People who wants to maximize well the time for fishing, chairs must be present. You need to look for the chair that is lighweight and foldable. No need to bring the chair that the material is full metal and wood. This is not practical for you to bring. Chairs enables you to have a temporary rest while your fishing rod and reel are under the water waiting to hook a fish. 

Have your emergency kit 

This thing is a must, you need to remember that accidents are unpredictable. When you want to go fishing with your kids, it is much advisable to be with them on the shoreline area. Thus, you can choose to be with them as well on the boat or canoes. However, you need to make sure that it’s safe with a life vest. Also, ensuring that you are safe from fishing activity, this is necessary to have an emergency kit. Most people forget this thing but it is very helpful throughout the journey. 

Say, for instance, you accidentally fell on the water which is the worst scenario because of the cold temperature. You might be exposed to hypothermia as you cannot climb easily. So, you need to have medicine or first aid equipment for hypothermia. 

You need to have a companion 

This is very important especially if fishing makes your mind relax. Having a companion helps you to feel more even relaxed as you have someone to talk with. Another reason is to have a companion you can find peace and you’re at ease at the same time. This is because if there will be any trouble or accidents when fishing there will be someone who can help. Spending time with your friends and family is the best thing to do, and they are also the people who are the best companion you can have!

Know the current temperature 

It is important that before going on any outdoor adventure or trips during winter, you need to be aware of the current temperature. Through this, you are able to know what are things you need to have. Also, you are well-prepared from the protective gear you have, tools for fishing, and as well as your food during the activity. The temperature will help you identify the other activity you can do while waiting for the fish to eat the bait you drop. 

Choose the suitable Bait for fishing 

This tip is applicable in every season you wish to go on fishing either during summer and spring. What you need to know first is the location and what is the type of fish you can catch there. After knowing these things, you need to look for suitable food for the fish you will drop as your bait. Bait is important to attract the fish and get on the hook for you to pull. So, you need to research the right bait for the specific type of fish. 

Advantages You Can Get From Fishing During Winter Days 

It’s a totally different experience for you.

Fishing can elevate into something, you are allowed to experience a unique one especially during winter days. This makes it different because of the snow and the cold breeze around you. You need to adapt properly to the weather so that you won’t miss anything. 

The Winter season is a good chance to get various types of fish as usually fish during this season are tired. However, this doesn’t mean an easy way of fishing, you will be needing the help of the bait. This will help you to make your fishing experience more fun and faster at the same time. 

And this can bring a different experience to every individual who does love fishing! 

There is less competition for fishing

The fact is not everyone loves fishing during the winter season. They don’t want to expose themselves to the cold weather. Another is they don’t want to experience the risk of getting sick and the worst is hypothermia. So, this is a big thing for some of the fishers. They will have a big chance to catch fish easier and faster as the competition is less. You don’t need to wait for long hours just to have one fish, but of course, the location will always matter. 

You are able to enjoy the winter season catching good qualities fish.

Most people wanted to make things easier during the winter season. They want to make things more normal and this is where they do different various outdoor fun activities. Just like fishing wherein an individual is able to catch the freshest fish, which means good quality.   

You are able to spend with the family and nature.

This is most likely the advantage of the different outdoor activities just like fishing. Regardless of the weather is so cold, there are different things to cope with it. Most people try to do camping, hiking, and fishing as well. This is where they can truly divert their stress and at the same time build a great relationship with each member of the family. As you are able to give a chance to talk with each other and there is no time limit to remember. Another is you are able to be with nature, you get to see the beauty behind the snow. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What will be your actions when fishing during winter days? 

A: During the winter days fish is expected to decrease their metabolism. In response to this, you will be needing the help of artificial bait which can help you a lot throughout the journey. An artificial or food bait will do for this case, this is to attract more fish to catch. 

Q: What are the most active type of fish during winter days?

A: Because the winter season makes the water quieter than before and less crowded for the fish, then there is a specific type of fish who can survive this. These are the following, bass, perch, and bream. This fish is said to survive the cold weather and don’t mind if the water is not that warm for them to swim.

Q: What happens to the fish during this winter season?

A: This is probably one of the best questions for everyone. Fish during the winter season rest as their metabolism gets slower when the weather is cold. The layer on the top of the water of a lake, pond, and other bodies of water helps them to regain their temperature. This serves as their insulators under the water and through this fish are able to maintain the heat from their waterbody.  

Q: Is it true that fish during winter days go deeper? 

A: Yes, they indeed get the depth of the water. Fish go deeper for them to protect their waterbody from the cold weather. The result is they tend to be in a group while reaching the depth of the water. The temperature from the deepwater can stabilize and have the light of hibernation. And, this is one of the challenges every fisherman encounters during winter days. 

Q: Do fish die because of the frozen pond and lake? 

A: In few cases yes, this happens when the frozen pond and some area of the lake are in the middle of it. This only means that fish died because there is not enough oxygen they can get as the ice blocks the way. 

Final Thoughts

Winter brings so much cold that everyone needs to be protected from this. And yet, people wanted to make it normal and plan to have their own outdoor activities. Fishing is one of these, thus you will need to remember some stuff before you doing this especially during the winter season. 

This might be a challenging type of fishing but this is a different side of the story. You will be able to get the season wherein catching fish is never a competition. this is where you utilize well the winter season in the most possible and convenient way at the same time. So, if you are planning to go on fishing then you need to read this to learn more! 

Do you prefer to go on fishing during winter with your friends and family?