Best Fishing Spots In Vermont: Top Places You Can Visit

Do you want to go fishing with someone special to you? Are you aware of the best fishing spots in Vermont nowadays? 

Fishing is considered one of the best recreational activities you could do whenever you and your family have leisure time to do so. You can also do fishing as a sport. The reason why a lot of people wanted to go on fishing is they enjoy the peace and quiet moment. Another is the ability to make food out of fishing in different places. You can’t deny the fact that it can give you a different kind of adrenaline whenever you catch a fish. This is also one of the best ways to be close to nature, able to relieve your stress and divert it for a while. 

The thing is that fishing is another natural therapy, it’s because of the scenic view and the calming side of the ocean which is good for the eye. For most Asian countries fishing is the common livelihood. So, to make it short there is a great spot for fishing in every country. The fact is in every country, there is a perfect spot for fishing just like in the New England of America which is Vermont. One of the best seasons you could go for fishing is spring and summer. Spring because fish are most easy to catch as the temperature of the water is good for them to stay in various places. And summer as there are fishes which most likely prefer this season!

Here are the places you could go on fishing with your circle of friends or with your family. Start to choose from here so that you can have the perfect time with them!

Best Spot In Vermont For Fishing You Should Try

Winooski River, Colchester 

With its wide river enough to offer you a great place for fishing. Most of the people from Vermont love this place to go on fishing because it’s free and at the same time very accessible. When you go there with your family you just need a strong and durable fishing rod to catch fish like panfish, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bullhead, carp, salmon, northern pike;

Also, smallmouth bass, white perch, walleye, and yellow perch. There are many people in the place to go on fishing during the mid-may which is for them a suitable month for fishing. The good thing about this place is its flow rate is not that fast compared to the other river. However, there are seasons where the flow of the water changes. You can also pack with your fishing equipment some kitchen tools as you can already cook here, with its wide-open space here. 

Enjoy the great view while relaxing out of fishing here in this spot!

Shelbune Bay, Shelbune

When you wish to visit this place as your fishing area, you are heading to the Vermont and Fish Wildlife Department’s Access area. In this spot, you can catch a lot of different fish. A most promising place as you can catch not only the small one but a bigger fish.  Hence, you’ll need a little patience in fishing here, especially if the season is not suitable for fishing. 

Most of the people try to go on fishing here during the fall and spring season, this is where they can different types of fish. Here are the fish you might know, bluegill sunfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, yellow perch, brown bullhead, rock bass, white perch, and bluegill. For every season you could expect to catch the seasonal type of fish in this place. This is perfect to go on fishing with your kids and exposed them to their younger days in nature. With its wide bay on the lake area, you could try fishing with a yacht or with your boat. 

Lake Champlain, Albhurg

This spot is located on the northwest corner of Vermont. The place could offer you over to 90 different species. What you could ask for more? There is also an opportunity for a great view of the sunset. In this place, you can truly relax knowing that at the end of the day you might get a bigger fish for the whole family. 

This place also offers a great opportunity for fishing as you are able to have different species as well. You can visit this place during spring and early as it’s perfect for fishing with this spot. There are some tips you can try to get a great catch like a worm under the bobber and you need to cast a minnow for a wide opportunity.

What are the fishes you could catch here? You can catch the following type of fish: smallmouth, largemouth bass, yellow perch, bluegill, brown bullhead, rock bass, and even the northern pike fish.

Baker Pond, Brookfield

With its greenish environment which you can enjoy while fishing. This spot also owned by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, wherein you can have a boat here to launch. A perfect place for you to catch this type of fish, pumpkinseed, and largemouth bass. 

On the other hand, you could catch other species here in the best season. You can go here with your family to go fishing and enjoy the most relaxing view at the same time! 

Echo Lake, Plymouth 

This place offers a wide amenities for the people. The thing is if you go fishing enjoy its shoreline spot. This place is multi-purpose, as you could visit this for camping especially if you have a larger number of people in the group. It has a perfect view you could explore, you can also let your kids explore the place of course, with your guidance as a parent. This has a wide space to launch your own boat but if you prefer to go for boat rental then this is available. 

