8 Steps on How to Fish With a Bait Caster

Bait caster is not always the first choice as a fishing tool among people who are fond of fishing. This is primarily because bait casters can be really intimidating. It is not that simple to use which is why beginners do not use this kind of fishing too. In addition to that, they are advanced tools that is suitable for professional anglers. But the real question, what makes them really hard to use? In this article, we will give you some tips on how to fish with a bait caster.

Whether you are just a beginner or you are trying to advance your skills when it comes fishing, this article will definitely be of great help. To know more about some tips on how to fish with a bait caster, keep on reading.

How to Fish with a Bait Caster: Understanding Bait Caster

how to fish with a bait caster

As mentioned earlier, bait caster can really be intimidating which is why they are mostly used by expert of professional anglers. Generally, people who are new to fishing will start with spinning or spin-cast reels simply because they are user friendly. In addition to that, the spinning cast are effective and are suitable even to kids and people who are not that fond of fishing. On the off chance, you do not go fishing, we recommend using spinning cast before getting accustomed to more advanced fishing tools.

On the other hand, if you really want to level up your skills and you want to learn how to fish with a bait caster, then this article is for you.

As most of us know, a bait caster reel, which is also known as a conventional reel, is a more complicated reel that is normally used by expert anglers. In order to successfully use this product, you get fully accustomed to it. Also, it takes patience and determination to fully use such product.

*Bait Caster Reel Features

One of the primary reason why a person needs to graduate from using spinning cast to bait caster is that the latter one provides your more control and accuracy every time you are casting. That being said, bait caster reels are considered as the big daddy of fishing reels. Proficient, expert, and people who love to fish all around the world prefer to use such fishing tool because them because of their amazing strength, durability, and cast accuracy.

how to fish with a bait caster

Because of the bait caster’s durability, accuracy, and strength, provided that the user have sufficient knowledge and training when it comes to using one, you will be able to catch bigger fishes than before. In the event you are looking for some ways to level up your catch, might as well consider using a bait caster reel and learn how to fish with a bait caster.

If you think that you are still not ready to graduate from spinning or spin-cast, convince yourself that it is time, especially if you have been using spinning cast for a few years now. Also, graduating from spin cast does not necessarily mean that you will be using it right away. Remember, even if you are an angler for several years now, shifting to bait caster is a different story.

In addition to that, knowing how to fish with a bait caster will help you get accurate cast. You will be surprised how enjoyable and efficient your fishing experience will be. But of course, knowing how to fish with a bait caster will not only result to a more accurate cast. Aside from the accuracy, they are also more durable since they are made of superior quality materials that can survive wear and tear. Meaning they can survive heavier lines.

*Other Reasons Why People Prefer Bait Caster

how to fish with a bait caster

Another primary reason why people prefer bait caster over other types of cast is because of the backlash feature. If it has the backlash factor, you will be able to gain full control of the speed by just using your thumb, simple as that. On the other hand, do not get too excited because this can be quite tricky to do. For instance, if you failed to properly control the spool speed or you release the rule a incorrect time, you line will attempt to come off the pool while it is still spinning. As a result, it will create what we call the backlash or birds nest.

If you have been using bait caster for a long time now, then you probably already know that the backlash or birds nest is the one that yuo should avoid. This is because it can result to a tangled mess of line. While the line is attempting to come out of the spool while it is still spinning, it will end up on the reel, resulting to a line that gets tangled. This is similar to a ball of yarn. If you decided pull of end it, and you failed to control the rest of the line, the remaining line will eventually gets tangled. and it hard and almost impossible for you to fix it.

How to Fish with a Bait Caster – Step by Step

Now that you have an idea what a bait caster it, its features,and why you should know how to fish with a bait caster, let us now move on to the step by step guide on casting a bait caster.

These simple steps are suitable for you if it is your first time using a bait caster.

1.Use the Right Rod

This is the most important step. You should make sure that bait casting reel you are going to use is suitable on your rod. If it is not paired with your rod, then there really is no sense of using one because it will definitely not work. Just to be safe, use between 6 foot, 6 inch medium heavy rod to a 6-foot 9 inch medium heavy rod.

Do make sure to stick with this standard when choosing the perfect rod for your bait caster. In knowing the steps on how to fish with a bait caster, it is important to accomplish this step.

2. Using heavy line

The next step in learning how to fish with a bait caster is utilizing heavy line so as to understand the basic of bait casting. If you want to cast easily, it we recommend the 14-16 pound monofilament fishing line. Not only this fishing line will help you cast easily, but it will also be of great help in avoiding backlash or bird nest.

3.Make sure to follow instructions and read the manual

Remember, not all bait casters are the same. Most of them are made differently although they serve the same purpose and features like strength, accuracy, and durability. On the other hand, it does not have a standard when it comes to setting the proper star drag as well as pool tension. That being said, always refer to the manual for a successful bait casting. Aside from that, always check for special instructions.

4. Know how to properly hold the rod

The next step on learning how to fish with a bait caster is knowing how you will hold the the rod. The proper way of holding is horizontally. Depress your thumb bar so that the lure will gradually fall smoothly to the ground. In addition to that, this is also the best way to check for the spool tension before you cast.

5. Depress the thumb bar and keep the pressure

As you depress the thumb bar, make sure to keep the pressure on the line spool. Aside from that, bear in mind that when you decided to depress the thumb bar, the line will let go.

6. Aim for your target

Once you are successful with previous steps, the next step in learning how to fish with a bait caster is aiming for you target.

7. Continue applying pressure on your thumb

The moment your start casting, keep the firm pressure on the spoon using your thumb. This will keep the spool from over winding. If you fail to keep a firm pressure on the spoon, over winding will happen, that might eventually lead to backlash. Slowly back off on the pressure to feather your line out for the last remaining cast.

8. Reel one to two times

Once you have done all the previous steps, you must engage the anti verse by simply reeling. After this, you are now ready to fish. Aside from that, your instincts and timing are also very crucial.

Final Words

So that is, the step by step guide on how to fish with a bait caster. As you can see, it can be complicated especially if it is your first time using one. However, as time goes by, you will get confident with the whole method and you will be surprised how helpful a bait caster is when it comes to making your fishing experience productive and enjoyable.