There are many types of fish you could have from this spot including, smallmouth/largemouth bass, yellow perch, bullhead, chain pickerel, pumpkinseed sunfish, and trout. Here is this place where spring is one of the most reliable seasons you could actually go on fishing. 

It is one of the most memorable ones to go on camping and of the set activities you have for your kids or for the whole family is fishing. This palace is known for having a kid-friendly environment. They are not just fishing, but they are also able to learn.

Lowell Lake, Londonderry

The best thing about this place is that you could visit here for free. Everyone has access, this is an undeveloped park that also gives various amenities. This has a shoreline perfect for camping and picnic at the same time you could go on fishing first then after catching fish you could prepare this for the picnic which is amazing! 

The place also offers rental canoes where you can use for fishing. The different fish you can try to catch here are the following: chain pickerel, pumpkinseed, yellow perch, largemouth/ smallmouth bass, and also bullhead. You could enjoy the not-so-crowded place and appreciate privacy. Another is the place where you can actually find serenity with this place. 

Colton And Kent Ponds, Killington 

If you want to have various types of fish like pumpkinseed, largemouth bass, and yellow perch this place is perfect to give you. Here in Colton and kent ponds wherein you could actually enjoy fishing during the spring and summer season as well. 

In every pond of this, there is access to Vermont Fish and Wildlife. You’ll have a great opportunity in fishing here as the resources are not limited. Also, this is very accessible for the people to visit. 

Lake Shaftsbury, Shaftesbury 

This is also a kid-friendly fishing venue. You are able to go on fishing with the whole family. The fact is this place offers shoreline settings this is also the reason why this place is perfect for fishing, camping, and swimming. The good thing about this place is it has a playground where your kids can really enjoy. 

When planning to have a group team building or if you want to visit this place for a family reunion, then you could try their amenities. This is perfect for setting all your schedules one activity at a time. When you decide to go on fishing, they have a rental boat for this activity. 

What are the fish you will find here? You could have the largemouth and smallmouth, pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow perch, rock bass, and even the bluegills. It is advisable to go on fishing here during the spring season. 

Half Moon Castleton

This spot is perfect when you have kids with you. You can’t only go on fishing here but also you can go on camping or even a picnic. There are great amenities this place could offer you for a certain purpose as well. This state park is perfect when you want to enjoy the view and sunset at the same time. This state park offers amenities not for free, you will have to pay for the entrance. In terms of fishing, you can do this on the nearby lake. 

You could catch different types of fish like yellow perch, smallmouth, and largemouth bass. You can do fishing during the spring season, in particular, July month is perfect to do so. Hence, if you are an individual who wants to make your trip more exciting and also you want to try different activities in just one place, then try to visit this Half moon, Castleton! 

Lake Memphremagog, Newport City

This is the perfect fishing spot when you want to go with your kids. The park is located on the mouth of the Clyde River, where your kids can easily throw bait to get some fish. The best thing about this place is you are not only allowed to go fishing but offer a wide playground for your kids. 

This lake offers a great opportunity to catch fishes such as bullhead catfish, largemouth bass, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and also pumpkinseed. The season which is advisable to go on fishing is during the spring season and early summer season. So, what are you waiting for? Let your kids explore the place and give them the opportunity to be with nature! 

Lake St. Catherine, Poultney 

This spot offers wide opportunities for the whole member of the group when camping. This is a privately owned park and you need to pay for the entrance pay in order to enjoy their amenities. Swimming, camping, fishing are only a few of the activities you can try here. There is a rental boat in this place for your fishing activity or you just want to find peace on the lake. 

If you want to learn the proper way of fishing with your kids or with your friends then this place is perfect. Offers you training or workshop on what are the process you can do in fishing. You can catch different types of fish during mid-April and mid-may where the season is the best for fishing. Here in St. Catherine, you can catch fish like yellow perch, bullhead, largemouth, northern pike, smallmouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, and many more. 

Newark Pond, Newark

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has access to the place wherein which is located on the north end of the pond. In choosing this spot, you can have the great opportunity of fishing this is where you can use a boat or vessels. In this place where you need some patience when fishing. Yellow perch, trout, and smallmouth bass are the common types of fish that you can get in this spot. Larger fish here are available and you can go fishing during the summer season. 

Silver Lake, Barnard 

This place is perfect for your swimming, picnic, camping and of course, fishing. You can have a lot of activities wherein your kids can enjoy and your friends as well. There are rental boats where you can use this on your fishing task. You can allow your kids to go on fishing and after that, they can play on the playground. 

Here in this spot where you can catch the following type of fish: rock bass, northern pike, largemouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, and many more. So, if you want to be with nature and at the same time do some great activities then this is the perfect time for you to choose this! 

Reasons Why Everyone Loves Fishing

You can spend time in nature

This is one of the most reasons why everyone loves to go on fishing it’s because they want to be in nature. When you go on fishing it’s not only to catch fish but also to collect memories with nature. If you plan to go on fishing with kids then you are allowing them to see the beauty of nature. There is a calming effect for adults and as well as for kids nature has to offer.  

So, fishing is a natural way to introduce them to activities that will help them to learn. Through fishing, they are able to learn about the different kinds of fish they need to be aware of. Another is the fact why they need to be a responsible citizen growing up. 

You are able to release your stress. 

Stress is perfect to unwind and relieve your stress at the same time. You can divert your stress whenever you feel burn for the whole week, you have your busy schedule and you want to be with nature. Fishing is a simple way but a great distraction for you to feel more relax. 

A perfect opportunity to play your mind but in the most beneficial way. 

Food Satisfaction

If you do love fish as your main dish for your meals, then fishing is the best option. Craving for a certain fish is good for you to go on fishing. You can catch fish in a particular place where the fish you want is available. 

If you want to go on camping and the campsite offers fishing as one of their activity then you will be able to achieve this food satisfaction of yours. You are able to eat fish anytime. 

Improve your survival skills. 

One of the reasons why parents allowed their children to do fishing stuff to improve their skills. Not all skills can be learned by going to school some of this can be adapt through nature. One of the most important things is to teach them how to survive in this world. 

Fishing is a skill you can learn anytime, you can learn to produce your own food by catching a fish. You can also learn, how to do fishing in the right way. 

For An Extra Challenging

For some places, fishing is a competition a family rivalry however this is all for fun only. When you are with your whole family or with the circle of friends. Then you are able to tease some of your companions when they don’t have a caught fish. You can have a friendly competition with them, this is where you can have a healthy activity and at the same time you are able to learn being sports. 

To stay active

For some people to be active is running, jogging, swimming, and other workout activities. But, at some point to go on fishing is one of the natural ways to stay active and exercise your body. When you drop bait under the water and you catch a fish, then pulling this until it goes on the shoreline is where you can exercise your shoulder and arms. 

Another is the walking we can make when fishing. So, if you want to stay active try fishing as a simple task but very beneficial. 

You can spend time with your friends and family. 

Fishing is one of the opportunities to talk about life with your friends and family. Communication is the key to every relationship, so for you to have a solid one. Then, fishing is an advisable activity for you to try. 

For instance, you are waiting for a fish to come on your bait you can use this time to open up or to tell stories you want. While enjoying the scenic view you are able to enjoy as well the time with your family and friends. 

To have fun 

To be with nature is already a fun thing, but for the kids, this is the best one. For them to keep the fun spirit on their mind and enjoy their youngness fishing is a great activity. Aside from helping them to explore nature and learn you are also allowing them to be happy. Usually, the various fishing spot offers playground amenities for the people especially if they prefer to carry their kids. 

Final Thoughts 

Fishing is one of the best ways to improve your skills and to keep your mental health always in good status. Burning out because of the busy schedule, crowded places, pollution, and even the noise from the city can exhaust you. So, for you to relax and have the rest in nature you need to go on some fun outdoor activities. This activity is fishing and enough way for you to stay on top and have fun. 

You need to remember that if you go on fishing you will need the tools and equipment to do this in the correct ways. If you are an individual who loves to go on camping, then fishing is one of your set activities during this time. This will allow you to learn about different species under the water, not only fish but a lot more. 

Did you already try fishing as one of your fun activities with your kids? Do you visited already these Vermont places? And If you are planning today where you want to go fishing, check each of the spots in Vermont for you to decide! 

You can choose to have an access to the free spot or the one you need to pay with.